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  1. Also, has anyone else had the butt-end of the grip slide? I have about 2 inches of loose grip at the end after using through Level 2.
  2. Great thought. I don't have an alignment stick cover currently, but I'm looking to get one. I've seen a few that appear to be fairly narrow, not wide enough to cover the head of the RypStick. Let everyone know what you find out. I will do the same. I just finished Level 2 with my RypStick and can confidently say my speed is way up. Without any weights and normal swing (no heal lift or step) I'm touching 130mph, and with 2 weights I'm hitting low 120s. I've stayed away from using all 3 weights to save my back. This transfers to a driver speed gain on course from 100-105mph to 110-115mph! I think there is more speed to get if I can utilize my legs more. What have others been seeing for results? On the fitness side, I do a YouTube video from Sydney Cummings 5-6 days per week. She is awesome and uses compound movements a lot instead of static isolation lifts. Great mix of weights, cardio, stretching, etc.
  3. Similar boat for me. Not necessarily chasing additional speed right now, but undoubtedly it will come as a result of continuing to progress through the levels. I've continued with 3 times per week and feel the ball is jumping off the face more than typical throughout my bag. An unadvertised benefit is improved/solid ball striking. Swinging fast promotes swinging through the ball, which benefits all clubs in the bag. Now just need to club correctly for the additional speed and distance. Lots of sub-70 rounds in my future with some help from RypStick!
  4. I have been using the PRGR monitor for basic data. Low cost comparatively and easy to use without a ball. Would love something that provides more data points, but waiting for the right option/price knowing the proof is on the course...not the range.
  5. Loving hearing all of this info. Keep it rolling, I'm interested to hear about the gains being made as you progress through the levels of training. My pursuit of 117 cruising speed starts today!
  6. My session with Luke yesterday was great! Discussed swing mechanics, speed leaks, and opportunities for improvement. After going through the four tests to estimate max speed (grip strength, seated medicine ball throw, prone sit-up medicine ball throw, vertical jump), I have a lot of room for improvement! Club path swing mechanics weren’t an issue, but getting my hips to turn and lower body to fire is. I tested at the end of the chart for physical ability (oh good for me) but I’m not optimizing my ability. My normal cruising driver swing speed is 105 and test estimates show I could/should reach 128, with a cruising speed on course of 115-117. Lots of work to do! Luke put me through a few different mechanics to increase speed immediately and was able to see 5-7 improvement without sacrificing accuracy. I purchased a RypStick and plan to start with Fast Track Level 2 protocols. Luke estimated I should see another 5-7 improvement within 6 weeks putting me comfortably at 115-120 on the course. That’s +15-25 yards if I’m able to stay diligent in my training. Awesome!!! If you don’t have the ability to visit Luke in-person, give his online option a try. He knows his stuff and is passionate about helping people improve.
  7. Thanks for posting this @jlukes. I'm meeting with Luke in person next Tuesday for a full speed analysis. His latest video with Cordie Walker from the Golf Science Lab podcast has me very curious what speed I "should" be swinging the driver vs. the speed I'm currently swinging. Stay tuned, I will post some comments after my session. Keep up the good work!
  8. Awesome opportunity! Tanner / Owatonna, MN IOS 14.2, iPhone 8 or iPad Indoors in heated garage or golf facility Yes to net
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