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  1. So your saying you see no difference on how a ball reacts on the green with chips, pitches, shots with scoring irons between a Prov1 and some other type of ball?
  2. Most iron fittings fall in that price range. Depending on the place whether that can be applied is not always the case. Some do it to get the sale but like txg you are paying for a service and the fitters time. They aren’t as worried about the sale. the ball is the one piece of gear played on ever shot and to say that’s on the low end of the unnecessary is crazy talk. every piece of equipment should be fit
  3. The best breakdown is individual testing on the course.
  4. A lot of the titleist staff are in Ap2/t100. The TM staff seem to have gravitated to some form of the p730 except for day. I think Callaway has players all over the spectrum from older MB’s or player cavity up to the new x forged and maybe cf19 pro. Mizuno staff and non seem to be in jpx line. Ping I think blueprints are the choice on Pga and i210 on lpga edit: the various brands have their staff listed on their site and what they have in the bag. One can “easily” go thru and see what’s being used
  5. The ones I’ve seen lately have been model year replacement like rogue vs mavrik, m5/6 vs sim/max. Not sure their setup/policy with the various manufactures but I would guess something that’s more than 1 release cycle back they don’t stock and more than likely have sent back to the oem
  6. Never played the lethal so have no info/input on comparisons to it. For the tp5 and 5x they were close in overall performance. I found the 5x to be longer and performed better in the wind. Wayward shots with 5x had the tendency to be worse than the 5 but that’s something I’m used to with the prov1 and 1x. Being that you perform better with a lower compression ball I would suggest the Bridgestone rx and rxs. One option for you would be to take all the “x” versions of balls you like/have (TP5x, prov1x, bx,bxs,csx)play a handful of holes with them all each hole and see which one performs best from tee to green. Some may be better in other areas but there is bound to be 1 or more that out perform the rest. Then test the non “x” (Prov1, tp5, cs, rx,rxs & any others you have). Do the same test to see what wins out. then take the winners from both categories against each other and see which is the true winner(s)
  7. There’s not a one ball fits all just like no club fits all. It has to be about what works for you and gives you the expected results every time. Is it TMs QC or maybe the spin and design of the tp5x doesn’t fit your game? Based on what you posted in the chrome soft thread a lower compression ball fits your needs better than a higher compression one does.
  8. RickyBobby_PR

    New Chromesoft

    A rep would put it out there for multiple reasons. Some being the person running a pro shop asked when they will be getting the new balls in and the rep tells that person about the issues and lets him know there could be a delay. The same pro shop person mentions he can’t wait to try the new ball or tells the rep he has customers looking for the new ball and asks for an update. Communication from reps to the retail accounts happens all the time and a good rep keeps his accounts up to speed on things.
  9. Results will vary by user. A Prov1 may work for my game and not for someone else’s with similar skill set and or swing speed. if you take 5 balls you are interested to the course and test them from green to tee you will find the one that works best for your game. Will one perform better for you in short game vs another but not as good with long irons? Possibly. the purpose of each person testing on the course is the one that helps them play their best.
  10. I think practice is the bigger influence in game improvement. I’m not a fan of the club categories for this reason but from a manufacturer standpoint it’s necessary marketing thing to help sell clubs.
  11. Curious what you are trying to gain with this info? If you are interested in how it will affect overall performance that will probably vary by each person to hit them. If interested in how the moi would work for your swing going to a fitting or demo day and hitting them yourself to see what works for you.
  12. Hopefully one would test balls on the course and/or get fit then once they have the ball that best fits them they play that ball every round.
  13. RickyBobby_PR

    New Chromesoft

    Im with you. It’s not a good look for Callaway but also how many golfers actually know this is going on. I’ll say only those on here and those who work in retail of some sorts. It would be much worse for them if they put it out and there were issues of any kind but a large scale issue would crush their potential sales. If they fix the issue before they are offered at retail it’s no biggie. If they hit delays for the proposed date then it starts to become an issue, but again how many golfers outside of forums, social media groups and maybe golf digest even know a new ball is due out in March
  14. In reading other user feedback they have done pretty good in getting swingweights to requested number and/or getting headweight back to normal. There were a couple that I saw didn’t get close. Ive seen the max spin is only a few hundred rpm higher than sim so it could be spin related even with you lofting up
  15. What loft do you have? What type of flight/shots are you seeing?
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