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  1. Just got a Cleveland Soft Premier #11 putter. Note, did not purchase it, but was selected to be a tester on WRX. Its rolling pretty well so far indoors.
  2. The RAD name is because of the radial weighting in the front. I think it is supposed to help keep the ball speeds up on mishits.
  3. I'm waiting for you to move on from the Hot Metal/Hot Metal Pro set and then i'll buy them from you
  4. I want to try the Mizuno shaft optimizer even if i am not buying Mizuno clubs, curious to see what shafts it recommends.
  5. The Mizuno optimizer is just for shafts, and I think just for shafts offered by Mizuno
  6. One thing I did not like about the fittings that I have had to date is that the places I went to did not have the universal adapters on the clubheads and shafts, so I was limited to whatever shafts they had for that particular OEM. That is my fault for not asking about that first.
  7. Those are some beastly weights, especially the 70 pound dumbells on shoulder press. Looks like a great workout.
  8. I think I have an abnormal appetite. I ate a 32 oz ribeye one time in 5 minutes, no problem. Also had appetizers, bread, sides, and dessert to go along with it. Still no problem.
  9. I would be really happy if i ate 4,200 calories a day lol.
  10. I am doing the Golf WOD program. I bulked probably a little too hard during Covid, so going to try to drop a little body fat while increasing strength.
  11. dlow206

    Matte Golf Balls

    Is this what you were looking for: https://mygolfspy.com/most-wanted-golf-ball/ "Also, cheaper (2-piece) balls and matte finish balls are affected more significantly by moisture."
  12. I wonder if in the future, there will be some sort of AI-driven fittings. Not like the TrueGolfFit which asks a bunch of questions, but something like a smarter version of the Mizuno optimizer that recommends clubhead and shaft based on your individual swing.
  13. For me, and others that can afford it, there doesn't need to be an "OR". You can buy new clubs and get lessons.
  14. Even better, the retail locations for Golf Discount which is in my area, has the TP5 practice balls for $14.99 a dozen.
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