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  1. Back from vacation and back to the chipping and putting routine. Short game as stayed sharp for the most part. I will have to start doing some range work.(but I hate the range 25 balls and am done). will just work on a couple of irons at a time, trying to get the same feel I had while on vacation. Play an evening round tomorrow evening see that looks like, before this weekend Tournament.
  2. Back from vacation down in FL. Played 4 times and each time felt like my game was getting better and better. Last day was my best round and it was the best one of the year. Drove the ball well I was not of the fairways by much when I did missed. Shaft Terra Forza white performed even better each day. Specially the last day.
  3. Date 06/14/2024 Course Name Orange Lake Legends Course Gross Score 75 Course Handicap 10 Gross Strokes over/under par 3 Net Score to Par -7 Net Score 65 Net Birdies or better Longest Drive
  4. Played on Saturday later in the afternoon, of course 2hrs before the tee time.. a torrential down pour came down so the course was soaked, so bad that only the back 9 was open. A small river had overflowed with the heavy rain. BUT, i had adjusted the settings on my Qi10 to upright settings earlier during the range session and it appeared that I was getting good numbers with that settings, balls speed average 144mphs, carry 144yds consistently. Swing speed still stuck at 97mph, just 1mph since my last time. Playing tomorrow at Dornick Hills, OK. Sunny and NO RAIN for a change. Hope to see how it plays up there. Half of my review its already up. Probably completed when I get back from Vacation in FL.
  5. Attempted to play a tournament last weekend.. Somehow my golf game has left me, other than my short game. everything has been terrible. Need to regroup, and try again maybe this weekend and get a round in.
  6. Date 05/28/2024 Course Name Firewheel Champions/Masters Gross Score 87 Course Handicap 10 Gross Strokes over/under par 15 Net Score to Par 5 Net Score 77 Net Birdies or better Longest Drive golf is hard
  7. Firewheel the Bridges course, 9 9 9. Long day. Should be fun
  8. 'Playing a mini tournament tomorrow. I have not touch my clubs since last weekend disgusting "Golf" performance. Hoping whatever bad YuYu came over last week its gone.
  9. Played Yesterday and it was absolute the worse round I have had this year.. GARBAGE all around. Need a break from golf.
  10. Date 05/19/2024 Course Name Hawks Creek Gross Score 88 Course Handicap 10 Gross Strokes over/under par 16 Net Score to Par 6 Net Score 78 Net Birdies or better Longest Drive
  11. Range Session during Lunch trying to get faster with my swing. Its going to take a min to get that swing speed to increase as my swing has been ingrained to be a control swing to make sure I hit more fairways over the years. Its going to take some time to let it fly but baby steps of progress. Today results using the VC SC300i Launch Monitor. Getting better carry distance now, swing speed move up a little and Launch angle was up.
  12. Not sure what the rest of the Testing team feels about this, but it seems that maybe for your swing you would have benefit from the green shaft as a better options. You appear to be the one tester that have not gotten any positive from this shaft and fitting. The higher the loft you go the more back spin you will create so the distance will be affected by this. If you had time before your round this weekend, I would just for comparison purposes, lower the loft instead of 10.5 or 11.5 , go down to 10 or 9.5. This should lower the back spin numbers. It did for me. I would be curious if you still have the same results.
  13. Worked on my weekly Chipping and Putting process. One thing that has help me, is that I stop using the range balls for practicing the chips/putts. I use what I normally play with (MaxFli Tour X or TM Tour Response) this keeps the consistency of how the chips and putts react in the practice green and when I take to the course there is no difference in the feel or reaction. 60 degrees Wedge - 6 shots only, evaluate and reset - 3 x Times. 56 degrees Wedge - 6 shots only, evaluate and reset - 3 x Times. Putting: 3 putts each from North, South, East and West. 3ft, 5ft , 8ft. This is MY standard length I practice with. You will more likely have this kind of length to make a putt either for birdie to to save par ( or bogey). Anything longer than that, you have not fine tune your wedge game.
  14. Its a different feel from my gamer shaft. I mention before that one thing that I had a hard time was that my game shaft Fujikura Speeder NX TCS 50 is a lighter shaft BUT the swing weight is D8 vs D5 of the current TF White Shaft with a heavier shaft 65. So it took so getting used to. Balls speed has 100% increase with this shaft. I just need to crease the swing speed to get the benefits. The Pressure plates really showed me how am distributing my weight, not really loading as much as I thought and more of a control swing with some weight shifting just not as much as I was expecting.
  15. During my fitting I was also in-between Orange, and White but also tried the Yellow trying to get the right feel. White Strong-tip was also the recommendation, it felt the best and I could really get thru the ball. Ball speed had the best numbers with this shaft. I like that you put up the Chart with the Load and Trace, I think that explains a lot about the fitting process. So far, its not the longer than my Fujikura, but is more accurate, I'm hitting a lot more fairways and as I mention before, the adjustment of getting used to the shaft, I still feel I can give it more and improve on the swing speed and this would increase my distance. Hitting the range this week to focus on increasing the swing speed and then taken out on the course this weekend. Great updated!
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