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  1. I am going to disagree with this. That much protein is going to wreak havoc on your kidneys over time. As well, some of those sources of protein you mention are not that great for you. (See the documentaries Forks over Knives and What the health and the cook book "How Not to Die"). At most, you should only take in 1/3 of your body weight in protein and for some others less.
  2. Contact point was mainly center to slightly center high. Launch on sim for blue was like 14. Green was 10-12. Face to path was reading mostly straight pull even though some still hit target. Dyn loft can’t help you there.
  3. Was testing shaft out last week doing my diy driver fitting. Best length was 44.5”. However with my rdx blue 70g 6.0, on the xgolf sim I was seeing some balls at 140-150’ and steep desert angles despite 2200-2500 rpm of spin. Moved to a smoke green 60g 6.5 and a Accra TZ5 m5 and didn’t see that, although one with the Accra got that high. Could this be a shaft issue, mechanics, sim or all three? I know my mechanics aren’t great but thought it was interesting how the shafts changed things. For ref, smoke green carried as far as rdx blue but was more piercing and therefore got more roll out. head was max ls turned down to 8.5*. AOA was neutral to -2. Tee height 1 1/2”. SS on prgr was 108 and SIM 120. should note not what I saw on the course with the blue but I was also swinging slower and hitting high toe. Was playing then at stock length.
  4. Totally agree. I start to lose 60g shafts. Although I am experimenting with linear shafts at 60g range with added stiffness to see if I can gain control and speed. Seemed to work with smoke green. If it doesn’t, then back to 70g stiffer profiles.
  5. Went outside for swings today vs the gym. My pre and post speeds were faster. I presume from better ground interaction with spikes. interestingly, my Non dominant swings are slower outside than indoors. Anyways, progress still good. Two more weeks of SS L1 then off to level 2. Speed may dip a little now that I can push the FFG winter strength program harder having a gym membership. 1/09 SS level 1 Pre 108 111 110 109.6666667 1R 120 119 125 121.3333333 1L 85 88 84 85.66666667 3R 115 114 115 114.6666667 3L 86 86 Miss 86 5R 106 96 105 102.3333333 5L 84 81 79 81.33333333 1RSs 124 122 104 116.6666667 1Lss 104 101 109 104.6666667 3Rss 115 Miss 109 112 3Lss 90 87 88 88.33333333 5Rss Miss Miss 104 104 5Lss 77 83 70 76.66666667 1R max 121 113 121 121 120 119.2 Post 116 111 112 114 113.25
  6. Thinking of buying components to make a set. Someone selling ptd pro iron heads for good price and found a set of $-taper on eBay for a good price. Hmmm
  7. Amazing AMA! Thank you Mike for taking time to do this. I love your FFG app and am using it to help my mobility and my strength along with speed training sticks. Right now, I currently have two mobility issues that hurt me. I have beaks at the front of shins/ankle, which cause me not to get into a deep squat. Second, I have an impinged right hip and overly tight left hip, which if I don't stretch everyday, I can lock up. With that said, do you plan on rolling out even more mobility work for those of us that really need it? Do you offer one on one consult for personalized programs? Most of all, thank you for your dedication and helping people not only get into "golf shape" but help them make lifestyle changes that better their lives.
  8. Bought a NW golf guys membership and tomorrow a gym membership. Won’t play as much as last year but at least this year I hope to compete. Get faster and more efficient.
  9. Actually got to a gym today. Did SS training in gym but was slightly low on some swings. Swing didn’t feel best. Then hit weight room for FFG winter strength training and wow. Having actually weight room set up really pushed me more than my in home setup.
  10. I feel these will get missed but thats ok. I think the tech is similar to the Epic line, just no adjustability. I do love the matte crown.
  11. Maybe a testing opportunity for spies, a MyStealth test!
  12. The my stealth option is killer. Matte crown, no aid possible, face colors. Crazy. I love my setup and can’t just drop money, otherwise I would on this.
  13. Ventus black 6x incoming soon after a trade. Get it on!
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