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  1. You have to consider who they are trying to attract. Millennials and younger crowd don’t know DL3 so while he is a big name to golf fans he is an unknown to those that aren’t avid fans where Michele wie has a much bigger following.
  2. Paula is still playing and the others aren’t that great at interviews (haven’t seen Anna do any) and Blair is ok on tv with Martin hall. Holly bombed as both an interviewer and on set jist with fox. Yes it matters. Balionis is decent at interviews and sounds terrible to me and I avoid listening to her. It’s more than looks when tryin to grow audience.
  3. I would trust anyone at dsg. Most of the people I’ve seen there know nothing more than some general info they could find in the internet. Golf Galaxy sometimes is only slightly better.
  4. Basically I agree. Tons of options for club and shot choice. Long game is basically choose a club that goes the furthest
  5. They are definitely weaker lofts than the p730s as well as heavier and shorter in length. His irons aren’t really 730s. Mike Taylor was heavily involved in the making of the TW irons. He’s made/worked on tigers irons forever. They used the mill grind which the 730s don’t have and tungsten weighting to help get the launch window dialed in. Tigers irons are unlike others out there. Iirc each one was designed separately from the other which isn’t how typical retail sets are made.
  6. The TW specs are what we’re needed to get tiger his desired ball flight window. They are different from the p730 standard design that has a different launch window. It took lots of time and effort to get tiger his desired flight and it wasn’t something that was easily replicated but eventually TaylorMade was able to nail it down to something that could be replicated and provide tiger with replacements when needed. So anyone willing to spend the money can have tiger specs and also anyone wil to spend the money can have old school specs made for them from a club maker but most people including pros don’t play old school specs. Not to mention “traditional” lofts have changed over time. It’s not like we went from 1960s lofts to current lofts.
  7. Didn’t see anything referencing these on usga conforming list.
  8. All brands with carbon fiber heads have trouble. Cubs get banged around, dropped, slammed, etc and some will get broken. I’ve had several m1/2 heads and never had an issue
  9. The ones that that face angle would matter to is quite small. I can tell you on every fitting I’ve been to with competent fitters including the ones from ping HQ static face angle has never once been discussed. The vast majority of golfers don’t get fit and every brand knows this and it’s why they design clubs and pick shafts that will fit the majority of golfers. the loft that mgs provides is the stated loft of the club and as cnosil mentioned the clubs are adjusted for each tester so that loft will probably change. Fittings for some are also about gapping so if one chooses a 19* head in a hybrid and turns it up or down to get the distance they want the face angle and lie have changed. imo it’s a measurement that makes no sense to include in the study...just like mgs isn’t publishing the shafts used.
  10. Most driver, woods and hybrids are adjustable and the face angle is going to change. It’s also one of the reasons mgs pushes for getting fit.
  11. A good fitter is going to eliminate those shots regardless of mat or grass. Off the grass the chunk of grass is going to be a good indication of a fat shot and the sound on mats will be the indication and if there’s good communication between fitter and golfer they will check with each other to confirm if it was fat or even thin. While a digger will probably have different experience of mats vs grass one should still making contact with ball first and the feel of ball on the face as well as sound imo wouldn’t matter, other than how harsh they are after hitting the ground. The turf interaction is where the difference would be. Another aspect of feel in the shaft/head combo comes in the transition and would be as much if not more than contact. Not everyone can feel things in the swing but in my experience the feeling of the club and whether I have to work harder to swing them or back off happens long before contact.
  12. I don’t get the dislike for fitting off mats. It provides a consistent and clean lie every time and a clean club face. I’ve seen outdoor grass fittings where the club doesn’t get cleaned after each shot and of course that’s going to affect numbers and results. the advantage to outdoor fittings regardless of what one is hitting off if is to see the ball flight. Indoor fittings imo are fine and I’ve don’e them with good success. One just needs to weigh their options and preferences but mat or grass is t going to provide a significant difference in numbers
  13. +1 on the bolded. Distance isn’t going to be accurate but one can get a good feel for how. A good strike vs bad one flies. To me it’s also relatively easy to see when a ball is just bad by the flight so i ignore the results of that shot. when I’m at the range im more focused on contact and swing than distance. I save the distance for the course and I can adjust relatively quickly if I’m under or over clubbing
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