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  1. The only places that I have seen demo wedges for outside trial is Titleist Thursdays, Titleist demo locations, and Cleveland scoring clinics. Of course, I haven't been to any of these events recently but i keep checking hoping that I can find a convenient one. I really want to try a bunch of wedges with different bounces and grinds to learn how they work with my swing.
  2. I just naturally started interlock and have never switched. I have tried overlap a couple of times and is doesn't feel as secure.
  3. You haven't provided any specifics for the checkpoints that you are trying to achieve or if the instructor gave you any specific dills. Because we don't know what you are trying to accomplish it isn't possible to provide an answer on training aids that would help.
  4. Bounce for those wedges are 5, 12, 8 and as you said 0 on the heel side. Per the website the wedges are designed with Wishon Golf’s unique “zero-bounce heel” – all the bounce has been removed from the heel area of the sole to allow golfers to roll the face open without raising the leading edge. A key to playability from thin grass and even hardpan.
  5. Maybe you should have left the putter out of the bag and picked a different club
  6. Looking it up would have been important. Prior to this year, you could move/pull the pin and if it fell into the hole it was counted as holed.
  7. Walked a practice 9 today to just work on some of the basics. Pitching/chipping wasn't too bad, hit a bad one on the first hole but did pretty well the rest of the way. Worked a little on my irons to stop hitting the ball fat; wondering if all the different irons and shafts I hit during most wanted are having an effect on my ball striking. Lag putting was on point today; starting to get used to the EvnRoll.
  8. I like my team and most of my players have done well. Hoping they keep it up through the entire season.
  9. 3 of my players didn't make the cut and I am giving up on this week,
  10. I went out an played 9 today and gave the game golf app a try. It was much easier to "tag" my shots on my phone that it was for 18 birdies. Basically tap the screen get a list of clubs and select the one I was using. The process is something that I will have to get used too. Tagging fairway shots is easy since I typically pull out my GPS to get a yardage. Tee shots were easier to remember than putts. Reviewed the stats on my round and I like how they populate and display the data. For someone looking for shot tracking without the expense of the hardware tags, this seems like a viable option that can be done without a lot of trouble while playing.
  11. While you don't sound particularly happy with how you played, it sounds like you learned some things about your game and maybe a better way to manage the course.
  12. Way to go Rev!!! I think you can do better than 123/124 with a 119 blue. I am at 116 blue and 125 green.
  13. That is the wedge I use when the ball happens to be out of reach....ie under a bush or in the water. I almost never fail to get the ball when using that club. I earned a couple of thousand dollars at the last MGS tester party using one of those.
  14. We have actually talked about this a few times on the forum. It seems that the rapid deceleration of the ball hitting the net actually causes them to eventually break. I personally would just say it is your swing speed is too much for the balls to endure
  15. You could use TapaTalk directly and the threads with all the pictures are condensed.
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