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  1. Amen!!! My 8th grader has been asking for help with her math, and all I can say is thank goodness for YouTube!!!! Wow. I struggled with all types of Algebra, business calculus, etc. Anything “abstract” and I was done! Give me geometry so I can see the picture! Totally agree: this who find math easy are smiled upon!!!
  2. No, modern rudeness caused it. I was taught golf etiquette back when I was a kid, in the 70s. I learned from my father what proper etiquette in golf was. Today, kids aren’t learning from their parent, especially if they weren’t raised playing golf. Add to this the music on course, the drunken videos destroying carts and property, etc and there is more to do with current society than someone just driving past. I’m not going to be held-up by a foursome. Not happening. I’ve also called the clubhouse, while standing right next to the people holding-up the course, and asked for them to come o
  3. I wouldn’t care and would just drive ahead of them. 17 holes instead of 18? No big deal, especially for the peace-of-mind.
  4. I won a Nespresso Virtuo about 5 years ago, and my wife and I LOVE it!!! I prefer the espresso options as I enjoy “lattes”, and my wife likes their regular blends better. Here are a couple pics from this morning’s brew.
  5. They were part of my Club Champion fitting. I had good numbers with them, but I didn’t like the looks or feel. They were ok, but weren’t in my Top 3 for performance for me. Had some experiences with the owner, so it would be tough to buy their product, even if it were the best for me. Their forged just didn’t have “that” feel...
  6. I did a fitting late last year, and early this year, and then finished with my Honma fitting which was done with the rep, which was the second time I hit them in a fitting. The Honma, fitted to me, were head-and-shoulders better for me than any other clubs I tried. The only other brand that beat them head-to-head in my fittings were Vega irons. Vega were going to cost me almost $3,000, so there was no chance I was buying those. Fittings are HUGELY important. I found out this year that Nippon Modus 120X just wasn’t right for me, when it was a few years back in a different head. The best thing a
  7. I’ve had this happen twice with my current driver. It’s an adjustable driver, so I unscrewed the head from the shaft, then shook the head until whatever it was fell out. Mine was hot melt that had come loose.
  8. Not a fan of a hoodie as there are a million tops one can wear while golfing that don’t have hoods, yet keep one just as warm. I do like a “dress code” of sorts at courses. I am not a fan of blue jeans, tank tops, etc. I do think that the microfiber tees Tiger wears are ok, and I do think that the PGA should allow guys to wear shorts since the LPGA allows the women to wear almost anything! I saw a few LPGA golfers in tee shirts and shorts, and they weren’t classy looking. Really casual... Im not snobby, but I do like the idea of golf being a sport where one wears a type of “uniform”. All
  9. Good stuff!!! Folks, if this is your first time, it wouldn’t hurt to peruse a couple reviews over the last couple years to get an idea of what they look like. Best of luck, and enjoy!!!!! Congratulations!
  10. Meaning he said don’t change balls?
  11. Man, I play the same ball all year. Sometimes all of this is just overthinking things.
  12. Can’t get on there unless I stay at the casino, which I can’t do....
  13. I’m headed to Biloxi/Gulfport later this coming week, and I need some recommendations on courses. I know of the Preserve, Fallen Oak, etc, the $100+ courses, but I’m looking for the great $50-$75 course instead! Thanks for your help!!!!
  14. Got back to the range today and had a better go of it. Worked on getting the proper stance, then taking the club back more on plane, and drills for keeping the “butt on the wall”. Worked well.
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