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  1. Hey all, Just looking to see if any of you might have some advice.... I think I am gripping too tight on my clubs (insert jokes here lol), but I seem to have a bit of difficulty in finding a balance. The definite tendency is to choke the life out of the club... But when I actively try to adjust, it feels a little too loose and like I have zero control. Struggling to find the happy medium! Does anyone have any tips or tricks to balance grip strength, or is it just a bunch of trial and error? Thanks!
  2. Hey all, my first official post in the forums (not counting the introduction one) After 15 years, I finally went for a fitting and ended up with a suite of Cobra Radspeed clubs for my bag. Driver (xd) 5w,5h,6-gw. All regular flex... Graphite in the woods and hybrid, steel in everything else. This is after years of playing my Dad's Walter Hagen blades from the early 70s, and then some Wilson x31s. Excited for the cobras! Just got them last week, and have been out just once. Take a little getting used to (especially with the lie adjustment! Up 2deg.!) So far, they are have an amazing feel and balance. My only concern is there there is not a lot of negative feedback from them! Even on mishits, they feel and sound pretty good. Is this pretty common with more current and forgiving clubs? Is it the kind of thing where the feedback on bad hits is just more nuanced? I guess time will tell!
  3. Hi All, Fairly new to the site! I recently got back into golf after a long hiatus, and in doing some research to catch up, I kept landing here! I'm from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (our nations beautiful capital) Been golfing on and off for about 15 years, but very sporadically. Never more than maybe 6 or 8 rounds a year. Changing that now! I'm pretty terrible out there, but for the first time I am working to get better! I enjoy the walk and exercise... I'm in pretty bad shape, and needed something to get me out walking and working some muscles! Golf is pretty good here, lots of courses and options... Downside is a sometimes long offseason in the winter, and limited indoor golf opportunities. I'm a national representative for a union, trying to help people as best I can! Looking forward to participating in the forums and drawing on the collective experience here! Thanks in advance everyone!
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