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  1. cnosil


    not sure the clubs are the issue; I think he has some serious injury problems.
  2. Trackman devices are very accurate; there is no questioning that fact. Typically if there are inaccuracies it is related to setup or another external variable. You have gotten to the point that you don’t trust their units and they believe the units and environment is setup correctly so you may as well move on
  3. Have you discussed your findings with the facility? Possibilities: indoor swing syndrome, LM incorrectly setup, interference, balls.
  4. Is the hardest handicap hole on the front or the back? as for tie breakers, the committee should have explained/documented all tie breaking procedures prior to play but like you said, there are multiple ways to break the tie.
  5. Your statements are pretty generic and difficult to assess. Not sure what a lack of spin control means….too much, too,little? 9 iron through lob should be clubs you can flight down. What is wrong with your distance dispersion? Training aids are designed to help solve a particular problem and we don’t know the source of your self described high ball flight? Is it a swing or equipment issue?
  6. EQUS golf is another option; they use 3 lengths: https://www.equsgolf.com they were part of most wanted testing back in 2017.
  7. Easy or not, you still have to execute and score. nice round
  8. Does anyone else find it ironic that in the video the incorrect method is demonstrated using a Cameron pivot tool . I guess just because you can own a Scotty doesn’t mean you know how to fix a divot. The tool itself could be considered poorly designed since it sets up to pry the divot in the incorrect manner.
  9. Few OTR putters will come in the weight range you are looking for. 370ish is probably your limit unless you get one of the older heavy putters. Counterbalancing is something you can easily do yourself with a heavy grip, or weights like in the super stroke grips or balance certified/tour lock systems. You could even insert your own DIY weight in the butt of the club.
  10. There is about 8 different ones; I have only watched the Marc Leishmann one since his house is in Virginia Beach which is about 40 minutes from my house. https://www.youtube.com/c/PGAMemes/videos
  11. My gut reaction is a combo of some of the above items. My first question would be where do you lose strokes on the course? Basically how well do you hit the ball... issues off the tee, issues with your irons, issues with short game, issues with putting? If you are able to get the ball off the ground fairly consistently I'd probably get some lessons and advice on clubs. If you struggle hitting the ball, it might make sense to find some clubs that are easier to hit and take some lessons.
  12. I guess I take a different look at TV golf; score to me is irrelevant and I just watch to see who hits what shots and ultimately wins. While score is the measurement of who wins the winner could be -24 or +5 and I still find it just as entertaining.
  13. Loft off? Seems odd for one club to be out of whack unless there is an issue with the club.
  14. I’ve done some light reading about his methods and have done a little of his stuff related to managing where you contact the ball on the face. I think @GolfSpy MPRhas gotten a little deeper.
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