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  1. No interest in going to a champions tour event. Nothing there draws my attention
  2. Towel under both arms is to feel connected thru the swing. under the trail arm is to fix flying elbow under lead arm is to fix chicken wing.
  3. Iirc this was a subject in @Golfspy_CG2 fitting at txg and the type of sole that worked for him
  4. I read somewhere he signed a 10 or 11 club deal. Ping has kinda changed how they structure contracts lately
  5. While I wouldnt be surprised if they went up but I doubt Matt’s debut and success he may have will change since GG has other pros on tours and Sung Kang who ha been one of his students for a while won the Byron Nelson. Iirc he’s also workin with Danny Lee
  6. It’s not like it’s not something he isn’t used to. Sometimes sacrifices in time are worth it for the right settings and environment. Being near friends, coach and familiar restaurants, etc for a week or more before next trip outweighs 90 mins in traffic. Each person is unique and deals with things in their own ways.
  7. Yes but still needs to be treated regularly and wiped down every time before it goes into head cover.
  8. He probably won’t be back in Stillwater and then having to leave frequently enough for it to be a problem. Several weeks on tour, then home for a rest for a week or more and then back on tour. Theres also not much time left on tour so he may be on the road every week if possible to try and earn his card.
  9. Carbon will require a lot more maintenance to keep it from rusting. That is during and after the round.
  10. Get the glider from sm. Such an easy bag to haul around
  11. They did a full fitting session in his college town. Probably chose the one that worked best. Didn’t let him down this past week
  12. Play the biggest iron head that suits your eye and gives the forgiveness you need. For shafts it’s going to be about feel.
  13. I don’t disagree that many forms of entertainment are expensive and it’s hatd for families to go to multiple games or trips. Also the extent of technology use varies by person/family and that some want as much while others want it all...convenience to some is more important than the cost of it. Power of the purse goes a long way. As for how/what companies charge imo doesn’t factor into the op. Imo op was more s it the name change and how it sounds/reads and such rather than using a name that is related to the sport and then say presented/sponsored by brand x. While that sounds good someone has to pay for the rights to use the name of whoever for the tour name and it probably doesn’t make sense to pay for that when they can just get paid to have a sponsors name on the tour.
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