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  1. I hear ya. The first 2-3 weeks of the season are always an adventure. I’m in the process of making some swing changes that I started with my coach last year and one of the reasons I joined GGs academy to learn more about what my coach is trying to get me to do. I know it’s going to take time to make the change permanent so that’s one reason for long term planning especially with only a couple days max to practice. Also goal is to get the handicap down to sub 5
  2. I don’t take a refresher lesson and have gone instructor less in 2019 and part of 2020. My plan is to have a long term coach again like I did around 2015-2017 and work with him over the winter to keep fresh
  3. Are you possibly getting steep and stalling the hips causing you compensate? Could also be right side bend/shoulder dip too early in transition.
  4. I do too. Like @Micah T I’ve been doing lots of mirror work this winter looking at my setup. Between the GG course and my coach who is for coached and learned under him I use the approach of standing tall, slightly soften the knees then round from the mid spine. I have a slight bend at the waist. The one thing I need to work on is stance width, GG talks about widening the stance if you need to in order to reach the ball. I tend to be a little narrow.
  5. Lots of good info in that course especially the first module
  6. That suggestion by them is something I had an instructor tell me back in 2015/16. He had me looking at Molinari. Same height and we’re working a few lbs of each other just distributed differently. I agree for your build you will see more similarities with lpga players. Danielle Kang, Brooke Henderson are some others you could look at. On the pga tour someone like Bud Cauley who’s is about 5’7”
  7. They do have similar thoughts to GG, but lots of instructors talk about the same type of setup. Some coaches I know of like Monte and Bradley Hughes discuss this and Bradley even says the same thing about true weight being on the shoe laces. The setup is similar to many of the greats. Here’s Jack and Norman. You can see the butt underneath them
  8. That’s not a bad price for the head based on what you were saying earlier. The swap and selling of the 410 plus is a good idea to recoup some of the the money. Ive seen some used/pulled driver shafts that have gone for higher than normal because of the back orders. Havent looked at many clubs but have heard from some golf buddies that they have seen prices for slightly used clubs be higher than anticipated, so to me it seems as though the backorders are driving certain higher demand items up on the secondary market.
  9. For sure. Numbers wise they are close enough to be a push so in the end it comes down to what you feel is going to allow you to be comfortable over the ball and what you think allows you to play your best. enjoy whatever you decided to roll with
  10. Spin can be over thought. It has to be taken into context with the other numbers like launch and peak height. 12-14* of launch with anything in the 2200-2700 is going to be roughly the same. The aoa is pretty good with the tsi3 too and would more than likely lead to less of the big miss either left or right. Ball speed and carry distance is better with the tsi3 so you aren’t losing anything with that spin and the rollout is a calculation based on an algorithm and will vary on the course but carry plays everywhere
  11. Both setups are pretty optimal and really would be splitting hairs in which way you want to go. With launch+spin and ball speed and peak height I would give the edge to The tsi3
  12. They can be helpful as are slow motion swings. Worth exaggerations and drills in general one shouldnt do them for extended periods at a time. Example would be do a few exaggerations of a movement then make swings rinse and repeat for a several cycles. Same with a drill. Hit 3-5 balls with a drill or training aid then hit 3-5 without
  13. Prov1 is the main ball. I am curious about what TM did with the new TP5/5x and curious to see what BXS is like so these balls will get some testing
  14. I hear ya. Will be curious to see what you find when you video the swing
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