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  1. Decent round today.. The flag was not friendly today. Had 2 bounce off, 4 lips outs Hit some great shots and didn't get rewarded.. Had good looks at birdie today and only made 2. Putted well..putts were struck where I was aiming just unlucky today. But I like the the consistency. Not bad 41 / 40.. take the bounce off and the lip outs could have been at least 77/76 today. Looking forward for tomorrow. Hope everyone is having a great a fourth of July!!
  2. Beautiful morning and good round. Its hard to get all parts of the game going but if you have 2 or 3 of them working makes the round feel much better and what could have been. then suckers you into coming back.. lol
  3. Name/City State: Rockwall, TX How Often do you Practice Putting and How Long? 2 -3 times a week, for about 15mins, trying to get that consistent putter feel. How many 3 putts do you average per round? 1 or 2 What interests you most about Exputt from what you have seen or read? Love to see what it looks like on simulator, practicing at home in a mat is only letting see straight putts mostly. Love to see the difference and the data behind the putts, what i think am doing versus what am actually doing.
  4. Put some ducktape on that , it be good as new..
  5. Played yesterday, should have not, too damn hot. Started front 9 with a double, made some great up and down middle and finish the front 9 with another double. Back 9 just got worse, never got anything really going. Double 3 out 4 of the par 5... can improve your score doing that. Need to take a nap!
  6. Last couple of rounds I have been hitting the ball really well and wanted to keep that feeling going. Today just work on a few things with my new Cobra SZ FW to make sure I was comfortable enough for the weekend. 15 shots with the 3 wood, last 5 were what it should be and stop there. 15 shots with the Driver again, just getting the feel of the club release and that the shots were consistent. 15 Shots with 8 iron 15 shots full shots with 56 Wedge Chipping: 20 shots with 56 from 25-30 ft 20 Shots with 60 from 25-30 ft Putting: 10 putts from 3 ft - Left / Right putts 10 putts from 5 ft - Left / Right putts 10 putts from 10 ft - Left /Right putts Not over doing it just get that feel and stop, not to try to fix anything that could result in undoing the resent good work.
  7. Anyone in the DFW area want to get a game going ? Lets see how many interested parties and we can pick location after. We have an abundance of courses available.
  8. I started to used the Snell MTB-X yellow last year and I have really like the color. One downside, is after a while they get really dirty. Maybe they expected you not to have the ball for more than one round.. lol
  9. It all started very innocently, looking to upgrade my driver Cobra F9 which I thought was hitting pretty good.. Decided for the same brand newer version, Cobra SZ but after the range session and a round at the course, I return to the shop for what I expected was an adjustment which in turn I came out with a new Ping G410 LST which BTW is the best driver I have hit, never been more consistent ... BUT wait there is more.. While I was contemplating returning back to my trusted Cobra F9.. I decided to try some 3wood to possibly replace my Mizuno ST180. Well as it turns out the New Cobra SZ FW wood ended in the back this week.
  10. Pine Dunes is still one of my favorite course, is always in fantastic shape and the track is challenging.
  11. Yeah it was very Windy today.. It was challenged not trying to over swing into the wind
  12. Second consecutive round in the 70s..(one more is call a winning streak.) Had 4 lip outs and some closed putts. Which I take every day. Since they where consistent putts. Driver was decent, wind could have affect some shots. But I didn't spray the ball. Irons continue to be sharp. Need to bottle that feeling. Eagle on #7 was pure 6 iron fromm 192yds into the back portion of green, then made a 12 footer down hill. Looking forward to next week.
  13. Well happy early birthday.. And a good round. You ready to play with the big Boys again.
  14. Played a late afternoon round at Recently reopen Buffalo Creek. Course was in fantastic shape.. Greens where receptive, a little slow but they putted well. Drove the ball well again, irons were good, I like the way I was hitting them today and chipping and putting were again pretty consistent. For a solid 78. 3 rounds with the new driver and it has been pretty consistent. Lots of confidence!!!
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