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  1. I think each person will be different and will need to do what helps them sequence the swing correctly. For me it is more pull than push. I focus on the left side
  2. cnosil

    MyGolfSpy Headquarters visit

    The guys at HQ at good people. I am fortunate enough to be local and get to hang out with them in a regular basis. Always fun talking with them about golf and just life in general.
  3. cnosil

    Groove or No-Groove Putter?

    There are some videos that show how grooves impact the roll. The issue is how trust worthy are they. You need to deliver the putter exactly the same to see any comparisons and the effectiveness will vary player to player based on how they deliver the ball. There was a Ping video that talked about their research on grooves and they found that grooves reduce ball speed off the face due to less of the face being in contact with the ball; also discussed in the Guerin Rife/MGS video. Not sure MGS has access to the high speed cameras necessary to capture what you want to see. I am sure they will be evaluating how the putting module on the gc quad works to enhance the testing. Grooves may have some effect on the roll, but having the correct loft will do more. Too much loft and the ball launches high and bounces more resulting in a lack of consistency. Too little loft drives the ball into the ground causing in to bounce and be less consistent. With regard to grooves, the milking pattern will also have some impact on ball speed. During every putt there are three phases - skid, pure roll, and deceleration. The percentages for each are consistent across all putting distances. You need to optimize there. Recently I saw a comparison on the O works face vs Evnroll and the result of the test was that there was more consistency with the Evnroll face with regard to launch angle. I’ll update this if I can find it again. Update: here is the Instagram post with lots of good comments including one from MGS: For me, it isn’t about grooves or no grooves but what putter enables me to roll the ball the same distance consistently off the face. If I am not consistent in where I hit the ball on the face something like an Evnroll or the Ping TR grooves may help. If you hit the ball in the same spot grooves may not provide a benefit and cause the ball to roll shorter than you are used to with a solid face. Sorry for the rambling thoughts. [emoji16]
  4. cnosil

    Driving Iron or Hybrid?

    Reviving this topic based in recent experiences. MGS is doing most wanted for driving irons sos I have had an opportunity to hit quite a few this week. My thoughts: not for me! I was able to hit them well at times but for every well hit shot there was one that was a big slice or only carried 100 yards(well struck ones were in the 200-205 range) I will say that the more I hit them the better I got so there probably is an adjustment period to figure out the proper swing. However, I don’t see an reason to replace my hybrids at this time.
  5. cnosil

    Hearing Aids

    Enjoy all the new/renewed sounds around you. Does the clink of the ball going into the hole sound better?
  6. Haven’t read the article but I have seen comparisons like this before and I think even par would get the player just inside the top 125. I think the majors help out a lot with regards to money
  7. cnosil

    Fallback or main squeeze of choice?

    I used to go through putters frequently. Mostly just for fun, but because I was looking for the magic wand that would cure all my putting woes. Circa 2011ish I found a putting coach that explained the concepts and how the choices I made influenced the putter I should be using. Got pretty close to the configuration I needed with a TaylorMade TM-180. While I try new putters occasionally this one is in the bag the majority of the time. I am searching for a putter that would be more of an ideal setup for my stroke but will probably have to go custom to get it. I did have the right putter in 2015 timeframe but regretfully sold it in early 2017. May see if the person I sold it to still has the putter and if I could buy it back.
  8. Looking at Scott's post, he has "applied" in this thread twice.
  9. cnosil

    D v D 2

    No favorite, I am more interested in the process aspect of the show and seeing how the designs evolve.
  10. cnosil

    D v D 2

    I’m interested in next weeks show when the show testing at the PGA Show.
  11. cnosil

    Driver Vs Driver - The Final Two

    Couple of questions: 1. Since the moveable weighting Systems weren’t functional, were they set to any particular setting prior to printing? 2. Was there any weighting or other adjustments after printing to optimize the drivers? 3. Were he players asked to hold back any? The swing speeds shown during the episodes seemed low. 4. Maybe I missed it, but how long did it take to print the heads?
  12. cnosil

    Taylormade Not Attending 2019 PGA Show

    I think the PGA show is a great place for a golf gear junkie to go exploring doesn’t provide the same opportunities that it once did for the manufacturers or vendors. Along with better ways to market new product and product releases happening all year the PGA show no longer is the single time of year to see everything.
  13. I know there was a topic in this but the tapatalk search is terrible at finding things. Final version has been released. What is everyone’s thoughts? I don’t think they really did anything. Limited the size and scale but that seems to be about all. Going to be hard to police and players can still write what they want in the books. Basically a lot of talk to really not make any difference
  14. cnosil

    Club Champion - Irons

    No problem. This is part of what club champion does for you. [emoji3]. You could also see if there are any other resellers/fitters that would be able to do this for you.
  15. cnosil

    Club Champion - Irons

    The +1” length adds about 6 swing weight points and the grip weight is about average so it shouldn’t deduct or add any. The 585 comes stock as D2, so the configuration would be close to D7/D8. Tell them you want final swingweight as D7