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  1. Not anymore. So-called resale price maintenance used to be per se illegal but now such agreements are analyzed under a rule of reason. Opinion of the Court : Leegin Creative Leather Products, Inc. v. PSKS, Inc., dba Kay's Kloset...Kay's Shoes (justice.gov)
  2. I stopped playing a 3 wood several years ago because I hit my 5 wood just as far and way more consistently. Before you give up on fairway woods, try a 4 or 5 wood and compare them to the 18 or 19 degree hybrids. See which you like best.
  3. You probably need lessons more than a session with a launch monitor.
  4. My 3 wood is in a closet at home and no longer in my bag. You likely need a faster swing speed to get a three wood up in the air and don't have one. I hit my 5 wood much better than my 3 wood.
  5. One of our pros was out there when I was getting fitted for the driver, so he was part of the process. I played a round with the driver a couple of days later (my club has demos, although a lot fewer for lefties like me) and drove the ball significantly longer and as straight or straighter than my current driver. When (if? see below) I get the club, I will schedule a session with one of our pros to tweak the club, if necessary for me. I have not ordered the club yet. I demoed a Titleist driver today (did not like it as much although it was better than my current driver) and will go to another brand fitting a week from Friday when the Callaway rep comes.
  6. I am 65 years old. I played some golf when I was young, but did not play very much for over 30 years (working, kids) until I restarted about 5-6 years ago. I bought a new driver then, a Ping G driver with a regular shaft and 10.5 degrees of loft. I have liked the driver and when I first got it I hit the ball about 190-200 with it. With lessons and more play, I now typically hit the ball about 220-230 (and longer or shorter depending on wind, slope, weather, etc.). Pretty happy. But, I need a new five wood and so have been going to demo days at my club with different vendors trying out five woods. Since I replaced my older irons, hybrids and wedges a couple of years ago, the driver is the second oldest club in my bag. So, I have also been trying drivers to see if there was any difference. So, last Friday, TaylorMade came to the club and I scheduled a fitting. Liked the five wood a lot and may get it - will be trying Callaway in a week and a half when they come and then will make a decision. Then, we tried drivers. I hit the Sim2 Max and then the Sim 2 and liked them. Felt comfortable with the shaft (Ventus Blue 5). A little better than my current driver but the fitter was not satisfied. He felt I was hitting the ball too high and had too much spin - my one complaint with my Ping has been that I don't get that much roll. He gives me a Sim 2 with 9 degrees of loft. Never in a million years would have thought of going to a driver with 9 degrees of loft at my age. Huge change. Really loved it. Demoed it yesterday on my course, and on my first use of it (3rd hole, par five), I didn't hit it solidly and thought I hit it about 200 yards - I am left handed so it was in the left rough. Looked in the rough at about 200-210 and could not find the ball. Kept looking and I found it at about 238 distance from the tee (distance based on golf cart GPS). The rest of the day I saw drive lengths much further than I typically hit the ball. On the 14th hole, a par five, I rarely hit the ball more than 220 because of a hill in the landing area. Hit it past the hill, about 250. I am so excited. I will try drivers when the Callaway guy comes to confirm preference, but am so excited about this driver it is hard to wait a week and a half to order it. I cannot imagine a computer looking at my current data and coming to the conclusion by the few questions they typically ask that what I need is a 9 degree. Hasn't happened so far with any website I have tried, including that of TaylorMade!!! Glad I found a person who wanted to dig a bit deeper. IMHO, we are not close to a replacing a good fitter.
  7. Why does golf need changes? The biggest crowd reactions I saw on Saturday and Sunday were when Bryson drove the ball over the water on the par 5. People went wild from this. What is next? Deadening baseballs so that there are fewer home runs? Changing the football so no more bombs? Making the long shot in basketball count for 1 point rather than 3? Bryson was not born hitting the ball further than everyone else. If others want to hit the ball as far as he does, let them do the work. We need to get rid of the fun police.
  8. One reason I am going back is I had my pro look at my grip and it looked like the third picture. I do not tend to slice the ball, but I have to swing harder than I might like with my irons to get the ball straight.
  9. I switched from standard grips to midsize grips a couple of years ago because I have a little arthritis and thought they would help. I have liked them with my driver but not with my other clubs and am switching back. I put one standard size grip on my pitching wedge to test it out and while I sometimes pull hook with it, I think I will be able to correct that in a few rounds and then will be able to hit irons with a less aggressive swing and hit the ball straighter and with just as much distance. Asked our pro shop to put them on all the clubs after playing yesterday and will see how they work. If I hate them, I can always go back to midsize. But, I think I am better off with the standard grips as my hand and fingers aren't that big. I also get blisters on my thumbs. I put tape on both sums. Solves the problem. I use this. Mueller Golfer's Grip Tape 1 Inch x 5 yds - Walmart.com - Walmart.com
  10. One time my stockbroker asked me to play at his club and we used a forecaddy. He helped us line up putts. It was the best I have ever putted.
  11. My view is that the lasers, etc., should be allowed in professional tournaments. I think it levels the playing field a bit between the top players and the lesser players. I watch a golf tournament to see how good the golfer is, not how good the caddy is. I have to assume that the best golfers get the best caddies. This will always be true as the best caddies want to be paid like it and will always provide an advantage to the top golfers unrelated to how well they play. If the devices help level the playing field even a bit, I am in favor of them and think they would be good for competition.
  12. Are you going to get fit or just buy the clubs? If you are going to get fit, how much in practice are you? You might want to wait until spring (even though you likely will lose bargains on 2020 clubs) until you are playing a good bit again.
  13. Ping - Driver and 2 wedges (and alternate putter - when my first one isn't working) Titleist - Hybrids, irons and putter Cobra - 5 wood - although this is the oldest club in my bag and I doubt it lasts through 2021 Cleveland - wedge
  14. Thanks for your thoughts. With regard to your idea of a four wood, one reason I am interested in trying the Ping 5 wood is because its loft is a bit stronger (17.5 compared with 18) than a lot of five woods. One reason I am looking for a new five wood is to get a bit more separation between the 5 wood and my Titleist 21 degree hybrid, which is a lot newer. But, there are a couple of long par fours at my course where I would be happy with another 5-10 yards from the new wood from what I am getting now but not more - really don't want to go over the green. So, I am think I want to go with the club where I find the most consistency rather than the longest club. Since, by late winter spring (when I am likely to go out testing), almost all the clubs will be new or tweaked, it is hard right now to say what I will like best. Thanks again.
  15. My main want for this year is a new 5 wood. I don't hit my 3 wood very well so I only have a driver, a 5 wood and 2 hybrids (21 and 25 degrees with irons starting at 6 iron. My current 5 wood is by far the oldest club in my bag and, while I have traditionally liked it, I want to try out new ones this winter/spring. Not easy to try out at fitters because I am left-handed, but I am trying. I have toyed with the idea of getting a XXIO 5 wood in addition to something else as almost a pseudo 3 wood. My guess (from hitting one for a few minutes at a demo day for XXIO at my club) is that I will hit the XXIO further but not as consistently than other five woods. I would use another 5 wood as a five wood for when I want a distance a little bit further than my current 5 wood (say on a long par four) and the XXIO if I want one to go further - say on par five. My thought is to first get a replacement 5 wood (most likely a Ping, Titleist or Callaway) and then see if the XXIO goes enough further to make this worthwhile. I am a senior by the way. Thoughts?
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