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  1. Correct because there’s no standard for flex in the industry and one companies stiff can be another companies regular and smoker companies x stiff. Even within a company two different lines is shafts can be different. As you mention the shaft does two things. Provides weight and feel
  2. Distance over loft number, plus the bounce on the club. They have windows they want to hit
  3. Yes phases out for the non professional golfer and yes many pros have made a switch however there is still a small segment of pros who wear metal spikes or use something like the black widow.
  4. Right he switched to the latest model because the old one was too hot. The new model wasn’t working out for him so he switched back to the previous model with a new head so that it passed the test
  5. Rory can be a walking contradiction at times. he just switched to an older model driver because it has a hotter face and better distance than he turns around and says he supports the rollback because it will benefit him. Rory I think many times means good and wants to be open and honest when he talks but imo he needs to talk less on most issues
  6. The g400 and 2016 m2 drivers have been the best in the market over the last 10 years. I think the newest titleist line has a chance to be similar. The g410 models were good but made no improvement on the g400 in driver however the fairway woods were just as good if not better. I only swing a g425 a few time so no real data or experience to compare to g410 or g400. Every few years someone makes a driver that is just better than everything else. 2016 m2 driver and woods imo are still that club with g400 driver right behind it
  7. I don’t recall what stock options are for the Mizuno but some options to maybe narrow down your search that are pretty standard across the board and good are tensei av raw white hzrdus smoke green and black Diaman kai’li aftermarket tensei 1k white and black ventus and ventus tr with velocore Stay on x flex and either 60 or 70g
  8. Until we see launch monitor numbers with the titlest we won’t know what’s going on
  9. You don’t have to get fitted into a $500+ shaft at CC. Tell the fitter your budget. There’s a bunch of shafts that could work. Nobody here could tell you which one is the best and you could end up with 50 different recommendations. The cheapest way is to go to a local shop and ask to demo shafts for your head at find what works and then buy that shaft, or go for a fitting and find out. Local fitters will be able to do this too
  10. It looks like the Gen 4 silver. what does the listing on 2nd swing for? Did you try and look at true tempers website?
  11. Yes and no. There are things that have to be considered for shafts and the description on a webpage isn’t enough info to make a decision because the weight of the shaft, how it feels to a each golfer and how it feels in a club determine how it will affect the swing and club delivery. Some people aren’t as sensitive as others are. We all swing the club differently so even two people of same swing speed, handicap, age, etc can have different results from the same head and shaft combo
  12. You don’t have carry numbers from on course and total yardage on course can vary based on course conditions and your shot at the time. Trackmans total yardage is based on its algorithm from the other day so comparing total yardage on the trackman vs the course isn’t real helpful, you should be comparing carry vs carry. You can use whatever numbers you want for estimating but imo they don’t make any sense and aren’t real useful. What do you mean new technology is incomplete? The issue you should be focused on which is a fear piece of information that can be tracked for profess is your smash factor, attack angle, face to path and club path. You are coming from the outside anywhere from ~8-11° that’s a lot. You have a face to path that is anywhere from ~6-11° also a lot. This is going to cause inconsistency in strike, lots of curve on the ball with big left to right slices or right and going further right. Your attack angle is carry from 0-4°. All causing a poor smash factor or bad strike. When you fix those the distances will go up and be more consistent. The question is whether the shaft is hindering your swing or not. That can’t be answered by anyone here and only thru some form of testing shafts and comparing numbers to see if they change or not. Based on the trackman numbers and without seeing a swing I would say things probably won’t change too much with a heavier shaft or a different profile.
  13. How do you get to the only brand of the ball will be titlest? Titleist already and out against the proposal. Plus there are players under contract to TM, Srixon and Callaway, they aren’t going to allow a staff member out of a contract to play a competitors ball nor are they going to risk losing money in ball sales if it became retail available
  14. This would make the usga look like the elite douches everyone thinks they are. I also don’t think they would go that route over a MLR. But again if they did they would look bad. The PGA tour could then turnaround and say that the FedEx cup points for the US Open will ne reduced and that the tour will no longer recognize the us open as a major. 20 years ago they were about growing the game and getting more people involved. Distance sells. They are making this a bigger problem than it is and they don’t like that the chickens have come home.
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