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  1. Where is the video where the chip sticks in the pressure trainer? that’d be super impressive…
  2. I’m 54 years old and I am certainly trying to gain more speed. No illusions in my mind… I’m just trying to get back what I’ve lost. Doing the Rypstick program as well as their fitness program. Been working at it all summer and have seen gains. Actually looking forward to what next summer may hold as I didn’t start this until May.
  3. Excellent use. I spent the winter chipping onto my BirdieBall and I know it made a big difference in my chipping game. I chipped off another mat however. I’d worry about wearing a spot out there.
  4. I won't burden anyone with slowly downloading pictures - but if you want to see how construction is going - I've got some shots from July 29th here in iCloud - https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0g5Uzl7VXoNFA
  5. I'm absolutely up in speed. I've been doing their fitness regimen for the last few months, and Luke gave me a specific drill to stop my flying elbow. While my speed is up -from 89 to 97 - I'm also leaving the club face open - so I've got to work on that. Luke warned me that might happen with the drill has has me working on.
  6. Its tough to believe there is a lumber shortage in the country... there is plywood and joists stacked up all over the course. Played the Irish and could see the grandstands going up on the Straits. Will play there tomorrow and hav some good picts. But the stands are going up. The whole town of Kohler has banners hanging all over. The pro shops are just full of stuff already. the caddies hats are all RyderCup, even the range is with the theme.
  7. I have two pair, one from SPArms and one from IM Sports. Both work great. I usually tee off at 7am… but when I do play in the afternoon, I wear there them. First, though they are tight fitting neither feels like a compression sleeve. Once on I dont really feel them at all. I’m never pulling at them or anything like that. Second, I have zero idea how they work but they keep me cool. Not just my arms cool, but I feel like I feel cooler. I think it’s like how when I wear my big wide brimmed hat compared to a ball cap, the shading effect impacts the whole body. I dunno. Just my experience. I always have them in my bag. I do have a set of black compression sleeves I wear in the fall/early spring for warmth too.
  8. My Apple Watch did a good job recording the shots, I just had trouble getting the round to sync up and finish. If memory serves, you can set it to pulse/let you know that it recorded a shot. Good luck with it. I haven’t used it since I got the Link. Curious if they made improvements.
  9. Headed to Kohler myself this week. I’m anxious to see if they have started the first tee grandstand - always the largest and most rocccous place at the RC. I’ll post some Picts here of what, if anything, I discover.
  10. Eight hours in the car today. Could not wait to get it off. But I have to say, I think it’s doing it’s job. I didn’t feel all hunched over and tight. I just felt uncomfortable on my left side - the one where I want to slouch over, rest my arm against the door while I’m driving… you know, what you shouldn’t do. It’s just tight in that arm pit. Feels like when a shirt is twisted up there restricting your range of motion. I think I’m going to get a second one - more their traditional tee shirt. I think this may be a regular thing for me to do while driving. Slowly, slowly working on my tight shoulders and posture.
  11. First question - what do you consider “low” and what do you consider “high”? I too thought I hit the driver too low. Did some research, got on the radar and discovered that for my swing speed I’m actually hitting the ball a little too high. So what is your target height, and do you know why? (Not being critical, I myself had a preconceived notion and I was wrong…) Anytime I get over 100ft at peak I’m either ballooning or am going to have such a steep angle of descent that I loose any roll. I swing in the 95-97 mph club head speed range. I agree with the advice above about determining the “why” first to see if it’s really shaft related. It very well may be. But what’s the target, and see if it’s swing related before you part with the cash.
  12. So I drive across NE enroute to Colorado. Half way across I stopped to overnight in Kearny and play Awarri Dunes (highly recommend if travelling I80) a course I’ve never set foot on before. Shot my lowest round of the year and second lowest ever…. 75. If not for the bogey,double, bogey finish I would have broken par for the first time. (Guess when that thought crept into my brain. im not saying it’s the shirt. But it certainly didn’t hurt anything. I did feel more relaxed and less tight when I got out of the car after four hours. Wearing to today on the way back from Colorado and you can bet I’ll be wearing it in my way to Kohler next week for that eight hour drive.
  13. Wore the shirt and shorts three days in a row as I was doing my TPI exercises. Each day it felt a little less uncomfortable. Still tight in the armpits, but less uncomfortable. I’d mine to believe that means it’s working. so today I have to drive halfway across Nebraska so I’m wearing it in the car for four plus hours just to try and keep my shoulders relaxed.
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