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  1. Sign me up. Just got new Ping 425 want to try this one out fir sure. Like to have the clio rather then the phone in my pocket. Been trying to test something and never picked. Do random people ever get picked?
  2. I would love to test these irons out. I have been testing hunting and fishing products for years. I would to compare my ping 425 to these. If you want a true tester with true feedback I am your guy! Thank you.
  3. I would like to test and compare them.
  4. John from stanchfield MN. I have a Bag boy chiller bag with a Bagboy Nitron push cart. I am 47 years old and love walking and playing golf after work as much as I can. I have been a product tester for the hunting and fishing world for many years. I understand that honest feedback is crucial to making a product better. My buddy that I sometimes golf with his another brand remote cart and would love to compare this and give you my thoughts.
  5. Bagboy Nitron with Bagboy chill bag push cart. Live in MN and love walking and playing golf and love testing and talking products. I am a walking billboard for products. My neighbor that I golf with has a motorized push cart that I could compare this one to as well. Looking forward to this if I am selected.
  6. I have tested product before. I have a bagboy new push cart. Live in MN and love walking and playing golf and talking products.
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