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  1. Ive been playing them for the past year, have gone through several dozens of them and I find them to be pretty consistent from ball to ball. I havent gone so far as to weigh them or cut them in half but just playing them, Im yet to really put one in play that was a dud or does anything unusual.
  2. Is the problem really fans in general or is it just the 1% of fans who act like idiots? I dont have a problem with the vast majority fans who act respectfully, I just could do without the, "light the candle" guy who drinks a few too many beers and dont know how to act right at a golf tournament.
  3. I dont believe that there is such a thing. Im a 20 handicap, I play blade irons and I hit them just as well as I do any other kind of iron. I also wouldnt agree to picking shaft flex based upon handicap. You could be a 20 handicap but have a high swing speed or an aggressive transition, necessitating stiff shafts. IMO, this whole, "ego vs reality" thing that often comes up with golf equipment is just people trying to convince themselves that a new club can fix their swing flaws. Its just not the case. If you want to play better, you need to look at the weak aspects of your game and w
  4. As someone who is both a fan of the olympics and of golf, Im actually not a big fan of golf in the olympics. To me, golf just isnt something that I think of as an olympic sport.
  5. I brush it off by having a few beers in the clubhouse or at a local bar after my round and telling myself that I played my best and that my best today just wasnt good enough. A wise Zen master once said that if you live every day of your life giving your best, you can go to bed that night knowing that you gave it your best shot and you can be at peace with how the day turned out. Ive always kept that in mind in all aspects of my life, especially on the golf course and that mindset has allowed me to never have a bad day on the course. That and if all else fails, beer helps. LOL
  6. ZenGolfer

    Vice Tour

    Ive played the Vico Tour in the past and found it to be a good ball. For anyone who says that Vice is just a marketing company who uses a 3rd party to produce their balls; how is that any different from what Snell, Cut or any of the other DTC companies do?
  7. Id say youre overthinking it. For me, a simple formula is: am I hitting mid and long irons into the greens on par 4s all the time and on par 5s do I have any hope of making par? If they answers are that Im constantly hitting long irons and havent got a prayer on par 5s, its time to move up.
  8. I think part of it is that he is long and lean, so he has the power but she can swing that swing day in and day out and not get injured. His power is so effortless. Many other golfers have to get in the gym and bulk up to do what DJ's natural talents allow him to do.
  9. If anything, Id say shaft flex is looked at way too much. Theres been various studies that have show that shaft flex really doesnt matter and its really more of a feel thing.
  10. As someone who works in manufacturing, doing heavy manual labor every day and who used to be pretty big into weight training; I can tell you that braces help but really all that is going to heal and prevent tendonitis is ice, heat, stretching and rest. There may be drugs or natural remedies out there that will reduce or mask the pain but all its doing is numbing the pain and pain is a sign that you are doing damage to your body. For many years, when I still lifted pretty hard, I would suffer from tendonitis and I kind of just dealt with it and ignored the pain. When I stopped liftin
  11. Is leaving the flagstick in really a problem or is it people who jam their hand into the hole, with little to no regard for the damage they are doing? IMO, you have a small percetage of people who dont like change and are taking it out on the golf course. I was leaving the flag in long before the governing bodies told me to and I will continue to do so. If others want to remove the flag, thats cool but theres really no reason to do so. The time it saves should be obvious and numerous studies have shown that youre more likely to make the putt with the flag in anyways.
  12. I tried this for a couple months last year and found that Im better with driver because the head is bigger and because I dont hit a 3-wood much straighter than I do my driver. I found that it put more pressure on me to hit my 3-wood perfectly because if I mishit it, I could forget about par on that hole. My driver, on the other hand, I can mishit it a little bit and still get good enough distance that even if I miss the fairway, I would advance the ball far enough that I can at least hit a recovery shot and have a chance at par. That and the huge head of a modern driver instills you
  13. Very true. I just think its silly to pay $100 or more for a headcover, let alone pay hundreds for some rare headcover. I do have a high end Cameron headcover from back when the PGA Championship was at Kohler a number of years ago (the one that looks like yellow Swiss cheese) but I only paid like $75 for it.
  14. They like them and they have the disposable income. What I really dont get is people who collect rare Scotty Cameron headcovers and pay almost as much for them, if not more than what they pay for the putters themselves.
  15. Im self-taught. When I was 19 years old, I saw golf on TV, thought it looked like fun and I borrowed my neibor's set of Hogans and headed to the nearest par 3 course. Fast forward 21 years later and Im still playing, still enjoying the game and Im a pretty decent golfer. By no means am I a great player but I am better than 90% of the randoms that I get grouped with at the local muni.
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