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  1. Joe Falls Church, VA Odyssey White Hot Rx #5 Impact 3
  2. Update: Thanks everyone! I had a blast and the fitting went great! It was a local shop, but one with good reviews and that I've trusted for a while. I went in with my eye on the Apex 19s but completely open to other options. I worked through a bunch of options - Apex 19, T200, P790, JPX919, and a few others. In the end, I went with the P790s which I didn't know anything about going in, but I love them. The Apex were a close second, but the P790 just felt a lot more consistent and better in my hands, not to mention I was getting better numbers with them. None of the others were very
  3. New to the Forum, first post. Maybe too late for this, but I'm getting fitted for irons tomorrow and I'm not entirely sure what to expect. I'd love any advice, fitting experiences, questions to ask, etc. that anyone has before I get in there. Background: Currently I've improved to a 17 handicap and have stalled there. Had been casually playing for years with mostly hand-me-down clubs, but over the past 2 years starting to invest in my clubs and game. Current irons are 2002 Big Bertha's (graphite shafts) that I got from my dad 10 years ago. Current distances: 9-135, 7-158, 5-180 (worked ha
  4. Joe Falls Church, VA Vice Tour I played XL2000's in high school because my dad seemed to have an endless supply of them. Back then those were the only fresh sleeves I would play, otherwise I was playing balls out of the woods or the practice bucket.
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