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  1. I went to the range just before lunch today and I had hit about a 1/2 a bucket of balls. THEN the man next to me starts talking to me… He didn’t stop until I finally went to my car! UGH!!! So, I went home and came back around 5pm, having the range to myself. I hit half of the large bucket doing drills with my 8 iron, then I hit the rest with my two drivers. I was more consistent with the Cobra than the Max LS, and the feel/sound was better as well. Ended the day on a good note!!!
  2. Ugh. I feel for you @GaDawg. I’ll say a prayer for the surgery to go well, and for a great recovery too!
  3. I went there way back before the golf courses were finished. Accommodations at Big Cedar Lodge were average at best, overpriced for the “quality”. We were disappointed with the rooms, but the grounds and activities were good. Enjoy the trip!!!
  4. I remember the Killer Bee! Crazy. Infomercial club!!!
  5. I can’t remember which model they were, but Lamkin made grips that were identical to Iomic super tacky ones. They had great cushion and had the BEST tackiness, but discontinued them a few years back. I currently play the ST+2 Hybrid Calibrate and I really like them. I can’t stand any cord in a grip, so these are about as close of a feel as I’d get to that. Still some cushion, and has some pretty good tack for the very humid conditions here. https://www.lamkingrips.com/shop/st-hybrid-calibrate/
  6. It’s all so dumb… When actual SCORES start going down by 10-15 strokes ON AVERAGE year-over-year, let’s think about it, but otherwise it’s ridiculous. Whatever.
  7. I went to the range and hit a large bucket. Who knows if anything will transfer to the course this weekend, it hasn’t lately!!!
  8. All I know is that JR is getting hit up by everyone who is underage to buy them beer! Most popular guy on the team!
  9. For me, I don’t care when they play the cupcakes because they ALL schedule cupcakes. I think it’s brilliant of the SEC to put them a few weeks in to have some injuries heal. I like having to play in-conference right out of the gate because the very beginning of the season is when a team is least seasoned. Makes it tougher to stay ranked or even move-up that way. The Big Ten play the academies, regional universities, and 1AA folks at the beginning and they fly-up the rankings and get a benefit of looking really good even when they didn’t play anyone. Like Saban said, make everyone play 10 conference games. It would hurt the small schools, but put the money where the mouth is! When UofM and MSU play CMU/EMU/WMU/BALL STATE/UofMiami, and then the powerhouses like Vanderbilt early, they have what seems like more cupcakes than anyone else. They all play them, so to me it’s moot WHEN they play them…
  10. This is such a tough thread to read because I LOOOOOVE coffee, but I’ve learned over time that with my Crohn’s it’s not a good thing early in the day… Ugh. I’ve even had to source some “lower acid” options that don’t taste as great. I still drink some, but not like I used-to, and now it’s usually after lunch, often a cold brew. At one point, I had tried every single roast Starbucks had, and had rated them. I know, Starbucks isn’t the greatest, but just showing I loved to try the different roasts to see what they tasted like. I bought a Zojurushi 4 cup brewer for its rating, had a French press, etc. Ugh. The good old days! I’ll say this, for a “local” coffee, Community Coffee down here in Louisiana is pretty good, and a staple in restaurants throughout the State. I’m so jealous!!!
  11. One of my all-time best roommates ate pasta 5-6 nights a week. Spaghetti one night, angel hair the next, rotini, etc, all the same brand and just flour-based. He’s not the brightest guy… He thought that the different pastas were giving him different flavors… So, I cooked a pot with about 5 different kinds, then separated them on a plate. I had him put-on a blindfold and asked him to describe the different flavors… He realized they were all the same! Little did I know that when I became a food rep to restaurants, I had done my own “tasting” already back in college!!!
  12. Holy crap!!! You’re SERIOUS!!! Daaaaaang! Wow.
  13. Mmm, spaghetti sprinkled with some Parmesan and Tony Chachere’s!!! Yep. My old college food!!! (Making fun, of course. I know it’s not what I made for $.50 back in the day! )
  14. When I read what you cooked, I feel like I was watching “Chopped” and the chef was telling the tasters what they made!!
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