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  1. Interesting question. The way I am looking at the second hand golf market is a bit like a car hire facility. In the last year I've been able to flip a £50 set into a set that has much higher value. If I end up with something that clearly doesnt work for me I'll sell it for profit fairly easily and replace. It is actually quite good fun besides even if you get fit there is a good possibility that when you get said club in play on the course it may not work as well as the simulator data suggested it might. My next acquisition will be tsi3 swapping out my 917 d2 driver, it's been a while since I've had something new in my bag (6 months since I swapped out my wedges)
  2. I absolutely love hitting my 3 wood regardless of brand/model. When I returned to golf after 20 years it was after many months that I put a driver in my bag. 3 wood off the tee or deck it always gives me confidence
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