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  1. Exactly. If I ask another player about club selection I really want to known if you hit the shot well and how far do you normally hit the club not the number on the bottom.
  2. Unless someone specifically asks that question to the player and caddie and publishes the answer we can only make assumptions.
  3. This is not a blanket rule. Time between club releases, selecting a club that is a better fit due to weighting and balance, or making swing improvements are all reasons a different fitting could result in better performance. what is the definition of huge? A 1* or less change in face angle at impact could be a huge change for a high swing speed player when looking at shot dispersion. A club that helps launch the ball a degree higher could result in more distance. Another example would be for fitting 1 I picked a specific head or manufacturer and was fit for that club. For fitting 2 I went more agnostic or picked a different manufacturer which could result in a better fit than the prior club.
  4. She hasn’t played competitive golf since 2011 and probably doesn’t keep up with rule changes. Local rules are provided to each player every day. I just think the player that did lift and place was a worse mistake than the caddie lining you up. Not making an excuse for Not knowing the rules, if you play competitive golf you should, but if you aren’t following the game you may not know the change was made.
  5. Golfers probably don’t pay that much attention to each other and aren’t looking to point out rules infractions. I don’t pay attention to the people I play with other than noting they hit a shot. Most volunteers probably don’t have the knowledge level to point it out and rules officials aren’t with the group. You would think someone would notice and I am surprised someone didn’t comment especiallly since it occurred so frequently.
  6. I think It is almost impossible to look at the numbers and understand why one club beat another. What you see in those tables is averages across all the testers. The winners are assessed by determining the best wedge for each individual tester and then seeing which clubs worked best for the majority of the golfers.
  7. Former LPGA and Symetra tour player that met the requirements to play. It is the Senior LPGA; just not a lot of players that will fill every field. So I guess you could say it is pretty close to just walking up and sticking a tee in the ground. Generally not as bad, but this isn't that much different that players that don't read the local rules.
  8. So you just like regular guys; or should I say guys that are regular?
  9. Why is there no length standards, flex standards, headweight standards, shoe size standard, etc. You can say they lofts are jacked and no one can really provide a good reason why. Like you said, clubs launch higher and travel farther. Marketing is all about distance; most players won't buy clubs that go 10 yards less than their current clubs. Ultimately the number on the bottom of the club is and has always been meaningless; find the clubs that allow you to hit the ball a specific distance. If that is labelled 7, 33*, A, 150 yrd, or something else, does it really matter?
  10. While Bryson has made news because he is using graphite from top to bottom there are a few using graphite in their irons.
  11. I wish you the best of luck. Been my goal for quite a few years. Now I am resetting my goal to having most of my rounds be in the 70s
  12. So you were influenced by MGS to create a thread on being an influencer and asking the forum members if we considered ourselves influencers based on our influential tests. [emoji2957]
  13. Yep, normal thing. Why would a 2 iron be any different than a 9 iron, fairway wood, driving iron or hybrid with a graphite shaft?
  14. As long as the tip diameter works any graphite shaft should work. You should be able to pickup any graphite shaft and not have splintering issues. I am assuming it is splintering near the hosel and aftermarket which would mean incorrect assembly or mistreatment and not that the shaft is inappropriate.
  15. I don’t personally consider myself an influencer. I post my thoughts and opinions on forums and will discuss them in person. I hope that people find the information useful but my intent is more to provide the information and not necessarily to persuade or influence.
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