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  1. haha... take a closer look. yeah - there were some members that were 'not-so-kind' to him so he left pretty quickly....
  2. solid stuff in here...
  3. bring this back... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shell's_Wonderful_World_of_Golf a pre-recorded one-hour program on Sunday afternoons, and was notable for also including information about the host country for that week's show. It also included some of the conversations between the contestants between the shots. As such, it allowed the audience to feel they were part of a foursome traveling with the competitors and host, as opposed to being just a spectator in the gallery either that or The Big Break - I'd much rather watch either of these. the only real "appeal" for me is watching other pro athletes try and play golf....and a lot of the times sucking (i.e. Brady in the first "The Match")
  4. stop the marketing segment? huh? what kind of company stops marketing their products? I've seen numerous tests on the "larger" forums of these OEMs so I def agree that they have decided to go where a larger audience is. Why? increased exposure? unhappiness with the review process here? for some reason I cannot figure out why there has never been a TM test. Not a putter, driver, ball, irons, etc. Like someone high up in the org forbade it. all due respect - I'm interested in an answer from the staff and not a part time admin/mod. I know how hard Rob worked with the OEMs, I was once on the other side.
  5. why aren't any Taylormade products ever tested? why hasn't there been a test for any Mizuno products in the last 3 years? why aren't any Callaway irons ever tested?
  6. only things interesting were the magnificence of the course and Brady ribbing Rodgers about playing for the Packers this year... they should have recorded and edited it down to 2 hours. That was an extremely long round and it only went 16 holes. Imagine if they were tied after 18.
  7. ...beyond frustrating; especially if you don't have a 6+ inch phone. I've given up several times.
  8. His only top 10 the entire year not going to make the ryder cup team like this
  9. you and me both...it's a real quandry because if he does get that W then he gets all of those FedEx points he's accumulated and you're sitting pretty; if not though, you've got dead weight on your team come playoff time if you're in the top 35.
  10. seems like they stuck with 18 and 17 so that the crowd wasn't running all over the place. 18 had the grandstands and made for better viewing, I suppose. saw several guys on Twitter calling for them to play 15. Probably would have ended the playoff a lot sooner. nothing dumber than playing the same hole 6 times in an 8 hole playoff. Poor Kramer barely lipped out 2 winning putts. Man that's gotta sting.
  11. wait - I'm not sure if I'm able to answer that in this thread since it isn't related to the topic and that suddenly appears to be verboten. ah screw it... not sure what you mean by 'lately'. not sure why you think I hate everything MGS. not sure why you think I hate people associated with MGS. would be nice if you had some examples. anyway - I think it is fair to be critical of what MGS presents. from my perception that is a big, huge no-no. not sure why; they're kind of built on the idea of being critical of what OEMs tell golfers. Yep - I questioned that fact that soft=slow on Twitter and got blocked. Yep I disagreed with the premise and that rubbed some people the wrong way. if that is "hate" then I suppose you're right. but if not, then back off.
  12. sure. just like people who like to run like to wear Asics vs Nike vs Brooks, etc... use what feels good to you.... even if "find it cut it" (gasp!) says it's not a "good" ball.
  13. wrong again. *read*what*I*wrote* at no point did I disagree with the fact that the ball matters - I said that there is a point where it shouldn't matter as much as everything else. the entire reason I included the handicap charts. I even said that it DOES matter for lower handicaps. don't put words in my mouth - I never said information was a waste.
  14. not sure what your point is... that because you paid a lot of money for a golf ball then it gives you a psychological advantage? because you paid a lot for it then it 'feels' better? in some cases the opposite is true - when you lose a few 4 dollar golf balls that can really piss you off and mess with your head. wish someone would do a blind test and give a 14+ handicap player 5 different balls ranging in price and quality and ask them to pick the "best" one.... without knowing anything about them.
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