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  1. Got the email the league was renewed and my immediate response was "here we go again" But, i'll be the whipping boy again in hopes of that golden ticket
  2. Congrats to the testers! If these are as good as the regular D7's then you guys are in for a treat. I've greatly enjoyed my regular D7's since testing them last year!
  3. Any of you guys try the nicotine pouches? Buddy introduced me to those last time we played and I wasn't familiar with them. Said it was less harmful than vaping and WAY less harmful than cigs - his former vice. Wasn't sure about any real world results with them, but seemed like an interesting idea for those trying to cut back or quit all together.
  4. Tarheelvolvo

    Union Green?

    Hard to justify the purchase when I can buy Srixon Q-star or Z-Star (on sale) for same prices with reliable and proven performance from a solid company. Side note: how the heck do you say Acushnet? Is it like A-cush-net, or Acue-sh-net, or something different? It's been bothering me...
  5. Wanted to share a recent article about this very topic. Having played another round with the Align XL, I think I fall into the non-linear putting category... however, that's no knock on the line, it's durability, or implementation! https://www.golf.com/instruction/putting/2020/01/31/line-on-golf-ball-i-tried-it/ Torture test forthcoming as well, in the vein of Mythbusters
  6. 62 - high scoring and the NFL will love it...more time for commercials
  7. To clarify, since it feels like my words are being taken as a cantankerous old man who also wants to "make things great again" and "back in my day I had to walk uphill both ways", I wanted to also note that the newer tech in clubs is a welcome addition. It has allowed more players to enjoy the game with less frustration, less lost balls, and hopefully lower scores. The added forgiveness in my D7's has certainly saved my butt a few times, and I've really enjoyed the clubs overall - especially when moving from my old DCI'S It's a small annoyance to have to retool your bag, but I, along with the rest of you guys, have adjusted and ultimately enjoy the game more!
  8. I talked about this very issue when I reviewed the Wilson D7's. Compared to my old DCI's I was playing at the time the loft was increased, on average, about 5* per iron...just crazy. Had to completely retool my bag, drop all FW's since the 4i was @ 19* and then add in 2 more wedges. Needless to say, I'm not a fan of the loft jacking...
  9. Could be worse, you could have started like Tiger did today... Whereas my expert analysis snagged me the leader
  10. So how does this work if we don't have 4 players participating in a given tournament? Looking at my roster, I only have 3 guys currently playing, so do they take the total and divide by 3, or what? Realize it's a long season, but if I have a guy who only shows up for Major's and may play in a different tour, that's not as good a deal than a consistent guy who plays every tournament, right?
  11. Oh man, I dunno @blackngold_blood. Us Fowler owners are quite pleased with is -8 he put up today. Hopefully a sign of things to come!
  12. Good ole Lamkin Crossline - midsized on all my irons. No issues so far. Mixed bag with driver and fairway - really need new grips, honestly. Oh, and put a new Golf Pride Pro Only green on the putter, which I really like!
  13. Jamming out to some Deftones, RATM, and SOAD for a nice run today. Gotta keep those legs fresh so I can start walking 36 without fatigue at the end of rounds.
  14. 57th...so basically starting this like FF... awesome... #notlast
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