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  1. Post April practice seems to be a "standard practice" among MGS players. It's a revelation. I told the guys about it, and none of them believe me. One went so far as to explore the USGA rule book to confirm that it's allowed. He couldn't find confirmation there. Better safe than sorry, so we all agreed to continue our present routines.
  2. I think that the marketers do their job and the engineers do theirs. The human is the most variable thing in the golf swing, so in all likelihood, the engineered product, this year's or that from ten years ago, is capable of better shots than the player. The MP-52s that I bought in, if memory serves, 2009, are still capable of better shots than the player swinging them. If the current model is minutely superior from an engineering standpoint, is mine the swing that will confirm that? Hardly. I have clubs in my bag dating from a then unique face-balanced putter from 1978 to a smaller volume head, higher lofted driver that I bought this year. I also have a newer five wood, set at 18º, as my long fairway wood, and a late nineties five wood, set at 21º, as my lofted fairway wood. The newer five wood clearly flies longer and the older one easily leaps tall trees when I load up trying to reach a short par 5 and put my drive on an adjacent fairway. I could be 100% wrong, not being the typical internet golf forum member, but I basically buy new gear when I've got a jones for something new. It's almost NEVER to fill a real need. Almost never. As for ZenGolfers non-conforming grooves, my cart nag is designed to hold fifteen clubs.
  3. This thread really drew no attention. Either nobody had loft overlaps in their respective sets, or if they did, they didn't feel like talking about it. MGS members like to talk about some of the technical aspects of clubheads and shafts, but set configuration doesn't seem be a popular topic. It may be because so many of them are the same. Driver. Fairway Wood. Two Hybrids 5-9 PW, GW, SW, LW Putter. Or maybe not. I obviously don't know.
  4. Trying P770, JPX 921 Tour, and T100 demo 7-irons at the Whirlaway, where I go for breakfast, not for the pro shop, I couldn't tell when I was switching models. Perhaps if I had a +cap, I could, but I clearly don't and they all seemed remarkably OK to me. Didn't think I would have screwed up too badly buying any of them.
  5. I though that Golf Review was fun. No moderation at all so nobody worried about getting blocked. Everybody just shot from the hip. That could also be the reason why it was largely abandoned, however. Civility was almost against the rules, or would have been if rules actually existed. They keep the sight up for some reason, but there are never recent posts on it. It's almost like some sort of archive. I completely forgot my password years ago. Deserters went to WRX and Hackers Paradise and ShotTalk and the Sand Trap and places like that, but were usually shoed away for bringing their Golf Review habits with them. Did MGS get any sort of migration from Golf Review' maybe five or six years ago? I don't see any poster who remotely looks like a Golf Review denizen here now.
  6. I don't understand the reasons behind the alleged shortages. I've seen the shortages discussed, but I may have missed any opinions as to the reasons. I thought playing yellow balls were to be able to see them better, but maybe not. Seeing the ball is why weekday morning playing seniors like myself don't like to be hurried on the golf course. "Ready golf" doesn't work for us. We play in traditional order so that long shots have eight eyes on them. Finding the ball right away is faster than looking for it when you never see it land.
  7. My late uncle played a Ping Zing for the longest time before switching to an Odyssey 2-Ball toward the end. If I remember correctly, wasn't the Zing 2 shaft aligned rather than offset? I do remember liking it much more than the offset Anser that he had tried earlier.
  8. Being old enough to have played with a 32º 5-iron, I am keenly aware of how loft / length / club number correlations have substantially changed. For some reason, many younger players go ballistic if one even brings up the subject. Not sure why, but I just got here and have already been flamed for discussing the Hogan experiment with club numbers. So my take is yes, Riverview brings up interesting [to me] points, but I'm not going to argue with anybody about it because for reasons beyond my grasp, it seems to be a sore subject.
  9. My driving iron definitely overlaps with my fairway wood in loft, but I don't regard this as a problem. They serve completely different functions. When I was struggling with sand shots even worse than I usually do, I used to bag a sand specialty wedge which was a loft overlap with a wedge that i hit from the turf. Not doing that right now, but I've done it on a short term basis. Although I've never done it myself, I've seen people bag a chipper that falls somewhere near the longer-shafted middle irons in loft I also knew a guy who bagged a draw driver and a fade driver. I think that the draw driver had a bit more loft in addition to a different face angle, but they were both definitely drivers. At the same time, we're arbitrarily limited to fourteen clubs, so overlaps at one end can result in missing links at the other. I'm down to one right now: fairway wood and driving iron. Do other MGS have overlaps? Not recommending it. Just curious.
  10. Our little side bets rarely include the deed to the ranch. I merely exaggerate for literary effect.
  11. Played nine early this morning. Hit the ball and dropped a few putts all in the same morning. Should have had a videographer on the scene because of late, I've come to believe that such a possibility was strictly theoretical. Sometimes, apparently, the stars can align in broad daylight.
  12. It just comes to mind that I've had my money stolen from me on the course by unscrupulous sandbaggers. Still can't think of any equipment, though. I won't brag because I still have at least a little bit of golf in front of me so it could still happen.
  13. That would drive me bananas, but I haven't encountered it.
  14. Well there we have it, Kenny. You know how to do it and I don't. I've gone low bounce for so long, that's it's unlikely to change now. I still don't understand how you can do it without delofting the club, or maybe you are delofting the club but it doesn't matter for the type of shot you play. The important thing is that you appear to know how to do it.
  15. I don't ever remember anything like this before. Not in the surlyn / balata era. Not in the surlyn / urethane era. Maybe in the WWII era just before I was born, but I was playing so little golf back then that I can't remember. What are the causes assumed? Are they assumed to be temporary or the new normal?
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