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  1. I heard an interview with him this morning. He said the only thing he considered for a moment was trying to push a 7 wood out of the rough and aim for the neck hoping it would run up onto the green. But the rough was so thick it could have easily come out left and gone in the pond and then he had no shot. He said the only probable shot was trying to hole out the wedge for his 3rd shot, and said he hit exactly what he wanted to just didn't get enough spin.
  2. Congratulations The Right Stuff, PM me your name and shipping info. And be sure and let the forum see what the mystery box is when it arrives!
  3. Isn't it though! Looks to be of the hollow body style as well. It will be interesting to hear the full tech and spec stories in a few weeks.
  4. You should know better than to doubt me
  5. Titleist Introduces Next Generation T-Series Irons at PGA TOUR’S Travelers Championship New U•505 utility iron also available for competition CARLSBAD, Calif. (June 21, 2021) – This week at the PGA TOUR’s Travelers Championship, Titleist takes another step forward in the design, technology and performance of its next generation T-Series irons and U-Series utility iron. Following a rigorous two-year development process, the new Titleist T100, T100•S and U•505 utility iron models are now available to PGA Tour players to use in competition, with the first opportunity c
  6. Not exactly true according to my latest info. They are still on schedule for a late summer/early fall release.
  7. A quick range session late this afternoon got my attention and earned it a spot in the tryouts!
  8. By popular request a new candidate will be tomorrow’s challenge club. Looks like DJ and Rory aren’t the only ones that will be teeing it up with a
  9. I looked at the control settings and there is no option to allow or disallow changes, so it might be something they used to have and took away. I would have allowed it up to the start of the tourney if they had it set up.
  10. I bet my Tier 6 pick is a trendy one, but that's ok, it'll be fun to see how he does!
  11. Once the tournament starts, you can click on the leaderboard to see the other teams. But you can't view them before the tourney starts.
  12. I'm pretty sure EXP-01 turned out as Left Dash. I could be mistaken, but pretty sure on that.
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