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  1. That certainly is where I am leaning. I know what I think I need but I may be wrong. Frankly, I need help. I think right now that the only place to get there is with PXG, but I started this thread to see if there are other alternatives. I recently bought some PXG hybrids that I really like. While I was there getting fitted, I played around a bit with the putters after the fitting. I thought what they did was interesting, so I started this thread to help me decide whether to go back to PXG or whether there was another putter company I should consider. If I were right handed, I really would be thinking about Evnroll, but I am not so this is not a solution.
  2. Here is where I am right now. I have a light arc putting stroke and seem to like a plumbers neck shaft. But, I also llike a mallet putter. Cannot find too many of these off the shelf. Saw one by TaylorMade but did not seem to like putting it. Some companies have putters where you can mix and match heads and shafts (and get fitted for them) but the only one I see that does so for left-handed persons like myself is PXG. Might go for PXG (they have a fitting place about an hour from my house) but thought I would come here to see if there are other options. I have seen so are Edel and Evnroll suggested, and they would be great if I were right-handed. But, I am not and they don't offer this to a left-handed player. A couple of people suggested LAB, but from everything I have read center-shafter putters work best for people with straight-back, straightforward putting strokes. I could get fitted for a LAB putter on line, but cannot try one because the stores locally that stock LAB putters don't stock them in left-handed putters. So, my options for getting fitted where I can get a head AND shaft that work best for me seem to be limited to PXG.
  3. According to their website, Edel does not make Left handed putters.
  4. So far, the only one I can find who does this for lefties is PXG.
  5. I can see paying the price of a LAB putter if I got to try it and knew that I loved it but it is hard to do that when I have not tried one or even tried any center shafted putter. Which LAB putter do you own.
  6. Don't even know if I prefer or hate center shafted putters. Have never seen a left-handed one.
  7. I would like a mallet putter but I don't have a straight back and through putting stroke. Most mallet putters are face balanced and, through experience, I am not sure they are right for me. I have seen when I got fit for PXG hybrids recently that with PXG putters that it possible to put different types of shafts on each of the putters that they make. I also have been told by one of the pros at my club that with Calloway putters this type of interchangeability is not available - that I can only choose between the options that they make and sell for different putters - being lefthanded, for me this is a much smaller set of options than for you right-handed guys. Which is more typical? When I look at the big box stores, there just seem to be a fixed number of putter options - a small number for left handed golfers. Are there other putter companies (possibly some of the major ones where I can actually find the putters) where I can get fit like with the PXG putters? At the big box stores? At smaller fitters? [Please don't recommend Club Champion. I once looked there and their options for left handers was pitiful.] Or, should I just be thankful PXG has what they have and run there and get fitted - they have a fitting place about 1 hour from my house. Thanks for any help.
  8. I don't see on the specifications on the website the amount of offset and the bounce on the various irons. Has anyone seen this data?
  9. Adding to my answer, to me the most innovative clubs of all time were: Ping Anser Putter - heel and toe weighted putter Ping Eye 2 Irons - perimeter weighting TaylorMade's original rescue clubs - hybrids were brand new Big Bertha Driver - first oversized driver XXIO clubs - really light clubs for women and seniors This is a bit different answer that what were the best clubs of all time. But these clubs to me moved the ball forward and moved us in a large way to where clubs are today. I am sure I am missing some very innovative clubs and am interested in the thoughts of others. Unfortunately, I have never owned any of these.
  10. Is the T350 a replacement for the T300?
  11. Great play. I see you go down with the HDs through pitching wedge. Do you like them as well for shorter irons as for longer irons? I have been thinking about a mixed set as indicated above, but would love to have your thoughts.
  12. I am a senior golfer (almost 68) currently is a 12.5 index so am in a similar boat to you. I have gotten less consistent with my 6 and 7 irons over the last few years - kind of have a love-hate relationship with them (as soon as I am ready to replace them, I hit them really well). I have been thinking about replacing these two irons with hybrids but have never been comfortable enough to do so. Now I am thinking about getting Stealth HD 6 and 7 irons as a compromise. A TaylorMade rep came to our club a couple of weeks ago and I hit a 7 iron some on the range. Boy was it easy to hit. Really flies high. One of our pros said to me that he would order a 6 iron for me to demo and that I could either keep it or they would use it as a demo. I am thinking about this but want to try a few other things first when the manufacturers come to our club. My biggest issue is making this fit into my set. My 25 degree hybrid and my irons are about 5 years old. Although I am a much better player now than I was then (retirement is wonderful), I am pretty sure I would be fit for irons with lighter shafts than I was then. I think the HD iron I tried was lighter than my current hybrid and irons. [The TaylorMade rep recommended a Fujikura Speeder NX Red IR regular shaft.] I may be able to stay with slightly heavier clubs for my 8 iron on up, but likely would want a new 25 degree hybrid. I have Titleist irons now and like them so I likely won't make a decision until later this summer when (based on rumors I have read) Titleist comes out with new irons. Could replace my hybrid and all of my irons, Could replace just the hybrid and 6 and 7 irons. Could do nothing. We will see. I play in a senior group at my club every week where the prizes are shop credit. We have about 100 members who are part of the group and only about 30 play week to week, so there is a good chance of winning more credit (most events are based on net scores, with A, B, C, D teams, etc. so giving everyone a chance to get money - generally 12 players win something each weel). Because of something else also, I am already over $100 in shop credit and can almost buy an HD 6 iron for shop credit. So, waiting until I am comfortable to decide will make the clubs cheaper.
  13. 5. Pitching wedge and gap wedge (48 degrees) came with my iron set. Then 52 and 56 degree Ping Glides. Then 58 degree Volkey that I use as a lob wedge. 58 degree wedge has a steel shaft so if heavier than others (all graphite) making the difference between the 56 and 58 degree better. Next time, I would buy a 60 degree wedge with a lighter shaft, but I had the Volkey before the 56 degree wedge, which I got because I wanted a club with more bounce. It was supposed to replace the 58 degree wedge, but I found that for certain shots I wanted something with less bounce.
  14. Get fitted for everything, but take some lessons (plus at least two weeks after your last lesson) first. Do you have any idea if your lie angle is correct? Playing irons and wedges that are too flat could be causing your shot going right. Or the cause could be something else - your swing, playing irons that are too stiff or heavy, etc. Have someone good work on your swing, then help you select clubs.
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