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  1. For the money, I like the Oncore Elixr and the Maxfli Tour CG, they have a similar feel, but think the Oncore ball is a little more resistant to scuffing. Both balls are made by the same company Foremost, so it makes sense they feel similar. I haven’t had enough experience so far with Snell and others to make a comparison comment on them though.
  2. This is awesome and would love to be a tester in this because I usually get a new driver every year anyway (because I’m in the percentage of just want to not that need to). I just went last month and got custom fitted. My current driver is a Mavrik Max, and told told the guy wanted to see if have mine either set up correctly with the right shaft and loft, or if actually hit another one better I’ll get it. Tested the rest of the big five and actually hit mine with the shaft that I selected on my own better that all but the Ping G425 Max. I may just go ahead and sign up for the dollar club now though! ;>0
  3. I would really like to test and compare the new version since have been playing the Maxfli Tour CG for a year now.
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