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  1. These are all fantastic, IMO. Oh, how the "other half" live... Swimmin' pools, movie stars & GT-R's.
  2. Seems this is pretty similar, without the Tour having to use that "Appearance Fee" phrase they don't like. However, not that they haven't looked the other way for decades as players were paid for "promotional appearances" that happened to coincide with tournaments that needed the field boosted. The hypocrisy and sabre rattling on all sides is a bit much, really.
  3. What’s different, pray tell? Norman originally had the idea for what are now the WGC’s. Mickelson wants more money for the top players. PIP program and now a fall fling money grab to keep the boys in the fold and not playing LIV Golf events.
  4. So…. exactly what Greg Norman has proposed (twice in history) and Mickelson was excommunicated for promoting. https://golf.com/news/8-month-pga-tour-season-fall-international-series/
  5. I'm not sure I think it's "Terrible", but do agree that I'd like to see PGA Tour pros (or DP World Tour, etc etc) paired with likable celeb golfers who have some game. Add in an interesting course that we don't get to see often on TV, and you've got something IMO. I'll watch this if it's raining outside, but otherwise it'll be recorded and seen way after hours like a bad B movie.
  6. Absolutely. I'm not a monster...
  7. Probably be some in the coffee...
  8. Exactly... "Thanks" for making this forum better for all of us.
  9. Man…. I would have LOVED to take these but also have a work related trip that week. Hoping someone enjoys these immensely!
  10. Might want to pick a few of the “mudders”…
  11. I've been crazy busy; not YOUR fault I missed it...
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