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  1. Honestly, if it were up to me, theyd go back to a 190cc limit, like how it was back in the days of persimmon but I realize that probably isnt realictic. I mean, people are already acting like the sky is falling and they havent even talked specifics yet. Just imagine the collective whining if they said they were going to limit driver head size to 190cc, which isnt much bigger than a lot of hybrids are currently. I mean, if I were the head of the R&A/USGA and it was all my decision, they would limit driver head size, limit FW head size, ban hybrids, ban anything but blade irons and wedges, ban oversize mallet putters and we'd go back to wound balls. Id probably be the most hated head of the R&A/USGA ever. LOL
  2. I kind of think that growing up the rough and fairway is going to create as many environmental issues and it may solve. Yes, you may be able to make golf courses smaller but how much more water are you going to have to use in some locations to support that longer grass? Especially in hot, dry climates; where water usage is already an issue, we're going to use even more water? Im not sure about that one.
  3. I feel like they do. Ive never really got along with irons with really wide soles because I always felt like it was difficult for me to make good contact on a tight lie and that there was more turf interaction. Ive always really wanted to love irons with wide soles because they are supposedly so forgiving but Ive never found a set that I really loved. My TA Atomics are probably the closest thing to it and even then, it took me a while to adjust to them and they are really more what I would call mid-width soles.
  4. Interesting pod, although everyone seemed to certainly have a very anti USGA/R&A attitude about the whole thing and really didnt even seem like they were open to any kind of real conversation or debate about the issue. I still stand by the belief that if you reduce driver clubhead sizes (maybe only 300cc), it would put a premium back on hitting the center of the clubface and these players wouldnt be able to just swing as hard as they cant and not worry about if they miss the middle a bit. I also like the idea of growing up the rough and fairways and making the greens harder and faster. Growing the rough would penalize misses more and make bomb and gouge a less appealing tactic. I also think that growing the fairways would reduce roll and that making the greens harder/faster would make it much more difficult to hit the green with a driver or FW in your hands. The problem is, thats not what people want to watch. No one wants to watch these guys struggle to make pars, they want to see birdies or eagles on every hole and winning scores that are -20.
  5. So, it would appear that the Atomic line is dead for 2020. All I see for irons is the 845, 845 Max and 845 womens' irons and the Atomic driver/FW/hybrids are pretty steeply discounted and I see they have 845 driver/FW/hybrid. Thats kind of a bummer but I also realize that DSG probably doesnt have enough room in the TA line for the Atomic and 845.
  6. I recently picked up a Dunlop TDPlus putter and a Dunlop True Tech chipper. I remember playing a couple Dunlop clubs back in the day and they seemed like they were budget clubs but I like these. The putter is an anser shape but has a thin topline, which I like. The chipper was kind of an impulse buy and was so cheap that I couldnt say no. I do like that it has a nice wide sold and should be almost impossible to chunk a chip with it.
  7. I leave the pin in and dont really even think about it anymore.
  8. Id say they are still pulling the pin because they always have and dont want to change. The USGA/R&A never said that you couldnt pull the pin, they just suggested not.
  9. I'd be fine with 250-300cc. Imo, modern drivers are too big and allow golfers to swing for the fences and still make decent contact. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  10. I say limit driver clubhead size to 200cc, limit shaft length to 43.5" and call it a day. That would force the pros into going back to relying on feel and accuracy instead of just swinging as hard as they can. IMO, golf clubs have kind of gotten to the point where they are almost like if baseball would allow the use of aluminum bats in MLB.
  11. No such thing as SBST because you cant swing something around a fixed point in a straight line. The only way to really even come close would be to hunch over and do kind of a tabletop putting stance like what Michelle Wie used to do.
  12. I think those 845s are what I saw. I really like the looks of them. They kind of remind me of the old Mizuno MP 52s. I kind of hope now they dont come out with anything in putters that really blows me away. Yesterday I bought a TA Infusion Roslin. They had them marked down to $99 and I had a $10 reward card and they had them in 33". I was going to buy an Impact #1 but I was able to buy a better putter at a great deal and wont need to have it cut down and regripped.
  13. Any news about TA coming out with anything new for '20? On another site I saw some pictures of what looks like players' irons and a putter. The irons look amazing the putter looked like some kind of prototype.
  14. Id honestly go Cut Red because you cant beat the price and its a decent ball.
  15. Lately Ive been looking at some of the headcovers from companies like Seamus and Dormie Workshop. They have some really cool designs, I especially like Dormie's, "stay calm and hit bombs" with the A10 warthog paint scheme design on it and the, "keep calm and putt on" putter cover. I love the iconic history of the slogan that they are based on. I actually almost pulled the trigger on the full set but when I saw that I was going to be spending over $300 on headcovers, I told myself that I was crazy and didnt. So, that begs the question: luxury headcovers, worth it? Ive got a couple Jan Craig knit headcovers but I think I only paid $50 for each of them and I cringed even at that. I mean, look, Im a man who enjoys the finer things in life from time to time but when I get to the point where Im spending hundreds of dollars on golf club headcovers, I dont know about that.
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