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  1. Okay - I'm a total noob at this so bear with me. I ordered a callaway adapter for a shaft. The adapter size is .370 and the shaft tip OD is .335. I'm hoping to bring this to PGASS and have them install it. Can they install it even though the diameters are different? Did I mess up and order the wrong size adapter?
  2. that's a sweet shaft! sounds like you have a great combo there.
  3. Have you ever played a round where someone has done this? And I mean literally take off their shoes and socks, get in the water, hit the ball, stop and put their shoes and socks back on?
  4. Just curious - For you Snell guys - did the ball test lead to your decision to try these?
  5. ...until you get to Nue Betfurd... needless to say there are *a lot* of movies that "feature" a Boston accent. LOL. One of the most authentic that I've seen is The Fighter. The family scenes are incredible. One of the best movies I've ever seen as well.
  6. Just saw this... "Fan controlled football?" John needs to pick a sport and commit to it. Did he learn nothing from the GOAT? https://www.fcf.io/player-profile?pid=2dc6bb9f-7aa5-452d-acb8-4894a6e6cb70&gid=
  7. I'm going to preface this by saying that I *wholeheartedly* believe in in-person lessons and if that's your thing then you do you. I don't have a "coach" or "instructor" - partly because I'm not ready to commit to one without knowing much about them and secondly because it is quite expensive (I'll get there one day) So that leaves me ferreting 'round on U tube. I've seen pretty much all of the 'popular' ones - at least twice probably. I ran across this one the other day and have just been mesmerized by it for some reason. It gets away from the technical stuff and gets you to m
  8. Interesting that he chose a 44.5" shaft vs the stock length... typically 45/46 nowadays ? Did he find that you were finding the middle better at that length? FWIW I was fit into a similar length and the difference was eye-opening.
  9. So many choices now in the golf ball space; both exciting and can be somewhat confounding. What are you going with this year? Sticking with the tried and true that you've used for years or thinking of something else? I've tried to play mostly Srixon but will admit to branching out and trying some others like the Maxfli; have found a lower price version I'm thrilled with yet. I'm frugal so I try not to go over 30 for a dozen, which cuts out a lot of the higher end balls. I think this year I'm going to try the MTB-X. Can pick up a dozen on Amazon for 33 now and free ship w/pr
  10. well..... ? how'd it go? got a new BOOM stick on order?
  11. Yeah...that was the top of my budget. But for that head/shaft combo I was willing to go for it; I expect this one to stay in place for a while.
  12. ...coming up on my 20 year anniversary at Howard Stern's alma mater. hard to believe; longest I was with a company before then was less than 5 years.
  13. True...but imagine a WD on Sunday morning when he would have accumulated a bunch of fantasy points.
  14. Some long lost relative just died and left you 3000 with the requirement that you spend it on something golf related. Would you rather: A: Join a club for a year (~3k) ? B: Buy a Skytrak (~2k) and build a home simulator (~1k) ? Note - I realize that is a bottom of the barrel budget for a home sim setup but just go with me on this. Note 2 - I understand club memberships can be all over the map; I picked 3k as an average.
  15. This is what I paid for a mint one on 1/5... and this was absolutely pristine. Not a scratch on it. Tensei CK Orange shaft. Granted: this was before the 425 release so maybe prices have gone down since then. I looked for a while and this was the best price+condition I could find.
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