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  1. Every in a has a pretty repeatable swing. What’s isn’t always repeatable is the compensations we have to make to get the club back into a proper position. Thee differences between ones good shot and bad shot is very minimal in the swing itself. But one swing may have the face more open than the other, or more closed, or there’s a small change in path but the swing itself is the same. It’s what holds a lot of amateurs back from getting better. They look at the result and thing they did something different in the swing and proceed to change it on the next swing
  2. Basically what several of us have been saying and Davep posted. Maintaining the basic principal of golf with play it as it lies. I like how they touched on the accept The outcome good or bad. While I have many issues with decisions they USGA and R&A make they have done a good job of late with rule changes that have made some easier to understand and implement and to help speed up the pace of play, while also maintaining the basic fundamentals of golf and playing the ball as it lies and improving the lie of the ball or one stance. 2. Preserving the Fundamental Challenge of the Game Play the ball as it lies – In its simplest form, golf is about playing the ball from tee to green by hitting it with a golf club, and not otherwise touching the ball. A fundamental challenge of the sport is to deal with whatever position your ball comes to rest in – whether good or bad. While there are some necessary exceptions (such as obstructions and other abnormal course conditions), the essential nature of golf means these must remain exceptions rather than the norm. Therefore, the new Rules do not provide relief without penalty from situations that some golfers complain about, such as when their ball comes to rest in a divot hole on a fairway or in footprints in a poorly raked bunker. In addition to being contrary to the fundamental principle of playing the ball as it lies, providing free relief in such circumstances would make the Rules harder to apply (for example, what is the difference between an irregularity of surface and an old divot hole?) and could slow down play when there are difficult questions about what is or isn’t a divot hole. Prohibitions against improving the “conditions affecting the stroke” - In conjunction with “play the ball as it lies,” the fundamental principle of “play the course as you find it” helps reinforce that players need to accept the outcome of their previous stroke (good or bad) and play the ball from where it comes to rest. The core restrictions that support this principle (namely, prohibiting improvements to the lie of the ball, the area of stance or swing and the line of play) are maintained in the new Rules.
  3. The stats say the game doesn’t get easier further away from the hole. Proxmiity to the hole goes up, made putt percentage goes down, gir goes down. The longer the club gets the harder it is to hit
  4. There are no KBS X100. X100 are Dynamic Gold. Most if not all pros who use x100 in irons use s400 in their wedges. One could use the same shafts as their irons, one could go same weight and softer flex or lighter weight and softer flex. Or go a different profile all together. its sometimes just personal preference it Considering pros with your swing speed or faster use s400 in all their wedges I doubt s400 in a 52 would be whippy.
  5. The strokes gained principle of closer to the hole applies to all golfers whether big hitter or short knocker and the shorter one is the more disadvantaged they are so giving up even more distance to find accuracy makes the game even harder. The fairway traps and dispersion pattern are part of decade which uses strokes gained. So one does have to decide what risk they want to take on but choosing accuracy over distance makes golf harder.
  6. No. I don’t care about a fairway in regulation stat. I am ok with being in the rough 20-40 yard further up than to be in the fairway or rough from further back. i also don’t play grip it and rip golf but rather swing fast within myself so it may be closer to 90% than 100% effort
  7. That’s what it sounds like. Which that topic has already been discussed in the thread on how it’s not the same.
  8. I haven’t read their discussions on looking at this. Is their thought process it changes the fundamental aspect of play it as it lies or is it more about being unable to write a rule that is interpreted the same by everyone?
  9. do a fitting and see what you get fit into. Wrist to floor is a very basic starting point and what’s needed between each can vary. perfect example of using anything other than a dynamic fitting is @Golfspy_CG2 he’s 6’7” and at a tpi fitting in Cali he was fit to titleist standard length and the fitter even considered going 1/4”.
  10. Probably a good call at this point in her career. The last two years have not been good for her. She’s missing more cuts than cuts made. I am huge Lexi fan and like Ricky she gets it, but in reality she’s becoming somewhat irrelevant on the leaderboard and not making cuts isn’t going to get the fans in the gate on the weekend.
  11. Its prevailing logic and more times than not it produces slower speeds because it messes up the timing of the swing and the golfer has to slow down to swing.
  12. Why not just say mlr e-5 is in use for the round
  13. What you like to see already exists as cnosil pointed out with the lofts you mentioned. Theory discussions are fun but there are certain things in theory that aren’t practical whether from a user standout or a production standpoint. I’ve been involved in fitting good clubs, did it for Srixon/Cleveland for about 6 years and worked multiple demo days assisting other OEMs at my range. I am quite familiar with what works for all types of golfers. Depends on what you are referring to for cosmetics. One could simply only buy 4 irons from a single line and then fill the gaps to the top of the bag with hybrids or woods that give them the distance they need. I have had the pleasure of playing golf with long time work colleagues, some of who are friends. Many of that group are retired from their jobs. They all carry 14 clubs and play the same courses multiple times a week. None of them hit the ball more than 200 off the tee. They don’t need clubs specific to seniors. They just need the right set of clubs. I could probably setup their bag with 8-10 clubs using what’s currently available from OEMs and not affect their game in any negative way
  14. Unless his mindset changes he’s not going to get better no matter how much effort he puts in and the more effort he puts in the harder it will be to undo the bad habits. even you buying him a camera that’s easy to use isn’t going to make any changes.
  15. Curious what you mean. With spikemarks or any imperfection on the green the player is allowed to repair restore green to as close to original condition. Is your suggestion that the player gets relief from any imperfection in the fairway? if so then that changes the basis for the basis of golf and play the ball as it lies.
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