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  1. I thought about this switch alot. I have a TE XCG5 11.5 degree 3 wood (titanium shallow face). I play off the deck woods very well. But I hit the driver well also (ie accurate in the fairway). Driver 240 vs 3 wood off tee 220 => for approx 14 tee shots that's a difference of 14 x 20 yds = 240 yds. The 3 wood off the deck might come into play on 3 holes and my 3 hybrid is 190 so that's a difference of 30 yds x 3 = 90 yds. For my game, it's a no brainer. My only caveat is on long par 3s (i.e. needing a 200-210 with traps short and long) ; hard to choke down on driver and hit it high enough that it drops with little roll. I often hit 3 hybrid short (if the hole allows) and then pitch it on ... play it like a par 4. Just my thoughts ... guess it depends how good one hits driver (ie accuracy) verses difference between driver and 3 wood of tee. Cheers. IMO.
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