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  1. They don’t get disqualified. The driver is remove and they put one that has passed in play
  2. This is what happened to Schauffele last year and some others that failed testing before events. The faces get hotter til they break. I don’t know about the loss of control part.
  3. Another video just out from true temper on torque
  4. Your welcome. Jeff is a wealth of knowledge and being a PT as well as strength coach he comes at everything worth both sides in mind.
  5. Exactly. Worrying about the next one or the last one is out of the persons control. The shot at hand is fully in the golfers control. Dr Bob Rotella talks about this too
  6. Google athlean-x hamstring stretches. He has a few videos on stretches as well as somethings to do before you start stretching hamstrings
  7. It could be the ball and even if strike is in the middle or good the path, aoa, etc could cause issues. Course conditions can play a big role for those who get their distance from roll out and if spin off off it will be even more impactful
  8. Have you used something on the face to determine they were good strikes? What are the course conditions compared to what they normally are? I see you are in S Carolina. The east coast has been pretty wet this year. Total distance is achieved in different ways. Some carry it all he way and get no roll, others get lots of roll and others get a combo of carry and roll. How does your carry distance compare to your playing partners? Are you guys always grouped pretty close to each other off the tee in distance? Have you practiced at all before you you finally were able to get on the course? Did your exercise or activity levels change from pre to post quarantine? Lots of unknowns To say if it’s the driver or not. While it could be the driver unless you are hitting a ton of shots with it or stored it in super cold temps or something having an m3 Or any driver die in 2 years isn’t something that’s too normal. I know guys with r15s that are still getting plenty of pop out of their driver
  9. It’s a combination of swing and course conditions. Do the wedge fit on vokey.com and see what the fit you to
  10. The ei profile has way more to do with it than torque ever will in how one swings the club and especially since torque like many other aspects of the shaft have no industry standard and is measured not only by different machines but in different ways between brands it’s not really important. Anyone that talks about torque in any aspect other than the feel of the shaft it’s just spouting off. Here is from one of the best in the industry in a very short and simple video Edit: I can attest to what he is saying about ball flight because I told him I liked everything about the evenflow blue shaft other than the feel of it. He took that information plugged it into their design program and built me a shaft that maintained the same wi profile and performance and softened the torque by about .5 degree
  11. I’m curious if the goal is just or hit more fairways just to have that stat look better. Of it doesn’t lead to more GIR does it even matter? What happens when you hit 6 fairways but 12 greens? Do you score better than when you hit 8 fairways and 6 greens?
  12. Torque has nothing to do with opening and closing the face. Torque deals with the twisting of the shaft and how it feels at impact. There are plenty of videos around that talk about this. UST, PX and Fukijura have also said that torque isn’t one of the characteristics of a shaft people should even look at when thinking about buying a shaft. I’ve seen in person a shaft with 2.1 torque wiggle like a wet noodle and be almost uncontrollable when trying to swing it. As for ping they have designers that come up with the specs them work with UST and Aldila. The Ping Tour shaft has been made by UST and is based off their elements chrome shaft and the design hasn’t changed but they have the heavier version in recent years
  13. Same with Belle Haven. They have been over $90k and we’re close to 100k for initiation fees for the last 5-6 years and about 6 years ago were only a few members short of having a waiting list.
  14. The difference between being made in San Diego and being made in China is the number of people that make them. San Diego has 5 or 6 people making the shafts and could only produce a small number of shafts per day. In China they run a factory on a 24 hour production schedule so thousands can be made a day. Limited supply, higher cost of labor lead to higher costs. There’s going to be tolerance difference between the people making them in San Diego as there would be between San Diego and China. Don Brown the head of design at PX has confirmed on several forums and in videos as well as to myself and six others in person there is no difference in performance between a handcrafted and a non handcrafted. I have played or tested all the hzrdus lines in both handcrafted and non and compared numbers on a monitor and there is no difference in numbers outside of the result of a swing. I have also played a shaft made by one of the shaft rollers in San Diego and one I rolled with the same specs and again no difference in performance between the two.
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