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  1. So I'm new to all this shaft business and anyone that's ever gotten into it knows how deceiving this market is. Mitsubishi, i thought, was one of the more noble shaft makers in that they made the OEM vs Aftermarket made shafts obvious. in the tenseis- the ck pro and av raw signify the more expensive made higher quality materials $350 aftermarket shafts. where just the regular tensei CK or tensei AV lacking the pro and raw monikers lets you know you're getting the cheaper made (but still decent enough) made for OEM shafts. Now ping is offering the AV RAW ORANGE as a f
  2. I think this thread shows how much people generally disdain koepka. he's on a very short list of golfers who have won two majors in a single season in the last 20 years. harrington, McIlroy, spieth and tiger. not to mention back to back in the us open and pga. and then he was injured. he really should have never said he would rather be pro in any other sport. he couldn't even make it a few years on top as a golfer- i would hate to see him in the NFL. He should definitely fire his publicist that made him say all that stuff about "why he was so emotionless" how its all because he's a calc
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