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  1. Feeling decent, wanted to play tomorrow, but my wife said I shouldn't push it, which is probably right, but still disappointed.
  2. That LAB i sold, but that one wasn't really the right spec for me, too long, not upright enough.
  3. Cool. The Callaway OEM adapters are pretty heavy, so usually if the head without adapter is 192, the head plus adapter comes in at like 202 or 203 or so.
  4. What's the headweight with the 2 gram vs. the current setup?
  5. Did you try lowering the headweight? The Callaway adapter is heavy.
  6. Anyone else considering dabbling with the LAB Golf putters?
  7. Just learned that the tip diameter of Bryon's putter is 0.580"
  8. I have stopped posting in this thread each time i buy something and only report the major things. Gotta allow for others to have an equal opportunity to participate
  9. Shoulder and arm are getting better. Last night was the first night without significant pain and numbness. Had my follow-up primary care appointment today and they said it looks like everything is improving, so no need for a MRI or additional medication.
  10. Does anyone want to do a Western Washington round together? Nothing formal, just a single round.
  11. Besides going to the doctor and figuring out a plan with the doctor, i am going to buy a standing desk and an ergonomic chair. Can't continue with sitting around on the couch working on my laptop all day (don't judge, im changing my ways now).
  12. Pain and numbness is back with a vengeance after the medicine wore off. Guess the medicine does a good job of masking the issue.
  13. @edingc is going to win that one for sure. but really interested to see what i can do with this. it theoretically fits my swing style, as i prefer to make a smooth swing rather than trying to load it hard.
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