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  1. My wife doesn't play and has zero interest in playing. She doesn't care how much I play and last year gave me two rounds in Myrtle Beach for my birthday and went with me to Myrtle Beach, she just did something else while I played. She does enjoy watching golf on TV.
  2. That was a good game, maybe the best one of the day. I was surprised Auburn didn't put more pressure on the QB on that last play and gave the guy so much time.
  3. A great game for UGA vs UT this past Saturday. Interesting game plan for UT to just use all the offense on the first play from scrimmage.
  4. I agree, I don't like a store that hovers over customers and I don't like someone to follow me around like I'm going to stick a driver down my pants. But, it is nice to be at least acknowledged.
  5. When I was working off a pager and texts if I ever felt overwhelmed I would go to the local PGASS just to be ignored. The have a lot of equipment, but have the same cold personality of their Home Depot count part.
  6. I'd be afraid the viewing rates would go up every hole.
  7. It is sad to see the Bears and Cardinals with the records they have. The sad thing about the Panthers, as an NFC South rival, is that they won a game. I'd like the Panthers better at 0-8. It's a bitter disappointment to see the Falcons at 4-5. And watching the games I amazed they have won that many.
  8. Yeah, it's tough being a Falcons fan.
  9. hohjoe

    Cure putters

    My wife goes to a monthly auction at the local fairgrounds and sends me pictures of golf stuff if there is any. This past Saturday she sent me pictures of three bags of clubs and one bag had a putter in it. Since I’m on a never-ending search for a putter that works, I asked her to buy the putter if it was less than $30. Some guy bought the bag of clubs, putter, and all, because he wanted the UGA Bulldawgs bag. Who wouldn’t want one of those? She asked the guy if he wanted to sell the putter and the guy told her she could have it. The putter is a Cure RX1, and it is an oddity. It’s a basic blade shape and conventional putter to this thing is like a paring knife to a cutlass. Hitting a ball it makes a muted sound like a baseball hit with an aluminum bat, like a bunt maybe. I played a round Monday, and I liked it, but didn’t like the angle and changed it Monday night, which is very easy to do. I played with it again Tuesday and did better and it felt better. I’m going to keep it in the bag for a while and if I don’t like it I’m not out anything and I’ll continue looking for a putter that works.
  10. hohjoe

    World Series

    I wanted to see the Braves win it, but they couldn't get out of the first round of the playoffs. So, now I'm rooting for the snakes.
  11. I have a brother in Michigan that collects golf balls when he plays. He takes them home, cleans, grades and, sorts by brand. He gave me these and he had four more baskets.
  12. I typed a number of responses to this yesterday and deleted them and walked away from the laptop. However, as a boomer, I’ll say this: my wife (now ex) and I paid for the daughter’s tuition. It was a struggle but we did it. I’ll happily help with my grandkids. I don’t believe I need to pay for anyone else’s college tuition. And I don’t believe that is in any way selfish.
  13. Well, to quote Roseanne Roseannadanna "nevermind."
  14. So does GA and my drivers license is free of charge.
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