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  1. That was nicely done Deejaid. For those who haven't seen your work before, I'm sure they'll be blown away by some of your stuff.
  2. I agree. So far I enjoyed last week's much more. But it's live golf and like you said, for charity.
  3. Injured it healthy, that sounds like a mighty fine day to me! Continue to heal up buddy
  4. Welcome off to a great start with an avatar and WITB. FYI. The FAQ tab at the top of the page has lots of great "how to" on the site. Among the tips is how to add the OEM emoji to your clubs if you want to add a bit of flair c
  5. My main ones are Alex Etches-Hace spent some time with him at the past two PGA Shows. Very likeable guy, and just as funny off camera as on. TXG-obviousky a bit biased after getting the Red Caroet treatment from them. But waa s fan before that thanks to @jlukes bringing them up here MGS-OK while not instructional the NPG episodes are very good. Michael Newton-Love his swing, as a tall guy myself. I'm very envious.
  6. Actually the present tense in that is key. Once I got back into the office at the course and started browsing all the companies B2B portals. I fell prey to the buying urgea couple times You all will just have to wait to see what
  7. That's awesome Dave, totally envious anytime someone gets new Titleist irons Sunday and Monday look pretty good in the forecast
  8. Phil Mickelson WITB MAVRIK Sub Zero Driver (9*) – Aldila Rogue Black 130 M.S.I. 60 TX Shaft MAVRIK Sub Zero 3+ Fairway Wood (13.5*) – Aldila Rogue 80 TX Shaft *MAVRIK Sub Zero 5-wood – KBS 80 Shaft or X Forged Utility 2-iron (UST I-Rod 95 Shaft) – depending on the course setup Epic Forged Irons (4-7) – KBS Tour V 125 Shafts Apex Pro 19 Irons (8-PW) – KBS Tour V 125 Shafts Mack Daddy 3 Wedge (54*) – KBS Tour V 125 Shaft PM Grind Wedges (60*, 64*) – KBS Tour V 125 Shafts Odyssey White Hot XG PM Blade Putter A Chrome Soft X Triple Track Golf Ball His MAVRIK Driver Phil is using a new MAVRIK Sub Zero Driver (9*), and he first put it in play back in January. Mickelson likes how much he can control the new driver on different types of shots – he’s added more control shots with MAVRIK Sub Zero in addition to his “bomb” swing which he uses to hit his longest drives. He also likes the launch and spin that he gets from this model. The MAVRIK Sub Zero features our new A.I. designed Flash Face SS20, which is engineered to promote fast ball speeds across a more expansive area in each model and loft. It also delivers a great combination of low spin & high MOI, and features two interchangeable weights to fine tune trajectory. His Fairway Woods Phil has been playing a MAVRIK Sub Zero 3-wood this year, and he first put in a new MAVRIK Sub Zero 5-Wood in play at the Genesis Open. His new fairway woods feature our A.I. designed Flash Face SS20 and Forged C300 Maraging Steel for optimized ball speed and performance. His Golf Ball Phil is using a Chrome Soft X Triple Track Golf Ball, which features our Triple Track Technology to help improve alignment. Phil has used a Triple Track Golf Ball on Tour since the beginning of 2019, and he used a Chrome Soft X Triple Track Golf Ball last year to win at Pebble Beach. The design features Vernier Hyper Acuity to improve visual alignment, and in fact 88% of golfers are better aligned with Triple Track. Our Triple Track Golf Balls continue to be a popular choice on Tour for elite players like Phil, Xander Schauffele, Dylan Frittelli, and Francesco Molinari among others. His PM Grind Wedges Phil co-created these wedges with Callaway Chief Designer Roger Cleveland. They specifically worked on improvements to the PM Grind that make it easier to hit three essential shots Phil thinks every golfer needs: 1) The Knockdown -- a low-flying, high-spinning shot ideal for attacking the pin. 2) The Hit & Check – a short pitch that bounces twice and stops. 3) The “Phlop” – the high-flying, steep-landing, fast-stopping greenside shot Phil made famous.
  9. SIM 9.0 Mitsubishi Diamana White 60 TX M5 15.0 Diamana White 70 TX M3 19.0 Diamana White 80 TX P7TW 3-PW TT DG Tour Issue X100 MG2 56.12 & MG2 60.11 DG Tour Issue S400
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