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  1. Played over the Tribute from time to time, once the changed the greens it has been much better. Old American is one my favorite tracks over there.
  2. Plenty of decent courses around DFW. I play all over, don't like to limit only playing 1 course all of the time.
  3. FalconHead is a good track.. When I go down to Austin, always try to play one round there.
  4. An interesting day on Saturday, have been dealing with some forearm pain, so I took it easy for the week. On the range before my round, didn't hit anything that resemble golf shots. First hole, quick pull drive into the trees, made 6, then it was 2 over from there on on the front, and even par up to 17/18 which turn that into 3 over par. Had 5 three puts, 3 of them on par 3s, and the last 2 holes of the round. 73% Fairways hit 67% GIR 35 Putts (a lot of lip outs...ouch) Ended with a 79, 100% should have been much better. Bottom line, Golf decides what game you are goi
  5. I walked yesterday, it was a bit cool in the morning but then it got nice during the back 9 , perfect walking weather.
  6. What has been funny the past few weeks is how much I need it a 50 instead of a 52. I have found myself in need of a 50 more often lately, which was not the case before, or not a prevalent as it has been lately.
  7. This is becoming comical now, the 5th straight round, I have butcher the front 9 ..(different courses) and and then on the back 9 its been a solid rounds of 38,37, 38,36,37. No rhyme or reason for the failures on the front 9, right now I think is getting in my head.. I didn't change anything on my swing or chipping or putting from front to back. The back 9 have been a mostly lights out performance and the front 9 has been ridiculous triples, doubles, etc. and is usually a 4-5 holes stretch.. (damage is done). is like there is a reset at the turn and all systems are go. golf Love /
  8. I appreciated everyone comments and suggestions, just to give you an update. I replaced the 50 with a 52, keeping the 56, 60 grouping. The Irony to this was as soon as I put the new wedge in play, I had yardages that were on my 50s range, so I was short on most of those shots. I just need to learn where that new number is for the 52. Not sure I would put another wedge in my bag.. I will adapt and overcome. 13 clubs is enough.. lol Because I'm so used to using the 56, 60 combinations and have great feel for those wedges with the bounces, switching them would have been a disservice.
  9. Need to figured out what the hell am i doing on the Front 9 the last 4 rounds..they have been disastrous starts. Then am lights out the back 9. 49 /37, 47/38, 47/37, 47/36 Lack of concentration i guess..its just frustrating!! Stupid Golf!!
  10. For me my scores have improve, since I hit the clubs in my bag more often and now more consistently.. now is fine tuning those yardages so i can improve my scoring.
  11. Correct, the 135yds is the most I can consistently hit that club, but a minimum dial down to 125yds.. The GAP max would be 115yds..so yes. .that 120yds would be the key..
  12. Yeah, I tried to simplified my bag with the clubs I used more frequent and not just carry irons that I would hit MAY BE once a round. Yeah.. maybe keep the 50 and add 52(bend to 53)
  13. I know how far my current wedges fly, so the questions becomes what to I want to deal with. I'm having a feeling that the GAP between the PW -and 52 or 50 will be the issue. and have to decide new yardages for 100-125 range. example: PW - 125-135 50 - 110-115 And have become so familiar with these loft that to change them, I would think it would screw up my game.. 56 - 85-100 60 - 75-85
  14. I have a question, always have had 56, 60 degrees wedges, and depending on the set I have had a GAP wedge. Currently I have a 50 Degree wedge, and I want to replace it with maybe another 50 or a 52 to be closer to my other wedges. My Pitching wedge is a 46. What is the best direction, of the the 56 or of the 46.
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