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  1. GolfSpy Dave

    Dave's Impossible Project: Same Gear For A Year

    Maybe I should do it based upon the majors... Like the 80% idea a bunch. That gives me something a bit more concrete to approach the assessment.
  2. GolfSpy Dave

    I'm moving up a tee or two

    Ancil Hoffman GC is the current weekly stroll location.
  3. These are pretty cool and rare. I don't even have one
  4. GolfSpy Dave

    I'm moving up a tee or two

    Ego plays a role in it for me. My foursome members looked at me funny when I said I was playing combo, but they also bomb it 50+ past me off the tee. Hitting 3H when they are hitting short irons is an ego blow as well. Makes it fun is my new life goal. The rest is just negative self talk and pride. And Marsellus Wallace taught us about the value of pride. That's a great idea for casual rounds.
  5. GolfSpy Dave

    I'm moving up a tee or two

    My usual course added blue/white combo tees this year, and I played them for the first time a few months ago. Drops yardage from 6700 to 6300. No huge difference in scoring, but way more fun to play. I'll definitely be playing these tees this soggy winter. Once fairway roll returns in the spring, we will see about going back to blue.
  6. GolfSpy Dave

    Dave's Impossible Project: Same Gear For A Year

    It has been about two years since I've done the Optimizer. That's how I ended up with Nippon 1150 GS Tour shafts in the 850 Forged. Another set I probably should have stuck with, and the reason that I took a somewhat blind shot at the Srixon 756 with the Modus 120 shafts. That shaft really seems to have the right weight and flex profile for my swing. I can easily keep track of the club position, whereas the Recoil 780s in my prior set of Apex irons cause the club to seem borderline etherial.
  7. GolfSpy Dave

    Dave's Impossible Project: Same Gear For A Year

    That really sounds like a solid plan. If the Callaway fitting doesn’t hold all of the answers, I’m going to work through the bag the same way. Thanks for the details [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. GolfSpy Dave

    Dave's Impossible Project: Same Gear For A Year

    Thanks for the positive feedback. I do welcome any of you to join me in the one set in 2019 crusade. Think of all the gear money that you can save and use for fancy booze instead. I'd have a case of Pappy Family Reserve ready to go based on 2018
  9. No F-ing Way You Can Do That! That's the response I received when I pitched this idea to my weekly play buddies. Somehow, they have come to the conclusion that I am a bit of a club ho. I've no clue where this idea came from! Sure, I've played with more putters in 2018 than most people have teeth in their heads, but that's just trying to be inclusive, I don't want the the garage multitudes feeling left out. Somewhere along the way though, I realized that swapping out gear all of the time could be costing me strokes on the course. Crazy idea, I know. What really got me thinking about this was my current driver. I've been gaming the PING G400 driver since summer of 2017, and my driving stats have never been better. I know how to hit that sexy beast. On the other hand, I played three (maybe it was four) sets of irons last year, and I can definitely leave my shoes on when I total up my GIRs for a typical round. I just never felt comfortable with any of the iron sets, or maybe just never gave them enough time to become comfortable. Some of these sets were custom fitted too, so that’s a little disheartening. Hitting nearly every fairway off the tee, and then not hitting any greens is a recipe for lots of post-round grumblings. I'd almost rather be bad off the tee too... Only Score Matters If I had to come up with a reason for swapping gear out so often, I'd actually list two reasons. The first, and obvious one, is that I like shiny new things. I experience euphoria when I slide new sticks into the golf bag. I’m sure that it’s a dopamine response thing. Replacing a fairway wood with a new one brings me joy, unlike replacing my currently defunct microwave oven. There is no joy in that expense. Woohoo $500 just to make something work the same again! The microwave comparison brings to light the other reason that I think I swap gear: optimism. I don’t think that cooking will improve with a new microwave oven, but I did wonder if switching to graphite iron shafts could find the distance that I have lost in recent years (it didn't). Helpful hint #1:Abdominal surgery does not help one’s core stability, strength, or swing speed. In spite of knowing better, I always wonder if new gear is the answer to playing better. The irony there is that by buying new gear to play better, I may actually be causing myself to play worse. That’s what got me thinking about doing this project. Could keeping the gear constant lead to lower scored? But Does the Gear Really Fit? As I mentioned above, some of the gear that went on the scrap heap was custom fit. I paid for two different sets of custom irons, taking financial beatings on both when I eventually sold them on Craigslist. Each time, I thought that the fitting would get me into a set of clubs that would be “the” set, and each time, they were not. I still believe that if I’m going to do this, the clubs need to fit. Think of it this way. No matter how many times I try and wear a pair of size 32 pants, they are never going to be comfortable with my 34 waist (perhaps 36 after the holidays). This is the mindset that has kept me searching for better fitting clubs, rather than sticking with one set. The Plan I will turn 50 this coming February. How I got so old, I really don’t know. It just seemed to creep up on me year after year… Anyway, since it’s a milestone birthday, I decided to celebrate by buying a new set of irons, and maybe woods too. Yes, I did also buy irons this past year as well, but this time I can actually use the birthday excuse to justify them. Ain’t twisted logic grand? I am convinced that there is a set out there that will fit my swing better than all others. I know this because I’ve had that set in the past. A few years back, I was fitted for new clubs at Callaway headquarters. The first fitting put me into a set of RAZR X irons. I told you it was a while ago. That set was great as I learned how to play golf, and improved my swing. The next time I visited Callaway, I was fit into a set of RAZR X Tour irons. I had taken lessons for a year, and my iron play was solid. That set is my never should have left set of irons. I think that there has been eight, or maybe nine sets of irons since the RAZR X Tours, and every time the new sets fail to measure up, I lament the loss of those irons. Why did I switch out of those irons? Like I said above, new and shiny things are attractive, and I am constantly seeking the ultimate new set, even if I may have already had it. And yes, I have thought about just buying another set of the RAZR X Tour irons, but every time I find a set, they always look like someone dragged them along the cart path. There is an interesting synergy with the Callaway story and this new project though, as I will be heading down to their headquarters to hit their new stuff next week. My hope of all hopes is that something in the new line will once again fit my swing. The Rogue Pro is actually pretty close, but maybe there is something else rolling out for 2019 that’s even better. I’ll let you know how the trip goes, though embargo rules may require me to call the new stuff Individual 1 for a while. The Goal: Break 80 This is my overall goal for 2019: to finally break 80. For someone who didn’t start playing golf until 40, I feel pretty good about my progress and my current 11.8 HCP, but that 80 barrier needs to fall. I’ve shot 80 three times, but never in the 70’s. Gear is obviously one part of the score equation, and I’ll be trying to play more in 2019, hit the range more, and maybe even take a lesson or two as well. That 80 barrier needs to drop this season. It’s making me crazy every time I shoot low 80’s, especially when I've left easy strokes on the course. The Plan and Timeline I am thinking that everything will be locked in as of my birthday in February, making this a Shoot Under 80 while Over 50 project as the year rolls on. The February cut off should give me time to see the new stuff that is rolling out, and make the final bag selections. Who knows, it could actually be my current bag of sticks (posted below), but once the gear is set, it’s set. Current Bag and State of Attachment Driver: PING G400 - Beloved, likely locked Fairway: Callaway Epic 3W - likely locked, like is so much I may add the 5W Hybrids: PING G25 - good, but not attached. Playing 3H, with 4H possible Irons: Srixon 765 - 4-PW, bought used a month ago. Seem promising, but I’m iron fickle. Modus 120s are nice! Wedge 1: Cleveland CBX 50° - bought on Cyber Monday to fill in set - so far so good Other Wedges: Cleveland RTX 3 54/58 - like these - KBS C-Taper shafts feel lovely Putter: Bettinardi Queen Bee 10 - Any putter would be the hardest club to keep in the bag, but this one is delightful to roll and has a good chance at longevity. Escape Clause Now that you have read all about how I am going to commit to this project, I am going to hit you with one caveat about not sticking with it. Basically, if this project makes golf not fun, or worse, makes me not want to even go and play at all, I’m ending the experiment. Having fun is what golf is all about for me, and while shooting lower scores is definitely fun, not shooting lower scores is definitely not fun. If a club in the bag becomes the bane of my existence, evoking dred whenever I unsheath it, I am going to remove the offending object, and end this experiment. Now lest you think that this club swapping sounds exactly like what I am doing now, it won’t be. I am going to assess progress on July 4th, 2019. If the scores are lower, or if I have actually broken 80, then the experiment will continue on with the bag locked in for the remainder of the year. If that’s not the case, some of the contents in the bag will be detonated along with the Independence Day fireworks. Hopefully it’s the former situation, but if there is no trend of improvement at that point, then the bag will need to be reassessed and maybe reloaded. Updates to Follow As the project progresses, I promise to keep you all updated. I’ll post the February bag contents, and then post scores and handicap revisions as they happen throughout the year. I’ll let you know if clubs are working out, or if some are moving toward the end of the plank. If/When that sub-80 round is finally shot, I’ll do some kind of giveaway for the loyal thread and social media readers. That way we can all share the joy of the accomplishment. So stay tuned to this thread for more info. I’ll let you know about the Callaway trip results, as well and all of the other minutiae as we move along. Reporting the data back to all of you will keep me accountable and focused on the goal, so thank you in advance for that. Hopefully this will be fun to report and read about, and not ultimately your source for weekly doses of schadenfreude.
  10. GolfSpy Dave

    Official MYGOLFSPY Fantasy Football League 2018

    Congrats all. My maps will no longer include the state of Minnesota [emoji22] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. GolfSpy Dave

    Official MYGOLFSPY Fantasy Football League 2018

    Going to need Minnesota to score 60 points tonight
  12. GolfSpy Dave

    Next major innovation in technology?

    We actually have had that for a bit. Cool concept paired with a crappy ball unfortunately. Still won't keep it out of the lake either. https://mygolfspy.com/prazza-golf-ball-finder-review/
  13. I wonder if I can actually make it through the day without buying one of these
  14. I actually like that they use their personal accounts. I like knowing that the person making the statement is on the hook for the statement. Seems more real to me. If it's just Odyssey, I have no idea who runs that account. Toulon and TM twitters are potentially fun to watch. Lots of history there.
  15. I agree with what you are saying. This type of activity has been a putter standard practice for decades. This just seemed a bit more than the standard Anser/Anser 2 - Newport/Newport 2 model. It would be like Odyssey releasing an actual red Spider and not just following TM's red color trend.