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  1. The 2nd swing stores do have full club fitting capability and i think there is one in AZ. But i think True Specs rep is more widely praised. Now that could totally be because of number of stores is much greater.
  2. Golfspy_CG2

    JPX 921's

    Sorry to hear about your SO. I do feel fortunate to be working. It came with a 20% pay reduction, but i know there are many much worse off. As for the 921 i think today was PAR, so we should start seeing them. Mine are still on order and probably 2-3 weeks away.
  3. Golfspy_CG2

    JPX 921's

    So true i had 190,000 on my 2006 Highlander when it was totaled in an accident 3 years ago, snd was still running strong. But than tires i never spent a penny that wasn’t scheduled maintenance for it.
  4. Golfspy_CG2

    JPX 921's

    Same with her on buying a new car, she has a 2009 Corolla with 140,000 miles and it's in better shape than most 3 year old cars. But she has been able to put off buying a new one for probably a year now, as they dont expect to be back in the building until at least the first of the year. She wants her next car to be her last, so she's trying to put it off as long as she can.
  5. I was gong t mention that one as well Sluggo, but you beat me to it. Those are some beautiful irons!
  6. Golfspy_CG2

    JPX 921's

    While I've been doing my normal drive to the course each day since early May, my Fiance is in much the same situation as you, her commute is 45 minutes in stop and go traffic each way. She works in the IT area of a school system and have been working at home since March 25th, I think. She has driven maybe a total of 100 miles since March, basically a once a week trip to the grocery store that is 2 miles down the road, and a maybe a few other errands on a Saturday just to get out. She has gotten numerous reminders from her service company that her car is past due for an oil change
  7. Golfspy_CG2

    JPX 921's

    Yeah, i guess thats one thing we can thank COVID for . Normally they would have done this category by now.
  8. Sorry, it doesn't look like it at this point. It's been a bit of a challenging year in scheduling, getting OEM commitments and just overall!
  9. LOL! You are a lucky man! I haven't seen them in hand, I'm going by the pics and info from a reliable source, that they are better in person than the pics!
  10. I think they will look incredible. Waiting will be the hardest part!
  11. Well if I go full set with both, I could combo them either way, Mizuno high and Titleist low or vice versa You know at one point two years ago, I was thiking about a PING/Titleist/Srixon combo set
  12. If you have a confirmation email or number from your donation, just PM me a screen shot or number from that, and I'll take care of the Donor. I'll add a broke 80 and HIO! Congrats
  13. Yeah, the Lowyr win was pretty cool. I was pulling for Keopka to continue his major run of wins, but Lowry was a great story and played the best golf the final day in really bad conditions.
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