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  1. Hot dang a great group of testers! Hit them well. I may need to amp up my speed work to keep ahead of @Kenny B and hit new found distance here! Congrats all
  2. Best shot of the day 210 yard par 3 Caley DI to 15’ still three putted. Only second time I got a GIR here. Drive of the day cleared the trees and left my self with a 15’ birdie that I just missed. best hole of day. Great drive. Not so great approach. Chipped to 3’ for par.
  3. Had one of those days. I had three 3-putts due to lipping out 2’ putts. So frustrating especially after I was +1.5 SG putting on Sunday. Approach game was great and hit some decent drives. Also hit 45% of my GIR. Should have been a little higher but i fatted a GW on 3 and mishit a 7i on 7.
  4. Range and short game. Some NTC iron work. Then some trying to figure out driver. Picked up a kbs td shaft and actually quite liked it. More explosive than the other two I have and just as stable. Same head weight and weight position. Same tee height. kbs td 70g cat 4 ventus black 6x 44.5” accra tz5 m4 55 Then some short game work with chips and pitches. Then really focused on a body part system for distances. Seemed to work and now one less thing to worry about. 50° Knee high low 45 Hip high low 70 Shoulder high low 100 54° Knee high mid 20 Hip high mid 45 Shoulder high 80 58° Knee high 10 Hip high 25 Shoulder high 55
  5. 90 minute session today 25 mins on chipping and some pitching. Tried the steep mayo method and really struggled. Went back to my toe down approach, which I am also still steep, and was much more consistent. 25 mins on putting. My SG to start the year is better than last but still my worst metric. Did some around the world drill (with distances increasing at each ball like a snail shell) with different breaks. Practiced like on course. Then worked on some lag putting, first trying to make ones on the ladder drill. Then picking two different distances and doing 7 balls each. First ball was long, 2nd short. The rest try to finish between them. Last was an extended ladder drill going from 10’ to 60’. Last 40 mins on range. Working on NTC feels as my backswing is too long and my hips get out of sync. Also standing more upright is something I am working on. Slow swings then full speed with tempo app. Then slow speed. And then tempo. Also mixed in some feels on a diy shift board. Then some ground contact on divot board. Then some experimentation with 7i, 5i, DI with different ball positions and then diff ball positions choked down. Then some block practice with longer clubs (uw,4w and driver). Great session.
  6. I know you don’t have it here but I am in love with the versa type alignment. ( mind you I don’t have a df3………yet). I have not seen pictures in the wild of one so no idea if folks are even buying it. Love your choices though!
  7. Meriwether National has grass. It may be up to use in the next week (it wasn't last week). They charge $4 extra to use so a jumbo bucket (over 115 balls) is like $15-18 I think. If you go farther west, Quail Valley in Banks has grass. Pumpkin Ridge also does on the public side. Its $20 a bag though.
  8. Round had a crappy start but I finished strong. best hole: winding par 5. Nearly made the 39’ birdie. best shot: Caley Di to 30 some feet from the rough. Rolled right up to the green. Sadly three putted. drive of the day: beautiful baby draw. Sadly couldn’t covert from 100 out.
  9. Update from today. Getting more love for the DI. Had a ball in some rough and about 210 to middle of green. Hit it solid enough, landed and 25 yards short but rolled up onto the green for a birdie chance.
  10. Welcome on board! Thanks to @Kenny B for the tag. Where do you normally play in PDX? We should for sure meet up. There are several others in the area as well and the Portland area has a great crew.
  11. And this is the game of golf. This morning could not get anything going short game wise. Shot a 51 on this morning nine. Driver has been perplexing and has me thinking of a different shaft profile as I am hitting it all over the map. My short game was off so I was 1/3 today (irons were solid striking, just had some punch out situations or needing to miss some branches). I will say I ended on a high note with my first birdie of the season and I got to see some woodland creatures. IMG_0044.mov
  12. Shot the best nine of my life. If wasn’t for leaving a few birdies just short and a 30’ lip out I would have shot par.

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