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  1. Was able to get out with my dad and son today at Sycamore Creek. For those in VA, they have made a HUGE turnaround with the course and it’s great for $60 on the weekend. Anyway, on to the rd! Started a little sluggish, B, DB, but found my swing and was striking it well - 41 front. Them I really turned it up on the back 9 and drove a couple Par 4 greens, one for a birdie! Then came 18…I’ll let the pic do the talking: Was a few yds off the green and putted it in for an !! With the eagle, ended up with a 38 on the back for my first ever sub-80 rd!!!!! Super pumped that I got to experience that with my dad and son! Look forward to playing there again and hopefully repeating. Edit: Guess I need a Broke 80 badge now! @GolfSpy MPR
  2. Last week played down near Wilmington, NC at Olde Point. Decent enough course, some exciting holes, especially 10-14, otherwise a fairly straightforward outing. Only real complaint was the greens. They were shaggy and bumpy - cart guy said they hadn’t been cut recently due to rain, but the issues I saw were not rain induced… decent enough Front 9, but after the turn I got too relaxed and blew up big time, especially on 16. Reigned it in to finish strong, but what could have been a mid-80’s round turned into another 90…
  3. Forgot to post this rd from two weeks ago! Played at Hells Point south of VA beach - very close to Sandbridge, for those familiar with area. Course was partially underwater thanks to a huge dose of rain the week before, but still mostly playable, minus a few water bunkers and soggy low spots. ended up with a 91 and finished strong with a couple birdies! The 6:48am tee time combined with zero range time before made for tough start, but got it back in track after the turn.
  4. I third the Oakley prizm lenses. Definitely help read greens, keep glares down, and somewhat help the ball stand out - especially when hunting for it in the woods
  5. Hey there and welcome to the forum! There are lots of Android Friendly apps available, some with club tags (rfid chips either imbedded in grip or screwed on to the end), some without tags, some free, and some paid. Run a few searches on your list above and see what interests you most. Personally, I use Shotscope and it gives me all the information on your list and a lot more. I went with SS due to initial price and no recurring fees. It comes with a watch that links to the RFID tags on the end of your club - lots of opinions about that setup, but I like it! Good luck in your search and let us know what you end up with!
  6. Well, let this be a lesson to all - a high SS does not a good golfer make I have enjoyed my T200’s and am slowly, but surely catching up to their performance with my game. @Cam73 - if I were to go to a fitter now I would look at Mizuno JPX 923 or 921 (if you can still find a decent set), Srixon ZX4 or 5, Titleist T200’s, or maybe New Level (if you can find a fitter that has any). I don’t believe Ping or Callaway would serve you all that well given your need of forgiveness mixed with your speed. Cobra and TM might have something, though…
  7. Agree with @RickyBobby_PR, see a fitter. Most places will even fit for free if you order clubs through them. Im not a power lifter, but go to the gym fairly regularly and have a driver SS of ~117mph (measured a couple weeks ago) and originally had some Game Improvement irons that I was over-swinging (eg: my SS was working against the clubs forgiveness tech). Right now I play the T200 w/ DG X100 shafts. The heads are only a portion of the club and could be you need a heavier shaft to intentionally slow you down some - something maybe even like a DG S400 @ 134g weight. a qualified fitter can really dial you in to find the best combo of head and shaft. Let us know what you end up with!
  8. All grips on all clubs are Golf Pride Tour Velvet Midsize, except putters. Ping Anser rocking PP58 Black Cord Midsize and TA Impact #3 with Golf Pride Pro Only Green Star
  9. Congrats testers! Definitely looking forward to seeing the reviews as the tech looks very interesting.
  10. Whoa there fella, that’s dangerous talk! Don’t you know “free” is a four letter word around here! But seriously, that would make a ton of sense for Grint, 18birdies, etc… to have users buy, or repurpose existing tags (if possible) and use their software to keep track of shots and scores… per chance to dream…
  11. Good morning from Central VA. Terrible storms last night had the dogs under and then IN our bed last night…poor pups were terrified of the thunder so sleep was scarce. New VP in the office today, so hope I don’t look too much like s zombie! Hopefully i can get a range session in the evening, though. Have a great day!
  12. Ive tried Grint, 18birdies, and other phone apps, but always disliked having to manually enter my club and keep the phone in my pocket. The GPS features and hole overviews were nice, but not worth the hassles. i switched to Shotscope V3 last year and have loved it! It doesn’t do everything I want - hole overview being the main one - but it has always recorded my shots perfectly and the software is easy to make edits with on phone or computer. The data is great, and the price can’t be beat for the feature set. I believe new X5 solves some of my complaints, but was hesitant to purchase after hearing issues from early adopters. Now that those seem sorted, I’ll probably make a purchase next time they are on sale.
  13. Great write up! Clearly the TDs were the winners. I recently hit the TD driver compared to my current gamer with Trackman and was gaining about 30-35yds. Curious if you would only keep 1 of the TD clubs given the close yardage avgs you saw with Top Tracer - 7yds avg yds difference isn’t a big gap. Almost like the TD 3w and PXG 3hybrid to add more versatility to your bag for different situations - realize it might be course dependent, but you get the idea.
  14. Range session today really focusing on my follow-thru to make sure I'm coming all the way around the ball. I noticed last time that I was forcibly stopping my swing about 3/4 of the way on the follow-thru and thought, "boy, that's silly...why am I causing my stress to my joints and muscles??" New swing is really taking shape and finding more consistency across the bag, so please with the results, even if I didn't last too long out there thanks to the oppressive humidity after 5 straight days of rain in central VA.
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