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  1. I don't see it, but I am guessing I need to get a blue Srixon hat and take a selfie.
  2. I used to do a yearly tune up, but got out of the habit for quite a few years. Started taking lessons again so it is more of an ongoing thing. I can send video or meet him in person if necessary.
  3. depends on where you are.
  4. sometimes they get them early. best to call the fitter and ask if they have them if there is something particular you want to try.
  5. Understand what you are going through; lost my mom in January.
  6. I think it depends on the hole. I saw some where Rory had better launch conditions. But they showed more holes where Bryson hit driver and they didn’t show Rory’s tee shot. But it is all about scores and Rory has been ahead in that category at least until now.
  7. Not so sure about that watched the highlights and Bryson was taking very aggressive lines on other holes and is hitting a good percentage of fairways.
  8. That’s why I need to video the swing. [emoji23]
  9. Just an FYI the cat 4 is classified by KBS as an X-stiff shaft.
  10. I don’t have cable in my work from home office so I just stream my cable service on my iPad.
  11. Why does that not surprise me [emoji3]
  12. Can’t say that I have ever played with anyone that did that. Of course I haven’t been involved in a game that was for the money they are playing for.
  13. It is also nice to have some live coverage. Hate it when you see the results prior to the tape delayed coverage.
  14. It is amazing how just getting time to just hit balls provides a much better opportunity to get better at golf. Hit some more balls on the gcquad yesterday and made a tweak to my grip. As a result i started getting more consistent non toe contact and was less toe down at impact. The only issue after the change was that my ball flight was a big push as my paths was 6-7 degrees in to out. Moved the ball about a ball forward and opened stance a bit and I was able to get a better path but still had the tendency to get too in to out and push the ball. Still great progress as the ball was star
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