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  1. I love the bladed putters, SC Napa being my favorite.
  2. Slater


    I hear ya bro; we are getting crushed and no PPE. Browned out a bunch of companies to add extra ambos too. I've been reassigned several times so far, and now work EMS to help. Silver lining is I have a job and income when so many do not. Otherwise its just awful. Good luck and stay safe.
  3. - Anthony - Tinton Falls, New Jersey - 6 - Titleist 690 MB - T 100-S
  4. Love the new putter addition.
  5. Had 5 Vegas Maduro two nights ago, and enjoying a montecristo classic today. Tencane rum is the pour.
  6. Welcome, and I'm sure I'll see you on the county courses. I'm in Tinton Falls.
  7. Slater


    Woods are sold! Selling irons 100 plus shipping.
  8. Some bad snow will be crushing the Northeast and just west of it soon. Good Luck everyone. Warmer here in NJ, but very windy. I need to find some down wind par 5s.
  9. Montecristo Texas edition with some rum. Had some great weather this weekend so I took full advantage....cigars not golf!
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