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  1. you still can! I have been super busy too but find time here and there. Gym early in the morning 3x a week. Meditation right away in the morning and then a mobility warm up. Then get a short club or something for your office so you can work on swing feels between meetings.
  2. So i am almost 60 straight days with headspace meditation and it feels like it is making a difference. I hope it does the same for my golf attitude
  3. 4i for me will be about 205-210 my Apex UW 21* around 220-225 and my 4w at 235-245 depending how clean i catch it. That UW is a cheat code
  4. Driver: I’ll go cobra Aerojet ls at 10.5* tour length fairways: Callaway Paradym 4w and 7w irons: Srixon mkII zx5/7 combo wedges: next gen zip core putter: link.1 since I’m gonna roll with a factory second df2.1 this season most likely.
  5. well if you go autoflex in everything than it would hit
  6. For me it is a feeling of a pause at the top. When you watch on video though there is no pause. Its just the momentum of the club still going back and the pause is more of a trigger to get my weight to shift.
  7. Struggled with an open face today at the range. Sadly didn’t video until later in the session to find out. Did hit 115 Chs with driver on a ball. Not bad with it being 30* out. Ball speed low due to cold balls. Also did some short game work and really had a great session
  8. Just bought a blue LAB DF2.1 from their outlet. Love the $200 in savings from getting it custom.
  9. bumping as a I have a LAB DF to pay for now
  10. Look great but I’ll stick to my setup. Unless they make an ls 7w version I’ll keep mine. Getting fit for a fairway was one of the best moves I’ve done.
  11. I stopped going in with target scores as it just made me nervous and tense. Here is what I usually think about ahead of a round. 1) have fun by myself or with friends. Enjoy the scenery 2) try to play a round without losing a ball. This is a little nerve inducing but helps me focus on smart targets 3) no three putts 4) no double chips 5) where do you want the ball to go and get there. Try not to think about mechanics of the swing i went into a round with this mindset and was one bad blow up hole away from getting into the 80s. Trust your game, have fun and enjoy yourself remember you are paying to play. Might as well try to enjoy it
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