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  1. If you want to get more people looking at your question, you should create a new thread. Not everyone reads this thread so it will go largely unread.
  2. I am good with it being your opinions just say it is your opinion or where you learned the basis for your statements; your original statements has a lot of musts (absolutes)..."you must keep swing weight in tact"; "gotta get a good OEM shaft and trim if from both sides. You can't just cut the butt" Yes swing weight is an absolute, yes, you change the balance point by butt trimming only, but recommend you follow the OEM cutting instructions; many don't want you to tip trim at all or unless you are moving to fairway woods. Many new clubs have shaft inserted and butt trimmed to length with no tip trimming. Yes, the flex with slightly change if you butt trim, but generally not a significant amount. IF you butt trim and maintain swingweight shaft plays softer; tip trim at same swingweight plays firmer. I butt trimmed my driver 1 1/4", made no other alterations, and am not seeing performance issues; I am hitting it better. If I took my driver with the original length and compared it side by side I could probably tell the difference, bu I don't have any issued controlling the club. That could be the shaft I am using as I have read that people feel the shaft feels head heavy. Club specs are different for everyone and lower swingweight may result in better performance than a heavier swing weight for a player. Every player is different and you need to find the right combination for the player.
  3. Worth it is only something you can decide. Generally when a club champion opens they offer half price fittings so you should look for that; or you can wait until the end of year where they do half price. I did a CC fitting a couple of years ago and was please with the value of the fitting. Yes, they primarily push aftermarket shafts for woods and hybrids and their jobs is to sell clubs so they do try to get you to buy and will follow up with you after the fitting. Clubs can be expensive since they just like you have to buy the entire club from the OEM so you pay retail for they club and then you pay for the shaft. If price is a consideration, explain your budget limitations. No sense trying $300 shafts if you only want to spend $100.
  4. Why do you want to try and have a SBST stroke?
  5. I play 18 every weekend, golf league is 9, do occasion outings and play 36, and happy to go hit balls and putt for a few hours. I enjoy the game and just enjoy getting out and playing or practicing for however long I can.
  6. Wet towel would be what I would use.
  7. Yep, you want to follow a stokes gained approach. Which clubs and which distances are causing you to lose strokes. Also want to add some dispersion metrics to see s*** tendencies.
  8. Thanks for posting this Ed. Nice to hear feedback from a coach that I know and trust. I understand you comfortable and not very good vs uncomfortable and decent. When I was taking lessons from you many years ago, we talked a bit about the amount swing changes and the players goals/commitment. My question is, does this force everyone into the same swing model? Would you advocate this for someone just trying to play their best golf or more for someone looking to be a more competitive/tournament player.
  9. I think anything that helps improve ball contact is good. I think shorter shafts are a good idea for high handicappers as they will probably see lots of benefit. One length clubs are tough to get used to. Have only hit them as part of testing; long irons are good but short irons feel really weird. I think the potential is there. You are speaking with too many absolutes. I cut mine down and didn’t add any weight to the head. I was ready to switch out the weights but to me I don’t feel anything different. Some people are sensitive to that kind of change while others aren’t. I lost roughly 9 SW points when I cut mine down all from the butt end. Trimming the tip should have more effect on flex than butt end. Maybe my driver could be better, but it works fine with my at home cut down.
  10. I agree with what you are saying but you have to work on making contact better and being able to repeat that contact.
  11. That assumes you don’t hit the ball any better. Better contact results in more ball speed even with a shorter length. I cut 1.25” off my driver and hit the ball farther.
  12. How many shots did Matt hit in TXG? He had a pretty consistent swing so hitting 10 shots will give similar results. With robots you can hit more shots with the same club delivery.
  13. There is more to the forum than testing opportunities. I don’t think the application period closes for a few more days so start posting and follow the suggestions in the first post of this thread and you should be able to enter.
  14. Some people use one club all the time while others use multiple clubs. Figure out what works for you. It could be beneficial to work with a single club to learn basic technique and how to alter height, carry, and spin.
  15. Clubs get scratched as we use them and hitting off a retaining wall doesn’t help. No, it will not get better over time.
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