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  1. Golfspy_CG2

    Vokey Offers Custom Tour Grind Options To The Public

    And we all know your not normal. I mean in your level of practice. But yeah. That seems to coincide with what he said. And I totally agree about it could become a thing. I mean it's not cheap. Almost $600 for a set of 3. But price and value are relative.
  2. Golfspy_CG2

    2019 Starting Bag

    Well the taking and posting of the pics took a while. But I am settling down for watch some football and Ebay app is front and center on my phone. Ha
  3. Golfspy_CG2

    Vokey Offers Custom Tour Grind Options To The Public

    Yeah. .although I think I heard Roger Cleveland say once the average player is not going to wear wedge grooves out in a year, or two or even three. He'd have to practice from the sand hours a day multiple times a week and most regular players practice bunker play a couple times a year if that. Or another way to look at it. Someone who doesn't hit a lot of greens so wedge play becomes their strength if they want to maintain a halfway decent score. Does that sound like justification [emoji12]
  4. Golfspy_CG2

    2019 Starting Bag

    Only monthly? Bridgestone Tour B JGR Driver and HF2 irons Pre Release Testing
  5. Golfspy_CG2

    2019 Starting Bag

    2019? Thats a tough one. Even though irons are pretty much set for a while. Driver and wedges will get tryouts in 2019. And while im happy with the hybrids. I’m always open to something new. Bridgestone Tour B JGR Driver and HF2 irons Pre Release Testing
  6. Golfspy_CG2

    2019 Starting Bag

    [emoji848][emoji848][emoji848] Bridgestone Tour B JGR Driver and HF2 irons Pre Release Testing
  7. Golfspy_CG2

    2019 Starting Bag

    #7 I really want an Indy though!
  8. Golfspy_CG2

    2019 Starting Bag

    You know it. In may they will begin the fourth season in the bag, if you can believe that. Best hybrid I've ever hit. I'm afraid to try anything else. Can you believe that coming from me...ha
  9. Golfspy_CG2

    2019 Starting Bag

    LOl...come on, even I'm not that bad......I don't think...ha Isn't that the way they do it on TV...
  10. Golfspy_CG2

    2019 Starting Bag

    Well the bag just arrived this week. So I don't know yet, if it'll become a nice looking placeholder in the office or see action. Story behind it. Even though it's brand new and came in the plastic, it's the 2017 Srixon model. When I was at the PGA Show in 2017, I saw these and the stand bag version of them. I thought i have to have that, i just thought it was the best looking bag I'd seen all week at the show. But at the time, I had a pretty new personalized Titleist stand bag. So I held off. Then come summer, I bought the Z565 irons and figured now was the time to get the bag. Too late!! They were on B/O. By the time I checked back later in the summer, they were out completely. I spent a good bit of 2018 looking for them, and the local rep even tried to hunt one down for me somewhere. Then we all no the hazards of browsing on EBay, I just happened to search for it again, knowing I had the the new Z585 irons on their way. Sure enough there was one for sale, brand new in the plastic never used, and asking a price I just couldn't pass up. So hitting the buy now button is just too damn easy!! I think it looks too nice to just sit in the office. I'm thinking about taking the panel to a local embroidery shop and having our course logo put on on it. I wouldn't have my name or anything, since I don't have the accompanying PGA Card to go along with that route...ha
  11. Golfspy_CG2

    2019 Starting Bag

    So here’s the setup to start 2019. Pretty happy with this setup to start with. The irons are straight [emoji91][emoji91] Bridgestone Tour B JGR Driver and HF2 irons Pre Release Testing
  12. Golfspy_CG2

    Vokey Offers Custom Tour Grind Options To The Public

    yeah, no doubt it's such a personal and varied thing to be fit for wedges. it's not like ok, you're this swing speed, we'll put you in this shaft and head. As you mention the Turf that you play on, the way your swing interacts with it etc. Heck, I used to be able to tell a fitter or instructor that I had a very steep swing. But I'm not so sure that's the case anymore. I think they definitely need to be able to see it and judge for themselves especially on these short game touch and feel shots.
  13. Great deal...and just an FYI the SC300 is coming out late this year or more likely early next month, and it's going to have a couple more measurable added into it. I'll definitely be hitting them up at the PGA Show to bring the latest back to the forum.
  14. This is pretty cool, and I'm sure we'll get some saying $260 plus for a wedge is ridiculously expensive, but again, it's not being force on anyone, it's an option that has in the past only been available to the most elite players in the world, that is now available to anyone wanting to buy the service. Press Release: Master Craftsman Bob Vokey is now offering the tour grinding experience to all golfers through the introduction of the new HandGround program on Vokey.com. For golfers seeking tour-level customizations such as additional heel relief, a squared up leading edge, or Bob’s popular tour grind, the HandGround program is the answer. For the last year, Bob has personally trained two grinders on all of the performance and profile adjustments that have resulted from his more than two decades of work with the world’s best players. Bob’s passion for building relationships with individual players is the essence of the Vokey brand. Voke takes the time to listen to a player’s wants and, more importantly, their needs, when hitting wedge shots. He then takes this information back to the tour truck and starts grinding heads. The process can be lengthy, but when it is done right, it is worth the wait. Bob will oversee the entire HandGround process – located in a new workspace adjacent to the Titleist Tour Department, inside the Titleist Golf Club headquarters in Carlsbad, Calif. – and, from time to time, will also grind HandGround orders himself. QUOTING BOB VOKEY: “This takes me back to my roots - one player at a time, one wedge at a time, crafting the sole to the player's exact specifications.” HANDGROUND OPTIONS: In selecting the HandGround option – currently available on all Vokey SM7 Raw models, the preferred finish of tour players worldwide – golfers will be able to choose from a variety of performance and profile adjustments (two adjustments maximum). • Performance adjustments: As course conditions change, tour players make adjustments to their wedges to improve turf interaction by grinding material off the sole of the wedge. These grinds allow the player to change the wedge’s playing characteristics based on their unique swingtype and course conditions resulting in finely tuned performance. Performance adjustments include: - Pre-Worn Leading Edge - Smooth Grind Lines - Heel Relief - Trailing Edge Relief • Profile adjustments: Having the right head shape inspires confidence. Voke works with tour players to dial-in the head shape that fits each player’s eye. Profile adjustments allow the golfer to design a confidence-inspiring head shape by grinding material off the profile. Profile adjustments include: - Semi-Square Leading Edge - Thin Top Line - Tour Grind (smooths all profile lines & slightly reduces profile size) For detailed explanations of each performance and profile adjustment, click here: https://www.vokey.com/nav/handground.aspx HANDGROUND SETS: With F, K and L Grind wedges, golfers also have the option to make specific grind selections:
 - F Grind: Make it an S Grind. For example, golfers that prefer their 52.12 F gap wedge to have a touch more versatility greenside may enjoy this option. - K Grind: Make it a J Grind (Heel & trailing edge relief) - L Grind: Make it an A Grind (Smooth the grind lines) ON THE WEB: https://www.vokey.com/nav/handground.aspx AVAILABILITY: HandGround wedges are now available on all SM7 Raw models through Vokey.com. SM7 Raw wedges – including BV Wings grip and 10-character stamping – start at $195. There is an additional $75 charge for HandGround services.
  15. Golfspy_CG2

    Set it an go or tinker?

    if if was fit a true fitter, I'll usually set it and go. One of them a while back gave me a hint to take a picture of it on my phone once he got it set. For a couple reasons, one when travelling via airplane it's safest to remove the adjustable head and store it in a pocket to prevent it from snapping due to mishandling, then you know the settings when you go to put it back. And of course if you were to decide to experiment with a different setting or two or three, there's no guessing as to what the original setting was. If it's a club I bought without being fit....or the horrors!!! Then I'm more likely to fiddle around with it over the first few range sessions and rounds to see what works best.