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  1. During my last round...2 shots on the same hole. Been struggling with driver so decided to leave it out of the bag as we don't have really long holes and I'm hitting my hybrids pretty well. 6th hole, 430y par 4, elevated tee with a narrow fairway. 19° 816 H1, struck it sweet straight down the middle. As I was playing on my own I didn't wait to see it stop as I knew it was safe. Kept strolling down the fairway, can't see the ball where I thought it would be so walked a little further and there it was. Garmin to middle of the green was saying 107 so 323 yard drive . Pushed the wedge slightly off the side of the really tricky green. I've been practicing this sort of shot with my 52° and felt I could get close. Came out perfect, landed exactly where I wanted to and rolled dead centre of the hole, last half a roll it dropped - a bit like Tiger on the 16th Gave myself a little fist pump
  2. Talking of wedges, I see the new Mizuno T22 are only available in satin chrome for us lefties. Surely, you'd think' it would be easy enough to offer all 3 finishes in L & R hand?
  3. Major for me, purely because golf is normally 'you against the course' so it would be a victory over the course as well as other competitors. With the Ryder Cup you're relying on your team mates to help you win as you can only contribute a small portion to the final result.
  4. Couldn't see anything about them so thought they might be worth a discussion. Expected release in Feb 22 with the new 'Mizuno Pro' markings, not MP. Seems like what was once kept for the Japanese market is now going global I might be in the market for some new iron around Christmas but thinking I may hold off until these come out, just in case, as I love my MP32 and Mizuno would be up there for ones to try. They look gorgeous too:
  5. Eagerly waiting for a KBS One-step shaft to go in the putter.... Hoping it turns up tomorrow so I can get it fitted with the new plumber's neck adapter.
  6. Ooh, there's a 'leftie' thread...how have I not found this before..?
  7. I've not been here long and not had a huge amount of posts but I like it here! I didn't join to get free stuff and it feels like a good place to hang out. I've been chosen as a tester already but, as previously mentioned, that could be linked you the content I was posting about most. I didn't even know they did user testing when I signed up so it was a real surprise to find out that if you're selected, they send you stuff, you test it and keep it! Bloody awesome..
  8. Was lucky enough to get a round on my birthday yesterday - beats being in work! Beautiful September day here in England, warm sun, no wind - perfect playing conditions. Had a lesson last week which highlighted a loose elbow so been working on that and starting to feel comfortable with the change. Started so well with a 280y 3h on the 1st, bump & run to 10ft but lipped out for a . Just went downhill from there and had no lucky breaks at all. Bounces left when it seemed impossible to not go right, odd bounces into bunkers, more lip-outs....hey-ho, onto the next game and, hopefully lady luck will be with me.
  9. As little as possible for me: Couple of long wooden tees (I'll scavenge short/broken ones if not hitting driver) Divot tool Custom made ball marker Spare ball if the tee is a bit of a walk from the bag.
  10. So I decided that, as most blade putters normally have something like a plumber's neck, I decided to make one to try on my own gamer. Need to order a shaft (KBS One Step probably) but it looks like it will sit nicely. The beauty of the way I've made this is that I can machine the location for the shaft to any angle to alter the lie. Right hand version done too Ordered a KBS CT Tour for the pro-shop demo and a One Step for my gamer..
  11. Played terribly but better than being at work... Cheers guys! Not making a birthday putter but I have made a plumber's neck to go on my gamer
  12. As I'm just getting going this would be awesome to help track my progress and give me an idea on what I need to work on. Good luck to all the sign-ups!
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