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  1. Hi guys ! So I have this taylormade bag for a while and used one of the club space to put my umbrella in. After seeing few photos of other bags, it seems that the strap on the top (with taylormade written on it) should be the strap for the umbrella. However it seems that the little band on the bottom (on the right of the taylormade logo) is the band to carry the top of the umbrella. I tried to put it through theses 2 straps however if I do so I can't use any of the pockets from this side. Is there something I didn't get or is the bag was made this way (which is not very smart to be honest) ? Thank you in advance,
  2. I did a fitting yesterday (first time for me and what an experience !) I am currently using a wilson from the X31 series which is not that great regarding the data I had during the fitting. So I tried : stealth : like the feeling, it feels like the head is on a track and "correct" the swing trajectory. Sound very good but the price is a big big con regarding my level and the time I spend using my clubs. sim2 : a bit under the stealth. The look is a bit less aggressive but still a very good driver and quite the same sensation with the swing than the stealth and half the price (demo driver) Srixon zx7: interesting but nothing special compared to the other 3. Much more a feeling of stronger inertia created by the head but soft feeling at the impact Cobra LTDx : my favorite regarding the look with the 2 lines on the top. I managed to hit 2 wonferful swings and the feeling was soooooo rewarding ! Did both on the driver and 5w. Also the one with the best smash factor and less spread regarding my fitting. I feel like I had a raw driver with a "true feedback" : if it was a bad shot it would make me feel it was one and if it was a great one, it's just wow
  3. thanks for the reply! a bit unknown in France aswell that's why I tried to get more information. I'm totally fine in going for small manufacturer but I just wanted to be sure they were "good" quality regarding the price and they would last for a couple years. The dilemma is either going for pre owned wedge from top brand with the well known quality or make a gamble in a brand that is not well known and struggling to get rid of if I am not happy with
  4. Hi guys ! I tried to search for a post on these wedges but it seems that no one talked about it yet. I am actually using a SM7 58° that i got for around 60 bucks (pre owned) and I went to my local reseller. He proposed me either to go for the full SM9 set (quite expensive and even though I really like the feeling of my SM7, I am not really sure to spend this amount of money for now) or the Benross Rev wedges. I can't find any reviews on theses wedges so does anyone have theses wedges and what are your feedbacks ? I don't know if I should go for 60° 56° 52° or 58°54°50 Thanks for your reply !
  5. Hi from France (more especially Lyon ) ! I've been around since 2018, but got into the game more seriously since last year ! didn't do any competition yet so 54 is my handicap for now I guess A friend of mine just introduced us into golf and I enjoyed so much hitting bombs at the practice at first that I stepped into the golf game I decided to join the community to exchange and get info about new tech in golf, and just enjoy discussing with people that love golf ! For my name, it came from the TV show Heroes
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