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  1. Theyre all beautiful clubs but Im going with the Wilsons. Theyre just a beautiful, classic design. If I had the swing for it, Id bag a set of them in a heartbeat.
  2. I dont know if I would say its, "neccesary" but it certainly helps. Being stronger, faster, more flexible and having better endurance is only going to make you a better golfer.
  3. I cut back at one point in time simply because I had too many hobbies and couldnt afford them all. At one point in time, I was into snowmobiling, ATVing, motocross, hunting, fishing and motorcycling, as well as golf. I was young, didnt make a ton of money and owned a house, so I cut out ATVing, motocross and golf. Now, Im a bit older, make a bit more money and no longer am into motorcycles, as well as living in a place where snowmobiling, hunting and fishing arent really an option; so Im back into golf more than ever.
  4. All regular for me. My swing is pretty smooth and Im not a long hitter, so regular works well for me. Ive tried stiff shafts several times in the past and its never gone well. Everything for me is low and to the right with stiff.
  5. I like blades simply because of how beautiful they are and how consistent they are. With forgiving CBs, I find that occasionally I will hit a flier and have the ball go farther than I intend. Theres nothing worse than hitting what you think is a perfect shot, only to airmail it over the green.
  6. I listened to and greatly enjoyed this episode. I found myself saying, "yup" and agreeing with everything that was said.
  7. For me, its a classic heel shafted blade, such as the Wilson 8802. All feel, no gimmicks. Even some of the similar mid mallet designs are quite good to me and suit my eye.
  8. I subscribe to and enjoy both. I like both for their club reviews and their honesty.
  9. I wish that I knew any golfers like that. Most people I know and even randoms who I get paired up with, when they are bad at golf, they dont seem to enjoy it much. I cant imagine how it would be much fun to slice your drives into the woods, top your fairway wood, duff your chips and 3-putt every hole. I know that for me, even when I dont score very well, I still enjoy golf when I pure an iron or when I shot works out exactly like I planned.
  10. IMO, much of it is because golf is expensive and takes dedication to play at a level where its enjoyable. Most people dont have the drive, dedication or time to practice enough to play golf well. Most just want to never pick up a club, play a few times a year but still play well enough to where golf is enjoyable. Thats not realistic for most, if any.
  11. Ive got a C130 cart bag that Ive had for about 8 years now. Its an awesome bag but yeah, it wasnt cheap.
  12. I started out with interlock and then switched to overlap and havent looked back. I originally went to interlock because thats what Tiger and Jack did, so I figured that must be the best way. I find that with interlock, while it does really lock my hands together, it also limits my wrist hinge. Also, supposedly overlap is better because it takes 1 of your fingers of your dominant hand off of the club, so it makes you hands work together better. Supposedly.
  13. I'll be honest, my first round this year was last weekend and I totally forgot about leaving the pin in. I took the pin out on the first hole and then noticed others on the course were leaving the pin in and I was like, "oh yeah, I forgot we dont have to do that anymore."
  14. What does the Titleist do that is any different than what every other OEM is doing? Take Titleist's best and compare it to what Callaway and Taylormade are doing and you see nothing special from Titleist. I used to be a pretty big Titleist fanboy. The 1st set of namebrand irons I ever bought was a set of DCI 981s and to this day I still enjoy playing them from time to time because they are such beautiful, classic-looking, sweet irons. A couple years ago, I bought a set of AP1s and really wanted to like them but they were just awful.
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