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  1. Well, I have at least three golfing buddies with X9s and X10s that are super happy and have almost no problems at all. X10 and Q-follow are the same generation. My speculation is that the frame structure and balance is off on the Q causing it to be more unstable. But I needed the smaller footprint of the folded Q for transport reasons. Maybe I'll switch to a X10... I'll keep you updated on what I find out when I finally get a proper reaction from Stewart.
  2. I have severe problem with mine as well. During a normal straight walk in follow mode the cart: Stops abruptly Start throwing itself left-right (overcompensated corrections that starts small and get worse) Starts going in circles Heads off in a random direction I have contacted Stewart UK. Luckily I'm within 30 days money back guarantee. Thinking of returning it.
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