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  1. It's all good. Goofing around is great, I actually majored in it in school And as for wives go, Mine often fails to see my sense of humor, but I blame her for that not me
  2. I unfortunately am well old enough to understand it. Sorry, I just didn't understand if you were imitating him, or being sarcastic using it as a reference, sometimes GIFs are better than words
  3. I love everything about this post! I know @cnosil did a pretty good job of answering your question about multiple "meet ups" But I'll add my thoughts. What I (as the designated planner of the "official" events envision. I think "meetups" organized by any member in their local area for guys in that area or anyone that wants to travel to that area are great, and are highly encouraged by me and all the staff. I mean anytime you can get together with a guys you know and guys you will be meeting for the first time, it's awesome As for the two previous "official" events, our hope is to grow those to where they get larger attendance, and offer some things of value in addition to golf. What those things are will vary and hoepfully evolve over time. I'm actually surprised with the sharp eyed members we have here, that no one caught or called out the part of my previous posts where I said the 1st outing of 2024 I said that on purpose as while plans have not yet been announced for anything yet, our hope is to have 2 events in 2024 and possibly grow from there. But that's all down the road, plans for this event are still in the making and as I have said a few times, we hope to have some info soon.
  4. Still some pieces to be finalized, but hopefully we'll have an announcement before Christmas!
  5. My hopes are, I think the 1st one of 2024 could be very special.
  6. Thanks, Yeah, I just took a look at it and watched some of the videos. Was halfway through the podcast with Martin Hall will have to finish it later. But lots of good stuff indeed.
  7. Awesome, and I in no way meant it was a bad thing I didn't understand, just that as you said, a new way of looking at things. Sounds like a lot of good resources. It's also great whenever we have the OEM actively participating in he testing threads, nothing better than getting information directly from the source. Thanks!
  8. I talke my MLM2 to the range on just about every session. It's so easy and portable. In your price range hckymeyer gave the best resource, but you might want to look at the SkyCaddie SC200 or SC300 are both very good basic LM for the money. They are radar based, so not sure how they will work in that limited flight environment. You might be better off with a cameras based unit, but then you're getting into a bit higher priced units.
  9. Thanks for providing this opportunity to our members. I love the info the testers have shared to date. At first glance it seems light years beyond any sort of swing data the average golfer has been able to obtain themselves previously. However, it seems like I'm reading a foreign language It's a whole new set of terms and numbers than we've been exposed to before. I'm sure there are resources for interpretation and knowing what the numbers mean to your swing. I know one of the testers mentioned a private FB group which was very helpful. I'm looking forward to reading more of the experiences and learning more.
  10. Exciting News!! What a lot of people have been waiting for. Multi Player functionality!
  11. Hey that's me in the third video of the first post....the one about buying clubs Yeah, I know it's been shared here many times.
  12. I’ve had or tried just about every shaft mentioned in this thread except the Axiom. Currently I have Steelfiber in my T350 and Recoil Dart in my Wilson Staff CB. My previous 2 sets have been Steelfiber. But I’m really loving the Recoil Dart. Enough so, that I’m seriously considering sending my T350 in to have the Darts put in them. But as you said. It’s best to go to a fitter like True Spec—-love them—and get fit by a pro.
  13. The main site isn’t going to comment on any info they have due to embargo’s. Just what you can visibly take from the pictures. I have met with our rep as well but will respect the same embargo guidelines
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