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  1. Most comprehensive and accurate: http://darrellsurvey.com Too bad you can’t easily get access [emoji26]
  2. Yes BX is being used for testing. Additionally it is an average number over multiple golfers. I may average 6000 another 4000 so we get an average of 5000. I wouldn’t put much stock in the actual numbers, the good thing is you are looking at multiple clubs hit in the same environment. So looking across the clubs you can do club to club comparisons. For example I can add 2000 rpm to all those numbers and the comparison between clubs will basically be the same. I would still have to find out how that club performs for me through actual testing.
  3. What are you missing? I am guessing you aren’t seeing that effect when you roll a putt. My question would be how did you control the clubs speed to ensure everything was the same for the various strikes. I saw a ping video That I can’t find anymore that showed the ball speed numbers for their face and confirmed it worked. Since there is less face in the center, you get less energy transferred to the ball thus less distance. As move away from the center there is more face thus faster ball speeds. This makes ball speed more consistent across the face. If you go to toe and heel extremes you are probably out of luck due to twisting of the face. I find that the effect is the same indoors and outdoors and has nothing to do with grass vs. fake turf.
  4. If I was closer to retirement I would apply as well.
  5. Would be an interesting experiment, but my guess is that the time allocation would be difficult as well as the protocol. 6 months with each set? Turf and weather conditions? Probably want some going blades to GI and GI to blades. Handicap levels? I would propose the experiment be done on a simulator. Have the player rotate through a series of clubs, similar to most wanted, and evaluate distance and dispersion for the various types of clubs. Clubs would have same shaft, swingweight, grips, etc to isolate the head as the difference. Even when rotating through clubs Players will adapt to each club even with the limited swings before switching; I know I do when doin most wanted testing. I kind of play around with this when I test for MGS. For my warmup and when I hit clubs after testing I pick a mixture of blades and GI clubs, don’t mess with the SGI, and hit balls. I can hit the blades ok, but the drop off in performance is evident on poor strikes. GI clubs less so. I can hit the blades and given enough practice time working on ball striking I could make them playable. As said above practice becomes key. I could improve my ball striking with SGI clubs as well. As a lower handicap golfer improvement, in theory, should take less time than a higher handicapper. Throw in some lessons and it would probably let be faster. Given the amount I practice, I’ll stick to a bit of forgiveness but it would be fun to try something like the ping blueprint or Srixon z-forged for a round.
  6. I asked Harry last week and he said it had not. He is working lots of hours so I am sure he is eager for it to be filled. He moved to Georgia to be with his girlfriend.
  7. Charging a hell of a lot of money for putters that look like my old nickel ping answer 2. I get the technology wave and all, with new CNC milling machines but isn't there patent infringement? Or is that not a thing with putters. - Making a copy of an anser putter doesn't violate any patents which is why you see so many. Putters do have patents but the owning company does have to file lawsuits and has to win. I also don't know how much difference has to be made to make it a different design. Looks aren't everything. But are milled putters really better? Better than what? Cast - probably, skim milled - maybe, CNC or hand milled? CNC milled will be more consistent putter to putter, hand milled will have that handmade look. 303 stainless steel 304? Carbon? "feels good 303", Heat treated? Cold treated? Which is softer? The eternal question; what material is better, you also forgot brass, copper, and Damascus. Softness is actually sound and can be changed by face thickness, milling depth, and milling pattern The advantage to boutique putters is that you can typically customize and get exactly what you want from a weight, neck, milling, finish, etc point of view. Are they better than OEM off the rack putters? Unless it fits your stroke, it is no better than any other putter.
  8. The putters are in this years most wanted. Decent putters, but the look/lines were a little off for my taste. Ball dispersion at 20 feet was ok but not the best of the putters I tried. I think it is an upgrade to putters from prior years.
  9. I carry 3w, 2h, 3h, 4h, 6 iron. I dropped the 5 due to inconsistent strikes. The clubs in the bag were selected based on distance gapping.
  10. Didn't say they couldn't do it again or that it didn't work before; the event was conducted for 21 years so it had some level ofsucccess. The LPGA currently does one in conjunction with the KPMG tournament. We could say things worked in the past like the shells wonderful world of golf fail miserably (personal opinion) like the Tiger/Phil made for TV event when done using today's model of PPV pr subscription services.
  11. If you want, buy 2 and send me one of them.
  12. I am not an expert, but the font for the lettering, the grooves around the weight, and the rat doesn't look quite right. Your best bet would be to contact Cameron to get the real answer.
  13. It tries to fit you for all wedges. I got a 46,50,54,and 58 recommendation. I play set wedges below 54 so I only care about 54,58. Id buy one today, but hoping a demo day pops up some so I can give one a test drive.
  14. I have been using my shortened shaft (45.75 to 44.25)for a few rounds and wanted to report back that it was a great decision. More consistent ball striking and no loss in distance and maybe a bit longer on pure strikes. As for the weighting, I made no changes. This may not have been necessary since the G400 is a bit head heavy and is often paired with a counterbalanced. shaft and since my shaft isn’t Counterbalanced it just worked out. Obviously the difficulty is trying the different lengths. Choking down and seeing where I was hitting the face was how I tried to find the right length. I then bought an inexpensive shaft And cut it down. With no intention of going back to the original length, the worst case was that I need to extend the shaft a bit or add more weight to the head.
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