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  1. Finally was able to play the Rawls Course at Texas Tech. Lets just say its a great course and by far the WINDY AF course I have ever played. That back 9 the wind was steady at 20mph, making those 14-18 very long. Greens were very undulating and if you was on the wrong side of the slope, good luck making it in 2 putts. But you can make birdies, if you are in the correct side, greens are faster than they appear, struggle with them in the front 9 but figured them out by the back 9
  2. Played a consistent round on Saturday, besides the triple on the last hole (which gets me every time). Stayed out of trouble and made putts, kept the ball in play. The best GIR I have had in a long time.
  3. Well we will be playing Southern Oaks on Saturday, hopefully we don't run into the same foursome, the again I have a couple of lineman playing.. Looking forward to playing there again, last time it was 2018.
  4. Just got the TE C721 3Wood Strong, and its been hit and missed, the head is a little bigger than my previous 3 wood, but I think the issue was the grip that stock grip was too thin and no feel, just put in my regular CP2 Grip on it will test it out this weekend and see if that improves the consistency .
  5. Played a 3 day tournament over in Hot Springs Arkansas, first I will say, what a set of stunning courses in the area. First round at the Granada course, Favorite course in the rotation, elevation changes, fast bend grass greens , stunning views. If you get a chance to play there, you won't be disappointed. Second was the Cortez Course, more tree line course, not as much elevation changes, tons of dog legs very few straight holes. Third round is my second favorite course of the rotation, stunning views, seems like every hole was an elevated green, fast bend grass, lengthy one of the bunch. Had a rough start on this one but settle in. Here are some views: "
  6. love that area.. last time I played there. Rum Point and may favorite was Lighthouse Sound..
  7. Just got the new TourEdge C721 3Wood with Hzrd RDX Blue Shaft. Took it out yesterday to the range and a quick 9, need to work on it a little. But it was long and straight, easy to hit of the deck or tee box. Fairway finder for sure. I will give it a good workout on Saturday, am sure it will come into play more often than normal.
  8. Links and Lands ends is a great course with some great looking holes.
  9. that was the best part of that course was the finishing hole. So many winnings on that hole. Yes Garden Valley is like that.. i remember people raving about it but it didn't compare to Twin Lakes.
  10. Garden Valley is ETX .. that is a decent track. When Twin Lakes was open that was the best .. but now is a cow pasture.. shame. Links of Lands End in Yantis.. playing that this weekend..
  11. Cmon man.. you sound like you are a great player.. can't believe you would let uneven lies get you. The views on some of the holes are great. Some are visually intimidating. I may loose 1 ball a round there mostly because I hit into the forest or the creek trying to go for it. Last time I played there maybe 2 months ago now, had my best round there. didn't even loose a ball, (i was trying to.. ) I would suggest WolfDancer next, there are alot of flat lies there, but its a challenging course.
  12. Am sorry you didn't like the course. First time is challenging not know the layout ,but its gets better.. its a challenging course for those reason you mentioned. Funny you mention the La Cantera. That is one of my other favorite course.
  13. REALLY! What happened? was it the COURSE, Staff?
  14. I haven't heard of this course, but I will added to my list of course to visit next time I go down to SA to visit.
  15. Over the weekend I played a 2 Day Stableford USAMTour Event down at Pine Dunes Golf course. I was excited to play this tournament, 1. I played this course at least once every year and I really enjoy the Stableford format. Day one was a real disappointment as couldn't stop the doubles from wrecking my score and points, the old you have to be in the fairway was very true, the rough was punishing, but the greens where as faster than I have ever played them before. No excuses , I played awful, I had nothing working for me. Day Two, well this was more what I was expecting, drove the ball well, putted great and had a couple of bad holes, but over all it was a great improvement over day one. Made a move but day one points really hurt and could only get to 22nd overall. This has been my theme for the past few years in 2 or 3 days tournament, the first day am awful, but the next day , am back in and making moves. I know am a better chaser than front runner at this time.
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