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  1. Me too. It was a great head for me, so maybe this shaft will put it over the top.
  2. I would love to try the T200 versus my Honma TR20 Tour P irons, should be pretty similar.
  3. Pics from Titleist Europe on Twitter
  4. I just got the email that the new 2021 irons are going through Tour validation, and they had one teaser pic included. This will be interesting to follow for sure!!!
  5. Thinking about picking-up another Honma TR20 driver, all stock, to replace the Sim 2 Max I just tried. I have an extra Xphlexxx Busa shaft currently at 45.5..
  6. Crazy to think that Tiger only came from behind once to win a major!
  7. As always: A.B.B. “ANYONE but Brooks” Go Bryson/Louis/Collin/Rory/Rahm etc
  8. Gracias. I looked at the Black and they’re 7% softer than MTB…. I wonder if that makes a difference off the driver.
  9. 79 (36/43). Barely held-on for the back nine. Sheesh. Found a dozen Snell MTB and put them in my bag today. Wow. I LOVE these!!! I know they don’t make the MTB anymore, but I gotta figure out which ones took its place. Great golf ball!!!!
  10. Sold! Please lock this up. Thanks! Sim 2 Max 9* with Hzrdus Smoke RDX 6.5 shaft. Been used for 27 holes… Comes with the wrench and the head cover. Pics are of the item. Small line of gold on the sole from something.
  11. I play most rounds as a single and I’ve not had many issues other than the classic not letting me play through, but if it’s bad enough, and there’s room ahead, I’ll just skip a hole. I did this Sunday. I skipped two holes and then came back after 18 and played them. I was paired-up in New Orleans recently and enjoyed it. I’m always appreciative of decent players letting me join them, and I made a few good friends in San Antonio doing this.
  12. I’m not for banning a whole lot of things, but I do agree with getting rid of the green books. I think this would be the “great separator” of talent on Tour, and I think it was what was intended when golf first started. Reading greens is an art, and for folks like me who don’t do it well visually, AimPoint has been a big help. Yeah, get rid of the books.
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