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  1. I have a golden retriever head cover. Won it in a tournament 4 years ago. Still in great shape, fits perfectly over my PXG 0811 driver.
  2. Hey TIGERINTHEWOODS! I’ve watched the videos and ordered the replacement battery. Worst case - I’m out 40 bucks. Garmin offered me 20% off their new G80, but since I already have a Rapsodo, don’t need to pay $500 for a rangefinder that is also a launch monitor.
  3. My 2 year old Garmin Approach G8 dies after 14 holes. (Cleaned charging pins with alcohol, updated software, charged using computer as advised by Garmin support). Should I attempt installing new battery? Would appreciate advice from anyone who’s successfully replaced a battery in their Garmin handheld. Thanks!
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