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  1. James , Rockwall, TX In-door putting mat and out to the golf course Currently using the SKLZ Accelerator Pro Portable Putting Mat / Putter Speed: Medium
  2. Interesting your having battery issues, that is one of the things I have been happy with has been the battery life, It last exactly 2 rounds, If you like as an everyday watch , I wore it for a week to test and it was at 34% on Friday evening. it could be a defective battery on the watch.
  3. That is so crazy. i would think you couldn't breath, good thing your wearing a mask anyway.
  4. Played 2 times this weekend.. The last 4 rounds have been a consistently rounds of 82. With 37, 38, and 39 on either on the front or back of the rounds. Silly mistakes escalating the scores quickly. Today round was consistent driving, irons, chipping and putting. With the exception of 2 par 3 which, the iron was stroke well but either slight pull or push. And bad around the greens on those holes cause uncessary doubles. Hitting 9 GIR/ 10 FWY / 30 Putts. Felt great finally putting a decent round front and back 39 / 39. Just tried not do too much with each hole, played each shot and tried not make things worse
  5. Played 5th round today with the LX5. 1. Played a course I haven't played in 10 years, so I really wanted to take advantage of the view of the holes since I didn't know where I was going and there was alot of blind shots 2. GPS found the course in 5min. Have me the options to select either East or West courses 3. The ability to view how the course is layout and also the view of how long to the beginning and end of the bunkers, and it some holes where the end of the fairway was huge. Specially in blind shots. 4. Keeping score on the watch is getting easier and easier each round. 5. 2 rounds with a single charge has been consistent.
  6. Played 4th round with the Watch. Here are some items I notice this time around. 1. Played the same course as last week, it took about 5 min to find the course and be ready. 2. Screen resolution was dim at times, not sure why all of a sudden it was doing that, even after I had to set to high not auto 3. The watch froze on the 10 hole, I had to completely shut it down and resume the round. It also went into a recovery mode when I turn it on again to the wiresless sync of the scores. 4. The same stretch of holes like last week, the yardage was off by 40-60 yds so I had to rely on a rangefinder for those holes. 5. Used alot of the long view of the hole display and move around to landing areas. This was helpful try to gage how far a bunker or a turn was before running out of fairway.
  7. So what you saying, is you ready to play another round with the boys again..
  8. You think, is overwhelming because you are just trying to get used to the different features, as you get more comfortable with the watch that does other features would become less of a distraction because you would only used them as need it and not focus on them?
  9. Played 3rd round with the LX5 yesterday, here are some notes: 1. played at a different course yesterday, it took 5-10min for the GPS to get the course. 2. On holes 5-8 the yardages where off by 50-60yds, the course has not been modified in years, so that shouldn't be an issue, a friend at a 8yrs old GPS unit and it was displaying the correct yardages. After that it appear all of the yardages where withing 1-3yds difference. 3. Used the zoom feature alot this round to update pin position and see the yardage close to the edge of the green. 4. Battery was great once again, i went back to the watch for a bit and it was still around 50%, good enough for another round. 5. Uploaded the scores via Wifi which is really convenient. 6. now the skycaddie.360 option, show you the scores but it appears it can also map your shots, but im thinking that is a function option if you download the APP on your phone. which then defeats the purpose of having just the watch.
  10. Playing 3rd round with the Watch.. Started to wear it as a regular watch.. Once the round starts switch over to golf and back to watch to see the battery life that way.
  11. But you are the Boss...hmmm
  12. So you saying because of the watch you didn't have any Dubs this round.. gotcha!! Sounds like the LX5 does your round good!
  13. Played 2 rounds this weekend, One in a tournament and the second to get the bad taste of the tournament finished. Lets start with the fact, that I felt and played better than the score shows, this round was painful because the flag/plus foam really penalized the round. 5 hit pins within 3-5ft that bounce of the flag and out. Because the foam insert was higher maybe an half inch below the cup the ball never had a change to go down the hole instead just rolled off the hole. Trying to just die the putt the hole with the flag in is a new habit to learn. Was a very frustrating day. Because I was so disgusted with the finished I decided to play another round the next day , and was an improvement, but more important it has been a consistent performance the last 3 rounds. Which gives hope that I can continue to improve and maybe learn how to putt with the flag in. Except for the butchering of the par 5 again, not sure what is the deal with that BS. but I need to cut that out. IT was a decent round and now am looking forward to playing again next week. Hope everyone had a better weekend!!
  14. If your not used to wearing big face watches, I can see how it could be distracting. I would imagine wearing a watch like this one would not let you function!!
  15. Played 2 rounds this weekend with the watch. Testing the battery life and it lasted 2 full rounds. Got a low battery warning around the 14th hole but it kept working fine even after I completed the round. Here are a few things I noticed during the rounds. 1. It really does take 10-15mins for the the GPS to find your course. This is way longer than Golf Buddy or Garmin watches in comparison. So I would not wait to get to the first tee to turn on the Golf feature. 2. Front Back and Center yardage was spot on within a yard or so. Double check the yardage with a range finder. 3. Found the ring yardage to be very useful.. As it shows ie. What is to the beginning of a bunker and to the end of the bunker. Didn't had to zoom in. 4. Kept score on the watch and it was pretty straight forward. I didn't like that you had to hit the plus or minus to enter the score, it would jump to 5 and you had to hit the minus to get the 4. I think it should default to hole score and you then adjust accordingly. 5. Not once did the buttons interfere with my swing. The watch is so light that didn't even notice it was on 6. Had to adjust the screen resolution from auto to high. In the light you barely could see the screen.
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