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  1. Yes, that’s correct All 20 times are on Pine Needles on Saturday afternoon For the Golf only inquiries I won’t be able to confirm that until all stay/play requests are met
  2. I agree. If I were to switch balls, the Z Star would be by first option. It has great feel and good performance around the green. The two things I look for most.
  3. MAX HOMA WINS IN FIRST WEEK WITH NEW PRO V1 Max Homa put the NEW Titleist Pro V1 golf ball in play for the first time this week at the Farmers Insurance Open, leading the field in Strokes Gained: Tee to Green on his way to the sixth win of his PGA TOUR career. Homa decided to make the switch to 2023 Pro V1 following a visit last weekend to the Titleist Performance Institute. On Sunday at TPI, Homa worked with his coach Mark Blackburn and J.J. Van Wezenbeeck, Titleist’s Director of Player Promotions, testing the performance of the new model through the bag. Six days later, Homa birdied two of his final three holes Saturday at Torrey Pines’ South Course, tapping his New Pro V1 in for birdie on the 18th hole for a two-shot victory. Homa gained more than 10 strokes (+10.620) on the field over the three rounds on the South (where stats were tracked), gaining 4.595 of them in his closing 6-under 66. Homa also finished first in Strokes Gained: Approach, gaining more than eight shots (+8.387) on the field, highlighted by his tee shot Sunday on the 227-yard par-3 16th, the most difficult hole of the final round playing almost a half-stroke over par. Homa’s approach stopped 15 feet from the cup, the best shot of the day on 16. Homa rolled his 2023 Pro V1 in for what proved to be the winning birdie (and only the second one of the day on the 16th). Said Van Wezenbeeck: “With ’23 Pro V1 we saw Max’s ball speed jump a little bit off the driver with lower spin. It was flying great. He was even more consistent with his irons and the short game performance was as good as ever. It was a no brainer.” WITB | MAX HOMA NEW Titleist Pro V1 golf ball NEW TSR3 10.0 driver | Tensei 1K Black 65 TX NEW TSR3 16.5 fairway | Fujikura Ventus TR Blue 80 X NEW TSR2 21.0 fairway | Graphite Design Tour AD XC 9 TX T100•S 4-iron | KBS TOUR $-Taper 130 X T100 5-iron | KBS TOUR $-Taper 130 X 620 MB 6-9 irons | KBS TOUR $-Taper 130 X Vokey Design SM9 46.10F wedge | KBS TOUR $-Taper 130 X Vokey Design SM9 50.12F, 56.14F, 60.04L wedges | KBS Hi Rev 2.0 125 S Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5 tour prototype putter
  4. I was going to mention this in my previous post along with the range ball factor @Vegan_Golfer_PNW mentioned. On the range I can see the flight and know if there was too much or not enough spin. And the not enough can be confirmed based only launch, which I think the $500 to $700 units to an acceptable job there. I’ll rely on the total carry and ball speed as data points I’m using as benchmarks. The carry can also be marked by the flags of various distances we have on the range. One area I’m very fortunate in and I did this a couple times last year namely with my TSR2 when it first arrived. I can go out on our course when there are vey few geoips and setup a driving station on a hole. I’ll take the MLM 2 or Mevo+ which ever I end up with and the RCT and real ProV’s and set up on a Tee. I’ll take my abag off the cart and drive it out using my SX500 until o get to 250 yards from the tee…..ok Ok….200 yards and place my bag there. Then head back to the tee and start hitting. I have the LM to tell me the carry and can visually verify if it’s past or short of the bag. As 200 carry is good drive for me at this point. Well in the winter and cole I’m finding it’s more 185 or so. But in season 200 to 205 carry. And with either of these units I should get good swing and tracer video to go along with the data. Kinda a lot to go through at times. But hey we’re internet golf geeks. It’s what we do. Ha
  5. A very valid question. I suspect for some it will still be worth it and some it won’t. To me the simulation even though that won’t be my primary use, helps justify the higher cost. Plus as mentioned the built in camera vs having to use my iPhone. I will use it or IPad instead as the face on camera or to view the simulation when I use that. Those are three pretty significant improvements in my mind
  6. I was litteraly aboit to pull the trigger on a Mevo+ yesterday then I saw the reviews from the PGA Show start to hit and o slammed on the breaks. This looks incredible for the price point. I had the orgofnsl and the two big drawbacks for me were overheating of my phone outside in about 20 to 30 minutes and pretty inconsistent spin numbers. I’ve been using the regular Mevo in a net in a semi indoor/outdoor setup the past week or two with the RCT balls. And it seems to be off by 5 mph 7 iron swing speed and 10 to 15 yards off on distance. Driver seems to be off by a similar amount. Even with the RCT balls showing appropriate spin numbers for each. So there is definitely something off in its calculations. To me if the outdoor spin numbers on the Rapsodo 2 aren’t any better that will be a question mark. But I do love the additional cameras and the simulation seems really cool. For me at this price it is probably worth it just for the hitting into the net with the special Callaway balls Then can take the outside for what it’s worth I can always use our Trackman there as well I’ll be reaching out to our Rapsodo rep on Monday for more info
  7. Just mentoning it to be clear. It is a 5 S Ventus TR Red, 6 would have been a bit too heavy for me. And yes, it is too early...LOL Although one of my co workers when he saw I was taking it down to the pavilion to hit, said don't take the plastic off the head, you'll be able to get more for it when you sell it in 3 weeks
  8. LOl..That is a godo question. Good thing I'll be driving, lots of room in the SUV
  9. PING G430 Arrival Day! It arrived today, and took some some pics and a quick indoor LM session with MEVO. Will try to get the number up later. But first impressons. Looks Great Sound MUCH IMPROVED over previous G Models, not on the level of a TSR or Paradym, but very good for a PING This one was ordered at 45 1/4 per the reps suggestion, based on my toe contact and to keep the dessired swing weight. As a result, it felt a bit different at address but not in a bad way. ACtually felt like I could control it pretty well. The Ventus TR Red Shaft looks incredible. The shots I made good contact with felt really good. The mishits, you could tell when I missed it low or on a couple occassions a bit high on the face. Here's some pics to give you a start
  10. Yes, well mostly unscathed. I'm 6'4" and I was hit with such impact that my head when it hit the ceiling in the car, pushed the sun roof (metal not glass) completely out of place. The construction of the car the frame,really saved me, it was crumpled into a little ball but the driver cockpit was pretty much untouched. When my seister went to the demo lot to retriev my beliongings, the owner of the lot was all prepared to offer his condolences on her loss. He was shocked that I only spent one day in the hospital for observation. I did suffer some damage to my eyes, as I was wearing contacts and all the debris/dust flying around int he car got under them and scratched my cornea. But my vsion was not damaged. Later in life i have suffered some scaring around some disc in my neck, and the dr's now think that could be related to the damage from that. The 2nd part of the story. Seat Belt laws were just coming nto place then in the US, I generally never wore a seat belt much. Two weeks prior tothe accident I got a ticket for not wearing a seat belt, that cost $75...A lot of money to a 30 year old in 1990 I started wearing one that day, to avoid any more tickets. I think without a doubt it was the biggest reason I survived that wreck. Otherwise I'd probably would have been tossed through that sunroof or at least hit my head on the highway udring one of the flips. My sister visited the Raleigh, NC police station a couple weeks later and wanted to see and thank the officer who gave me that ticket. They had her address the force one morning during the roll call to let them know doing simple things like traffic stops does matter. She said there weren't many dry eyes when she finished. Sorry to go OT...but since you asked..ha
  11. Man you made me shed a tear. I had a 83 320i that had close to 130,000 miles on it when it got litterally smashed by a semitruck and flipped and rolled 3 times across a 4 lane highway in 1990. It was in pristine shape, and the mechanic I used always tried to buy it from me every time I brought it in for service. When I told him about the accident, I think he cried harder than I did
  12. I don't have experience with it. But I can say the Spornia is very well constructed. I think as long as you are close enough to it, to not miss you sholdn't have any problem. Unless you're wanting to use a LM that may require a certain amount of distance. For a point of reference, I have the 8 fott net about 12 feet away from our hitting spot onthe mat, as the MEVO requires at least 8 feet. Several of us have hit driver at swing speeds from 85 mph to 112 mph and nobody has missed it or knocked it over.
  13. Yep, I have the Spornia XL as one of the testers, I am using it 2 or 3 times a week now in the offseason along with my Mevo it makes for a nice practice area. I have it set up in the covered pavilion that we use during the seaon for post golf meals, I leave it out on the floor but just take down the two side support rails, so it's not exposed to the wind or in view of any mbody drivng past it in off hours and drawing attention to it. From that point it sets up and goes down in about 30 seconds. IMG_7694.MOV
  14. A little late to the party but here goes. Driver: TSR1 FW: PING G430 5 and 7 Hybrid TSR1 23 degree Irons: Paradym 5-A Wedges RTX 6 Zip Core 50,54 Vokey T Grind 60* Putter: TaylorMade GTX Max Ball: 2023 ProV1 How convenient!
  15. The precision, feel and playability of Titleist T100, T100•S and T200 irons are now available in an all-black Titanium Carbide Vapor finish, bringing a new look to the most played irons on the PGA TOUR. Available for pre-sale beginning Feb. 23 and in golf shops worldwide on March 3, the new T-Series Black irons utilize an improved heat-treated binding process to deliver a stylish, tour-inspired look that players love with an even more durable, long-lasting finish. The new Titanium Carbide Vapor finish is matched with True Temper AMT Black, AMT Tour White and Project X LZ shafts that have an onyx powder coat finish. All-black Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grips complete the set-up for a strikingly clean look. “New T-Series irons have proven to be the most advanced irons we’ve ever made,” said Josh Talge, Vice President, Titleist Golf Club Marketing. “The tour-inspired shaping combines with ultimate forgiveness and feel to give golfers the looks and performance needed to play their best. T-Series Black irons take it to the next level with a new Titanium Carbide Vapor finish that looks incredible and is more durable than ever.” T-SERIES BLACK IRONS ON TOUR: Titleist T100 irons continue to be a top choice of tour players around the world, with more players on the PGA TOUR using T100’s than any other model. Titleist has been the most played iron on the PGA Tour for 17 of the last 18 years, including each of the last eight seasons. Among those players currently gaming T100 Black irons are Cameron Smith, Lanto Griffin, C.T. Pan and Callum Tarren. “I love the finish,” said Smith, who has recorded multiple victories with his T100 Black models in the bag including THE PLAYERS and The Open Championship at St. Andrews. “The new black finish is a little bit more durable – they’ve definitely stood the test of time. I just like how they look. I think they look a little bit smaller. This lets me narrow in a little bit more and obviously the less glare and stuff like that off the sun, helps that a lot.” T100 Technology: As the ultimate modern tour iron, and most played iron model on the PGA TOUR, T100 irons offer extreme precision and versatility with unrivaled feel. With a tour-contoured sole and variable bounce design, T100 irons are designed to produce the best turf interaction in the game. T100 irons feature dense D18 tungsten weights that allow for maximum control over CG placement, and a fully forged construction brings together the forgiveness and feel needed by the game’s best. T100 Black Specifications (Custom Only) RH, LH availability (4-P) Finish: Titanium Carbide Vapor T100•S Technology: Retaining the key features of T100, but with 2-degree stronger lofts and a new Muscle Channel, the T100•S iron is built to be the faster tour iron. For players seeking a tour-inspired profile and feel with added speed, T100•S is the complete package. T100•S features the same forged construction and dense D18 tungsten weights as T100, and with even more weight savings from the added Muscle Channel, T100•S has an even lower CG placement promoting optimized launch conditions. T100•S Black Specifications RH, LH availability (4-P) Finish: Titanium Carbide Vapor Shaft: Project X LZ Onyx Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Black T200 Technology: Built as a tour-ready distance iron, T200 irons improve upon the technological advantages of the previous generation and feature a new compact and sleek shape. T200’s multi-material, hollow body construction provides controlled distance and launch, while improved Max Impact technology and forged L-Face inserts work together to retain speed on off-center strikes and create a fast, solid feel and sound. The distance and forgiveness advantages from T200 are worked into a player-preferred profile, as T200 irons feature the same minimal offset as T100 and T100•S as well as a shorter blade length and thinner top line than its predecessor. Titleist’s most advanced iron ever combines maximum performance with a tour-inspired look and feel. T200 Black Specifications RH, LH availability (4-P) Finish: Titanium Carbide Vapor Shaft: True Temper AMT Black Onyx Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Black Availability and Price: T-Series Black irons are available for pre-sale beginning Feb. 23 and in golf shops in limited quantities on March 3. MAP $1,699 (7-piece set)
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