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  1. I played a set of Cleveland CG16s for 10 years, five of them avidly (my first five), and    five years after kids maybe one to three rounds a year. Two weeks ago my father in law lent me his old Wilson pI5s and I am a big fan but they aren’t a long term solution. They are standard length and not mine to adjust. He is a scratch golfer and after our round on Sunday thinks my next set should be some form of player irons. What forged irons from the last five years or so should I be looking at? I don’t need extra distance and want to feel mishits, I’m at the range more than the course currently and putting in the good work. I’m 6’4 and need longer clubs that may need to be bent upright a touch. Any sub 900 dollar sets that are a practical no miss if you don’t need the latest, greatest, longest and most forgiving club on the planet? 

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