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  1. You can makeup any rules you want. Nothin says one has to play by the rules of golf if not keeping a handicap
  2. Since 2010 with the 710 irons offering and the 910 woods and hybrids is when the brand changed imo to help draw in the broader spectrum of golfers. Prior to that it was better players irons and drivers that weren’t very forgiving. Unfortunately they are a brand that had the country club and better player clubs perception and many golfers stayed away from trying their stuff and even with the improvement every year in their stuff some still refuse to try the clubs because they don’t think they are good enough to play titleist
  3. The price argument in the last 2-3 years is weak. Titleist is same price or cheaper than most of the big brands out there. With most brands offering the ability to buy only the irons one wants vice a full 3 or 4 thru pw $1200 regardless off brand goes out the window. Tour level balls tend to run within a few dollars of each other.
  4. Hi All! Golf degenerate here ready for a new season! I have about 25 rounds under my belt since mid May in some pretty cold windy conditions. The weather here in Reno are getting perfect now so WHERE'S THE FIRST TEE and WHAT'S THE COURSE RECORD?! FORE!! 

  5. Imo titleist has a quality control process for all clubs and balls that is better than any other company. They age built around the engineering, design and Qc. They know who they are and stay true to that but also know where their weaknesses are and strive to address them without compromising whonthey are. The yellow prov is a perfect example. There was a clamor for them to have a yellow ball. They could have released one at any point but they didn’t want to compromise the titleist name or way so they spent the time to get the yellow color and coating right before they released it. Other companies like Callaway and TM have a changing identity. Callaway brought on the current marketing team fo change their image and they started the 5 year war to remove confusion from the consumer and they did that for awhile now they are becoming who they were at TM and it’s constant release of gear in the same category. Then look at the epic, rogue and epic flash. Rogue isn’t a replacement for epic but they way it was marketed would make one think it was and now the same for the epic flash. Rogue isn’t even mentioned anywhere even though it’s still in its 18-24 month release cycle. Many say they have been confused by TM for several years and despite the fact they have been on yearly releases for awhile and not just throwing clubs out every 6 months they still have a perception of constant releases. They were about low spin and forward cg, then it was the t-track, y track and now reverse t track. Like Callaway they had a time where the hottest new innovation was gone the next release. They will continue to improve imo under current ownership but then will have to deal with change once this investment company sells. Ping is like titleist and why both have a loyal fan base.
  6. Feel vs real doesn’t always equate to each other. As other mentions get drills and what you should feel from your instructor.
  7. Yet they have done things to get away from some aspects of their image like adding ap3 to give those who want ap2 look but need ap1 forgiveness, they addressed the negative feedback of lack of distance with the TS line, they spent years doing r&d to bring a yellow pro v to the market, they’ve brought high end shafts as stock in their woods. So while they maintain the dedication to engineering and design vice marketing and still want the golfer regardless of skill level that want to play great, quality equipment they have addressed their weak points. unfortunately they are a brand that has a pre conceived notion and there will be a segment of people who will not pay attention to what they are doing and realize it’s not the same titleist while maintaining the company and brand prestige
  8. Yup because I will take both a fairway plus the added yardage from better ball flight characteristics
  9. While he may be getting 280 out of it the ball flight characteristics aren’t optimal and a change in weather would have an impact on the ball. Also it may be consistent for that round or a couple rounds but a change in face and/or path could be trouble. 1) bubba is a pro and has tremendous hand eye coordination and club face control compared to amateurs including internet ones. 2) bubba hits a shot that he needs/sees at the moment so it can be a small movement or a big one but it’s one he practices 3) when bubba misses its normally a big miss
  10. I know lots of weekend hackers that control a slice to come back to the fairway. Theres not a pro I know of that consider 15+ yards of movement either direction a fade or draw. They prefer 3-5 at the most. But like with all things golf there’s lots of ways to skin the cat and play this game at an enjoyable level
  11. 30 yard wide fairways, aiming off the fairway and ball moving to the middle is 15+ yards. That’s not a fade imo and vice versa for draws.
  12. If you are aiming that far left and getting the ball to end up in the fairway you are using the term power fade very loosely. Most would call that a slice
  13. Nope. Cheaper than pxg and on par with miura. Plus they are limited release and can’t be bought other than 3-p with the exact specs of tiger. The design process Tm has gone thru to get tiger what he wants in his irons from looks, feel, launch is pretty interesting. They have several videos up on their YouTube channel about it.
  14. He has vertigo and back problems. I don’t think he’s missed an event or withdrew from one where he didn’t receive treatment for the issue. He played thru the vertigo at chambers bay. He was on the ground more than once from the effects. Vertigo basically cost Duval his career
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