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  1. I 100% agree and would have gone in to get fitted for it, but the main problem was I have almost 400 bucks in pro shop money at my course, and my home course is a very small municipal one that doesn't ever get reps or fitters or even demo clubs (head pro issue), but the head pro can order me anything, so I wanted to get a "fitting" without paying essentially. The TSi is a beast I agree, the only reason I didn't go with it was the TSi2 looked odd to me at address, but I couldn't hit the TSi3 quite as well as the G425LST. Every time I went into the store I did ask them for a different shaft in each club I tried just so I could get a feel for them all, and because between just Ping and Titliest I think there was something like 7-8 "stock" options, so when I tried out a bunch of brands, it took me a while.
  2. Yikes, what a brand/club snob. I stopped in a few times, was getting a new tip on a driver shaft I purchased so I hit when I dropped it off, and then when I picked it up, the first guy asked me which ones I wanted to try with what flex, lined them up, typed in his code, and walked away. Second guy kind of hovered around but yeah, I seemed to be mistaken and think they would get more pushy with buying after trying type of thing. Had it more in my head of something like furniture salespeople I guess. Anyway, thanks for the feedback!
  3. This is what I ended up doing, just had him order it for me. Actually went with your exact 3wood and shaft combo (depending on flex).
  4. I am looking to replace my 3 wood, I got a Mizuno ST-200TS last year without hitting it because I liked how it looked at address (pro shop money, had to order something that day). But it is very heavy and I think I bit off more than I can chew with the shaft weight and flex, went with the x flex, should have gone with S, feels like I'm swinging a hunk of rebar with a concrete head on it, no matter how hard I swing, just feels heavy and dead. My main problem is I have been playing well this year at my club and have a bunch of pro shop money again, but I want to hit the fairway before I buy, which isn't possible at my course as they don't have any demos on hand of anything. If I was paying out of pocket I'd roll into 2nd swing and get fit, but I don't want to pay the premium for the fit because I wouldn't purchase through them. Is it in bad taste to hit a bunch of options at like Golf Galaxy or PGATour Superstore without buying? Just curious on what you guys would do. Sorry for the life story for a simple question. Hit em well!
  5. I also have a 2 from them, although not the pro version, and I love it, led me to getting this one just to play around with gapping. Very soft feeling but goes like a rocket. PS. I dig the clubs
  6. This baby showed up in the mail yesterday. Now I have more options to mess with my gapping. Thanks Sub70, this thing is mesmerizing all murdered out, almost too pretty to hit, almost.
  7. I played the Srixon Z-star XV for a while, still like them, I also really like the TP5x, the ProV1/X, and Bridgestone B X, but my dad got me onto the Maxfli Tour X last year, loved em, went for miles, could spin em around the green all I wanted, did anything you'd ask, so for the price of 2 dozen for $60 when the 2021 versions came out, I bought those and am sticking with them.
  8. Sharp looking bag! How do you like the fairways? Boy do I like the look of those JB's also.
  9. I hit the 17* 2 iron 699U off the deck all time, granted it is the more forgiving model, but I hardly ever mishit it, half the time I'd rather try to pinch a really hard of those over a 3 wood into some par 5's.
  10. I dug the pic and your descriptions
  11. Thank you much for the additional info @GolfSub70! Really making a good case at me getting one of those JB wedges now, 3 utility is on its way to me, but may have make another order here very soon! Thanks again!
  12. Thanks for the info! Finish still looks great to me. I've been toying with wedge gapping and thinking I want a 52 & 56 instead of 50 & 54, (got rid of my old wedges before really dialing it in) and have been thinking about these.
  13. I have two utility irons from them, the two iron is a beast. I want to try more and more from them just because of how good the utilities have been, but I am weirdly at a place with most of the rest of my bag that I am happy with. Those wedges look real real nice though. What are the big differences between the JB grind and the 286 @myherobobhope? Sorry I don't have a visor to bribe you with haha.
  14. Right now it's the stock Diamana S Limited in S flex that comes with the Taylormade Sim. I'm liking it more than the previous shaft I had, which was the Hzrdus yellow with a cobra head, just could never get a consistent feel with it. I tend to hit with lots of spin and high though so this mid launch could get me some high risers I think. I would love to try a Ventus blue or black, or Tensei white or orange since I like the blue in my fairway. I probably should get fit eventually, I am just so inconsistent with my play I can never justify it.
  15. I only have 1 round under my belt with it (and countless basement carpet putts) and I really like the feel of it, very very solid feeling, yet when you sweet spot it it's nice and soft. I used to be a mallet only putter, but it is the weakest part of my game, I always wanted the traditional anser style blade, but could never get them to work right, so I really like the wide blade style. I know it's subjective but when I first saw it and put it behind the ball, I felt more confident. The only thing that I feel could be a negative (to some as it hasn't bothered me) is there is a very audible "ting" when struck, not the deadened sound I'm used to, like I said, hasn't bothered me, but I know it could bother some.
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