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  1. I feel naked without a watch. I'm used to the weight and hate forgetting to put one on. Day to day is a cheap G Shock, weekends is a Tag Aquaracer and special occasions is the Omega DeVille handed down from my great uncle. Interesting fact, the Omega was made in the same month & year I was born (according to the serial number)
  2. Finished KBS CT Tour double bend shaft, 34" at the mo, GolfPride Pro Only Chord Blue Star grip. Feels really nice to swing. Test run on the landing carpet later... Total weight 526g:
  3. How does my toe hang look? 1st pic is with 2 x 6g weights. 2nd is 1 x 6g heel, 1 x 2g in toe. Approx 35° and 27°. Wouldn't think 4g could make so much difference Shaft just arrived so had to do a quick check as I had no idea what I would get... Big sigh of relief that it's not rubbish. Off the the pro shop to get it finished off..
  4. Sorry if this is getting boring, thought I'd match the marker to the putter. Black & yellow infill. Polished 304SS marker. Can use the arrow of the star to help with alignment too
  5. That's what I started on @Rickp. Now on one of these:
  6. Now I wouldn't be a putter maker if I didn't have my own ball-marker now would I...
  7. I don't think I'm quite ready to be making them for someone else yet
  8. You never know... Thanks. I'll see how it goes as I can always refinish if needed.
  9. So had a slight hiccup with the paint yesterday in that the yellow hadn't fully dried and got smudged pretty bad so... I stripped out the paint and gave the head a light bead blast. As the chemi-black goes into the metal a bit this left a really nice gunmetal colour so I decided not to re-black it. Will probably need a little more care to prevent rust but some silicon spray will do that.. New paint, left to dry properly this time, and voila!! Weights fitted and I like it even more now:
  10. Honestly have no idea what it will be....It will have a double bend KBS CT Tour shaft. My current stick is about 30° toe hang but I've not played for 15 years so the new one may be better/may be worse but I like the idea that I've made it myself.
  11. And we're done! Chemical blacking, enamel paint fill (not great on the white but will redo once I've used it). Weights are fitted but I need to mill some detail on them.. 340g with stainless weights, 330g with aluminium. A little shy of what I was aiming for but I'll take it.. Just need the pro to shaft & grip it and I'll be able to try it on the carpet at home...lockdown sucks
  12. All will be revealed shortly.... I hope..
  13. My Kia Ma Daytona has been in the bag for 15 years or thereabouts. Mainly because I didn't play much after I bought it
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