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  1. My experience as well; feel great when struck in the center. Miss even a little and your hands will know.
  2. This is a great point that many people don’t think about. The same loft on a club turned down to that loft versus turned up to that loft versus defaulted to that loft can have a big influence on shot shape and launch conditions.
  3. Shaft came yesterday and head came today; now my bag looks like an LPGA golfer due to all the headcovers. Hit the 6 iron down really well but sometimes struggle with the 5 iron so I pulled the 5 iron and replaced it with a 24* hybrid. Next step is to do some distance trials and tweak the loft and length to get the right gaps. Hit hybrids well so this should be an experiment that turns out well.
  4. Looked at the results and I am happy I made the first sheet of the results list. Of course all the entries were on 1 sheet so that isn’t much of an accomplishment. Have gotten worse each major challenge. At the rate I am going I will be in last place for the British
  5. Face is closed to the path. That is the only way to hook a ball. The answer to why is something that is impossible to diagnose without seeing your swing.
  6. Is the average first putt distance for missed greens or all? If for all, then you are probably not painting the right picture. Need to understand that metric from various distances to truly understand the weakness. Chips/pitches from around the green will be closer than 30+ yards. This is the strength of the strokes gained model and the various shot tracking apps. You can do it manually but have to track lots of distances and clubs used. That said keep up the good work, it is important to understand weaknesses to be able to get better.
  7. In short yes. You don’t tell us the age of these golfers, but as you get older the body starts to wear out and you have aches and pains. You can delay this by getting fitter. Younger players are more flexible,generally don’t warm up, and the damage caused by swinging incorrectly will eventually take its toll.
  8. I have a 14* bounce wedge in my bag and do ok when I open the face. More too it than just bounce; have to consider grind and sole width. I am trying to educate myself more on wedges. I think typically players vary the bounce amount on their various wedges with the sand wedge having the most and the lob having low bounce. I can’t see your signature but you must be playing old clubs if your PW is 52*. Otherwise you have 4 wedges in your bag...PW, Gap, sand, and lob.
  9. I am in the same place as you. Swing will work its way out and you will be back to normal scoring. I am only a couple of rounds into a bad play streak but I hit enough decent shots to know it will get better. Got the week off from my golf league so I am going to head out for a long range session sometime this week.
  10. I personally enjoyed the coverage. It wasn’t perfect and it wasn’t horrible. Everyone has different expectations on how golf should be presented on TV so it will never be perfect. With 10 hours of coverage you are going to get fluff pieces and varying commentary. I felt like I got to watch more golf shots than normal coverage.
  11. I am leary since the poster posted this 3 times in the past day.
  12. If you want to understand more about spin and what causes spin and other fitting dynamics I would suggest you watch some of the videos on trackman university. https://trackmanuniversity.com/
  13. cnosil


    If you didn’t find the link to his WITB you can find the details here: http://www.golfdigest.com/story/winners-bag-gary-woodlands-clubs-at-the-us-open
  14. A player can say the ball is lost and doesn’t have to look. There is no requirement to spend three minutes, it is just the maximum time. If however, a playing competitor or spectator finds the ball prior to the time expiration you must move forward with that ball. This exact scenario played out on a season of the golf channels the big break. It also occurred during a LPGA event when the player I was scoring for told the marshalls to stop looking for her ball.
  15. In know you have proposed a trade with me that has bubba included. Trying to figure out if I really want to give up The players you are asking for; since they make cuts and play regularly. The lack of events played is the problem with those big name golfers
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