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  1. .355 seems to be a popular fit with Japanese clubmakers so that could be right. Good call on the caliper - A friend of mine is a pipefitter. I think he might use them in his work. Thanks for your help. John
  2. Hi. Thanks for the reply. They're tapered. My gut feeling is they're 0.355 but I don't want to spring for a set and find out I'm wrong.
  3. Hi, people. I recently bought a set of Yonex V-mass Tour irons, having got on well with them quite a few sets ago. Disappointingly, the shafts - Dynamic Gold r300s - felt a bit flimsy for what are fairly weighty heads. Rather than offload a set of irons I like in every other way, I've decided to reshaft them. The problem is, nowhere on the internet can I find the required tip size. I've made several attempts to extract the information from Yonex themselves but their customer service department is very much in the same mould as TaylorMade's and Titleist's in that they haven't bothered to r
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