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  1. I had GG classic and it worked 97% of the time - their support was fabulous - then pandemic hit - they disappeared - now they are back and trying to recoup their reputation. Then my GG Classic gave up the ghost, after 600+ rounds! They also sent me a free GG PRO after the first GG Pro I bought was the wrong iteration (or something) it would not pair at all- the new one they sent is working (somewhat) - I have used it for 15 rounds or so and unfortunately it still has many kinks. I , too, was a beta tester for GG Pro and found it terribly wanting- I figured after a year of bug fixing it would be better - but there is still a long way to go- really thinking about quitting it altogether but don't know where to go next- I love all the stats I got and comparing my progress (or lack) each round! Michael
  2. I have the Oddessey 2 ball with the hinge face, I love it but would like to test # 3 Michael
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