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  1. RickyBobby_PR

    Help..I need a ruling over here

    How many amateurs have a spare club in the car? How many courses is the parking lot close enough to grab a club and not cause slow play?
  2. RickyBobby_PR

    Help..I need a ruling over here

    I’m not aware of a rule for time but my suggestion would be the same as the rule as searching for a ball and in this case with retrieval being difficult notify the pro shop and have them attempt retrieval and return club to you once they can retrieve it if possible as for the round not able to replace not to mention this isn’t like the pros where they may have a backup that could bee brought out to them where would the other person get a replacement from during the round?
  3. RickyBobby_PR

    Bridgestone Commercial

    For the most part the money isn’t out there for guys to drop the titleist paycheck to go somewhere else. As far as I know Callaway hasn’t signed a non staffer to a ball deal so that’s one oem not offering money to guys to switch even for a lot of their pros with club deals. Srixon has ball plus hat/glove deals but the money isn’t there either and TM just made their first signing with Rickie. Its going to take more than just earth shattering performance to get guys to switch. Companies are going to have to have both performance and money. TM has the performance in the TP5/5x ball but the money isn’t quite there to get enough guys that have influence under contract. Tiger and Bryson under contract to Bridgestone. The rest of the big names are under contract to TM or Titleist for full bags including ball.
  4. RickyBobby_PR

    Bridgestone Commercial

    You realize they were tied with TM in market share in Oct and about 6% behind Callaway for second and 35% behind Titleist. Mite going to be a long time before any brand catches titleist. Now that titleist offers yellow in the pro v1 and 1x that’s only going to help them maintain or grow their share
  5. RickyBobby_PR

    2019 Most Wanted Driver PXG 0811X/0811XF

    It doesn’t matter to me who wins and thus yrar there are lots of good drivers which the last 3-4 years has been the case. No doubt the comment section will be full of entertainment and it’s pretty much the same type of comments about pxg anywhere one looks. I don’t get the pxg “hate” that is out there and I’ve seen guys who once they hit the clubs do a 180 with their opinion.
  6. RickyBobby_PR

    Bridgestone Commercial

    Finally saw it. It’s pretty funny
  7. RickyBobby_PR

    What equipment are you thinking about?

    Gen2 imo outperform gen1 in dispersion and feel. Gen2 also are a little longer than gen1 for those looking at distance in irons. For me getting a better feel and dispersion was an easy decision to go Gen2 and as big of a fan of titleist, Mizuno and the i210s I have no problem staying with Gen2 other than when the want for new and shiny shows up
  8. RickyBobby_PR

    Kuchar is embarrassingly cheap

    The difference is a local caddie doesn’t getvthe same pay as a tour caddie. Caddies at resorts are paid a recommended fee per loop. In cases where they are working for a tour pro at an event or something similar there is a fee for that week of service. They are typically independent contractors and negotiate or the resort handles the assignment and what they fee will be. so not knowing what caddies make imo is irrelevant to this situations
  9. RickyBobby_PR

    Kuchar is embarrassingly cheap

    El Tucan just made it almost a guarantee that tour players are going to be staying away from course or resort caddies around the world and especially when the tour returns to this event. And if they do get them there will be plenty of legal docs to sign on both sides
  10. RickyBobby_PR

    Kuchar is embarrassingly cheap

    Considering both parties speak little to nothing of the opposite languages from each other I would lean towards no. Just because he has course knowledge doesn’t mean he is a good or helpful caddie. He got fired by another player the day before he started with kuch. A tour caddie even if it was not kuch’s regular guy could save that 1-2 strokes as well. With having time to walk the course, get distances and knowing where kuch’s misses would go and such would imo be just as valuable.
  11. RickyBobby_PR

    Jordan Low XI "Concord"

    They were going like hot cakes. I got lucky to get a pair hopefully settling for 1/2 size smaller works out.
  12. RickyBobby_PR

    MGS and Mark Crossfield - unscripted

    Cool video and I hope that collab happens. Not surprised mark pointed out titleist and ping for caring more about making golfers better
  13. RickyBobby_PR

    Jordan Low XI "Concord"

    That goes for any brand of any product. In baseball and football the jordan cleats were t very widely used. They could make the retro basketball ones more available but don’t because imo they want tho have the mystique and pride of guys who were able to get their hands on them and imo they are doing the same thing with the golf releases. I think they learned something from their football and baseball shoes that is better to be limited than widely available.
  14. RickyBobby_PR

    Jordan Low XI "Concord"

    Probably the lowest will be $350. Not sure if they will fetch the money the concord high shoes did but it ight be close
  15. RickyBobby_PR

    Jordan Low XI "Concord"

    They do. However Nike+ members get randomly selected for a reserved pair. I’ve been lucky to get several golf shoes and sneakers reserved in the past. Was hoping to get these ones reserved but no luck