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  1. I cannot wait to try these and then buy a driver and 3 wood. I wish the 4 was released now as well.
  2. These wedges are solid. Like @Lakeeriegolfer said, full shots launch the ball. Greenside drop and stop is amazing. The black is perfect, weathers nicely.
  3. @PingMD702well done, that set is sick!
  4. Been thinking about the TSi drivers are fairways, along with the Project X RDX shafts.
  5. The public courses around me are becoming neglected, i.e. long fairway grass, dirt tee boxes that are uneven, stones and dirt in sand bunkers, pitted greens, etc. With all of that, add 5-10 strokes on the card.
  6. Very nice! Love the wedges. That K grind is great.
  7. 48F raw with sole grinding to resemble the S grind and top line grinding to thin it out from wedgworks. 48F jet black, 54S jet black, 60D jet black.
  8. I see we share the blackout Titleist theme! Play well!
  9. Thanks! Pretty well. The 690.MBs are showing wear and turning "raw" where I strike the ball; its not bad though. I don't mind the weathering of the black. My raw SM8 48F is rusted very nicely.
  10. I love the look of black, even when they weather and turn to gray or less haha. I guess brushed would be my next choice. I just bought the blackouts for SM8s and T100-S.
  11. Update on my bag: Titleist TS4 Project X Smoke Yellow Titleist TS3 13.5 Project X Smoke Black Titleist U510 2 iron and T-MB 2 iron Titleist 620 MB, 690.MB, and T100-S blackout Vokey SM6 56 and 60 M, SM8 48F 54S 60D Scotty Cameron Circa 62 #1 and Laguna 1.5
  12. and a subway sandwich in one hand.
  13. I played okay, shot 79 on a local public course. Greens were just sanded that day and the tee boxes were dirt. Very annoying. I did have 3 birdies, which hasn't happened in years. It was more luck than skill haha.
  14. Great set up, love Titleist!
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