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  1. cnosil

    Shorts for Tour Players

    Not much of a change, practice rounds and pro-ams aren’t on TV. I doubt they will allow this in the Pebble Beach celebrity pro-am; only in the weekly Wednesday pro-am.
  2. cnosil

    Stability putter shafts - hot or not?

    In a nut shell, the UST shaft was designed to change the feel of the putter and the Stability shaft is designed to change the performance of the shaft.
  3. cnosil

    2019 Official MGS Fantasy Golf League

    My goal for this week will be to actually start players that are playing this week. Hard to win when you don’t even start a full team.
  4. cnosil

    P790 lofts

    Not a lot of details, but why not just play less club and fill the distance gaps. Like others, you changed the playing characteristics of the clubs so strike probably does feel different.
  5. Lots of people actually come here for the testing opportunities; some actually discover that there is some good golf discussion and a great group of people that hang out here.
  6. cnosil

    What Are You Watching?

    Genesis Open and Campbell basketball
  7. Sounds like eye dominance may be in play. Move the ball/ruler forward and back in your stance. It may also help if the ball is in front of the ruler instead of behind. Basically imagine the line you setup to is behind the ball. If you visualize this, it may also help you avoid going outside the line on the backswing. Putting is about decisions and understanding the impact of those decisions. What works best for you is the right way! Wish I was closer, we could have some great discussions on this topic.
  8. While I know you are trying to do SBST, it really isn't possible without some manipulation. If you turn your shoulders the putter has to come inside the target line. To accomplish SBST you would have to move your hands away from your body as you make the turn. I also have a tendency to move my putter outside the line. A couple of things you can try is to put an object, like a sleeve of balls, outside your putters path on the backstroke. Either you stay on the line/come inside or you hit the box. The other think that may work is to hover your putter before the backstroke, it engages the muscles and will keep the putter on the right path. Seeing the line accurately is in my mind an important part of putting. Your doubt will potentially cause you to manipulate the stroke to correct what you are seeing. You can find a position that allow you to see the line correctly. For me that is upright posture and off the ball. Without a putter, setup to your line and adjust your posture up and down, move forward and back from the ball, lift and lower your head, and tilt your head right and left. You CAN find a position, the question is are you willing to accept that position. If so, practice getting into that posture without a putter until you can do it repeatedly.
  9. cnosil

    2019 Official MGS Fantasy Golf League

    Well, put me down for 2 losses this week. I was stupid and thought I picked players that were playing this week, unfortunately only 2 of mine were playing.
  10. cnosil

    2019 Official MGS Fantasy Golf League

    2 players in the top 10 with one in top 3 adds a lot of points to a total.
  11. cnosil

    Dream Tour Golf Job

    I'd want to work for the tour, preferably LPGA, as a rules official. Show up to events early, make sure the course is setup correctly, get to travel to some great destinations.
  12. cnosil

    2019 Official MGS Fantasy Golf League

    Highest score of the week only gets you a win in one week. I can be lowest score next week and go 0-2. Like you said it is a long season with lots of unknowns.
  13. cnosil


    Ping Eye 2.
  14. cnosil

    Kuchar is embarrassingly cheap

    If Kuchar had finished second, would this even be an issue? I am guessing it wouldn’t be because I am sure this all started with a reporter that interviewed the caddie about the big sum of money he received for Kuchar’s win. Would love for the reporters todo a follow up story with every temporary caddie and see how much they got paid
  15. cnosil

    Kuchar is embarrassingly cheap

    As I read the story, he was paid $5k on site and would send another $10k. Caddie refuses the $10k wanting upward of $130k or the 10% number that keeps being thrown around. Have also heard $50k. If the caddie just carried the clubs and raked bunkers as had been reported the flat fee plus 1% bonus seems pretty fair.