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  1. Just saw this (http://exputt.co) on the MGS Instagram feed. Being a putter junkie I am really interested in getting one. May have to utilize the MGS open door policy to try it out.
  2. Ed is definitely a great coach and instructor; yes those are two different things in my mind. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Ed in person and chasingscratch has been working online. The people following this thread should really read through what he is posting; it provides you with a strategy to play better golf. This thread has reminded me that I need to get a lesson scheduled [emoji16]. Golf lessons with Ed will be my new Christmas list item!
  3. The reason for looking at those stats is because people overestimate how well they should be performing. For example people think they should be making most of their 10 foot putts but the best in the world only make 40%. As a player you need to determine what your actual weaknesses are. What process do you use to determine your strengths and weaknesses?
  4. @edteergolf, question about this stat. Have seen you post this before and have heard rebuttals that it is easier for a non pro to get up and down because of slower softer greens. Basically that a proficient amateur should be significantly higher that PGA level. Is this truly the case or a realistic expectation?
  5. The general opinion is to not get fit at big box stores. That said they may employ a quality fitter. What training or experience does the fitter have? There are lots of factors involved in a fitting and without knowing more it is impossible for us to determine if the clubs should be shorter.
  6. 1. Desire to develop this type of application. 2. Belief that you could build an app that provides capabilities not already provided in the market. 3. Development team to build and maintain the application. Regarding the features that you identified, there are apps that already do this type of tracking although not with the exact interface that you mention. 18Birdies is one that I can think of off the top of my head. For me, the way you describe the app is a non starter. I don't want to have to select anything on a screen during a round. I have tried it with a couple of apps and it distracts me from my round, is annoying to pull my phone from my pocket for every shot, and takes away from the social aspect of the game since I am constantly looking at my phone.
  7. Perhaps the reason the putters aren't any good is that they don't fit your stroke pattern and they are moving against your tendencies. Or that it isn't the putter at all but the ability to translate what you saw into a feeling that your could replicate in your stroke. Picking the putter is the easy part, it is managing expectations and being able to properly interpret the information you collected into the proper stroke. Then there is the rub of the green, the unseen bumps in the green that throw your perfectly struck ball offline.
  8. What are you trying to accomplish with your practice sessions? What was the goal for each of those 80 shots? For those shots that were "misses" did you have a target ? How much did you miss the target? Keep track of those numbers and see if you are improving. From your first post it seems like contact is something you want to track. From the last it looks like you were working on a skill, for that ball contact probably isn't something you want to track. Make up games to keep score and measure improvement; here is one example:
  9. Thanks everyone. Trying to do nothing today and just be lazy.
  10. Lots of ugly clubs and lots of ugly cars out there.
  11. If that is the case, then Sub70 clubs are a great fit. From what I have heard Jason does a great job getting people equipment that will work for them,
  12. Getting ready for Ozzie's tour next year?
  13. Putting Practice. I have been working with my new Bobby Grace 6330 putter to get used to the feel. Gamed it last weekend with good results so I have been practicing the gate drill this week. Been rolling 100 putts through a gate; first 10 are through a 1* game and the last 90 are through a .5* gate. Goal is to get 90 through without hitting a side of the gate. Been averaging between 88-92 through. Misses have been slightly right. One of the reasons I liked and purchased this putter was the adjustable weights. Like Golfspy_MPR who has been doing putter testing, I wanted to see how weight would impact startline and feel. Default configuration is the stock 13gr weights making the headweight 350gr. Very toe down putter so the face stays a little bit open to the path on the forward stroke which would account for the right miss. Since the weights are removable i pulled the weights to see how I putted. As I had hoped the lower weight helped the face close a touch faster moving the ball a bit to the left. I put one of the 13gr weights in the heel of the putter and the results were still good. Have basically convinced myself that I should order the 6gr weights. Approximately 25 gr is a lot of weight be be moving around and we are really talking small degrees of movement of the ball. Obviously with a .5* tolerance going from nicking the right side of the gate to missing the gate isn't very much, but as we move to 10,' 20', or longer putts that small tolerance helps tighten the distribution circle.
  14. No one is arguing that it wouldn't be nice, but it will only tell you the numbers for that particular club and does not take manufacturing tolerances into consideration. You may know you need 9* loft and square, but the one you get may be 9.5* and open. Per Wishon "Very few drivers sold in retail stores offer options in the face angle to reduce the golfer’s tendency to slice or hook the ball." Also, knowing that you need a 9* in one head doesn't mean you need 9* in every head. Shaft, total weight, swing weight, weight position, and other variables will impact factors such as rotation, angle of attack, and how you deliver the club at impact. If you know the specific specifications you need, you should special order that configuration and have the head hand picked. Tolerances are why you often hear the advice to buy the club you tested and not purchase a different club. I am pretty sure that MGS is also just picking one of several heads to measure the numbers. For testing there are quite a few heads and shafts; they don't just have a single head for testing,. Ultimately, the most wanted testing recognizes that most people buy clubs off the rack and is designed to provide input into the clubs that work best for a majority of golfers. As a knowledgeable golfer you know there are lots of variables that go into a fitting; use the most wanted testing as a starting point and not as your final decision.
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