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  1. Formula One is the only kind of auto racing which I can enjoy watching, BUT I'd rather a motorcar manufacturer were leading the pack rather than an energy drink team. If they called themselves "Honda" [I think that's their engine maker] instead of Red Bull, that would be more palatable.
  2. Except for the graphics. the Stealth HD looks very much like 1970s GI irons back toward the beginning of the GI era. I'm sure that it's not the same at all and has more modern tech involved, but I speak of the general look. Of course, one would have to have been playing back then to notice. <sigh>
  3. My natural shot is a fairly tight draw, but it's basically point and shoot for me. I can curve the ball at will, but only big bananas in either direction, not controlled fades and draws. Occasionally, there's use for a big hook or slice. Ball placement will be far from precise, but at least one can get around something.
  4. I'm sure the entire forum is happy to hear the good news. Let's all take care of ourselves.
  5. I keep my old clubs, and they go back quite a few years. Old golf bags are the theme of my man cave decor. They all have stories to tell.
  6. My driving iron, 5-9 irons, and three wedges, representing three brands total, all have matching shafts and grips. I don't think it's absolutely essential, though. I did it so I wouldn't be thinking about it.
  7. I stopped using gloves quite a long while ago, but switched to wrap-type grips only when I did.
  8. Don't wear them. Use wrap-style grips only and no glove.
  9. I do own a staff bag, but I use a cart bag with individual dividers. An old, heavy, red, white, and blue Hogan staff bag houses my putter collection.
  10. I've ordered balls for the new season, and since Titleist finally retuned the 58-04 to its wedge lineup, I've ordered that as well Was going three series back with an SM-6 58-04. Not contemplating any other equipment changes in the foreseeable future. I've got the right stuff for me, I believe.
  11. I go with a driving iron exclusively for tight driving holes: never use it from the fairway. I go with 18.5, 21, and 24º fairway woods. No hybrids. It was entirely personal preference. Not a single one of my frequent playing partners or our club's pro plays the same basic set configuration as I do.
  12. My 7-wood has 24º loft, preceeding a 27° 5-iron. I still go with four woods as if it were 1965.
  13. I've been one of the jacked-loft villains on this forum. The young ones are sick of hearing it, but I don't think they're really hearing it it. I don't want them to change the way they're making the modern clubs. I'm not an engineer nor a master clubmaker. I just wish that they wouldn't use a numbering system adopted at the end of the hickory shaft era on modern clubs that are at minimum two-clubs stronger at the same number stamping. The Louisville Golf Precision Series 2-iron has 24º loft. The driving iron has 20º loft. The Titleist T100S 4-iron has only 22º loft. They know what they're doing, but do they know what they're stamping?
  14. Non-conforming is the whole point. It can't be non-conforming enough. I want to be able to back up the ball on the asphalt parking lot. I'm obviously not trying to qualify for the US Senior Amateur, but my facetiousness was clearly not sufficiently obvious either! /
  15. I no longer play often enough to justify the expense of my membership, but it's hard to completely give up on a game that you've played for so many decades. My game will never again be what it was. It's physically impossible. Thinking of myself as a former player, however, is almost like thinking of myself as formerly being alive. Thus, I show up at the club every so often for breakfast, and if there's a game to be had, I drag my ass out there. I suppose that I'll have all eternity to rest soon enough! Too bad about Ben Hogan Golf, by the way. That brand revival has had buzzard's luck. Here's a quick edit. Don't pay any attention to that nine handicap anymore.
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