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  1. Just leaving this mindset nugget here
  2. Good luck. One thing that needs to go along with your swing work is making sure you film from the correct angles and the same view everytime.
  3. Would be interesting to see if it was the PCR tests since they are being pulled by CDC/FDA because the FDA is pulling the emergency use authorization of them due to their effectiveness of lack of depend on how you look at things https://www.cdc.gov/csels/dls/locs/2021/07-21-2021-lab-alert-Changes_CDC_RT-PCR_SARS-CoV-2_Testing_1.html
  4. So did John rahm despite having it already and being jabbed
  5. Ok. The reason I asked was to avoided giving feedback based on the approach you weren’t using. Two things that stand out on both is the left shoulder doesn’t work down and towards the ball. You start with the arms and not the chest causing early forearm rotation which causes the left arm to separate and the right arm to get under the left arm. The right arm should be on top of the left in the backswing which will then allow it to shallow and get under the left in the downswing. What happens in the swing as a result is lots of manipulation of the swing as compensation. Like I mentioned to @sirchunksalot last night work on the wrist hinge that starts the ntc swing and then after doing that for awhile hinge the wrist from address then just feel the chest rotate a little til the club is at shaft parallel. Drill this over and over. What happens between address and left arm parallel is almost 3/4 of the entire swing
  6. Testing a non production ball provides zero value while adding some additional time to the test as well as analysis. Just speculation but of the number of golfers who will read the ball study there’s probably a small percentage that are aware 1) that titleist has a ball currently in white box testing 2) that mgs has a forum testing in progress for that same ball. So the juice isn’t worth the squeeze
  7. In your takeaway which swing method are you using? Something like Monte’s ntc approach or more along the lines of a one piece takeaway?
  8. The wrists don’t need as much set as people think. The first drill in the ntc videos is all the wrist set that’s needed and really shouldn’t increase much from there. Practice just that part of needed. Yup It’s the movement of the wrist in the transition downswing. Lead wrist bows, right arm extends and wrists uncock
  9. At address set both wrists at a 45* angle. That will put a slight bend in the right wrist and flatten the left wrist. Then rotate your shoulders/Rob cage slightly without moving your left arm away from the body and feel your left shoulder work towards the ground
  10. You are placing the club at left arm parallel with the arms and not the body. Also there zero wrist set. Club parallel requires very little body movement. It’s hard tell 100% from dtl but your wrist angles are incorrect. Especially the left wrist. The left wrist shouldn’t match the shaft. One of my favorite videos for the grip especially the 11 min mark when they talk about the Adam Scott and rickie fowler drill.
  11. Is actually high or perceived high? What’s your launch angle, spin, apex, land angle?
  12. You probably don’t need a 60 and there’s been multiple teaching pros who say that beginner golfers don’t need lob wedges. But since you are taking lessons talk to your pro and see what he thinks. He will be able to tell you 1) if you should play a lob wedge or not 2) what type of grind and bounce 3) how to properly use the wedge
  13. Why would they test a test ball? Titleist is going to use the feedback from this as well as anyone else they sent the balls too and more than likely their tour staff and then tweak it where necessary before it goes into production if it goes into protection.
  14. A good fitter will look at ones swing and ball flight along with numbers on a launch monitor to see how the club is delivered and the resulting ball flight. I’ve had several fittings where used the launch monitor as a confirmation of what he saw in ball flight and feedback from me on what I thought about the swing and contact. While someone who is working on their swing may see some changes in attack angle that may or may not impact their lie angle things like length of club will rarely change. There may be a change in flex or shaft profile used but that’s not as common either. In the last 15 years after taking several lessons and getting from a high hdcp to single digits I’m still stock length in ping, mizuno, titleist and Taylormade irons. I’m still 1-2* flat depending on where the manufacturer is in comparison to Mizuno lie angle. Shaft wise PX 6.0, dynamic golf s300 in both 120 and 130g shafts ad also Nippon modus 120
  15. From what I’ve heard there’s not going to be a true i500 replacement same with iblade and i210. The i59 this year and then i525 in the spring will be what comes out from ping. There should be US release info coming soon for the i59
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