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  1. As I am finishing week 6 of my test/experience of Stā Active Fiix Elbow, I think I should put a quick update on how things are progressing for me. I have been very diligent about my 3 days a week, 10 min each session regime with Stā Active. I wish I could say the same thing about my exercises that go along with it. I have missed a day here and there of them. That being said, my elbow hasn’t felt better in years. Being in the Northeast, Spring gets to be a little busy for me with the beginning of golf season, yard cleanup/maintenance, pool opening, and random diy projects which I force upo
  2. As I enter into the second full week of my Stā Active treatment, I thought it would be a good time to share my “first impressions”, and my introduction to Fiix Elbow. First Impressions: Simple, attractive, and a good quality packaging. The contents: - The Fiix Elbow device - Charger/Power Supply - Arm Strap - Emollient - Owner’s manual and a Quick Start My Intro to the Stā Active Fiix Elbow: Took it out of the box, went through the quick start guide and owner’s guide. Plugged in the device to char
  3. I’m based in the Ocean State, am an entrepreneur with a small business, and was a regular golfer until about 2011. I would hit the driving range and the course at every chance I got. Then our daughter was born and priorities changed. Both my wife and I are immigrants, who came here for our Master’s, not Masters (I wish). No family support, just us (we met in school in RI). Once our daughter was born, it was just us, no family support, so we tag team and get things done. Passion and hobbies then take a back seat. My clubs ended up in the shed until our daughter turned 8 and started showing int
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