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  1. I just wonder if they’re any better than the last iteration
  2. Ping G430 Max driver with Tour Chrome 2.0 65X Ping G430 Max 15* Tour Chrome 2.0 80X Ping G430 hybrid 22* Tour Chrome 2.0 80X my i230 irons Ping wedges Ping PLD/Cleveland Frontline Elite/Evnroll
  3. EV5.1 black and satin, or ERZ.1, but I’d need a fitting because I’m not sure either one would work for me based-on Edel and Ping fittings I’ve done. The only “Anser-style” has the wide flange with the rear line and I don’t like that. I actually would want something with zero lines on it, or one just on the top of the leading edge, so EV5.1 would be choice 1.
  4. After Tony’s initial assessment, it’s definitely not a ball for me. Soft, AND light, and add-in the challenges of constructing the layers properly. Nope. No thanks.
  5. I’ve posted this previously about tennis elbow, but there is a way to alleviate by finding a physical therapist that knows how to manipulate the tendon and get you stretched-out in that area. I have a guy here that gets rid of it in two visits. He’s a wizard at all this stuff! Straps, creams and meds won’t solve it long term. Call around. My guy is $60/visit and he’s WORTH IT!
  6. I played some sim golf over the last few years and for me, other than trying to keep a swing in-order, I don’t see it transfer. I can play sim golf without a care in the world because the trees, water, and fairway widths aren’t real. I have shot in the 60s on a sim, never close to that in real-life. It’s just not the same in my opinion.
  7. Same to you, @revkev. Have a blessed and Merry Christmas!
  8. Here’s what I can tell you based-on info relative to my fitting at Ping Proving Grounds and what I should do. They told me don’t order G425 driver, fairway, or hybrid, order the G430. That’s from performance standpoint, MOI and forgiveness being what I’m focused on between the two. There’s a jump of 8% in MOI in the 430 LST driver… Eight may not sound like much, but that’s a pretty big jump from one model to the next. Max is similar, but I don’t remember the number. Always worth a fitting to make sure
  9. Both guys said to email info@edelgolf.com what you’re looking for and they could get them. They just don’t stock them.
  10. @fozcycleIve reached-out to my guys to see. I’ll let you know
  11. Shot 79 and it felt SO much better than that. Doubled 17, and then choked hitting the Par 5 18th in 2. Ugh. Of course I drop a second ball on 18 just for giggles. Dead center of the green. 1.61 putting average is my lowest in a round in a LONG time!!!! Didn’t hit many greens because I was buried behind trees off the tee. Ugh. Recovered well through 12, then started blading the wedges. Anyway, it was warm and I was able to golf so I’m happy!
  12. Date 12/02/2022 Course Name Frenchman’s Bend Gross Score 79 Course Handicap 5 Gross Strokes over/under par 7 Net Score to Par 2 Net Score 74 Net Birdies or better 4 Longest Drive 322 Doubled 17, choked on 18. Ugh.
  13. I didn’t have my Srixons at Ping HQ when I did the fitting, but I do think these spin more, but in a good way for me. Shafts came down to DG X100 and KBS Tour 125 (I think) and I went X100 based on feel, all other things were pretty equal. I don’t plan on going with a lower spinning ball, no need to because we got the spin exactly where the fitter wanted.
  14. Took these to the range today… I’m saying it right now, these don’t “feel” any worse than my Srixon Z combo set. I hit the i525 and those felt harsh. These have a totally different feel. So good. If you haven’t hit these yet and are looking for new irons, you GOTTA try these. Again, just as I saw the other day, forgiveness/dispersion were really good, noticeable difference from the Z combos. I’m very impressed with these so far and I don’t remember a set being as forgiving for me as these have shown. The weight in the toe and the hosel seem to be doing exactly what they’re supposed to do.
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