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  1. I played 18 the other day to do some in-course comparison between the two wedges. I played my normal ball using my Edels, but then on 10 holes I tossed out four balls and hit one each with the wedges hitting the 54/53 from further back than the 58/57, but each set of two were hit from the same distance. I changed the order of which wedges were hit (54 vs 53, 58 vs 57), and kept alternating. What did I discover? I didn’t see a forgiveness advantage for the Edisons, I didn’t notice lower ball flight, and they had less spin than the Edels. You’ll see in one pic just how much back-up I saw from both. When you realize I play AVX, to see the amount of spin I was getting on some shots it’s pretty insane. Anyway, not real scientific l, but I’ll reiterate again, the differences I’m seeing have to be chalked-up to one set is fitted, the other isn’t. The KBS Tour 120 is not the shaft for me. It’s not a good fit, so it’s going to be hard for the Edisons to really compete. Here are some pics.
  2. So Saturday I got out to repeat my chipping “test” on a much better green with better lies. All chips were hit “standard” for me, so no toe-down/vertical shaft shots because I knew the results with that method. I hit some 20 yard pitches, and then I put my hat on the green as a target and then hit groupings of 6 balls with each of the four wedges (Edel 54/58, Edison 53/57). I then moved to 10 balls each from the same spot, then moved to random locations after just tossing balls in the air and playing them where they landed. Overall my Edels performed better based on where the balls finished relative to the hat target. The Edels came out a tad higher, and the Edison came out lower, more of a right bias, and ran out more. The toe of the Edisons just has a heavier feel causing it to open at impact. I had to make an aiming adjustment as a result. Two chipping test and two “wins” for the Edels. I really do think the weighting of my Edels, the length, where the weights are in the head, and the shaft is making a huge difference. My fitting was pretty exact, where the Edisons weren’t at all so I think that is the number 1 factor in the results I’m seeing everywhere. Here are the pics.
  3. Haven’t had the “opportunity” to hit high on the face so I can’t speak to this specifically, but I am suspecting that the mishits across the lower face from heel to toe seem to go a consistent distance and have a similar trajectory. With a different weight distribution in the head of the Edison misses more than a few millimeters across the face seem to have less drop off in distance than my Edels. I’m getting on a monitor soon to actually take a look at distance consistency, but what I’m seeing shows to be positive.
  4. Man, I’m a 3-4 GHIN and have yips, so I can’t say what a “real 3” would do with them. I think that the lower hcps want grind options, and my recent experience is showing I need it too, so I would therefore say that a higher handicap that doesn’t use the various grinds and just hits “stock” shots would probably be a better choice. What number hcp that is I’m not sure.
  5. Okay, got out to chip Saturday to see how these perform vs my Edels. I worked around the chipping green going back-and-forth chipping with the 53* Edison and the 54* Edel. I am a HORRIBLE chipper, major yips, and I generally use a chip-and-run technique with my 8 iron whenever I can. You can see from the pictures that with the tightly mown Bermuda areas around these elevated greens there are some super tight lies, and for me with these yips, I’m not comfortable with “loft”. So, when you see the pics of the results you’ll understand… I had 12 AVX and I started chipping 6 with one wedge, 6 with the other, then at the end I hit all 12 with one, then the other. I hit from the same areas with both wedges trying to get the “fluffiest” lie I could get under these conditions, and also the tightest I could get. My last sets of 12 were where I just tossed the balls up in the air and then played them from where they ended-up. A few observations: first, the lack of a variable grind on the Edison was a hindrance for the type of chipping method I use. I stand close to the ball which is off my right toe box, shaft vertical, head toe-down, and I just swing with a putting motion. The head of the Edison dug, opened, etc and balls were consistently lost to the right. Next was a lower ball “flight” from the Edison on all of the chips too. I think it was because the toe couldn’t get under the ball and the face was open a bit. When I tried a different method with the sole now laying flat on the grass, there was still an issue of getting under the ball with the right lie, and again launch was low. Spin seemed higher with the Edison vs the Edel on chips resulting in less roll out and more grab on landing. All-in-all, around the green with our tight lies and how I chip, the Edison wasn’t great for me. Again, I use an iron most times and run the ball to the hole, but on the occasion I’m tight to a pin, the grind of the Edel 54* makes it the better option around the green because of its versatility.
  6. Probably what I’m feeling since I have DGX100 in my irons…
  7. I like the finish as well, but not a big fan of the two different finishes on the face because the top line isn’t “smooth”’ to my eye, so I’d rather the full face and top line be just one finish. Like you I’m getting used to the feel of the KBS 120. They feel like they have more “action” or are bending more than the Nippon Modus I have in the Edels. Early feels have me liking the Edison a little more overall than my Edels because mine can feel harsh when hit on the perimeter away from the sweet spot. I haven’t chipped with the Edisons yet, so not sure what the feel is like around the green.
  8. First range session… Lots of pics. As y’all can see right off the bat the grinds of my Edel wedges differ greatly from the Edison 2.0. Head sizes are similar, top lines are similar, face milling and finishes are completely different, and take a look at how the 57* Edison has a specific finish on the face that is different from the Edison 53*. If you look closely even the pattern across the face of the 57* differs with different “milling” in four areas. The Edisons are 1/2” longer than the Edel so I’m going to see if I can get swing weights on both sets. To the eye at address the Edison’s look “thicker” to me and I think that’s because of the matte gray finish. On the tight lies we have here looking at something that appears thicker doesn’t bode well for my confidence, but I have “chipping yips” anyway!!! A little more offset with the Edison, but not much. You can see where I was striking the balls on all 4 clubs, more center with the Edisons. There’s a definite feel difference between the shafts in the 2 sets as I have Modus in my Edels, KBS Tour in the Edisons. Much different feel… Anyway, more thoughts to come.
  9. Ever since I did the full bag fitting at Ping a year ago this month I’ve had the PLD putter on my mind. Not sure I’ll make it through next year without one in the bag!!! It’s calling my name BIG time.
  10. Dang! Visually that will definitely take a minute to get used to!!! Thanks!!!
  11. Yeah, I’ve read about that and it’s something we’ll be trying to quantify in testing. How much lower for you? I need lower for sure!
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