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  1. I've got one, currently comparing against an ST200. Different shafts at the moment but that will change soon once I get some more adapters. EXS pro: Ahina 70 x5ct X-flex ST200: Tour Ad Di 6X I'm roughly 110-112mph most driver swings a fight a low ball and right to left flight. Pros: Flight track appears to work. However can change feel/sound quite a bit. Feels good off the face, beta Ti certainly has a distinct feel and I like it. Bigger than the ST (Could go in con category also). This is very subjective and I'm not a fan of 460cc. Personally I think all drivers should be maxxd at 400, so smaller heads fit my eye better. It's not unwieldy, but it is bigger. Smaller than the EXS 220 tho, which is a good thing. When struck well is longer, but not significantly. Cons: The ST sets up open, which I love. The EXS sets up square and one time I set it down and it was closed, which I HATE. More testing required here. Sound. Sounds closer to a Ping than I'd like, which is the worst sound in golf. Thank God it doesn't have those stupid turbulators on top. Played a G410 LST for a couple of weeks and cannot for the life of me understand why people like them. Horrible drivers. Forgiveness. My miss is left and this thing goes just as far left as everything else. That's more a me thing I know, but I don't think it's better across the face than anything else. I'll report back when I have more info.
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