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  1. I have to agree that some logo's just don't appeal, aesthetically. I liked the story behind the Titleist logo and the style of the logo as I used to do some calligraphy when I was younger. It just has a nice flow to it.. I like how their balls play too
  2. I'm about 50% single. Have a regular gang I play with on a Friday but do play a mid-week evening round on my own as the course is very quiet and I can bimble around at my own pace, try a few things without the worry of holding anyone up. If it's really quiet I try and spend 5 minutes on each green having a putt from different places, trying random putts, as we have seriously undulating/fast greens it's good to have more than 1 option when standing over the ball.
  3. Really looking forwards to testing this! Getting back into golf after a long break and we all know putting is where you can save so many shots but it's hard to practice just by hitting a few putts on the green before you go out. Hoping to see some improvements and looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you guys
  4. Any chance to show off my own design Using the flamed 304SS at the mo but the EN8 carbon steel may go in for the warmer days/faster greens as it's a little softer off the face.
  5. DStar

    Pro Ball Marks

    I use a cheap marker off Amazon and 2 sharpies. Quite easy to spot at least part of the markings when checking it's my ball on the wrong fairway :
  6. My Cleveland's are about 12 years old but I did stop playing a few months after getting them. They'll see me through this season and I may look to do a proper bag fit next year as most of my current bag is off eBay
  7. Changed a few since I decided to start playing again: Driver: TM R7 to Cobra F6+ Fairway: Titleist 909 to 913F Hybrid: TM Burner Rescue to Titleist 816H1 Irons: Mizuno MX23 to MP32 Wedges: No change Putter: Kia Ma Rossa to my own DStar one.
  8. The putter feels great, really pleased with it so far and getting more consistent. The greens at my course are fast but they get seriously fast as the temps increase and there's a lot of undulations so I'm learning to read them better. I've got a 304SS & carbon steel so trying to use both to work out which I prefer and which one works better. I think the carbon one will be better as the greens speed up as it is just a tad softer but they're both set up with the same grip & shaft so it's an easy swap
  9. So my 1st season back after a lengthy break and I've tried a few odds & sods to get me going. As a lefty with very little local stuff to try I've been scouring eBay for clubs to try with the knowledge that, if I don't get on with it, I should be able to shift it on without too much cost. So for the 1st proper season I'm going with: Driver: King Cobra F6+ Matrix Black Tie Stiff Shaft 3-Wood: Titleist 913F Diamana Stiff Shaft 15° Hybrid: Titleist 816 H1 21° Fubuki Stiff Shaft Irons: Mizuno MP32 4-PW True Temper S300 Stiff Shaft
  10. Would love one of try on of these to help with the most inconsistent part of my game
  11. Started playing again a few months ago and on the par 3, 3rd, hit an 8i 2 feet past the pin but span back about 15' with a direct line from pitchmark to ball right through the centre of the cup :-( Probably the closest I'll ever get.
  12. Nothing special, just a normal weekend strokeplay, and only my 2nd comp ever. Was playing off 20.3 so had 24 shots and started well with a par down the 1st. Got a bit ropey but did manage a 2 on the par 3 5th to bag a sleeve of Pro V1's Got to 13 and I was 16 over (gross) and thought I would be out of it, expecting another +5 or 6. Not sure what happened after that but managed +3 for 6 holes and ended up with a nett 66.... 2.6 off the handicap too
  13. I've been given a Scotty headcover but don't know too much about them. Anyone know how to ID one? Thanks
  14. Well I went with a cheap G10 and used it for the 1st time on Friday. Played like a jackass but I did hit the right distances, just the wrong directions. GPS was really helpful especially if I was off the fairway. I can see that this will help, just need to work on my swing consistency...
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