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  1. cnosil

    2019 Starting Bag

    I am pulling for my buddy Rob. I think he has learned a lot in 2018 and is going to be committed to consistently bagging these clubs. A new club or two may sneak in, but this bag will make it far into 2019. * Although I am a bit worried, he committed to the bag in this thread, but he has yet to update his signature to show the change.
  2. cnosil

    Has losing weight affected your game?

    I am not sure that it is as much losing weight as it is being more physically fit. I have noticed that I have better balance and am able to keep my lower body more stable.
  3. cnosil

    Got Problems?

    I think this is something that every family seems to discuss. My father (due to non family related circumstances) died at 79 while his mother passed away a few months ago at 106. Other family members on my fathers side lived well into their 90s and 100s. My mothers family all passed in their 50s and 60s and she is now 83. Genetics play a part, but we can't dwell on genetics since we are all individual people. It is normal to worry and I am sure she is worrying herself; all I can say is try to enjoy life to its fullest, we never know when it is our time.
  4. cnosil

    Center of Gravity vs Center of Mass

    Toe Hang - When you balance a putter to see its toe hang, the CoG tries to line up with the shaft. The more a putter arcs, the putter needs to open more to stay square to the path. This is why the typical recommendation is to have a putter with more toe hang. Moving the CoG is a putter design thing and a method to provide the desired toe hang. There are lots of theories and approaches to selecting the correct putter for your stroke. Some of the discussions are led by manufacturers and some by instructors. Ping utilize their putting app and Odyssey used the eyefit approach (https://mygolfspy.com/odyssey-eyefit-mirror/); which are examples of how putter manufacturers fit. My instructor looks at posture and stroke bias (most everyone has a stroke bias that causes the putters path to go more left or right during the stroke). While face angle is primarily the controller to ball direction, the putters path does have some influence. So if you happen to be left biased, you might benefit from a putter that has a little more toe hang to help align the putter better at impact...which would be a bit open at impact. Someone who is right biased might benefit from a putter that remains more closed to the path. High level explanation, but yes a putters geometry can help you improve your stroke.
  5. Here is some inspiration for you guys. Swing it like a girl!!!!
  6. cnosil

    🤔 perplexed

    Don’t be bummed; Treat it as a learning experience and knowledge gained. What you found out just puts you at a place where you can start moving forward. Embrace the challenge!
  7. Happy birthday! Welcome to the over 50 club. Make sure you start looking at discounts, some places start their senior discounts at 50.
  8. cnosil

    2019 Starting Bag

    Have you taken them to the course yet? Wan to hear how they are performing!
  9. cnosil

    🤔 perplexed

    I don’t have any answers but this is the challenge with golf. I can chip/pitch right handed or left handed but start to struggle when both are put in the club. Probably a weight and as previously stated preprogrammed feels. Sounds like you goal is to try this on you own to start changing your mental programming. Found a great drill for my pitching problem that has helped. Keep at it!
  10. Really enjoyed the article and the perspectives here. I had the opportunity to attend the PGA show based on a right place right time kind of scenario. Part of the agreement for getting me in was i had to help setup and tear down the booth. From a consumer/ golf junkie perspective I had a great time and would do it again in a heart beat. I did get some freebies, but i always told the people in the booth I was just looking and didn’t want to consume their time since I wasn’t an industry person. The last day of the show was great due to the lack of crowds. My favorite part was the small lesser known trying to get started type products. I can see products from the big names in most any golf store. But the small guys may only be internet based or not easy to find unless you know they exist. Would I go to a consumer version of the show? If the location and price was good. Location meaning I didn’t have to fly or pay for hotel.
  11. cnosil

    Center of Gravity vs Center of Mass

    CoG and CoM are often used interchangeably. They are slightly different but for this discussion let’s consider them the same. It has to do with gravity and will typically move the CoG below the CoM. CoG is the point the putter will rotate around. If you strike the ball directly in front of the CoG the putter won’t rotate. If you strike on the toe side it will try to rotate open and in the heel it will rotate closed. You can try this by using a ball or tee and tapping the face of a putter that you hold loosely. Most manufacturers out the sightline dead center (heel to toe )on a putter which isn’t always the CoG; as shown in your picture. Hosels have the tendency to move the CoG toward the heel. The overall design of the putter can move the CoG to various points. If you are not striking the face in the correct place it could alter the start line of your ball. TP Mills putters advertise and generally show that they put their alignment aids on the CoG and not just the middle. Assembled the CoG May move more toward the heels. This isn’t limited to Cameron’s, people would just generally complain is the sightline wasn’t in the middle. Hope that helps clarify.
  12. cnosil

    Meet Your New Moderators!

  13. cnosil

    2019 Golf objectives

    For 2019 I want to get back to a 4 or under and break 70. Going to require an improved short game.
  14. cnosil

    2019 Starting Bag

    Will that be a new record if those clubs remain in the bag until the start of 2019?
  15. cnosil

    HELP WANTED: One (1) MyGolfSpy Forum Moderator

    I now know 2 people that didn’t get it. [emoji16]