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  1. It is hard, very hard. Sorry for your loss. Thanks.
  2. I had to have my Grey euthanized today. A painful experience, as I’m sure some of you know. My wife and I went on vacation the middle of January and my daughter kept the dog while we were gone, when we picked her up, she was limping, and her left knee was swollen. We thought it was from her going up and down the stairs, which my wife and I don’t have. The next morning, she had a tennis ball sized lump on her left shoulder. It tuns out it was bone cancer and the lump seemingly got larger every day. The lump was bigger than a softball this morning. Last night and this morning she would cry out in pain. So, we took her to the vet. Man, she went quickly. The picture of her on the couch is from the day we picked her up at the Greyhound adoption place. The other one I took last winter.
  3. I have an iPhone SE third generation. It's small and fits well in my pocket and it does everything I need to do with a phone. I really like that I can connect the iPhone and my Mac and iPad seamlessly for text messages and email and some apps. I had a BlackBerry for a work phone for awhile and it was a great phone, too bad BlackBerry fell behind and was slow to update the OS and hardware.
  4. I have an BatCaddy X8 demo I bought three years ago: great cart. It has paid for it's self since when I walk I don't have to pay cart fees. I do fine with out the swivel front wheel.
  5. Thanks, I was curious. I go to Athens Eye Doctors and Surgeons.
  6. What group do you see in Athens?
  7. Yep. And it's a sad history the Falcons came into the league in 1966 and Mike Smith, hired in 2008, was the first coach to have back-to-back winning seasons.
  8. Raheem Morris: 4-7 as the Falcons interim head coach. 17-31 as Tampa Bay head coach. 21-38 as a career head coach. But the players that played for him like and support him and he has two Super Bowl rings. So maybe, hopefully, he is the right guy at the right time.
  9. Yes. You took my literal quote and inserted your comments and suggestions. Create your own posts with your own thoughts and don't expand on mine.
  10. Where did I suggest "there’s no difference." And I didn't say “10-15 minutes.” I said "usually 10-15 minutes" and that's been my experience.
  11. Planning trips in the Tesla is a breeze. Charging stops are usually 10-15 minutes, about the same amount of time it would take me to fill up the ICE and visit the restroom. And Tesla has the best charging infrastructure of all the EV manufactures, which is why a, sadly, number of them are switching to the Tesla connector soon. I did take a trip to Murphy, NC and there were plenty of free chargers in only one location in town, although they were slow. The best charging stations are Buc-ee's and they have a number of chargers at each location.
  12. I have a 2023 Tesla Model 3 and the battery uses zero cobalt.
  13. A wine bottle stopper I made for my golfing buddies for Christmas.
  14. The Falcons are terrible, or worse if that's possible. I think Art has lost interest in the Falcons. I really wish he would sell the team.
  15. Yeah, the creepy Swedish guy that's 500 years old.
  16. I am. It's an odd season and I'm loosing interest with the sci-fi twist.
  17. Merry Christmas, everyone!!!
  18. And now Mahomes' wife has jumped into it. And Reid says they should have been "warned" about the possibility of a penalty. The ref said the linesman was so far offside they couldn't see the ball. Maybe Taylor Swift can write a song about it and go on the Kansas City Chiefs Crybaby tour.
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