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  1. I would say that it is a mixture of marketing and clubhead design and shaft technology allowing them to get away with stronger lofts because the clubs launch higher. Im personally not a fan of loft jacking because it kills spin and limits your control.
  2. I dont know if anyone bought them because of me but I few people did ask my about the Tommy Armour Atomics and I gave them a fair, honest opinion of them. If it caused people to try them out themselves, like them and buy a set for themselves, cool. IMO, TA is a highly underrated brand that more people should give a serous look. I wouldnt say that makes me an influencer, at least not in the way that I view an influencer. To me, an influencer is someone who makes people want to buy something because they use it and because people want to be like that person. I would hope that no one would buy something that I tested just because of what I said about it or because I was using it but I do hope that it would cause them to give it a serious look for themselves and see if they like it. If anything, I would say how harsh I was on the Atomics would make people NOT want to buy them. LOL
  3. I dont disagree with you. Im simply saying that if you consider yourself to be a brand x guy and play a full bag of said brand and you go for a fitting and they say that brand y would be better for your swing, you may or may not be happy about that if you built your golf identity around brand x.
  4. People do though. They have in their mind that brand x is the best and want a full bag of that brand. Every OEM does have great products but not all of them are fit for everyone's eye or everyone's swing. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  5. Id say just go into it being open minded. Its a difficult thing to do because so much of golf is taylored to sell you on the lifestyle of being into a certain brand a and a certain brand only.
  6. General: I tend to prefer vintage clubs or reproductions of vintage clubs. If I had the money, Id probably be a hickory player but I dont, so I prefer pyratone shafts that give the look of hickory shafts with the no-fuss of steel. Driver/metals: Persimmon. Woods should be made of wood, IMO. Hybrids: No. Ive never been a fan of hybrids. Irons/wedges: Blade or players cavity back. Im not a fan of shovels no matter how forgiving they are. Putters: Heel shafted blade. I really want to like mallets and I do own a couple but theyre just kind of meh. Balls: Wilson because I love the history of the brand and they are a good value. Ive become a big fan of balls like the Duo and 51 Elite. Gloves: None. I stopped wearing one recently and dont notice much difference. Shoes: FJ, preferably the Classics Brands: None, Im pretty open minded
  7. So, recently I picking up an old A.G. Spalding putter at an antique store. I actually though it was a hickory at first but when I got it home I noticed that it had a pyratone shaft (steel with a chemical coating to make it look like wood). I thought that putter was kind of cool, so I decided to pick up a set of Spalding Autograph pyratone shafted irons. I liked those, so I decided to pick up a couple persimmon woods to finish it off and have a vintage bag. Ive been playing those clubs off and on this year and Ive come to realize that I really enjoy them. I find that I hit the ball a lot straighter, a bit higher and am hitting more greens. I dont quite hit the ball as far but its not bad. With the persimmon woods, I thought that they would be much more difficult to hit but Ive been playing them for a while now and I dont find them any more difficult to hit and I hit the ball much straighter, with maybe only 10 yards less of distance. I hit my modern driver about 230 yards, I hit my old Wilson persimmon about 220 yards. I honestly cant remember the last time that I lost a ball. This experience has made me realize that distance isnt everything and that accuracy and feel are much more important. Its also made me question if all this new tech that is in modern clubs really is making us play better. For me, it doesnt make me play better and in some ways makes me play worse because Im not accurate with modern clubs. Not to mention that playing with 80+ year old clubs is just fun and the looks and questions that I get about them are interesting, to say the least.
  8. Probably my putting. I used to be a great putter because I practiced all the time but now I never practice but in my mind still think that Im a great putter and I get angry at myself when I dont make everything. I know that I shouldnt be so hard on myself because even tour pros only make about 44% of their putts from 10 feet but even still, I expect myself to make every putt inside of 10 feet.
  9. If he ever were to do that and the balls were made in the US, Id be all in. I dont see that ever happening though.
  10. Nothing really, other than making the putter lighter. Ive gamed a few JDM putters with graphite shafts and theyre fine but they have kind of a strangle feel to them.
  11. I always enjoy listening to Dean Snell. The man is a bottomless well of golf ball knowledge and he tells it as he sees it. I did find it kind of interesting how he praised Bridgestone and Srixon but also said how much he hated the notion of fitting a golf ball to your swing speed (which is something the Bridgestone and Srixon do). I do agree with him though about soft and lower spin balls in that if you want to improve, you pretty much have to go to something that spins and gives you more control. All in all, great pod and hopefully you guys can get Mr Snell on more often.
  12. 43.5" here. Its a fairway finder and I love how people laugh when I pull a persimmon wood out of my bag but arent laughing when I pound it down the middle of the fairway.
  13. ZenGolfer

    Your ball?

    Wilson Duo usuaully. Sometimes I will play the Wilson 50 Elite when they are on sale though. I like the soft feel and performance of the Duo. I find that it gives me a nice high flight and has a good feel around the green. It obviously wont spin like a Pro V but its not a rock either. Im sure that I do lose a bit of distance with how soft it is but Im really more about feel and control than I am all-out distance anyways.
  14. Im not really a believer that you need even gapping between your wedges and the rest of the clubs in your bag because the way you use wedges is different from how you use the other clubs in your bag. For a long time, I carried a 50 or 52 degree wedge but almost never used the darned thing. For me, those clubs are about a 100 yard club and I simply never really find myself hitting from that yardage very often. I would usually either use my 9-iron (120 yards) or my 54/56 degree (90 yards).
  15. I still post on WRX and I dont find it to be really any different than it ever once. I think its still the largest forum there is and has a wealth of information. I post on several golf forums (THP, WRX and this one) and I like them all but they are differrent. I guess that I dont really care which one people think is the best or is the most relevant.
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