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  1. Drew Estate Florida Sun Grown....mmmmm so good.
  2. Worked hard on the driver yesterday. I've been casting it pretty badly recently, so I've been doing a lot of drills to stop it.
  3. I plan on making some 9s tomorrow like DJ. Also, Pat Perez looks like a pirate.
  4. Did we just become best friends? I think so.
  5. Oh wow, I didn't know that. I just rolled my own Smoke Yellow there in October. Thanks for the info.
  6. Nice! Love those wedges...the best! Love those project X shafts too.
  7. I remember going into detail about this in one of the other shaft threads. Small batch is hand rolled by Larry in San Diego. Regular version is factory made. Same exact shaft profile and materials, but the small batch has some extra care and attention.
  8. I remember Bob Vokey saying the loft gapping in the higher wedges are ideally 4-5 degrees apart, but also to figure out true gapping with how you play it. I'm biased towards Vokey, so..... yea haha. If you open and close the face for a variety of different shots, I'd say a 54 or 56 bent to 55 in an M or D grind. Vokey has the online wedge selector, as I'm sure most others do too. Good luck!
  9. @Danno505 welcome! I'll see you out there.
  10. Slater


    I'll make the wedge decision easy.... SM8! ha sick set up.
  11. Slater


    Love the putter, well done!
  12. Slater


    Love the vokey 54 finish, I have the same in 56. I share your love of titleist.
  13. Slater


    I love the M grind on Vokeys
  14. I love the del mar
  15. Slater


    sick set up!
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