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  1. They weren’t selling a lot of tmb irons sets. The long irons were the most popular and that’s why the shift to just the utility irons now
  2. I don’t monkey around with the settings once I get it set. If I get fit whatever the fitter sets is what I set it at when I order it. with the sim max I blind bought it and played with settings based on what I saw on the range and then tweaked it after some course time and it hasn’t moved since
  3. Yeah the guy was asking some dumb questions. I liked it just for listening to dj talk about his approach to hitting the shots
  4. Taylormade posted a video on YouTube today with their players hitting wedges and they talk to DJ during this and talks about his preferred distance and how he approaches different distances.
  5. Free from PXG with their master fitter, bid schedule fitting at local course. Free from TM, Ping And Titleist at demo days at local driving range. satisfied with all the fittings except g410 driver one. paid for pga superstore tour van fitting In Orlando $99 and satisfied with the full bag fitting
  6. They own a lot of other businesses that aren’t equipment that get them that large over all value. MGS reported on their various businesses and how much they contribute to the company value
  7. That is surprising to an extent but at the same time I didn’t think they would be able to get them sorted out in the first iteration of their upgrades and such.
  8. I play with a guy pretty regularly that comments on every shot good or bad. Doesn’t affect me and I’ve never played with a random person that made any comments that I would even come close to getting under my skin
  9. He’s slowly becoming the new face of the European side. Hes half way to Sergios pga tour wins And has a total of 11 wins between PGA and Euro tour.
  10. If all the urethane balls perform about the same find the one that works best for you around the greens and with partial shots
  11. Links at ivy ridge a course I play when I’m in buffalo area the course record was set by DJ.
  12. The ball probably has a role in it and it’s something I’ve heard shaft designers talk about regarding what they have to do to match driver heads from the various brands. The golf ball has been designed to fly straighter and have less spin than years ago.
  13. I’m a sucker for a good looking black finish on irons and wedges. The t100s are pretty sexy imo. Paired with the all black sm8s would make one good looking bag
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