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  1. Well, the guarantee of hitting the ball a long way and blowing away the field is once again proven incorrect by Bryson shooting a smooth +6! Just TWELVE strokes behind the leaders.
  2. After going short and heavy with driver, I’m going that way with my fairway wood, so I just bought a 15* “like new” Epic Flash fairway wood on Cally Pre-Owned, $78 after TS3 trade, then bought a new, uncut Aldila NV 95 fairway shaft that I’ll have tipped 2” for $49.97 shipped, and bought the sleeve and weights for it as well on eBay. Going to be fun to see what this thing does!!!!! It will be built to 43”.
  3. Just got back from the range where I hit a large bucket, working on a drill from my coach, then hitting driver, and “playing holes” to finish. If I can just get the feeling down from the drill during actual play... Man, I flush the ball, and hit SO straight when done correctly.
  4. Look at Callaway Golf Preowned. They are running 20%-40% off all clubs right now.
  5. Come on, I need some help! Sim users? Demoed Sim fairway metals??? CBX/CBX119???? Epic Flash and EFSZ???
  6. A HS buddy of mine lives right around the corner from where the crash happened, and passed it early this morning, but obviously didn’t know who it was at the time. His house is the red dot, where the wreck happened is marked in yellow.
  7. Definitely fairway metal after hitting it off the tee twice today. May be looking at a hybrid as well.....
  8. Tried it on a driver, but it didn’t work. Going with all oversize Winn Dri-Tac 2.0 on the clubs as soon as they arrive!
  9. Same here! Shocked at Callaway winning strokes gained!
  10. Shocked to see the Honma as the most forgiving!!! Wow! Not discounting it, but that means it beat the G425 Max which is surprising!!!
  11. Thanks!!! Very well! So straight! Loved it today!!!
  12. Tied my lowest round ever! 74 (36/38), 31 putts, at Beaver Creek in Zachary, LA. Three-putted 18 to miss my best round! Ugh!!!! Wind was adding 15-20 yards in the face, but I still hit everything solid. Best round of chipping I had in a long time! (SG below is vs a 0 hcp)
  13. I have FOUR best jokes right now: My Detroit professional sports teams!!!!
  14. Just a heads-up, there are new XP-1 irons and driver on there way to a Honma rep near you! I’ve seen the driver. I can’t speak to the XP-1 line specifically, but have no worry about Honma as a whole! Top-level stuff!!!
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