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  1. I would highly recommend a fitting from a highly recommended club fitter. I’ve spent thousands of dollars shaft shopping and testing. Went to a fitter and ended up in a shaft I would never have considered and it’s ridiculous how much longer and consistent I am now…and for a fraction of the price. There are just too many variables to consider other than weight that a novice will never figure out. Learn from my mistakes.
  2. Sorry all…typo…$40, not $50.
  3. What’s the best ball you have used under $40 in terms of consistency and overall quality?
  4. What’s the best ball you have used under $50 in terms of consistency and quality?
  5. What’s the longest driver set up you have ever hit? I’ve tried many drivers over my golf career, such as; TM M1 440, SLDR, Cobra Speedzone, Ping g410l lst, Cobra Fly Z, TM M4, Rogue Sub Zero, and Epic Sub Zero. So far, nothing has beat my epic sz with rogue max 75x shaft. There is something about this configuration that works for me. Bombs away!!!!
  6. Speeder series works best for me. Have a 661 Evolution III in my M1 and absolutely love it. It's the longest and straightest shaft I've ever hit. Have not tried Ventus yet.
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