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  1. Meant to post this the other day. It was a good night to have youtube TV with 2 NHL and 2 NBA games on at the same time!
  2. TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS TO ADJUST A LIE ANGLE ?!?!?! .... for what they charge for their putters I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.
  3. *if you are working with graphite shafts. you don't need one of these for steel shafts, but yes, without a doubt the only safe way to remove anything from graphite is with a shaft puller.
  4. what are the options for adjustment when acquiring a pre-owned LAB putter? For example, can the lie angle be adjusted by a fitter or is this something that LAB can do if you send the putter to them?
  5. if you compare this to the tournament that good good hosted the good good version was MILES better. I was hoping that there would be SOME kind of commentary - I mean give me something - watching other people play golf without any context is boring. kudos to those who made it through the entire thing.
  6. why do you want to switch out from your matched set gap wedge? looking at the p790 specs and it's 50 degrees.
  7. hey team - eagerly awaiting shipment, as I'm sure all of the other testers are. I think this will be a real game-changer for me. I have the clicgear 4.0 right now and with my cart bag and clubs it can get a bit taxing on the final few holes - especially if there are any hills. I'm really looking forward to not having to push or carry and just, well, walking. some great members did a review of the clicgear 4 (which I use) to get an idea of what I'll be comparing it to. one of my frustrations with the clicgear is getting the front wheel aligned. I thought I had it but it seems to still be pulling to one side, which is subtle, until you're walking down the fairway on a par 5.
  8. Judas? https://discover.hubpages.com/entertainment/Top-20-Famous-Redheads-in-History Lionheart Marilyn Winston
  9. absolutely love this response and I am the exact same kind of shopper. I love picking up slightly used gear from those well-off enough to buy new equipment all of the time. The only thing I've bought new recently are wedges and that's simply because I wanted sharp grooves. the one thing I do wonder about with this putter though is the precision of the fitting and how much that matters. Can you buy a used LAB and have it adjusted? Or is the modification of the putter so unique that it has to be done by LAB only? I'll be following along closely...
  10. for those interested in swapping out ferrules I thought this was a great description of how to do it. He doesn't use any fancy/expensive tools (i.e. belt sander) except for what he calls a "hotbox". I hadn't even heard of such a thing; I just boil some water on the stove and dunk the ferrules in a glass bowl. The water isn't hot enough to melt them but hot enough to soften them up.
  11. funny thing about this is he says he'd never pay what it costs even though he felt it was a great putter.... LAB putters are awesome but 700+ dollars for a putter??? c'mon. that is insanity.
  12. ugh... I keep having insomnia. go to bed at 10, wake up at 1:15, read for about 30 minutes, back to sleep until 7. no idea why. happy I made it through hoops without reinjury - I've been out for 6 weeks w/a calf strain. condolences to those going through tough times. enjoy the day, team!
  13. not pleased with the shafts I swapped out in my irons so I'm putting my old shafts back in. decided to go with some funky ferrules this time...
  14. WIN, WIN !! Congrats to the kids; amazing to say your top 4 at anything. good for them. Couldn't ask for better news from the dealership... those calls usually don't go that way.
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