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  1. Even being retired, I still need the alarm clock to make sure I make my tee times.
  2. Hasn't the biggest difference in drivers over the past few years been they are becoming better on off-center hits? Wouldn't that help you and me more than a scratch golfer?
  3. It does not work for everyone, including me. I tried one recently at the driving range at my club. I did hit it further than my Ping G when I hit it perfectly, but was very inconsistent with it. But, a number of people I know (including my wife) love the clubs.
  4. But, the retail price is not relevant. What is relevant is what I have to pay for the ball.
  5. Agree about Srixon's golf balls. I play either the Q Star Tour of the Z Star. When I hear Tony on No Putts Given talk about how you cannot get a quality ball for $20 a dozen, I think about the fact that this is what I paid for the Z Stars in June with their BOGO sale.
  6. From what I have seen at my club with people around your age (I am 65), if you want more distance get a XXIO. I have recently seen someone in this early 80s get 10-20 years more (from about 170 to about 190) with a XXIO.
  7. HAC

    New Driver Time

    If you do not like the Cobra F9, why do you think you will like the Cobra SZ better?
  8. HAC

    2021 Driver rumors

    Any word (rumors) as to timing on new Titleist woods?
  9. Thanks for the review. I once stayed at the Grove Park Inn for a work conference. I was supposed to play the course one afternoon during the conference, but work got in the way and I had to just stare at the course from a window. Would love to play the course.
  10. That is a question I had. How is this new ball different from the AVX.
  11. This understates the price differences as Srixon balls are often on sale. In June, I got two dozen Z Stars for $20 a dozen as part of their BOGO sale.
  12. My first hybrids were Ping G 15s. I hit them solidly, but they had a big offset, were very draw biased and I had to fight a hook with them. I replaced them a couple of years ago with my Titleists that are adjustable and were fitted to me. Love them.
  13. The original Big Bertha Driver was a game changer.
  14. I cannot say I use every club extensively in every round. But, over the course of two-three rounds, I have used each of my 14 clubs a good bit.
  15. I wear Bionic Stable Grips. A bit more expensive, but they seem to last a very long time - longer than other gloves I have used. Also like the fit and feel of the glove.
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