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  1. Saw the announcement - and I have no reason to doubt them…. But how can a camera 10 or so feet behind the ball at impact measure face to path and face to target? I hope it can/want it to. I’m sure someone (MGS moderators…) will find a way to do some comparisons.
  2. ahhh, but what is "fusion tracking" ? I got the same email, and saw the same tweets - but i don't know what that really means...
  3. During her covid quarantine last summer my daughter took these: and made this: Caddie approved: but it usually rides… Then she made some headcovers only has one big pocket, and a small one for keys on the inside. No insulated bottle holders, auto closing ball holders, water proof zippers, or ultra lightweight construction… but I’ll use it until it wears out… and I’m not sure how that will happen
  4. It’s official - Highway 97 in Nebraska is the path to some of the absolute best golf in America. It’s how to get to the Sand Hills, Dismal River, the Prairie Club, and now Cap Rock Ranch. CapRock is a private 18 hole course designed by Gil Hanse. It sits atop the caprock cliffs overlooking the Snake River Canyon. Half the holes run along, approach or carry the canyon. The rest are on those famous Nebraska Sandhills with natural blow outs, firm fairways and undulating greens. Hanse says it’s the best piece of land he’s ever had to work with, and that is saying something. I’m a member of the P Club next door and have been watching them build the course for the last two years, and it finally opened this summer. Got a chance to play it last week and it lived up to the hype. It has the best collection of Par Threes you will find anywhere. Guaranteed. At the canyon, over the canyon, infinity greens where you will come up short because your subconscious is afraid of going over. It was super easy to walk - less elevation change than the next door P Club. In fact I think it may be easier to walk than ride which I did on my second loop. Hanse really keeps the cart paths away from the greens - and he keeps the tees right off the back in the same complex on probably half the holes. So you might as well walk. The longest walk is from the club house or car park to the first tee. After that it’s all in a straight line. No zig zagging. It’s a great routing and good use of the land. It all fits together great. (Yes, I tried and failed to carry the bunker on the left - all kinds of fairway to the right…) (This Par Three reminds me a bit of Bandon Trails - but it’s over a deep gorge. The one criticism I have is too many blind tee shots. While walking I ran into the Super who told me Gill was on property the week before and is adding some aim points. The first of several “infinity green” Do you actually fly your ball all the way? Or play it safe and come up short? I came up short both times… Go right at the flag, or bail out to the right? It’s only 130 yards… Just don’t go long… 17 is a tricky green with everything running away from you toward the canyon and or the 18th tee box. Not a lot of courses end with a Par Three, but CapRock does, and it’s a good one. The club house is just above and behind. It’s a great finisher. Also a heart breaker… that bunker is deep deep deep.
  5. Na is hot at the right time. And I think he can get under his opponents skin which is a plus.
  6. About a month or so to go in the Iowa season, so I thought I should revisit my original thoughts on the Gel Course Ace. I definitely like the comfort and stability. Walked 18 then rode 18 out at the Prairie Club and CapRock Ranch three days in a row last week and my feet still felt good. They keep my feet dry, no problems there. However… These are no longer going to be my early morning, wet conditions or rain shoes. The treads fill up with grass to much, hold the clippings and then I have a tendency to slip. I lose traction. And for a guy with bad knees that is a scary feeling. I try to really grip the ground when hitting my driver and consequently really tear up the turf some times. But Sunday (yesterday) when I played at home - no rain, just fog and morning dew; I slipped three times on the tee box. I usually rotate my shoes - but these will be my dry conditions, ie afternoon rounds shoes from now on. Or maybe when it’s cooler and we don’t have dew on the ground. I’m going back to only using my Inesis waterproof golf shoes for the dewy mornings. Those little studs on the bottom grip the turf better than anything I’ve ever worn. Just my experience - your own mileage may vary. They are good shoes for over pronators - and I do like them. I’ve just found something better for the wet.
  7. Yes. One length. Long conversation w CC fitter before hand. Some fitters don’t want to get near OL. Feel very good about them. Happy w performance over the last month.
  8. Good luck on your quest. I’m doing something similar with a TPI fitness regime, and rypstick speed training. Have picked up some speed. As I have my accuracy has suffered. Went to get fitted for a new shaft and my ball speed jumped (as well as smash factor) when the fitter put me in an inch shorter shaft. Catching the ball in the center of the face produced better results than swing speed. We actually tried a shaft that saw a jump in club head speed but not ball speed. So I will be getting a shorter, lighter, but stiffer shaft. Will continue the training over the winter and am anxious to see how it goes. Good luck to you.
  9. Hey guys, appreciate the reviews. I've worn Inesis for the last couple years and completely love mine. I'm with you on wishing there were some more colors - like a black or grey (and not just the saddle). Mine have stayed nice and dry - but one one pair (I have white, brown and blue) the trim along the edge is peeling away. Has NOT impacted the waterproofing - just odd. Question for you - why did you buy a different size? I'm a 9.5 in every shoe I own, including these. I really like the fit. And yes, I'm a walker... I don't find that they are small. Best thing - can't beat the price.
  10. Been there, done that... I use a Mevo+ and had the phone set in front of me near where the ball is placed. Eventually shut itself down due to the heat. Learned to move it and put my ear buds in or connect it to my apple watch so I can see my numbers while keeping the phone in the shade somewhere.
  11. Have you emailed the "starter" at Arccos and asked them to remap the course, explaining where the errors are? I've done this a few times. I assume there has been some sort of automated machine learning that mapped all the courses and tried to delineate fairways from rough, and greens from the surrounds - but depending on the angle of the satellite could be a bit off - also - its possible your phone's gps is just a bit off too. The real trick is to be standing someplace on the green, wait a bit to make sure everything has caught up, and see if it correctly marks your location. Thats where I've taken a screenshot and sent to the starter with "I'm on/off the green by x paces, but arccos sees me y..."
  12. The little batteries inside the sensors will eventually wear out like all batteries do. I've had it happen. I try to always keep mine in the dark, or make sure the club is upside down when not in use. That keeps them in sleep mode. They "wake up" when upright and in light.
  13. Good chance on a flop shot that you are sliding the club under the ball, and not making an impact on the club face triggering the sensor. I've had that happen. I get it can be an inconvenience to add shots - I typically have to add some putts over the course of a round. But I haven't seen a better system.
  14. It’s theirs-ProPutt’s. The base is essentially four corner panels fastened together to make the circle, with two different pieces of turf fastened together for two different ways to practice. I move it around and vary the distance to the net.
  15. I’ve struggled for years to find the right combination, but found my solution a few years ago Progressive lenses for most things Single vision lenses with transitions to darken and lighten that I keep in my golf bag Progressives with transitions that actually darken inside the car that I keep in the car
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