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  1. Very true. I just think its silly to pay $100 or more for a headcover, let alone pay hundreds for some rare headcover. I do have a high end Cameron headcover from back when the PGA Championship was at Kohler a number of years ago (the one that looks like yellow Swiss cheese) but I only paid like $75 for it.
  2. They like them and they have the disposable income. What I really dont get is people who collect rare Scotty Cameron headcovers and pay almost as much for them, if not more than what they pay for the putters themselves.
  3. Im self-taught. When I was 19 years old, I saw golf on TV, thought it looked like fun and I borrowed my neibor's set of Hogans and headed to the nearest par 3 course. Fast forward 21 years later and Im still playing, still enjoying the game and Im a pretty decent golfer. By no means am I a great player but I am better than 90% of the randoms that I get grouped with at the local muni.
  4. To me, the dings and bag chatter marks just add character. Theres nothing cooler than an old set of forged irons that are well worn-in. Its been said that you should never trust an old golfer with squinty eyes and well-worn irons who wants to bet on the first tee. Id have to say that rings true because everytime I put my vintage Wilson persimmon woods, my pyratone shafted Spalding irons from the 1930s and my AG Spalding putter in the bag; people seem to just assume that Im a scratch player. Truth be told, I just really dig vintage clubs. LOL
  5. Ugh, tough call. Theres so many great books out there. Probably for me its Zen Golf because its such a great book on the mental game in golf and for me it really sparked me to pursue Buddhism in a serious way, which then really sparked me to change the way that I live and how I look at everything in life. I would say that before that, I was probably a Buddhist for a really long time but was never ready to really admit it to myself and start a serious practice with it all.
  6. I tend to play the same rotation of courses because theres so many great, cheap courses within a 20 minute drive of home but its fun to venture out and try new courses sometimes too.
  7. First of all: who is Hyperbeast? Second of all, thats a no from me, dog. There is nothing cool about PXG unless you think overpriced golf clubs are somehow, "cool".
  8. I certainly hope not. Triple track is just a gimmick. If you really like having 3 lines on your golf ball, just go buy a Sharpie and draw them on.
  9. Im personally not a believer in one length. If one length were the way, everyone would be doing it. Some people do like it though because it allows you to use a consistent setup. IMO, one length is much like stack and tilt was years ago. It works for some but its not the revolution that believers in it think that it is.
  10. I say play it as it lies. No one ever said golf was fair. Anyone I play with, if you tried to move your ball out of a fairway divot, they would make you move it back or give you a penalty stroke.
  11. Still gaming the Maxfli Tour X but as every year, Im going to try out different balls and see if maybe theres something better out there.
  12. Those are some good goals, very detailed too. Mine are pretty simple, I just want to play more golf, hit more fairways, hit more greens, sink more putts and have more fun.
  13. Love it. CoMo seems like a good dude and a very likeable guy.
  14. Yeah, Ive always hit a 5-wood just as far, if not farther than a 3-wood anyways and with more height. I just think that for most weekend golfers with average swing speeds, they simply dont swing the club fast enough to get the ball up in the air, especially when hitting off the turf with a 3-wood.
  15. No pro expects to hit the center of the face every time. They all mishit it. They play blades because the distances are more consistent and because they want to flight the ball down.
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