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  1. I have a 72 degree wedge from BombTech. Its freaky to use..
  2. I hit the new EV 5.2 DUO.. at PGA Store.. and placed my order for it.. Should get here this week..(crossing fingers). Solid feel, seems like the ball jumps out more than previous version. Need to adjust to it if that is truly the case. but feels so good.
  3. Just order the Envroll EV5.2 DUO Putter.. can't wait to get this on the bag.
  4. Went to X-Golf yesterday and worked on my Mizuno P225 irons, looking at the numbers on the simulator (most accurate one i have ever used). Just worked on my PW-6Iron and look at balls speed, smash factor, path, swing speed, trajectory, elevation and spin rate. Since these are new since the beginning of the year still trying to figured out the correct distances and gaps. Unfortunately I need to take a screen shot of the numbers as I was going thru the irons, so I only got the averages. There are some bad swings in there, so those average are off a bit.. but at least I have something to start looking at and begin to dial in. I did notice I was spinning those irons a lot, 8000-9000 at times.. something ridiculous. First time using the Modus 105 Shafts, coming from AeroTech Steel Fibers 125CW its a big difference. PW - Average 130.3 9I - Average 154.6 8I - Average 168.5 7I - Average 182.1 6I - Average 193.6
  5. MrBandit


  6. From all of the things we doing in Golf, I think putting is the most individual part. There are 50 different ways to putt and not one is better than the other. Is all user preference and what makes you , like you said comfortable with your putt.
  7. Looking forward to the EV5.2 DUO putter. I had the Outback 10 for a year and I love the way it rolled. But I went back to my Stroke Lab 7s , like the feel and look of that putter. So am hoping the EV5.2 look of the Seven with the roll of the Outback 10 will be a winning combination.
  8. For me.. once I made the decision on which line am taking, am very comfortable over the putt. I just pull back and forward. Even if I miss, as long as I was hitting the spot I was intending to hit am ok. All that mean need to adjust my aim.
  9. After switching by Putter back to my StrokeLab 7, notice that my stoke was back to normal. Sometimes switching back and forth helps when you loose your feel on your putts. Played some fast green over the weekend (I think the pavement might have been slower). But I like the lines , I wasn't lost like I was 4 rounds ago. So back to practicing my chipping and putting to keep my consistency and throw in some Iron work to work the kinks out of the new set.
  10. I need to go back and practice my putting again.. i have been horrible the last 4 rounds. I even went back to old dependable StrokeLab 7 since I lost the feel on my Evnroll Outback 10. Then I have to make some range sessions with my irons, need to get those dialed in. Am still not 100% on how to hit them and how far they are going. Last 3 rounds. Some shots felt like I hit them on the sweet spot and went no where and others I felt like I missed hit went the yardage.
  11. Well look at you with the cool gear. Now its time for you to come out and play. I have been on the fence on that Wellputt mat to replace my current putting mat. You said you got it used? or is that new?
  12. If you haven't tried or even considered a Sub70 949x Fairway wood, you should. I was a 5 wood tester earlier this year and loved that club, out of the box it just perform and exceeded expectation. SO, I was struggling with my TE 3 Wood and decided to get the 949x 3 wood. Took it out for the first time yesterday and it played like I had in my bag for years.. Straight and long, even on miss hits. definitely I have regain confidence on my 3 Wood again. Take a look you wont be disappointed
  13. Ha. I wish it was just a week.. am original from NYC, so by now my clubs would have been put away until March (maybe) But here in Texas its weird.. it was jus 70s the week before, then down to the 30-50s and next week down to the 10-20s. BUT the following week "suppose to be in the mid 50s" who knows.. all I know that in February there will be a week that it will be in the 20s, then Winter is over and summer begins the week after.. Thanks.. they are good looking clubs.... my friend thought they were blades when he first saw them.. he was like WTF you doing with blades.. lol
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