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  1. As part of my pre-round practice I do about 20 putts with 2 balls at different targets/lengths, 1st one with one hand/2nd with two hands. Seems to be helping as my putts per round are coming down
  2. I'm looking to buy a new cart bag and lots seem to be 14 way dividers yet most tour bags are 6 way. My current Titleist bag is 14 way and my carry bag is an old 8 way Mizuno. No real problems with either but was wondering what are the advantages & disadvantages of both? I guess 14 way is easier to put the clubs back in the right hole.. How many have you got and what's good/bad about it?
  3. Had my 1st driving lesson with the pro on Friday. Have been struggling with with a bit of a slice so wanting to get rid of that.. Mostly good - set up, ball position, hands, alignment etc just need to widen my takeaway. Gave me a couple of pointers and was much better by the end of the lesson. Good to get some feedback on my GC2 numbers too. Average 158mph ball speed, 280y carry, 2200 rpm spin after dropping the head to 7.5°.
  4. Cheeky bargain off Facebook market yesterday, Titleist U510 1-iron. Hoping it will be a good blub to fill a gap below my 3w. Mint condition and way cheaper than eBay.
  5. Normally just replace shorts with trousers and throw on an extra layer and have a jacket in the bag if it get really cold..
  6. I've gone through this as I've only been playing regularly since April. My swing had developed a lot since then and I've gone from a stiff TM R7 to a Cobra F6+ and now on an x-stiff Radspeed. As my swing has got more consistent I've learned a bit more about what I need. Buying cheap on eBay was what I did - that way you can get back most of the outlay if it's not right. Once you know a bit more about your swing, get a fitting but may be worth a lesson or 2 to iron out any obvious mistakes.
  7. So I've done the putter & ball marker. Thought I'd better make a pitch mark repairer. Pretty basic but works well. Going to flame it to tey and match my game putter:
  8. I have indeed. Really pleased with the performance, lines up great, rolls really well. I'm just lacking a little confidence to give the ball enough poke...will bode well for the summer when the greens speed up again.
  9. Christmas Goose comp on Saturday and shot my best ever score of 83 for 39 points playing with 15 shots Had 6 pars & 12 bogeys, really pleased to keep any DB's off the card and getting up & down was really good. Had 3 or 4 putts pull up just short and just missed to birdy putts that I should have really made. Driving was a bit off but I didn't try anything daft if I was out of position. Really starting to see the benefit of the slightly more forgiving MP54 compared to the MP32's and taken another 0.9 off the handicap.. I won the comp by a point too
  10. Adding a bit of fun to the bag on the new RADSpeed driver, meet Wolfie:
  11. Well Wolfie has arrived and he is just ace! Fits a RadSpeed really well and looks awesome in the bag:
  12. It's a wolf. Both my girls love wolves
  13. Looking to add a bit of difference to my bag and like the look of a few of Daphne's offerings. How do they stack up? I know there's a lifetime warranty which is great but do the fit well on the latest 460cc drivers?
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