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  1. I currently using the Cleveland's RTX4 RAW., I was thinking of moving over to the ZipCores but couldn't decided if there was significant gains from this new version.
  2. I thought the SCORS where no longer been made. The Edison wedges I have heard good things , never actually seen one or hit one, this could be something to look at for next year.
  3. Check out my review of the TourEdge Exotic Pro with the Nippon N.S. Regio Formula MB+ 65 Stiff.
  4. Played yesterday evening, while it was still HOT AF. played a decent round. 40 / 39 = 79 57% FW hits (some of the misses where just off) 39 GIR% - need to improve this stat. 30 Putts Let's me just say that the my new combination of TourEdge EXS Pro and Nippon Regio MB+ 65S has been fantastical. Been able to step into the first tee and Send it down the shoot and knowing your are going to be in the fairway or just barely off. Is a great feeling, building confidence. Or getting to a couple of the tight holes on the course. Had some lazy bogeys, as I loose concent
  5. The Review 6/14/2021 [Nippon Regio Formula MB+ Shafts] – Official MGS Forum Review by [James Corujo] Intro I have been golfing for the past 17yrs, started after leaving the military and moving to San Francisco, I never expected to play golf. Everyone in my office played golf and they took me to a par 3 course in San Francisco and I remembering making par on the 4 hole (easy game, LOL) have been hook since. Once I moved back to NYC, I began to play more and become more competitive and really get hooked on the game. Now living in Texas, my game as become more consisten
  6. Ahhhh... I will be driving down to play Wolfdancer on Friday. we are playing The Bridges on Thursday evening.
  7. Playing WolfDancer this weekend and hoping to play TPC San Antonio also.
  8. After playing yesterday evening and the warmer weather (HOT AF). I was really hitting the TourEdge Pro / Nippon Regio Formula MB+ 65 S combination to distance I have not been before in a consistent basis. And this combination improve my Fairways hits Percentages even more. I did turn down the loft from 10.5 to 9.5 and this improve the spin rate , trajectory and distance. Compare to my previous Driving Accuracy, which I was content before because I had eliminated one side of the fairway
  9. Played a round yesterday evening, it was a get out of the car and in the tee box. So it took a few holes (9) to get going. Now that weather turn from Winter to Hot AF in blink of an eye, ball flight is a lot different now. Drove the ball well, specially in the back 9, Irons were solid, a little long (warmer weather, ball traveling more). Chipping was great after 4-5 holes, getting that feel going, I hit the shots I was trying to hit, so I was happy with that even if they rolled out more than expected and Putting was steady, should have made some putts , but I was happy with the stroke all d
  10. Played a weird round today. Back was hurting so i couldn't make a full turn or go down to hit the shots. So I hit alot of the shots thin.. didn't hit many fairways. Maybe 1 or 2 and two 3 putts add insult to injury. Am surprised that i scored what i did.
  11. Played 14 holes yesterday evening, Driving has been better than ever, hitting the fairways and getting it out there consistently. Even the playing partners commented how well and consistent I was hitting the driver. Gaining a lot confidence hitting the new Nippon Shaft with the Tour Edge Pro head combination. I feel that even if I really go after it is not going to balloon left or right, that am going to find it maybe of the first cut or so, not in the other fairway (unless I pull or push it that way) Going to play 18th tomorrow morning, should be fun, it will be the first time to us
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