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  1. One reason I am going back is I had my pro look at my grip and it looked like the third picture. I do not tend to slice the ball, but I have to swing harder than I might like with my irons to get the ball straight.
  2. I switched from standard grips to midsize grips a couple of years ago because I have a little arthritis and thought they would help. I have liked them with my driver but not with my other clubs and am switching back. I put one standard size grip on my pitching wedge to test it out and while I sometimes pull hook with it, I think I will be able to correct that in a few rounds and then will be able to hit irons with a less aggressive swing and hit the ball straighter and with just as much distance. Asked our pro shop to put them on all the clubs after playing yesterday and will see how they w
  3. One time my stockbroker asked me to play at his club and we used a forecaddy. He helped us line up putts. It was the best I have ever putted.
  4. My view is that the lasers, etc., should be allowed in professional tournaments. I think it levels the playing field a bit between the top players and the lesser players. I watch a golf tournament to see how good the golfer is, not how good the caddy is. I have to assume that the best golfers get the best caddies. This will always be true as the best caddies want to be paid like it and will always provide an advantage to the top golfers unrelated to how well they play. If the devices help level the playing field even a bit, I am in favor of them and think they would be good for competitio
  5. Are you going to get fit or just buy the clubs? If you are going to get fit, how much in practice are you? You might want to wait until spring (even though you likely will lose bargains on 2020 clubs) until you are playing a good bit again.
  6. Ping - Driver and 2 wedges (and alternate putter - when my first one isn't working) Titleist - Hybrids, irons and putter Cobra - 5 wood - although this is the oldest club in my bag and I doubt it lasts through 2021 Cleveland - wedge
  7. Thanks for your thoughts. With regard to your idea of a four wood, one reason I am interested in trying the Ping 5 wood is because its loft is a bit stronger (17.5 compared with 18) than a lot of five woods. One reason I am looking for a new five wood is to get a bit more separation between the 5 wood and my Titleist 21 degree hybrid, which is a lot newer. But, there are a couple of long par fours at my course where I would be happy with another 5-10 yards from the new wood from what I am getting now but not more - really don't want to go over the green. So, I am think I want to go with th
  8. My main want for this year is a new 5 wood. I don't hit my 3 wood very well so I only have a driver, a 5 wood and 2 hybrids (21 and 25 degrees with irons starting at 6 iron. My current 5 wood is by far the oldest club in my bag and, while I have traditionally liked it, I want to try out new ones this winter/spring. Not easy to try out at fitters because I am left-handed, but I am trying. I have toyed with the idea of getting a XXIO 5 wood in addition to something else as almost a pseudo 3 wood. My guess (from hitting one for a few minutes at a demo day for XXIO at my club) is th
  9. Obviously, I do not plan to buy a 20 year old golf ball, but we can expect this winter to see new versions of golf balls come out and older versions on sale. If Pro VIs have not changed in 20 years other than durability, it makes a lot of sense to look for the ones going on sale rather than the newest, greatest version. That is my thinking unless someone talks me out of it. In the last couple of years, I can only think of a couple of major changes in golf balls: 1. Titleist and TaylorMade have come out with Urethane covers for lower priced golf balls (Srixon has had this longer)
  10. HAC

    Travel bags

    Ping's bag seems to have four wheels (all on the bottom) PING - Rolling Travel Cover and I think a couple of other brands do as well.
  11. Found this test by Rick Shiels interesting where he did not find much difference between a current Pro V1 and an original Pro V1 from 20 years ago. (45) I DIDN'T expect this! | 20 year golf ball test! - YouTube Might explain the rise of the internet golf ball. If not much has changed in golf balls for 20 years, and assuming that now everything new in the original ball is off patent, then the main thing left distinguishing between top level golf balls would seem to be quality control. Thoughts?
  12. Should mean some really good prices on the existing ones coming up pretty soon.
  13. HAC

    Travel bags

    Looking forward in the next few months to getting a vaccine and traveling again. When that happens, I am thinking of getting a new travel bag. What do you guys have and why. Getting older so want something easier to maneuver than my existing bag with two wheels (and which does not have much protection). Already have a a stiff arm. Thanks for your help.
  14. I like bags with 15 dividers rather than 14. That gives me a space for something other than clubs - have in mine an orange whip, a ball retriever and an alignment stick (pretty jammed).
  15. HAC

    No More ProV1's

    I notice many more people who like Snell balls pick the X over the Black. About a year and a half ago I bought a mixed case and very much preferred the black. What am I missing with the X. I stopped buying Snell after that because I found that the Z star was just as good and cheaper with BOGO but could see trying Snell Black again sometime.
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