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  1. I’m so torn on what to try for 2022. Been pretty set on the idea of Z-Star, then I talked to the Srixon rep and he said XV would be better for me. I’ve been playing Pro V1X, but I need less spin off wedges since my spin went-up significantly when I changed to Edel SMS wedges. The 2021 Ball Test shows the XV as having great ball speed, but higher spin off driver (odd), Z-Star was longer (odd), and spin wasn’t THAT much different off the other clubs. Ugh. Oddly enough, TXG showed more spin off XV as well, which shouldn’t happen based on the ball’s design. May even look at Chrome Soft X LS. Sad thing is that Trackman can’t capture spin indoors accurately, so doing a “ball fitting” likely won’t help. Doing on-course takes SO long to really separate everything out since I have such an inconsistent swing. Anyway, after looking at the results for high swing speed, it’s a tough choice.
  2. But not enough to be full-time, or be included in the stat ranking. Once he is, Bryson will be beaten. Assuming Wilco can make some cuts!!!
  3. When Wilco Nienaber gets on the US Tour!
  4. Man, THREE threads in-a-row talking about Shiels and MGS and two weren’t even IN the “Shiels vs MGS” thread. Good gracious. Aggravating.
  5. Hoping to try the Z to see what it can do. Would be awesome if it turned out to be a Ping G400 with added distance!
  6. I agree with making sure you’re getting a Quintic assessment as a part of the fitting, I’ve not been impressed with SAM. I’m an Edel “homer” and I believe in their fittings since I’ve seen actual results, but you still need a gods fitter with experience to do that fitting the right way. My guy in MS only charged $40 for the fitting, so it was worth it even if I didn’t buy the putter. If Edel is a choice, reach-out to Edel and ask who’d they recommend in your area. They’ll shoot you straight.
  7. Texted with our Srixon rep today regarding this ball, and the others in the line-up. This isn’t going to be a good fit, he thinks I need to go XV. The sounds like a nice combination!
  8. Back to the range today to do more drills. Hoping I get to play tomorrow!
  9. Saw the 2nd Swing video of them hitting this head-to-head against the Stealth. Stealth had the single longest drive, but the dispersion circle with the Rogue was silly good! Only a yard or two shorter on TOTAL, but based on the consistency, the Rogue would be my choice if I had seen the same results!
  10. I have the Titleist Hybrid 14 as well for my trips to the range. I like it.
  11. Job change starts next week: Key Account Manager in LA/TX/NM/AZ for the gastrointestinal marketing department of a global pharmaceutical company.
  12. I’d go to another range because I don’t want music playing, and if they have songs playing that have curse words in them, I can’t take my kids there… I get trying to appeal to a younger crowd, but no thanks!
  13. I have had the Ogio 14 way for a few years now and have been very happy. Has a larger top than 9.5”, cooler pocket, and full-length dividers. Great bag. https://www.ogio.com/golf/convoy-se-cart-bag-14/spr5417522.html
  14. Got to hit a lot of balls at the range, primarily just doing drills. Hit 30 shots at the end as though I were playing.
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