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  1. If you hit 9 greens that means you had 2 three putts? How far were your putts? When you say you go by feel, how do you know what the right feel is? To me, feel is something that is learned through experience. People always talk about throwing a ball and just feeling how far to throw it. The first time you threw a ball you had no feel, you had to practice. After throwing lots of balls, your body knows how to react. I don't think you necessarily need a system, you need to build those feels. Distance control is one of the hardest things to practice because you actually n
  2. Good putters are probably going to be good putters no matter what. It will also depend on how the players processes information. The one example I know is Harry at MGS. He has posted this on his Instagram story but he says the books are Extremely helpful and significantly helped his putting in tournaments.
  3. Every player is different. Some use the detailed books others don’t. Just like on here everyone has an opinion. Does being the best putter really make their opinion more important? PGA players will adapt over the long term. For regular tour stops the players book will become more refined and detailed as time passes; Including Augusta. For lesser played courses like a US Open, the players will just visit the course in advance or hire someone to build a book that complies with whatever this ban will really mean.
  4. they look like the below image. The images shows the topography of the green which includes the slope and slope direction. The closer the wavy lines the steeper the slopes, the arrows show the slope direction. Systems like Aimpoint have shown that give an percent of slope and a green speed you can accurately predict the balls break for a particular distance. The horizontal and vertical lines are distance lines that are typically 5 yards. If you look on the various phone app stores you will see apps that will show you the line you should play; you also see the line during golf
  5. Glad your conversation went well and hope things change for the better
  6. I’ve been doing the custom stream for a long time. I am glad that they added the new testing threads; that’s what new
  7. Normal thread disappear after I read them, both when I hit the back button, and when I reload my “unread posts”. The test threads stay in the unread state for me.
  8. Great addition; this is what I have been looking for. It even takes you to the most recent posts!!!! The only issue/bug is that after I read the post it doesn’t mark it as read until I utilize the mark site read functionality.
  9. Agree, this is also why players choose local caddies; they have knowledge and experience.
  10. You talk about visualizing. How about feel good the read; is aimpoint acceptable? Can a player go to the course and build his own green book to use for the tournament? Can a player write things down in a book as they play the course. Does a player have to start with a blank book at the beginning of each tournament ? you qualified it in the last sentence; you are thinking like I am that it is the commercially available books that are what is being banned.
  11. We don’t have to,. There is nothing preventing you from buying or making a green reading book. Even one of the most recent MGS tests is for a rangefinder that provides green mapping. Do you think they should get pin sheets at the beginning of the round that gives exact pin location? I agree with you on this. I don’t think they are saying it can’t be a secret but they are trying to regulate how the information is obtained. If the player/caddie personally obtains and documents the information by walking the greens it is fine, but they won’t be allowed to buy commercially avail
  12. Sounds like you are interpreting this as anything currently allowed under that interpretation. I am not sure that is what they are actually what they are going to do. Especially after saying there would be no green reading books allowed at augusta. I am thinking they will say that the book can only contain a scaled outline of the greens shape and everything else must be notes made by player or caddie.
  13. I'll let you know when I get the link to make the changes
  14. Understand that. They are generically saying green reading books. Does that prevent a player and caddie from going to each green and making their own notes about the green to include slopes. Or does it mean that I can't buy one of the straka books and use it. Two different things. Augusta doesn't allow any companies to map their greens therefore all that exists is books with players notes.
  15. I wanted to change my team and not see other teams. In my email confirmation there is a link to the user dashboard: User Dashboard - Selections are editable prior to the start of the event. I clicked the link it says it will send me a link but never does. Last time I tried (earlier contest) it send the link after the tournament started so I couldn’t edit the team anymore.
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