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  1. I don’t have any tee marks on my current drivers and I typically don’t have a driver in my bag more than 1-2 seasons and really don’t see anywhere near the wear and tear on the sole like you show. looking at yours it looks like you make a lot of contact towards the toe. Could be out to in path or too far in to out. How do those marks compare to what you see on face contact?
  2. I’m guessing that you don’t do a lot of slow motion swings and segmented swings.
  3. There might be a little bit of tilt but it looks more so from the left hip coming forward and just bending the knee rather than the right hip going back and up along with having flexion in the spine. compare the separation in his legs and how the left hip is tilted up and how much flexion he has in the left leg Link to a Bryson slo mow from dtl
  4. The flat turn is typically going to cause a steeping if the shaft in transition. Then it’s a matter of how well our body compensates for it. For me if I played three straight days the third day was going to be a journey around the course. Too many experiences with that on golf trips or some 3 day events on base. A couple drills to consider is the sam Snead one. Google/YouTube search by that. Basically set club on shoulder, turn then push arms away. Other is arms folder across chest. Can do with a a club across the chest too. Turn. The shoulders then do a side crunch.
  5. Yeah when you look at his swing you can see what is pretty constant in all the good swings with some shoulder tips and left side bend and change in flexion of both left and right leg. Speaking from experience of having a flat turn and/or no hip depth, it will make consistency harder and some days can be bad when timing is off
  6. I’m not familiar with the one plane swing you are following and it’s thoughts on hip and shoulder angles. Also don’t know if it’s caused by this change in setup but you have a very flat swing. That’s going impact how your arms move and how the club gets on plane. Even during the time when Tiger used a one plane swing he had shoulder and hip tilt in the back swing.
  7. Ok. That is defiantly an issue compared to just the hands moving in and club getting set vertically
  8. It depends on the person I have used 60 and 70g in the exact same shaft model and there is no difference in ball flight. Shafts don’t change spin nearly as much as people want to think, same with flex.
  9. Curious if it’s the hands getting inside or is it the club rolling to the inside?
  10. Pxg has been in that segment for awhile with the original gen1 0311xf. Then again with the original version of the 0211
  11. That’s on the course as much as it is on the rangers. We have plenty of courses that the rangers enforce it and they let the groups behind the slow group of what’s happening and what they’ve done. The courses let you know up front what the expectations are and how they are enforcing it. There are some courses where it’s stated but not enforced and it becomes an issue. I stick to courses that either enforce it or where it’s not really an issue to begin with. It’s only when im playing with the larger group I’ve played with since I started and the courses they choose where I end up playing a course that has bad pace of play and/or lack of enforcement. But I know that going in and set my expectations accordingly and dont sweat it.
  12. Go to a range and you will find a lot of people that have good grips, acceptable posture and yet make bad swing and have terrible contact and face control. Learning how to properly transfer pressure, set the wrists and rotate are IMO al prt of the basics. Unfortunately people who can’t get into more of the nuances of the swing stick to their guns on certain aspects to support their position
  13. 4.5 hours isn’t slow IMO and on weekends it’s the norm especially late morning thru late afternoon. I play several courses that have a 4:15-4:30 pace of play and enforce it. I’ve played rounds on those courses early in the day under that time. I’ve played rounds in that timeframe where it felt like it was longer and others where the time flew. A lot of pace of play is based on tee sheet separation, course layout. The courses that do it well like the ones I play it’s not an issue. They tell you upfront what the expectation is, they tell you it’s monitored and how they handle it. They actually enforce it and very rarely is there an issue. more than 4.5 is when it starts getting too much
  14. I played frequently for years but was just one more activity I did with coworkers along with the various military sports leagues I played in throughout the year. My swing was self taught and my baseball skills let me him the ball decently. I decided to take lessons to improve my game and my swing. My lessons were far more coaching than pure instruction. I was also learning about the swing so that I could self diagnose and correct during a round. no offense but coaching high school golf IMO is a lot different than giving lessons on a daily basis for a living. I had and have seen numerous high school coaches in various sports that knew less about the game they coached than they student athlete. Or that the basics is all the really know and can’t dive into actually coaching and improving an athlete. Not saying thats you but what I’ve seen in high school coaching during my school years and in some of what I’ve seen throughout the years including with some of the younger athletes I’ve played sports with over the last 30 years. This is more on the instructor than the student, but some blame on the student for not communicating with the instructor. A good instructor is going to understand how and to what a student responds to, what gets them stuck and how to get out of it. It’s also an area I think has improved in instruction over the last 5-7 years where instructors are developing their skills and understanding that each lesson doesn’t have to be tinkering and trying new stuff but continuing to work on a move/feel/drill to help the student reinforce the aspect they are trying to improve but also many are getting away from doing full on swing work during the lesson and having the student out the swing work to the test under pressure by hitting golf shots. That could be using the various tools on launch monitors like trackman academy or some of the practice tools or using the range to hit to targets or working on ball flight up and down or playing fades and draws. But what you’ve at is why the thread was started and what the video is about
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