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  1. I'll start, today I saw a golfer at our course wearing the hard-case to his rangefinder, strapped through his belt on his front hip. Think tourist walking through NY City with the big phone or camera case strapped on to hold his camera. I can imagine he was pretty much a quick draw mcgraw in getting that range finder out to shoot a distance! But one good thing, he doesn't have to worry about leaving his rangefinder in the golf cart
  2. To borrow the phrase from the great Jack Buck and put it into golf course sightings. What is the strangest thing you've seen on a golf course, something someone did, something they wore or some device they used...etc.
  3. Thanks, me as well. Right now other than driver, the only bag I have. Pretty much as listed in my signature. TS1 Driver SIM 5 Wood G410 7 & 9 Wood G410 hybrid 5 iron T300 6-GW SM7 wedges Hopefully a Spider X putter if it comes in by then, otherwise the SC Phantom 5.5
  4. Golfspy_CG2

    2020 Ball test?

    This is certainly no official word, just my personal thoughts. But I don't think this is a test that merits being done every year. Most of the premium balls have two year life cycles, ProV, Srixon Z Star, TP5/X and yes even though Bridgestone has a new ball out and Callaway is working to improve the Chrome Soft model, it's an awfully big undertaking to do each year when the majority of balls that people will be interested in haven't changed. Unlike the Most Wanted testing which is done on site at MGS, the ball testing was done out of state at a facility that had a robot and range that could accommodate the parameters of the test. I'm sure it was a very expensive and time consuming effort.
  5. Ha. Good one. Yeah I know what you mean. But I have twice been fit into a low spin head the 917D3 and Epic Flash Sub Zero Due to my angle of attack and putting a lot of natural spin on it. Could I play it. Sure. Its just not as high or as Consistent as the TS1, which for us old coots is like a pig finding a 3 foot deep mud pen in the middle of the desert.
  6. Yep, I have heard even the MAX head is lower spin compared to some other mainstream drivers out there. I'll give it some more time, I have hit one or two very good drives with it, but if my life depended on having to hit a fairway...the TS1 would no doubt get the call.
  7. I have the 9.5 but have it lofted up 1.5. Definitely seeing a low flight and fighting a low right. I ordered it 1/2 short and requested the SW still to be D2, not sure if it came in at that or not, don't have the ability to measure. Could be something in that combo that isn't a good "fit" for me. Played the TS1 during the round, and hit it really well. So it can't be just the swing.
  8. I'm struggling with my SIM Max in the early going. Right now it's strictly a backup to the TS1, which is just soooo good! But the few times, I've taken it out and hit shots with it on the course, it's been very inconsistent. and mostly bad.
  9. Thanks. Felt strange and good at the same time. Definitely the longest layoff I've ever had from golf. Even longer than after my double knee replacement!
  10. Got on course today for the first time since late October, got out with the new T300. Bit of rust on the first hole, but bounced back nicely with the first birdie of the year on the 2nd hole. 128 yard par 3, 9 iron to about 12 feet left of the hole, and rolled the putt in Ended up with a 42 for 9 holes, and narrowly missed my 2nd birdie of the year on the par 5 7th. Overall was pretty happy with the way the irons went, a few lose drives. Putter was pretty solid as well. Guess I'll keep the irons for a couple weeks
  11. Michael Breed was saying that exact thing this morning on his show and you're right.
  12. Locker Rooms sure have changed since our days haven't they!
  13. She just started sending texts about 6 months ago, but that is pretty much limited to me, her sister and one friend who lives in Japan. It's funny to watch her tap out a text on the flip phone. I remember those days and they were very frustrating.
  14. Yeah four wedges, the loft jacking mafia would be crying that he's hurting the top end of his bag...ha Speaking of top end, love seeing a 10.5 loft on his driver, when so many amateurs say they need 8.0 or 8.5.
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