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  1. Just purchased a Project X Even-Flow blue to try in my 3 wood. All of my other clubs are X-flex except the 3W so thought it worth a try. Nice deal on eBay at £49 brand new. Will report back when I've had a go with it...
  2. The weather hasn't been great here in the UK so not been playing or practicing much Did get out for a round on Friday last week and played really well all things considered. My wedge game was on fire and ended up with 3 birdies and a total of 11 over which is 3 under my playing HC. Hopefully more of the same once I get going properly this season. Want to get to single figures (and stay there) so that I can enter the club champs later in the year...
  3. I think it looks great, good job! What's the weight, loft, lie etc? To answer your questions: Do you see value in the multi material design? I don't think there is any real world advantage to using different materials for the neck & alignment but it does give you the option for custom designs. Do you like the simplistic design? It's not too simplistic in design - as said, that would be an 8802 style. It is simplistic in looks though, not much going on except a head with clean lines and nice dot. What is your favorite and least favorite part? The shape suits my eye, not a fan of the black finish though. Would you be excited to use this? I'm a lefty so it wouldn't be any good to me (and I make my own putters too ) Would you consider purchasing this putter if there was a limited release? It wouldn't be something I'd buy as it's the wrong way round. Get people playing it and see what feedback you get and go from there. I'm on my 4th design now and have changed a few things based on feedback from my previous versions.
  4. My club pro is a Ping fitter so they are very easy to try. New Srixons look fantastic so they can go on the list Me too! The 3 sets of irons I've had have been Mizzies. MX23, MP32 and MP54 so MP223's and new JPX's will be tried for sure
  5. Good call! Had forgotten about Sub70 and, after a little search, found the UK fitting centre is only about 15 miles form me
  6. I've got my 50th coming up this year and I'll be treating myself to a new set of fitted irons. Only ever played 2nd hand off eBay and not had a fitting before and want to go into it with no preconceptions of what is best for me. With that in mind, what would you recommend I put on the list to try? Not fussed about massive distance gains as I prefer feel and can gap accordingly if I need to. Open to combo sets, whatever will work best really. I'm in the higher swing speed category (playing Mizuno MP54 4-PW Nippon Modus 115 X stiff), 7i typically carry around 170y. Current index 11.6 but this is only my 3rd year playing again after a long break so I'm hoping that will come down - aim is to get to about 8 by the end of the season. The only criteria is that I'm left handed so that rules out quite a few options. Hit me with your best recommendations
  7. Yep, it's definitely the paint chipping away. Really not impressed with them for durability so wouldn't think about buying them in future. It's a shame as they performed well around the course..
  8. I was given a sleeve of the new TM Tour Response balls so thought I'd given them a go to see how they compared to the various Titleist balls I've been trying out. I was pleasantly surprised by the way they performed but really disappointed in the speed at which the one I used on Friday became scuffed. Anyone else had any issues with the durability? This ball did 18 holes with 3 bunker shots, not had a Titleist ball scuff up so badly: Not great
  9. There's not a chance I'd pay that much for any club. I'm guessing the individual parts may be cerakote coloured as you wouldn't paint threads etc. It's an expensive method but not $2.5k expensive..
  10. I feel like my game is starting to improve now. Played a pairs betterball on Sunday in freezing conditions so not the best but I find it really good fun playing when the conditions aren't great. Greens were rock hard so no pin-seeking but trying to plot a way around was great. Finished with 38 points which I scored on at least 12 holes. Birdied 2 of the last 3 holes including a 320y drive right up the middle of 18 . 11/14 fairways hit now that I've worked out my aim and swing. Short game was really good and 4 x 1 putt with no 3 putts.
  11. With the DP World Tour fantasy league kicking off this week I thought it might be fun to have a MGS league. I've set the league up so feel free to join. The league code is: 0VFU2PYT Go here: https://fantasy.dpworldtour.com/leagues/join and enter the code to join. There's some interesting rules with only 5 picks for the season for DP Tour members and 3 picks for non-DP members. Rules here: https://fantasy.dpworldtour.com/help/rules
  12. A couple of nice Mizuno polo shirts if Santa has followed the links I left on the ipad....
  13. Shall we have a partner appreciation thread? My good lady - Hannah, 9 years my junior, manages to run an international aviation based company and keep the house afloat whilst being a fantastic mother to our girls and doing a lot of work in the local church. As the saying goes, I'm definitely punching above my weight!
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