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  1. Hope the other 5 get the testers soon! Solid feedback so far, everyone!
  2. Reading the reviews, I never encountered any inconsistency off the putter face. When putting, you're working with the cover of the ball. Titleist has the best covers in the business. Although there is a durability issue, there isn't a consistency issue, as Titleist is the most consistent brand in the business too. I'm fascinated to read so many varying reviews in reference to the ball's attributes. That speaks to the necessity of having a ball fitting. Where this ball is supposed to be low launch and spin, others have found the opposite. It proves there are too many variables in the swing to fully rely on marketing and what the box says about the balls. I guess that's one of the things that makes this sport great! I had a Titleist ball fitting last year from a Titleist Tour rep; I learned so much, and there are a ton of reasons to get a ball fitting. I hope this process, and reading reviews, pushes people to get that fitting.
  3. Yea mine were beat up pretty badly too, just from club contact.
  4. I already posted trackman data previously, so here is the on course feedback. I had the privilege of a Titleist ball fitting by titleist, and I was fit into the X. The test ball is the opposite, so there's that haha. The test ball has a super soft feel. The ball explodes off the club face. The test ball has a low, penetrating flight. Unfortunately, it has very little green side stopping power. I tried some hard, low spinners that would stick like glue with the X; The test ball runs out too much. I tried the same shot into an uphill green, and the test ball did stop better, as expected. Even with an old school bump and run, this ball jumps off the face. I don't think the lack of greenside spin is a detriment, just a different style of play. Unless you leave yourself short sided, it will work just fine. Off the driver, the ball was low and hot! Lots of roll out and overall straighter ball flight. I cannot compare distance, because I need lots of spin to keep my ball in the air longer. Without spin, I lose major distance. It would be unfair to say the test ball is short, because that's a "me" problem. Long irons are insane with this ball; they turn into rocket launchers. Mid irons are great, but tough to fully hold a green. You need to adapt to a more link's style of play. Short irons and wedges are good. Not a major loss of height, but expect some rollout. I hit a couple of approaches that should have stuck with any ball, but not this one. It has the Velocity reaction on the greens... rolly. This ball delivers some high speed and low flight shots. Super consistent and predictable, it could be good for different skill levels.
  5. Today, I was able to get the Titleist test balls on Trackman. I compared them to the ProV1, and my golf ball... the ProV1x. I'll spare you all the numbers, since they don't apply to everyone, and I'll recap the differences. 80 Yards: Overall, the numbers (height, speed, blah blah blah) were similar with the exception of spin; the test ball was 600 rpm lower than the X. This will be the trend. 140 yards: I started to see a slightly lower height with the test ball, as well as lower spin rate. 160 yards: Spin and height trending lower, but not dramatically. 200 yards: Noticeably higher ball speed, slight drop in spin and height. The ball is launching off the face, and it's fun! 4 wood: The ball is a bullet off the face with approximately 10 foot lower peak height. Ball speed beats the X by 2-4 mph every time. Driver: Test ball is a rocket off the face. Ball speed is up and beating the X, trajectory is like a bullet, spin is low but not as low as previous iterations of the AVX. The test ball has a soft feel, and launches off the face of irons and woods. This has more approach and short game spin than previous AVX models, as well as 100-200 more rpm off the driver. The ball is one of the straightest I've ever hit, and very consistent. There are no surprises on miss hits. I'd say its strengths are consistency and forgiveness, with a bonus of higher ball speed in the longer clubs. I'll have on course feedback later this week!
  6. Test ball on the left, current Prov1x on the right.
  7. I can already see that the dimples are flatter than the V1 and the X. Overall, appealing to the eye as usual with Titleist. I'll have some rounds and trackman numbers this week!
  8. Well done! I love those irons and your set up. Those shafts are seriously awesome. Enjoy!
  9. I played okay Friday, it was my first time at that course. I started off hot but collapsed eventually. It was my last round with my blades, as I switched to easier irons to hit.
  10. My 350s don't ship until Nov 23..... Ugh.
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