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  1. I only carry a half set, so no PW. I go 5, 7, and 9. I considered going 6, 8 and PW but then I would have kind of a big distance gap between my 6-iron and 5-wood. I feel like there would be a lot of instances where the 5-wood would be way too much club and the 6-iron wouldnt be enough. For me, the Atomic 5-iron is about 180 yards and the Atomic 5-wood is about 200 yards, so if I swapped out the 5-iron for the 6, there would probably be a 30 yard gap between the 2 clubs and thats signifigant for me. I feel like Id rather have a more even gapping between my FW and irons and then make up the difference in my wedge game by manipulating the loft of my 56 degree. I can turn it into a 52* by closing the face or playing the ball back in my stance and turn it into a 60* by opening the face.
  2. Its pretty ugly. For my money, the Cyber Truck could never replace a good ole F-150.
  3. I played Snell MTB Blacks earlier this year and theyre a very good ball. Theyre long off the driver, they spin well off the wedge, they feel soft off the putter and the cover on them seems pretty durable for what they are. My only real beef with Snell is that they arent convenient. You have to plan ahead when you will need balls, instead of just going to a big box store. Even then, sometimes the MTBs are out of stock. Granted, you can buy them on Amazon and get them in 2 days but then you arent really saving any money. Also, unless you are buying the MTBs, you really arent saving much money. I looked into the Get Sum after I used up all of the MTBs that I had but they really arent any cheaper than Pinnacles (and Pinnacles are made in the USA).
  4. Im not sure that I agree with you on the Stroke Lab. It isnt so much that they made it lighter as they made the head a little heavier, removed a lot of weight from the shaft but made it stiffer and added weight to the grip to counterbalance it. In some ways, they made it even more head heavy that putters traditionally are. IMO, much of the magic in Stroke Lab is in the stiffer shaft.
  5. Ive owned a couple JDM putters that had graphite shafts, one a Mizuno and the other a Yamaha and they were OK. They were very light and didnt have a whole lot of feel though. I guess that I really dont see what the advantage to a graphite shaft in a putter would be. With the rest of the clubs, they are lighter and give you more clubhead speed but in putters thats not really the issue. I would think that steel would be better because it would make the club heavier and would make it easier to make a smooth, pendulum stroke.
  6. Yeah, I dont know what was under that course's greens but it wasnt fun. I would think that if you just put the turf on bare ground it wouldnt hold water like grass will and could make the ground dry out and make it really hard. That would certainly explain what I experience. Either way, I dont look forward to playing on synthetic greens again any time soon.
  7. Im in the, "if you aint cheatin', you aint tryin'" camp. It seems like especially in baseball, cheating is part of the game. Being it pine tar, sign stealing, steroids/HGH, etc, etc; its part of the game.
  8. So, the season is probably over for me, so I thought I'd do an end of season wrap up on these clubs. I kind of split the season between these and my vintage clubs but I played probably the last month or so with them and I really started to like them. They are long and forgiving. They inspire you with confidence but also aren't overly chunky. I still dont think that they have the best feel in the world but I think these clubs are more about forgiveness and distance than they are feel anyways. I will say though that they do give you some feedback. When you hit one in the middle of the face, you can really feel the ball jump off the face. As some of you may know, I do the minimalist golf thing and I think part of my struggle with these clubs was that I had such a gap between my 9-iron and 54 degree wedge. I loosened the rules a bit and allowed myself 8 clubs instead of 7 and added the AW from the set to the bag. I think the AW helped a lot because it gave me a reliable 100 yard club instead of trying to muscle up a 54 or throttling back a 9-iron. For me, the 54 is about 90 yards and the 9 is about 125 yards. So, yeah, big fan. IMO, if someone doesnt care about brand and wants a great value, these are ones to consider. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  9. Interesting but its probably just a rebranded Srixon ball, which isnt a bad thing.
  10. Theres an executive course here in Columbus that has synthetic greens. I played it once and it was awful. I dont know what they put under the turf but the greens were so hard that your ball would hit the green and bounce like a superball and they were so stupid fast that it wasnt even fun. I played about 3 holes and went home because I would 5 putt every green.
  11. Had my first round with the Atomic driver yesterday and yup, its a keeper. I was pulling the ball a little bit (most likely due to the fact that I made a swing change recently and am standing taller to the ball, instead of hunching over) but thats something that is much more me than the club itself. The thing is long though, Im not a long-hitter by any means and I was hitting it 230-240 yards on average and didnt hit any really bad drives with it.
  12. I prefer a 5-wood because the head has a higher MOI, so its more forgiving and the shaft is longer, so you get more distance. I tried to learn how to hit hybrids for years but never really got a feel for them. I always seemed to top them because I want to put them a bit forward in my stance and sweep them off the ground, like a fairway wood. When I tried putting them more in the middle of my stance and hitting them like a mid iron, I would block them to the right. Every now and then I would be able to put it together and be able to hit them well but I was very inconsistent with them. Now, Ive got a 5-wood and the thing is a cannon. Even when my swing is a little off, I can hit it 200 yards and fairly straight.
  13. I went to Dick's and hit an Atomic driver on the simulator after work today. I liked it. By no means am I a long hitter but I was getting 93 mph clubhead speed, around 2000 for spin and about 240 yards and it was pretty consistent on each shot. With my old driver, I normally get 220 yard max, so yeah, the TA is a keeper. I ordered one online as soon as I got home. LOL
  14. Hello all, some of you may be aware that Im quite a fan of vintage clubs. I enjoy playing them for casual rounds but I also keep a modern bag for more serious rounds and for when I play in tournaments that require irons/wedges with v-grooves. Ive been testing the TA Atomic irons this summer, as well as owning a 54 degree VCG wedge, an Impact #3 putter and an Atomic 5-wood. Ive also got a Tour Edge Bazooka Black driver that Ive been using for about 5 years now and its been a good driver but its time to move on. So, Ive been looking at drivers and I cant help but notice that the TA Atomic drivers are marked down to about $200, which is a stupid deal for an adjustable driver. So, while I certainly didnt intend to be a TA guy, I suddenly find myself looking at the prospect of having a full bag of TA clubs. For the price, TA is really tough to beat and the performance of the clubs is top notch. I normally try to follow the mantra of, "be your own brand" but if the clubs are a great value and they perform well for you, is there anything wrong with having a bag of the same clubs?
  15. True but it seems like most golfers who start out heavy and decide to lose the weight and get into the best shape of their life end up having to relearn their swing. Tiger did it and got better and so did Koepka but those are the only ones I can think of. Rory did it and his game kind of went to heck but I think that was more because he was hurt all the time. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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