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  1. Baseball has extra innings to detrmine a winner because it's not a timed game. Football is a timed game and if nobody wins in 60 minutes, regular seson games should end in ties. That should go for all sports that are about attacking and defending goals under a running clock--basketball, hockey, soccer, rugby, lacrosse, polo, etc. As for nobofy winning a post season game in 60 minutes, then fairness is no longer an issue. The original sudden death rule was good enough before they changed it. You had 60 minutes to win the game but didn't. Now you're subject to luck. There's nothing unfair about it.
  2. The TM 300 is 307cc in volume which to me isn't a mini driver at all. It's a driver at that size. It's a good club, though
  3. Let me share a short story. Titleist made an L-Grind 58-04 since the original box groove Spin Milled Seiries to the SM7 generation. With the SM8 model, they discontinued it. I am in the process of acquiring a conforming SM6 version and having it completely rebuilt, at a cost well in excess of buying new wedge, by The Iron Factory in Arizona. In addition to stripping it, rechroming it, replacing the paint fill, reshafting it, and regripping it, they will be machining cover shredding box grooves that would not have conformed to the 2008 allowances. Now I won't be able to try to qualify for the USGA Senior Amateur Championship. I trust your judgment, Dave. Should I worry about that?
  4. I find that if the ball comes down with ice on it, I'm hitting it a little too high. High with a steep descent is my preferred shot shape into greens. I LOVE to see (and repair) deep ballmarks. Rolling on is only practical on some greens anyway.
  5. Because I could never get good with a "Hit up at the ball" driver swing, this while playing the ball more forward than I like, I've had better luck teeing very low and using my regular fairway wood swing with a 2-wood. The big driver would be a 12° model anyway since fairways are my priority over distance, and also because I'm older with perhaps a reduced swingspeed now. Also, I'd only play it at around 44 or 44½" anyway for control. Therefore, a 13, 13.5, or even 14° fairway wood isn't a huge sacrifice in distance. I go with a 13.5. In any case, it works out best for me, but I haven't read about too many people doing it at MGS. Even driver haters among my friends at the club tend to use a regular 15° 3-wood that they also try to hit from the fairway. The 2-wood clearly isn't dead. It just has a new name with all the big OEMs still making it---Strong 3. But on the internet fora, it seems to be mostly a fairway wood for strong players rather than a driver substitute. Anybody else using one as a "mini-driver?"
  6. Just gouge away. A local machine shop would have the tool. With conformity not the issue, you could apply real cover shredding grooves.
  7. Not being a do it yourselfer, I wouldn't be the one shortning the club myself. When we order clubs short, however, how so we knoe if swingwight ws adjusted or not? Do we actually need a scale?
  8. Golf equipment reviews remind me of hi fi equipment reviews back in the days when people bought LPs and CDs rather than streamed music on their telephones....and spent serious money on the equipment to play them. One kind of reviewer talked about esoteric sound qualities (like "liquidity") in terms that nobody could understand, and the other kind of reviewer said, "There are a lot of great premium loudspeakers on the market today and the "Wilson WATT/Puppy" is one of them." Rick seems to be one of the latter, which makes him easier for me to understand.
  9. When you shorten fairway woods, do you use shaft plugs or lead tape to re-adjust the swingweight or just not bother? Little chance of the club becoming too flat, I suppose, since they're udually too upright to begin with. It's been a while since I could choose a model with flatter rather than rocker soles because the upright lie would then become a problem.
  10. As a dedicated driving iron player, meaning that I only hit it as a driving iron, I would love to try the PXG 0311 X. That's really the only one of their clubs that really catches my eye. Anybody have experience with one?
  11. One nice thing about the new Stealth driver is that it reminded us old timers of Yonex!
  12. That could very well be true, Dave. What I notice, however, is their telling me that my wedge grooves are non-conforming.
  13. I loved playing in an after work twilight league when I was young. The trash talking lasted from one week all the way to the next.
  14. I'm guessing the hot look for next season will be the Stealth driver with the new Rogue fairways. I priced out a 12-18-21-24 set with Ventus Reds and wrap grips. $2401.96 sound right? And only ten more clubs to buy. Not good for ours kids' inheritance is my first take. I guess the Stealth will take away the clang. Ping fans especially may not like that. It turns out that there's a Club Champion right in Needham. Who knew? But God forbid, what if I tried them and hit them pretty well? I'm willing to bet that Club Champion is owned by divorce lawyers. That way they can get you coming and going. I already bought irons this past season.
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