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  1. HAC

    Seven wood anyone?

    I will be testing Callaway 7 woods a week from Saturday. You guys have me excited to try these out.
  2. HAC

    Seven wood anyone?

    When I was demoing the PXG, I tried a lighter shaft that actually felt better but where I was hooking (and/or pulling) the ball but with the shaft listed I was hitting the ball pretty well. PXG actually has a store in Northern Virginia that I might go to in order to try everything out if I decide to go that way. PXG Fitting Locations - Find a Golf Club Fitter Near You | PXG I would still buy from my club to give the club the business.
  3. HAC

    Seven wood anyone?

    Well, tested a Ping seven wood yesterday. Liked it also. So, after I try the Callaways (about a week and a half from now), I will have a tough decision to make. Liked both PXG and Ping and will have to choose between them (and maybe the Callaway). What was impressive about the Ping is I feel like I was swinging very poorly yesterday in warming up. For a couple of reasons, just did not have any legs. But, I still hit the 7 wood well. Still, I liked the PXG also.
  4. HAC

    Seven wood anyone?

    My research so far has been as follows. So far, XXIO and PXG have come to my club for demo days. I liked the XXIO seven wood a lot but it went too far. Does not sound like a problem, but I am looking to fill a gap. The XXIO 7 wood went as far as my TaylorMade 5 wood. Just bought the 5 wood last year and like it a lot, so not looking to replace it. Hit the PXG 7 wood well and the correct distance. Definitely a contender. I have plans to go to demo days for Callaway and Ping (also make left-handed 7 woods, TaylorMade and Titleist do not). I also took a lesson yesterday to work on hitting the hybrid I have better. So, I am on dual tracks here. It is a couple of weeks until Callaway comes, so I can use that time, plus more if necessary to see if I will stick with what I have or get a new club. Anyway, been fun demoing clubs and so why rush. Thanks for all the help. Keep the comments coming.
  5. I have two hybrids - 25 degrees instead of a 5 iron and 21 degrees instead of a three and four iron. I love the 25 but am inconsistent with the 21 and plan on looking at a 7 wood this year to see if I like it better. The clubs fit perfectly between my 5 wood and 6 iron. I am also left handed and got fitted for the hybrids (and most of my clubs) by a pro at my club.
  6. I am also interested in this. I see the older generation balls at substantial discounts and wonder how much different the new ones are from the prior generation.
  7. I tend to buy golf caps when on vacation.
  8. Historically, most of my golf shirts have been from UA and I have mostly gotten them from UA outlet stores. But, this year the UA long-sleeve shirts were tighter in the arms and did not stretch as much. I wear elbow braces and this made it harder to get the braces on and off so i stopped buying them. Occasionally, I have gotten FJ short sleeve shirts at the end of the season on clearance sales at our club's pro shop. I have been wearing Adidas pants (both short pants and long pants) but didn't really like them that much because my wallet does not fit in the back pocket. So, I tried some long pants from PGA Tour Superstore (their house brand) and like them very much. Over time, they will replace Adidas for long pants (not only do I like them more but they are cheaper). Have not needed short pants yet, so we will see about those. For socks, I wear FJ socks. Got a bunch a year or so ago from PGA Tour Superstore at half price. I care more about shoes than the rest of this and wear Skechers. The most comfortable golf shoes I have ever worn. I wear an extra large cadet golf glove. The only problem is I am left-handed and most of the big brands don't make cadet sizes for the right hand. Found this past year that Vice does, tried them and love them. My new golf glove.
  9. Bought these last year. Most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. Skechers GO GOLF Elite - Tour SL | SKECHERS
  10. I am 66 so I can understand a lot of the tradeoffs you are describing. Since I did not play too much golf from about 30 (when first kid was born) until about 61), I never had the 280 yard drives (back when I played more, woods were wood and balls were balata). But, I have not really noticed the tradeoff in that I have not seen longer distances from golf balls like Supersoft than from balls with urethane covers. The one exception is Pinnacle, which I have only played when I have found one. They go a real long way, but I have found them impossible to stop on the green. For me, my weakness is my short game so I need to play balls that will hold the green. I will worry about spinning back a 7 iron too much when it happens.
  11. I understood from your earlier post that you look at non-urethane balls to get a performance benefit and not just price. Interesting to me as I find the urethane balls helpful in holding greens. Our course has fast greens and lots of traps. So spin on iron shots is important for me. Interesting to see your contrary views for sound reasons. Given balls like Q star Tour and Maxflis with urethane covers and occasional deals (including Dick’s coupons) where I can find urethane balls for $20-30, I find using balls without urethane for economic reasons less compelling. When I have bought Pro V1s, it has been on pre-season 4 for 3 deals where price is under $40.
  12. These are urethane, right? One reason I don’t see price as a reason to play nonurethane
  13. HAC

    Seven wood anyone?

    I looked at a few web sites yesterday and found that Callaway, XXIO and Ping make left-handed 7 woods (although neither PGA Superstore nor Golf Galaxy has them on their website) and that TaylorMade and Titleist do not. Callaway often has demo days at our club so I will go to one of those. Thanks.
  14. HAC

    Seven wood anyone?

    Thanks everyone. Did not realize so many people used a 7 wood. Now, I have to find a couple to demo that come in left-handed models, always the challenge.
  15. HAC

    Seven wood anyone?

    I would love to try staying with TaylorMade, but, they don't make 7 or 9 woods in lefthanded models. I will have to find brands that do.
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