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  1. Did the same. Unbelievable what I’ve learned and received from being associated with this group. And… I might win something cool!
  2. I use a circle (usually blue) around the number. Oddly enough, the only decent pic I had is of a Pinnacle that I used when we did the “Hard Rock” challenge or whatever we called that.
  3. You sound to me (an untrained person who plays golf & types words into a forum post, LOLZ) like someone who could do their own on course testing. Ask Santa to bring you various sleeves of balls you think you'd like to try and do your own on course analysis. And, if it's convenient, go get ball fit.
  4. I have to say I think that person (I won't use the term "fitter" with them) did you a disservice.
  5. I was lucky to visit Bridgestone HQ in Georgia with @GolfSpy Barbajoa few years ago and was fitted there by probably their best dude for that, Adam Rehberg. (He works with Tiger, so I guess he's a'rite...) I've been a Bridgestone loyalist since then and although I also try other brands, I always end up coming back to what I know works for my game. @Kenny Bhit the nail on the head above; if you have to constantly adjust your game to your ball, you're leaving strokes on the golf course.
  6. You, nervous in front of a microphone? I find that difficult to fathom. Looing forward to listening to the podcast.
  7. First of all, your wife is a keeper. Second, I also am gaming a PXG (Gen 2 0811 XF) and I LOVE it! Do yourself a favor and at least find a PXG store or a used one at Superstore or something and give it a swing.
  8. I took my first swings in "competition" with the Nippon N.S. Regio Formula MB+ yesterday. Once I finally had the PXG adapter installed, it took me some time just to be able to get to the range ("Shank's", we've discussed this before... ). I didn't have any launch monitor equipment, just my eye & "feel". I only had a bout a half an hour, so took 3-4 swings with the HZRDUS Yellow that came with my 0211 XF, and then slipped the Nippon into the head. I wasn't in love at first, and TBH, even now I'm not sure the shaft is a perfect match for me. I kept adjusting the loft (10.5*) on my driver down, as I didn't like the ball flight with the new shaft. I finally brought it down to 9*, (or at least -1.5* per the adapter, I have not had the loft verified) and started hitting these super straight, not exceptionally high bullets. I kind of dug that ball flight, so I left things alone and played in a team scramble event yesterday. The Nippon is about 1/2" longer than my HZRDUS, so I'm still adjusting to hit the center of the club face, but I've pretty much got that figured out, and I'm hitting the new combination at least as far, if not farther than the previous setup. I'll have to figure out some launch monitor time somewhere over the Winter to see where the numbers really stack up, but after one short range session and one day in competition, I'm a FAN!
  9. I used to be in Shreveport reasonably often for work. I used to play Shreveport Country Club, when you could get a good midweek rate on Golf Now. I believe this was Hal Sutton's home course growing up. It's unfortunately closed now for good. Wish I could have seen it in it's heyday. You could tell it was a palace back in (probably) the 70's. Your son is "stationed" there. Is he at Barksdale? I believe there are two courses on the base that I think are both pretty decent, and you would most likely play with locals/service members. Can't think of a better time.
  10. Welcome! I also play Bridgestone pretty exclusively, and I've been lucky enough to visit their ball factory in GA once upon a time. I don't ever notice "weird anomalies" with BStone balls, and I think we usually all know when we hit one kind of sketchy. I suppose if it's in your mind, try a different ball that has close to the same characteristics (LOTS of good info on this site) and see if that ball works for you. We all need to have a clear mind and eliminate as many variables as possible to have any chance at this bloody game. Again, "Welcome!", and I agree: Fix Your Ball Marks.
  11. I'm late to this thread. Glad to see Ping stepped up. I was going to suggest:
  12. Fun topic! I do struggle with the size of the "Snell" logo. It seems as if it's everywhere on the ball. I play Bridgestone "almost" exclusively, and I do like the solid "B".
  13. I have a Bridgestone Tour B JGR driver with a Graphite Design Tour AD-6x shaft. That thing is unbelievable. Toying with the idea of having it stripped out of that JGR and putting a PXG adapter on it to mate with my 0811 XF. Problem is, I might hit the ball TOO far...
  14. I have not yet listened to the podcast (I will do that) but my initial thought when I saw the headline was "You pay people to do something you can't (or don't want to) do yourself". If there is a discount offered after the fact if you buy product, then the fitting wasn't "free'. It's similar to the "No gas, no squeegee" commercial circulating right now. Why should someone give away their accumulated knowledge for nothing?
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