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  1. So I have been hitting my m4 3 wood for awhile now and when the new sim2’s came out I decided to demo them at my club. These things are fire, gained about 15 yards using it vs my old M4. Surprised at the level of forgiveness for me as a higher handicapper. Absolutely would tell you to give them a shot.
  2. Wally Cruz Snoqualmie Washington played about 90 rounds last year and walked for about 70 Of them the 20 I didn’t is because it was raining or a match for my club. I tried using my caddytek cart but it was a pain so I started carrying my bag. I only use my cart now if I know it’s going to rain hard and I want my umbrella to keep my bag dry. my club is the Club at Snoqualmie ridge which has a lot of hills/elevation changes (a few are 75+ feet) so if you wanted to test that factor I would be a great Guinea pig
  3. I already have one so want me to give you my feedback I just picked it up last week.
  4. Did you already pick the testers. I need something that handles higher ball speeds.
  5. Wally, Washington state Yes, I was given a jinky one for a birthday present 12 years ago. It’s like a half circle and uses one tent pole to set up the arch, then another pole to keep it up...the problem is I have high ball speed so when the ball hits it almost trampolines back to me and the net gets messed up...I’ve probably used it 10-15 times total because of how frustrating it is...I have now let my 3 and 6 year old have it. I just bought the Rapsodo mobile launch monitor to use at my clubs driving range because I can’t use my net due to how lame it is. I’m probably going to buy a new net to use with my rapsodo anyways so I’d be a perfect tester but still possibly going to buy the net if the reviews are good.
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