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  1. Please sign me up. I've used LiveView and SingCaddie before but I've been considering a Rapsodo MLM purchase.
  2. If selected I'd only test them on non-tee shots (I lose 2 to 3 balls a round) to prolong the test window.
  3. Nokomis, FL In summer (when i get to play 3x a week vs my normal 1x) I walk 2 of those rounds on my home course. I have a BatCady X4 Sport.
  4. I'd love to be a tester. Alan/ Venice, FL Device: iPhone 8 Plus On/Out: Primarily outdoors Net: Yes I can test indoors or out with a net. I have an OptiShot2 in a large room where I hit into a net (with 10 feet in front & behind me). Outside I have a practice area in my yard.
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