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  1. Couldn’t have said it better myself.
  2. I Think your spot on. Obviously I’m going to list them a little high in order to have the ability to negotiate. But I totally agree I believe people are willing to pay closer to that $5800 range. Also I do believe a set sold for $7500 on Ebay so I’m not entirely sure what the market is.
  3. Exactly, I totally understand where your coming from. I know this is my first post but everyone has to start somewhere. I thought this post would be a great addition to this forum. Generally I don’t post on these forums because I don’t think it’s that necessary for me to voice my opinion. However when someone replies to my post with a frankly ignorant, condescending and disrespectful comment I feel as though I need to address it. In my short time in this community I’ve come a across many insightful posts and comments from many dedicated and knowledgeable members, however I’ve also noticed many people who believe their opinion is superior to that of everybody else’s and I’m not going to let them comment on my post without at least expressing my concerns over the validity of their statement.
  4. The thing that gets me from your unintelligent comment is your lack of understanding pf a supply and demand curve .There were only 81 sets produced for distribution worldwide therefore creating a supply and demand curve. It doesn't matter how much I paid for them as they are no longer available at that price. Similar to any masters merchandise, Limited Scotty Cameron items or any other limited items, the retail price is common knowledge but doesn't matter because people want the item and will pay above retail for it.
  5. Tiger Woods Masters Commemorative Irons. I have set 23/81 Irons are in still in the original sealed packaging. TaylorMade only produced 81 sets for the limited release, to honor Woods’ 81st career victory, with each head stamped numbered to /81. Designed after the blades Woods co-developed with TaylorMade’s iron team — better known as the sticks he used at last year’s Masters — the limited-edition set features a number of Masters-inspired touches, including a special display box and green accents on the TaylorMade badge (iron toe) and numbered stamping on the hosel. Custom green, yellow and white True Temper Dynamic Gold shaft bands (Woods’ shaft of choice) were also added to the commemorative set.And if simply owning a set of these sticks doesn’t get your heart pumping, a hand-signed photo from Tiger should probably do the trick. (Yes, it’s included with the entire setup.) If you are a serious buyer please email me @ HokeRoberson@gmail.com Im asking $6500 and I will pay for shipping. Please email me with serious offers or any questions.
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