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  1. I have a Cobra 7 wood that is my favorite club. It goes high and lands soft. What more do you want?
  2. Everything in my bag is Cobra except for wedges. The offset keeps slices to a minimum and I really like the feel. Taylor Made is coming to our club Saturday and I scheduled a fitting, want to compare my Cobra with the new Stealth. In addition, they're bringing their truck down and will make the club to my own specifications. Also tried the XXIO and got abut 15 yards longer (my swing speed can be timed with a sand clock 81 mph), but I'm genetically incapable of spending $800 for a new driver.
  3. Bruce Bonita Springs FL Cobra f9 Swing speed can be times by a sand clock (83) Discovered what it took to improve my golf game: a world wide pandemic, went from 18 handicap to 12, broke 80 for the first time. Will try any club that will get me 10 more yards
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