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  1. Thinking of placement.... I use the Mevo+. I have a string tied to the kick stand at one end, and eight feet later I have a tee tied to the other end. The tee lays flat on the ground, but gives me a visual target. Always have the same set up that way.
  2. Big fan of TGJ. Just discovered Hack It Out Golf w Lou Stagner Mark Crossfield and Greg Chalmers. Heavy on stats and expectations... Unlike some podcasts that can run almost two hours and go down some non-golf rabbit holes (I'm looking at you NLU & SGS) these guys keep them to about 45 minutes. I am always interested in Lou Stagners data he puts on twitter so I thought I'd give it a go.
  3. Sidekick delivered today. I've got snow on the ground so it'll be a while before I get to test it - but it's here now. Ordered back in early September if you have an order and are looking for a reference point...
  4. Well then... I'm a bit disappointed - but all things considered not too much. Using the same method of testing - the Rypstick w two weights and the Mevo+ in Swing Training mode I averaged 93.9. So that is a 2 mph step backwards. Not good. I had said I'd be happy being back to 95.9 post surgery - and I think I actually am. Even though I set up on Rypstick; I haven't swung it this winter. I waited my prescribed time to heal and just started the Stack - currently in my 6th session. So I figured I'd do a stack work out and then swing the RypStick. Because I've been trending up. So that'd be great. And naturally, today of all days was a step backwards... but I swung the Ryp anyway. Still motivated. More so than before. Eight weeks until the Prairie Club opens...
  5. 17 Weeks Post Op Saw my surgeon for my final post op visit. He lifted all my restrictions except running. He doesn't want the pounding that comes from a heel strike. And if I want to have only this one hip replacement neither do I. Landing on the toe/ ball of the feet he says are ok - because I was asking him about a lot of different exercises. Cleared on all the yoga poses that have full extension, lunges and bridges. No box jumps - but I can do some yoga jump backs and float forwards because those are slow and land on the toes. I can do some jump rope or a few burpees/jumping jacks. But no running. And of course I got the reminder to take it easy, listen to your body. I've just recently started the Stack speed training - so I was asking him about hip rotation, etc because back in December he said that I wouldn't be swinging like Tiger Woods - and of course I'm trying to build some speed - he said all good. But I know (different thread) I have to find some things to work on that explosiveness - wanted to do box jumps but I think that's a no go, so have to figure out something else. But I'll say this - between my Skillest lessons this winter (I've been swinging inside my hotel room since January) and starting on the Stack - my speed is back to where it was in October before the surgery. No gains yet - but no loss either so I count that as a win. The only med Ive been taking is celebrex - and am going to switch to every other day - see if I still need it with the goal of just getting off it. But we'll find out pretty quick if I've got some other aches or inflammation its been masking. Right now the way I feel, I wish I'd done this years ago... So for those considering a hip replacement and stumble across this post after searching the forum; don't delay. Get yourself a good doctor who does the anterior approach and time it for the end of your season, you'll be ready for the start of the new season in spring.
  6. I typed a day too early - got my first request for a Max Intent today. Also failed my first "confirm warm up"... last session I got off the elliptical, stretched, and had no problem hitting the "confirm" speed. Well, today they upped that "confirm" speed and after I got off the elliptical and stretched I didn't even get close. So I did Sasho's dynamic warm up and bang, no problem. I think that has more to do with opening hips and range of motion than just being warm and having the blood pumping. So note to self for the future. And interesting that the "confirm" speed increased... anxious to see what it will be 48 hours from now. I gotta say, this AI algorithm and how it changes things around each time is fascinating. Really enjoying it and excited to see where it takes me. Maybe because I've seen a small bump each day, and eventually I'll get frustrated when I hit a plateau - but for now it's encouraging.
  7. I'm a newbie - only four session in and haven't been asked for a MAX intent yet - but I've wondered myself / moderately confused by what is FULL intent and MAX intent. Listening to the in app video by Sasho the difference seems to be am I able to stay in balance. I've always thought the rule of thumb was to swing at 80%... so is 100% my Full intent swing or my Max swing... It's a feel thing - probably different for everyone.
  8. Hmmmm, fascinating. However, running is on the list of prohibited activities my surgeon gave me after my hip replacement. But I’m allowed to use the elliptical - he doesn’t want the constant pounding on the hip joint. I wonder if I can/ should incorporate into my 40 minute elliptical routine some intervals where I roll the resistance back and go all out on speed - if that would be an approximation of sprinting? Ive just started the Stack - so I assume I do the simulated sprint on the alternating days from the stack?
  9. So you are saying avoid other regular exercise - like doing an elliptical machine which I use every morning - while doing the Stack because it activates the “slow” muscles? im afraid if I do that I’ll gain fifteen pounds again…
  10. A - I'm still in winter season here in Iowa, so everything I do is indoors. B -Ive been taking Skillest lessons for the last 9 months. My coach has set up a "practice plan" spreadsheet in a shared google sheets for her students. I like this as it makes me consciously think about a couple key items - I have to input into the sheet my "intention", my "swing thoughts for the day", I record if I'm doing block practice and what drills, randomized, is it driver, irons, chipping, putting etc... She gives all her students a monthly challenge - like make 100 3 ft putts in a row and record your number. Also asks for "take aways from the session". So it really makes me think about what I'm going to do and why, verbalize it, and then what I got out of it. I've really liked this. C - so I've been focusing on more weight in my heels, using a smart ball and tour aim on my backswing for a bit to esnsure I'm not whipping the club inside on the takeaway with my flying elbow; then ditching the training aids and just focusing on shifting my weight and holding my finish. Then chipping 12 and 18 footers until I sink six (can take a while) and a ladder drill of putting 4/12/18 footers while focusing on drawing my shoulders back (its a whole thing about my posture). Now adding in the Stack and speed training. Have four nights a week to spend on this.
  11. New stacker here... Firsts, impressed with the baseline test and exposure to the AI, and all the built in videos. Really like the automatic connection to my Mevo+ (seamless). Surprised at the length of rest time - but given my fumbling attempt to change the weights maybe that is actually a good thing. Second, QUESTION I have of you veteran Stackers, if I know life/work is going to get in the way of when the AI tells me I should do my next session - should I do it a day earlier or a day later? (I was surprised after doing the baseline on Tuesday it is telling me to wait until Friday for my first foundations work out - and know I'll be gone for work...)
  12. Yoga yoga yoga! I took it up in my early forties (55 now) and wish I would have done it in my 20s. Best thing for my physical body and state of mind. I saw a blurb somewhere on "yoga for golf" and asked my pro "should I try this". https://www.hss.edu/golfportal/improve-your-game-yoga-for-golfers.htm "Yes" came the response. I pointed to the listing of poses and asked which one; "all of them" he said. So I started doing them on my own and but I wasn't sure I was doing them correctly, and I wasn't sure I was "feeling" the right thing (stretch or restriction) in the right place. So, I found a studio and took a private one hour lesson. Changed my life. I was sure Erin, the studio owner, thought I was crazy - she did not - that I wanted to learn some poses to improve my golf game. I was sure she thought I was crazy - she did not - to be some 40 year old looking to start. I asked for some advice and she directed me to a beginner flow class. Just learning the basic asanas (poses) breath work and terminology. I don't think I could touch my toes when I started. Super tight ham strings. Today I can put my hands under my feet in my ashtanga class. There is a class for everyone. My three favorites are ashtanga (its the same routine every time, very mediative and builds strength); a hot flow (sweat and sweat and stretch); and a yin class (all seated on the floor stretching getting into the facia, and very calming). For a first timer, let me assure you - no one cares what you can or cannot do. If anything people are very welcoming first timers and newbies to the studio. They love yoga and want to share with others. But they do not care what you can or cannot do. At all. Don't be self conscious. Guys are in the minority. Often I've been the only guy in a class. (My saturday hot flow has two of us, sometimes three; I'm usually the only one in the evening yin; and often th only guy in my Sunday morning ashtanga but that has changed as of late). The tendency for newbies is to roll out their mats in the farthest back corner of the room in the hope to hide from everyone. Big mistake. If you are new you need to, want to, see what the instructor is doing. Move up. I decided a long time ago I didn't want to be seen as the creepy old guy staring at the back sides of all the young ladies in yoga pants.... so I place my mat in the very front row to the left edge of the room. Thats my spot... I've had gals ask me why I'm always in the same spot and laugh at my answer. But my daughters said "smart move dad". Get a couple yoga blocks - they will help. Help bring the floor up to you, allow you to push into them which eventually lets you get deeper into the pose. If looking for a studio or a class try the MindBody app or the Momence app as well as the internet. Try out a "flow", a beginners or basic or slow flow. Eventually as you get comfortable you may want more - power, heated, etc.. you can start there too, but if you are brand new you might want to learn the basic poses before you have sweat dripping down your nose. I started just wanting the physical work out - help w my mobility and flexibility - over time it has become so much more to me. The hardest part after my hip replacement was waiting for the ok to get back into the yoga studio. Sometimes some instructors can be a little hippy dippy for me but you take what you want from the class and leave the rest - being told you find grounding in mother earth never hurt anyone. This is a good ashtanga flow - I've been doing it for ten years and cannot float like she does, nor can I grab my feet twisting in the seated positions - but its not about what you cannot do "yet" but about what you can do and where you are going. I remember the first time I got my legs into full lotus (a couple years after I started) and burst out in laughter in class - it was awesome. Now there is nothing to it. Namaste
  13. #EnjoyTheWalk ! I love the walk. Good for the body and for the soul. When I play my dew sweeper rounds at home I'm always walking - only way to keep from running into the mowers. When I play at the Prairie Club out in Nebraska once a month in season I walk the first 18 and ride the second 18. I can walk 36 a day, but I'm usually punished for it. So I hybrid it. Walk then ride then sleep; walk then ride then sleep.
  14. Watched 1-6 thus far on my morning elliptical... Yeah, its made for the casual, or new to golf fan. Nothing wrong with that. But I've really enjoyed it for the behind the scenes insights. Its worth the watch. Yes, its out of order - but they aren't trying to tell the story of the whole year - they are trying to tell the story of what makes these players tick. My take aways thus far - 1 Netflix and the producers hit the jackpot getting Fitzpatrick for the whole season - how could they have known... 2Joel needs to believe in himself, but whether he does or not, I'll always be a big fan. 3 I will now be rooting for Tony anytime he's in contention - I used to not care for him, and I was wrong, I really see him in a whole new light. Need more guys like him. 4 In Ep3 the dead eyed looks and lack of ability to answer the Saudi human rights abuses at the LIV presser was bad, the fact that they chuckled at it was cringe worthy - that clip is worth watching over and over. 5 I really like the way they've focused each episode on two players and juxtapose styles, and methods. Sometimes its a hero/villan (maybe that's too strong a word in some instances). 6 I hope it is successful enough to get a follow up season. Looking forward to eps 7-8.
  15. Agreed. I practice four footers on the BirdieBall PuttUp - I may get it started straight but once it takes the ramp it has a tendency to veer waaayy off line. Regular ball it may still end up sliding just inside the cup , but the devil ball ends up doing a u turn
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