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  1. I don't understand why people buy refurb balls when they can go with a DTC brand for the same price or less and actually know what they're getting vs. possible lake balls. Brand name recognition is a hell of a drug I guess.
  2. Got my shipment in last night and they're garbage so everything said about them likely being manufactured in a different facility is probably true. They bear the "pro" name and are barely cheaper than the excellent Pro Plus but they feel like a Noodle off irons. The putting alignment that's usually another reason I stick with Vice (besides price) over Pro V's is now printed over dimples in a more haphazard manner that makes it much less useful for alignment purposes. It's disappointing that they took a ball that belongs with their Tour/Drive lines and stuck the Pro name on it because I thought it was going to be something I would use at a good price point. Should have ignored the hype and stuck with the balls I've actually used and like.
  3. Went on a split 5 dozen with my homie. I game the Vice Pro but used the lower priced Tour when I was just starting out and even those were great. Hope they eventually bring the color options to the Pro Zero because the neon makes them very difficult to lose.
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