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  2. i already started my degenerate behavior again since my last post...
  3. Haha. Lately, i have been more thoughtful about the clubs I have been buying. Besides getting fit for and buying the Ping 10K, I haven't really purchased much lately. The missing thing for me with wedges is that I have never been fit for them (besides the Edel fitting which was off a mat). Assuming the fitting I have is a good quality fitting, I will stick with whatever is recommended, at least for a while.
  4. I have played a lot of different wedges: Vokeys, Ping Glide, Mizunos, Tayloremade for a short time, Cleveland, Edel. Just about every major brand lol. I was fit only for the Edel, those were off a mat, and primarily focused on full swing. For the Vokeys, I'm keeping an open mind, not sure what I will fit into.
  5. I've been away for a bit. Still top 4 poster in this thread though lol. Going for a Vokey SM10 wedge fitting on Saturday.
  6. Went for a 2024 driver fitting, not expecting a Ping driver to be the top performer, but was curious about the Ping 10k. Had thought I was going to fit into an AI Smoke model, given I have been fit into a Callaway driver two years in a row. The AI Smoke was no better than my Paradym X, performance was statistically exactly the same. I did not find it any hotter off the toe, which is where I miss. Qi10 Max (not 10k) was also not it. Spin was unbelievably low for me. Spun at like 1600, compared to 2500 with the AI smoke, both at 10.5. Hit the Ping 10k with I think the Kaili White in the standard setting, was better than the AI Smoke, similar distance but no snap hooks. TSR2 was decent but not any better than the Callaway. Ping 10k with the Tour Chrome 2.0, in the flat setting, this was the one. Hit the ball longer, straighter, none of the wild misses. Ordered the Ping 10k with that Tour Chrome 2.0 and it arrived mid-week last week. Took it to the course for the first time on Sunday. Warming up on the range, it was decent, but had some of my normal bad shots. Noticed I was hitting very far off the toe. Wondered if it was just a combo that worked well during a fitting but not on course. Took a few holes to work things out, but after that, it was on. Would have to say, it was up there with one of the best driving days of my life. No snap hooks after the third hole. Only one wild high push fade miss the entire round. Everything else was small push draw or straight, high launch, in places on the course where I am at only in the summer (it was rainy and wet). Normally I am the tinkerer, needing to try out different aftermarket shafts, but I don't want to put anything else in the 10k. Something about this combo, 10k + Tour Chrome 2.0 is just really good. The guys that I play with regularly said my best shots were better and my bad shots were better.
  7. Appears to be a lot of good drivers out there this year, gotta go try them out soon
  8. Was moving over normal terrain, and then this happened today
  9. I didn't notice a whole lot of difference between the XP and P except the P dispersion was better, so that's why I went P. Distance was within the same realm, given two specifics: - P heads two degrees strong - Same shaft length in both heads. I believe stock XP comes about 0.5" longer, but my fitting was apples to applies using the same length shaft in each
  10. There is also the factor of some shafts just working better that doesn’t have a clear explanation. ive been fit into Steelfibers multiple times so i know its the right fit for me. I fit well into the Stiff in both the parallel tip and the CW in the 95 gram class. there isn’t really anything about my swing that suggests Stiff in Steelfiber would fit me better than R flex in Steelfiber. My 7 iron speed tops out at about 85 mph, i don’t load the shaft super hard in transition, etc. From a feel perspective, i find the 95 S to feel stout especially in the 95cw. in my last fitting, even the fitter thought that the R flex CW should fit me best. Even after some semi blinded testing where he switched out shafts between R and S steelfiber 95cw at random points in the fitting without him telling me what he was changing (fitting had head weight changes as well), the S flex performed noticeably better because for whatever reason i delivered the club better with the S flex. I dont have any explanation for it, but it was what it was.
  11. Bought some 2023 Prov1x balls to compare against Maxfli Tour balls. Did a quick unscientific comparison between the two on BLP launch monitor. Prov1x definitely showed a bit more spin and peak height. We are talking maybe 200 to 500 more rpm spin and maybe 5 feet more peak height. Better ball for my game, will take any extra spin and peak height that i can get.
  12. No specific targeted numbers for path and AOA numbers. My work with Monte has been focused on a few areas over the last year, mainly around backswing, tilts, etc.. When I got my launch monitor, using some of the numbers has helped as a directional diagnostic. When my path starts getting towards the -5 for example, that for me tells me im starting to go back to my old swing because when im working on the things monte has me working on and i execute those well, my path tends to more neutral or a bit to the right as an example. similar idea with AOA, no specific number to chase, just a directional diagnostic. For me 7 down with a 7 iron combined with factors in my old swing didn’t work well for me but may work just fine for others. Sometimes, when practicing, if i start to see some extremes, like a positive AOA with a 7 iron, it helps me know what is going on, for me that occurs when ball placement starts to creep too far forward or if the placement is where i intended, im not getting back pressure to my left side.
  13. Let me know how the fitting went. This was from tonight
  14. New Mizuno S23 wedges, they spin a lot. This is with a 58, third pic is a different shot.
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