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  1. Ha..Been there done that. But it'll be already for you tomorrow. Feel free to reach out with any questions. I'm not an expert on it, by any means as I mainly use it on the range about 80% of the time, then on course the other 20% So I don't have too much use of it in a net or indoors environment.
  2. Yeah, waiting for that brown truck to pull up is maddening
  3. Now you can. Early on that was an issue. When you click on the sessions tab at the bottom menu. You will get a list of all your sessons. Click on the one you want to share. You will ger this view Then click on those 3 dots in the upper left corner and you will get this option Click on Share session. You then get a Blue Box saying Share Session Click on that then it takes you to your phones screen where you can text or email the link. They will a message like this where they can then view all the data from the session
  4. No i haven't at all. The PING came in around D0 which was right on the recommendation. I will probably do that on the upcoming head.
  5. Sorry forgot my actual most recent session with the dream 7, This was a practice session before the day before the on course session A screen shot of my best from that session.
  6. I have had a lack of updating of late but not a lack of testing i have some new info to share and something very exciting that hopefully I can share with you later next week. First up is one of my final session with the Dream7 on the G430 Max on MLM2. It is from a couple weeks ago Some pretty good numbers for me. To remind everyone prior to either Autoflex the OG or the Dream 7, ball speeds over 120 were not the norm st all. Mostly in the 117 range. A “good” drive measured maybe 196 to 198 on the LM, whether it was Full Swing Kit or Rapsodo. I had one outlier below that was a bad swing. But i kept it in not to inflate the numbers But the normal swings speak for themselves. For me to be in the 120’s consistently is a huge improvement. Maybe the 130’s are in sight! Also as i said i think the MLM2 reads a bit short. When i went out on the hole to pick up all these shots They were a good 15 to 24 yards further total distance according to my GHIN GPS app that i marked the tee shot from Shortly after that, i had the PING tip pulled and installed a Titleist Tip. Below is a screen shot with it on my TSR1. So not very good. A couple thoughts here. My swing just didn’t feel right that day. And while the overall spin of 2604 is ok, there were a couple in the 3500 that resulted in very high weak floaters that only went 165 or so. Again i kept them in as representative of the whole session. Also this one waa actually on course during a 9 hole round. I didn’t want to delay play by taking a lot of multiple shots. But there was one hole i took an extra shot due to a potential OB ball. Like i said. I hope to have something cool to add later this
  7. I don’t disagree with this at all. Also angle or descent is a big need as well to me especially when practicing irons. I have been tempted to sell it and get the MEVO+ but the annual recurring fee of $500 is tough to swallow.
  8. Sorry this thread fell down the list. No tracer or flight pattern just dispersion. However if you connect it to a software package like E6 you can get the tracer i believe
  9. Well there are a lot of worldwide opportunities, but just to be 100% transparent as @GolfSpy_APH mentioned above, it is 100% dependent on the OEM for that particular test. The may have shipping/production or other issues that may restrict the testing pool to certain geographic locations.
  10. Hey I didn't take the obvious Tier 1 or 2 choice either and didn't do so hot. ha
  11. What a great response with over 1100 entries. Congratulations goes to @snoopy79 as the highest finisher that followed the two rules of having the Team name as his forum name and making a post in the thread. Send me a PM with your full name, and shipping info and we'll get the info to HQ to get your prize on the way! Be sure and report back to everyone what the Mystery Box contained.
  12. Also a reminder. The official winner will ne announced after i have verified that they are an actual forum member and they followed the rules. i see several near the fop that did not. So hold off on any congrats or celebrations until the official winner is posted.
  13. Nothing to figure out. The tie breaker was Tigers final score. Making or missing the cut is not part of the equation.
  14. So an added bonus to my testing. As many know i had it in my PING G430 10K max for the review. Well i have enough time with that head for my review. So wanting to see how it does in my TSR i took it to my clubbuilder at 2nd swing and having a Titleist tip installed. So ill hsve some data with it next week to include in my final review. I’ll update the final review with switching it out to the new GT driver when i get it sometime in the coming weeks.
  15. Probably the way i was holding it and trying to take the picture with one hand. Old arthritic hands are the easiest to multitask. But I’ll likely get a chance for more pics sometime this week
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