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  1. If you wanted to work on something that incorporates what you are trying to do with the right elbow and the lower body is to go to ntc and work on the wrist set and push the hands to 7 o clock. You can check your elbow at that point. That is basically the end of the swing and from there it’s just completing the turn to the top with nothing left for the wrist or arms to do
  2. In the recent photos your still pretty flat and can tell you are left hip out and not right hip back. You look less laid off in the swing but it looks like wrist set in the backswing is late and maybe a little added lead forearm rotation. These things will tend to lead poor transition because the right hip is going to want to shoot out first and that leads to steep transition, in better players getting stuck and having to create room by early extending also creates the big in to out path to 3+ degrees. It’s good you are working on the proper elbow bend, but working on proper shift and hip movement and getting more left bend will solve a lot of other issues. edit: you have put in some good work and there are noticeable changes in how the swing looks and you have course corrected a couple times either before or after your clinic and lessons with Monte. The work ethic is admirable and you’ll get the swing sorted out
  3. Exactly. It has influence on swing which has impact on delivery which is what will generate the launch characteristics for that particular golfer. And even with the same shaft spin and launch will change for every 1/8” change in where the ball contacts the face. Ive seen guys with a low/low shaft in a low spin head still have too much spin because they were adding lift at impact and hitting low heel
  4. I hate charts like this in any language. As you know from doing fittings two different people swing the same shaft in the same head can see different ball flights. But I get it that the shaft manufacturers have to give some kind of reference for the design from a launch/spin perspective but the fade draw kills me
  5. This could be a technique issue. I have no problem hitting balls around trees with i525 irons which are some of the lowest spinning irons I have played
  6. This has literally been shown to you in several amg videos including me pointing to the specific timestamp in the pros vs ams shallowing video Its part of the reason as is Rory’s use of ground reaction forces. Rory is one of the best at this. It’s why he is leading the tour in driver distance despite not being one of the biggest out there. And yes Monte is using gears data.
  7. Why try to shape it. It only brings in the potential for more issues. The number of players on tour that constantly work the ball in both directions is 5. Better to concentrate on hitting each shot flush and with natural flight
  8. When the performance of the club is hindering progress or the players distance provides better performance. Theres no hard and fast rule for when to switch ir even that a switch needs to happen. Most of the time people looking to switch are doing it to have something different. I have a buddy that plays off a 2-3 handicap that has driver swing speed in the 115-117 range that plays t200 irons.
  9. Work on adding left side tilt. You are pretty flat in both the shoulders and hips. It will help you be in a better position in transition to not get stuck. and will probably help with not getting so much mass behind the ball and get better pressure shift
  10. The chances of having to be refit every year because of some dynamics of your game changing is extremely low. Unless some physical limitation happens like and injury or illness your swing dynamics aren’t going to change enough that would alter the specs that fit you. Despite lessons, some changes in movement in my swing, increased strength and physique my club specs and shaft specs are still the same from a decade ago.
  11. You might be surprised what can be gained from going from a possible incorrect club setup to one that’s fit to your swing. I’ve seen guys gain significant yards from an in fit to a proper fit. A good coach regardless of age will work within a golfers ability or lack of mobility/flexibility. To lump in instructor is based on age or perceptions puts oneself in a hole from the beginning. Its already limiting or eliminating options fro the start without even talking to the instructor about their methods, what they can and can’t offer. As to the physical aspects and aging. Resistance training to include a squat movement, a hinge movement and a pressing movement are essential to maintaining or in some cases gaining bone density, despite the misperceptions lifting is good for mobility. Also doing mobility work is going to pay off for everyone. Being flexible is what many want but that’s only part of the story. You have to be strong in those positions too and that’s where mobility comes in. You could search out a TPI certified coach if you need to see someone’s credentials in order to trust them. Getting a good physical therapist will also help.
  12. AMG has an older video with a swim foatie too. For the same purpose of limiting the trail elbow from over bending
  13. There is a large segment of the golfing population that is out there for the enjoyment of just being out and socializing and don’t care about equipment, don’t practice and just want to have a good time on the course with friends/famiky. They aren’t getting fit. There are more serious golfers that also like having fun, gamble a little bit on the course that don’t care about equipment. They have been playing for awhile and will buy what they always buy for flex of shaft and off the rack. They will then adjust as they age by going lighter and/or softer. while fittings have increased over the years they are stiff only utilized by a small segment of golfers
  14. It’s about entertainment. But i think there are things that cns gleaned from watching pro golf. Some from the golfers and what type of shot they play into a green, out of rough. Some from the player and caddie interaction that the broadcast shows and some from the former pros or caddies and their analysis and commentary about what the player is probably thinking, how they would approach the situation, etc.
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