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  1. My pitching wedge is 44. My gap wedge (part of my iron set, not my wedges) is 48 bent to 49. My wedges are 54 and 58. I start with a 6 iron and then have 21 and 25 degree hybrids.
  2. Orange Lakes Resort near Orlando. Uninteresting layout, poor condition.
  3. I would love to see MGS separate out on these tests seniors from other golfers. For example, a 70-year old swinging 90 mph will have a much different (likely better) swing than a 30 year old with the same swing speed. Don't know whether that makes any difference in golf ball distance, spin, etc., but isn't what MGS's tests are good at figuring out?
  4. Seems like yet another trade-off between clubhead speed and control. Thanks.
  5. The "vary" reason. Some of us spent our years learning how to spell.
  6. It is a question I would love to ask Bryson DeChambeau. Seems like he has thought of about everything on the golf swing. But, I do plan on trying it when I can get back on a golf range and if it seems to work discussing it with the pro that gives me lessons.
  7. I must admit I have never done this, but I may try it on a driving range when I go back to the course. Would be weird, but if it works it works.
  8. Maybe it is just the impact of social distancing and my club's course being closed, but I have been thinking of this question. I mean, I don't really take a backswing with a baseball bat (I stand with the bat back) and I learned in tennis to get my racket back as early as possible. And, so many of us make so many mistakes on backswings. Would we be better off setting up with our club back (making sure we have turned our shoulders and hips, have our clubface pointing correctly, weight properly balanced (no reverse pivot), etc.) or is there a reason why a backswing is better? Wouldn't it be easier to accelerate through the downswing without a backswing getting one off balance?
  9. I got mine on a buy 2 dozen get a third dozen free sale and bought six balls extra so that I could get $15 off from Dick's for spending more than $75. So, my all in cost was a bit less than $20 a dozen. Yes, if I bought $75 worth of the Titleists, I could have gotten the $15 extra, but I have not seen the three for two sales on this Titleist ball. I know that Titleist (and others) often do 4 for 3 sales in the spring (I have only seen this for Pro V1, Pro VIx and I think AVX), but 3 for 2 is a better deal and I see deals for Srixons pretty frequently.
  10. Most of my golf clubs are 2 to 5 years old, but my 5 wood, a Cobra S2 5 wood Fujikura 65 FW Regular Shaft, is about 12 years old. It came about for a couple of reasons. About five years ago, I hated my old driver. Then, I was out of town playing golf with clients at a work event and, after about 14 holes where I was not driving well, borrowed a Ping G rental driver that one of them was using and went on and hit four nice drives. Within a few months I had bought a Ping G driver and have loved it. Then, a couple of years ago, I wanted new hybrids and wedges and ended up buying new irons as well because of gapping issues and because as I got older it was probably better to get slightly lighter shafts. I have put away my 3 wood (in my mid 60s, I no longer have the swing speed to hit a 3 wood and hit the 5 wood better) and bought an extra wedge. I have always hit my 5 wood off the deck pretty well. I am left handed and have swing speed of about 90 MPH with my driver. I hit my 5 wood pretty straight and hit it about 190-200 yards. My irons are bent 2 degrees flat and my Titleist hybrid is at a D4 setting. My first two thoughts are trying Ping (my driver) and Titleist (my hybrids and irons). What else should I try?
  11. My expectation is that I come away with clubs that fit my swing and don't fight with my swing. For example, I don't buy clubs that often and was fit for the first time about 11-12 years ago. I found I needed my irons to be bent two degrees flat. All of a sudden, I found that I was hitting irons solidly on swings where I had previously topped a ball or hit it thin. Also, I found that I really liked my hybrids (at the time Ping 15s). But, then about 3-4 years ago, I started slowing down at work, playing more, taking lessons, etc., and as my swing improved, I found that the Ping Hybrids really had too much of a draw bias for my new swing. Got Titleist hybrids about two years ago and had them fitted to me and now it is easier for me to hit the ball straight. But, a few years ago I went to Club Champion to get fit for a putter and got one that they recommended and seemed ok based on the very short putts I was doing there. I got the putter on the course and played with it for about a year and always hated it. I went back to my old putter, which was an older Odyssey blade putter that was too long for me but was otherwise comfortable. I am left handed and thus have difficulties finding putters to try. Did some research and found the ping iphone app and found that I had a strong arch stroke (the putter Club Champion had fit me to was face balanced). Eventually bought a new toe hang blade putter and am much happier with it and as I take putting lessons it seems to work better and better. So, again, what I am looking for in a fitting is a golf club that I feel comfortable with, that helps and does not fight my swing and that continues to work as I take lessons and improve my swing.
  12. I buy the Srixon Q Star Tour over the Titleist Tour Soft (an excellent ball) for two reasons (1) the Urethane cover on the Q Star Tour and (2) it is much cheaper.
  13. I am already retired, own about as big a house as I need, belong to a country club where I have a good number of friends and have a pretty full wine cellar. So, I am not sure exactly how much my life would change. Certainly, I would give a whole bunch of money to my kids, to siblings and to a number of charities. Maybe buy some expensive art and try a bottle of Romanee Conti. Certainly, I would worry less about money. Certainly, I would travel better (although not necessarily more) - fly in first class, better hotels, more expensive restaurants, etc. But, the main things would be security, caring for family members and giving a lot to charities. I have been pretty lucky and am happy with my life.
  14. Did one and hated the result. Later I found out that I had a strong arch putting stroke and they had fitted me with a face balanced putter. Would not go to Club Champion again.
  15. When I have played both, I have liked the Snell MTB Black more than the X. Most of you seem to like the X more. Why? For me, the Black is longer and I don’t that much difference in my short game.
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