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  1. Thinking I will pick up a GPS golf watch this week. Been trying to use one of those free phone APPS and find it to be cumbersome and to much of a pain. Was thinking of getting the basic Garmin S10 as its cheap and looks to do the basic task of letting me know accurate yardages to the green and hazards, doglegs etc. But after more time watching/reading reviews maybe the Garmin S12 would be a good upgrade for minimal increase in cost? Or am I best to take the next jump up to the Garmini S42 ? Anyone with opinion on these models or for that matter any other make/model in which you found to be nice?
  2. I have been playiing the Bridgestone Tour B RXS or the Callaway Chrome Soft. Kinda been liking the Callaway better I think. Just bought a box of the Maxfli Tour though at lunch today to try.
  3. Going to try the Ventus Blue with VelCore. Was on the Callaway used site this morning and they had a Ventus Blue 5 for $319 and through the end of today 25% off. So I thought no better time than now and save some $$$. Will be intersting to compare to my OEM Ventus Blue on my Rogue ST Max.
  4. Appreciate that info.....with that being said...truthfully I am not above 100mph. Like it or not at 60 years old I dont swing as fast as I once did. Will take that into acocunt as well......
  5. I have a 2022 Callaway Rouge ST Max. I went with the Ventus shaft rather than the Tensei Blue 5 shaft. Like the driver, but as with Archery I am always lookng for better than "factory".
  6. Appreciate the response! Its kind of what I expected to hear and wanted to hear. I dont have the luxury of easily getting fitted and getting to try this shaft or that out. Thus my question....I am looking for answers such as yours without the "only you will know, go get fitted response". I am big into Archery/compound bows and its the same thing. Answers saying "go shoot all the bows and only you can decide". I get that, and if we all had the oppurtunity then yes. But sometimes just having some good candid replys is helpful. Thanks!
  7. Can anyone comment on the Ventus blue 5 or any Ventus shaft with or without Velcore? Any real noticable differences from one to the other? Thanks
  8. Where do most of you guys order your shafts from? I am a little leary ordering off Amazon as I would wonder if they are the real deal or fake. Or is there any particular seller on Amazon that you guys trust? Thanks!
  9. Been spending time this week at the range and really working on my grip, my setup, posture and really thinking hard on what I am doing. Last night it all clicked and i am hitting the ball extremely well and consistantly straight or with a very very slight fade. Now that I have a routine that works I am curious to find time to go in someplace for a fitting and try some other shafts just to see if there is another level to obtain. But this combo I have now (Rogue S Max with Ventus blue non velcore) is working quite well. But if going to something else adds a little more yardage then I would be curious to see it. Plus I think it would be fun to have a couple different shafts in which to swap out if I so felt the urge.
  10. Thanks for all the input. I know the best option is to find a place where I might be able to try some different things and properly be fitted. Could have worded my question a little better, just was mostly curious if folks see some positive improvement from a better shaft then what comes on a driver. Being just an ok golfer wasnt sure if shafts such as I mention really show thier stuff to average golfers are really meant for those that can golf better and see some refinement from them. And I know, lot of variables play into all this. Its kinda like this, I am big into Archery and I use all the best equipment that a guy can buy. I shoot pretty decent and do well. Would someone thats just so so be better with top of the line gear? In my opinion no. They would shoot about the same with average equipment as compared to the best that money could buy. Thus why my question, as being not what you call a great golfer, maybe a $250-$400 shaft isnt going to really show me much more than my factory Ventus blue 5 (non-velcore). I think I probably just answered my own question? LOL
  11. Would be nice idea but neither store in my area.
  12. I have a 2022 Callaway Rogue ST Max with the factory Fujikura Ventus blue 5 regular flex shaft. Been doing lot of reading on aftermarket shafts and have myself convinced I "need" one. I am your average golfer who shoots 90 for a round. Sometimes mid to low 80's. I tend to push the ball to the right off the tee and rarely go left. (right handed) Would going to a shaft such as the Ventus with Velecore or the Mitssubishi Tensei AV Raw Blue 55 be something that someone such as I would benefit from? Thanks in advance for any advice!
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