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  1. I’d love for him, Morikawa, Wolf, etc, the young guys, to win it! Well, and DJ.....
  2. I thought the same thing. He’d be a good choice, and probably wouldn’t hold back.
  3. They just showed Koepka on the range and he has a HUGE round area, no stripes!
  4. We’ve all seen the ads on how to properly hit on a range: make long stripes, not big squares/circles, or random divots all over the place.......... Maybe the Pros need to see those ads.
  5. When I saw the leaderboard today, and thinking about how the rough is long, and conditions pretty challenging, it made me think of how the European team sets-up courses during the Ryder Cup. Tight, high rough, take away the “bomber advantage”. Only a couple of Americans near the top to start the day today... Curious to see if more rise to the top by Sunday PM.
  6. Yeah, we all should keep our temper, but I’ve been known to get pissed during a round and cuss a bit. I can’t ask more of them than of myself. I don’t throw clubs, or damage greens/bunkers, but I have said a few choice words. Rare, and never with people I don’t know, but I’ve done it around friends. They're human.... I sure am glad no one follows me around with a camera!!!!
  7. No idea the shipping they did to the PGA Pro... He chose 3-day Domestic to me.. For some reason their policy is they ship back to where the repair was initiated, which has to be an account.
  8. Never had a problem before, so assumed nothing would happen this time. I don’t want to have the conversation that he needs to cover costs of the loss. Man. Really hoping they’re found.
  9. Frustrated me that Srixon has no problem with me shipping them directly to them once the repair was in the system, but wouldn’t ship them directly back to me. Ugh.
  10. You need to consider that playing ill-fitting clubs may be a big culprit in the level of golf you’re playing............
  11. “Technically” fitted in 1986... Obviously they didn’t have fitting back then like we do today, but at least Pro Golf in Ypsilanti, MI, looked at my swing, height, etc and at least chose a shaft and length based on what they saw. The irons were Dunlop Diamond Max, and the Driver, 3W, and 5W were the original steel Golfsmith heads! They were my pre-graduation gift from my Dad and brother. Dad bought me the irons, my brother bought the “woods”. I had those irons until 1993 when I was fitted, statically, by a golf store in Charlotte, NC, for a set of Ping Zing 2, white dot. My favorite irons all-time. They were the first set I bought with my own money. I had those until 2002....
  12. Ugh. Not happy. I sent my Srixon z785 7-PW back to Srixon for repair on June 26th since a couple of the faces had small cracks in them. Srixon obliged by putting brand new heads on my shafts! Stoked! They sent the irons back to my buddy, Jason, PGA Pro in KY who originally ordered them for me, and who started the repair request for me. Now, Srixon was cool with me shipping them directly to them, but didn’t do the same on the return. Jason sent them back to me July 17. They show in Louisville on July 22. After that, nothing...... I’ve started a “lost package” case, and never heard back from USPS within their 48 hour investigation window. I called them again yesterday and they say it will be escalated. In the meantime, I found out that Jason only insured them for $50................... I’ve emailed the Srixon rep that handled the repair in-house, hoping they can help in some way if USPS can’t find the clubs. I have no idea if USPS pays me for them, and even how much if they’ve lost them, and if they just give me $50 from the insurance. Then it will get dicey with my buddy trying to get him to cover the rest. Anyway. Not happy. We’ll see what happens, but I sure am hoping I get the clubs, or paid the value.
  13. That’s awesome! Having the short game as the best part is where the most strokes are made each round, so you’re in a great spot!
  14. After seeing Berger’s interview, and Koepka just now putting, I think the shoe manufacturers, Adidas, Nike, UA, make the ugliest professional golf clothing. Yuck. I don’t mind the Nike jackets, pullovers, etc, it’s the shirts, pants, shoes, etc.
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