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  1. Was moving over normal terrain, and then this happened today
  2. I didn't notice a whole lot of difference between the XP and P except the P dispersion was better, so that's why I went P. Distance was within the same realm, given two specifics: - P heads two degrees strong - Same shaft length in both heads. I believe stock XP comes about 0.5" longer, but my fitting was apples to applies using the same length shaft in each
  3. There is also the factor of some shafts just working better that doesn’t have a clear explanation. ive been fit into Steelfibers multiple times so i know its the right fit for me. I fit well into the Stiff in both the parallel tip and the CW in the 95 gram class. there isn’t really anything about my swing that suggests Stiff in Steelfiber would fit me better than R flex in Steelfiber. My 7 iron speed tops out at about 85 mph, i don’t load the shaft super hard in transition, etc. From a feel perspective, i find the 95 S to feel stout especially in the 95cw. in my last fitting, even the fitter thought that the R flex CW should fit me best. Even after some semi blinded testing where he switched out shafts between R and S steelfiber 95cw at random points in the fitting without him telling me what he was changing (fitting had head weight changes as well), the S flex performed noticeably better because for whatever reason i delivered the club better with the S flex. I dont have any explanation for it, but it was what it was.
  4. Bought some 2023 Prov1x balls to compare against Maxfli Tour balls. Did a quick unscientific comparison between the two on BLP launch monitor. Prov1x definitely showed a bit more spin and peak height. We are talking maybe 200 to 500 more rpm spin and maybe 5 feet more peak height. Better ball for my game, will take any extra spin and peak height that i can get.
  5. No specific targeted numbers for path and AOA numbers. My work with Monte has been focused on a few areas over the last year, mainly around backswing, tilts, etc.. When I got my launch monitor, using some of the numbers has helped as a directional diagnostic. When my path starts getting towards the -5 for example, that for me tells me im starting to go back to my old swing because when im working on the things monte has me working on and i execute those well, my path tends to more neutral or a bit to the right as an example. similar idea with AOA, no specific number to chase, just a directional diagnostic. For me 7 down with a 7 iron combined with factors in my old swing didn’t work well for me but may work just fine for others. Sometimes, when practicing, if i start to see some extremes, like a positive AOA with a 7 iron, it helps me know what is going on, for me that occurs when ball placement starts to creep too far forward or if the placement is where i intended, im not getting back pressure to my left side.
  6. Let me know how the fitting went. This was from tonight
  7. New Mizuno S23 wedges, they spin a lot. This is with a 58, third pic is a different shot.
  8. I believe they can matter, but it is individual dependent. A lot of people talk about feel related to putters (milled vs. insert, milling style, milling depth, etc.). Amongst the putter shafts, there can be feel differences. For me, a steel True Temper stepped putter shaft feels a lot softer than a Stability shaft. Whether you can even perceive the feel differences and whether those feel differences matter is unique to you.
  9. They were silly good for me. I have owned and hit many irons and there has been nothing like these PXG irons for me. I just can't believe how far I was hitting them without trying to really go after them. 120 + ball speed with a 7 iron is uncharted territory for me.
  10. One added thought on the rightward miss, I believe I have come to a conclusion why it happens besides the obvious answer of open face. And why it was more severe with my HM and PXG XP than the P series. The answer is offset. Now, i am not saying that the offset in of itself impacted by club delivery and caused me to deliver the face more open. What it is, is an alignment issue that affects me personally with how I align clubs with varying levels of offset. I have found that what my brain/vision interprets as squarely aligned at setup with more offset clubs is actually open and when actually square, looks closed. With less offset, I can better see square and my brain better interprets that it is in fact aligned square. Now, why not just focus more on setup to make sure the more offset club is aligned actually square? It does work sometimes to straighten out my ball flight, but its not consistent. I believe my brain doesn't fully trust that what looks like closed is square.
  11. Some context before I go into the details of the fitting/purchase. Recently, I installed a golf simulator in the garage with a BLP launch monitor. It has really given me the opportunity to work on my swing (had been working on my swing anyway) with feedback on club delivery parameters. Long story short, with lessons/supervision from Monte, my swing path has become more neutral and my AOA has become less steep (was like -7 with a 7 iron before, closer to -4 to -5 AOA now). Ok, with that context, have been hitting my JPX 923 HM irons not optimally in my mind. Tend to leave shots out to the right and then some hooks. Swing path generally -1 to +2, so nothing wild from a path perspective, mostly a face angle issue. Also, in the back of my mind, I feel like I could be getting more distance out of the irons, currently carrying about 140 to 145 with a good strike with a 8 iron (bent two degrees weak from Mizuno stock to get the right peak height). Also, had in the back of my mind the question on whether these irons are that forgiving for my strike pattern (miss toe side) because the distance lost seemed to be too much for a toe side strike. So I went to a PXG fitting yesterday, have heard great things about the Gen 6 irons and I love the fact that swingweight can be dialed in with the big weight in the back of the head. Swingweighting irons with graphite shafts (i intended to go back to graphite) is a complete pain if the heads don't have an adjustable weight because the tips tend to be narrow on graphite shafts, especially with anything 90ish grams and up. OEMs tend to not offer much swingweight adjustment with graphite shafts, maybe a couple of swingweight points max, but not always even that much. I myself can swingweight graphite iron shafts well, but again, total pain. My thought going in was I would probably fit into the Gen 6 XP irons, given the XP are the most "forgiving" of the irons. Started the fitting by getting some baseline numbers with my 923 HM 7 iron, was hitting 155 to 158 carry, with that normal right push / push fade miss that i don't like. First tried the Gen 6 XP irons, first shot, instant distance gain, about 172 yards. The XP iron was 2 degrees stronger than my 30 degree Hot Metal 7 iron, but that is a pretty solid distance gain and I wouldn't attribute it all to the loft itself. When increasing distance, you need to make sure you aren't compromising elsewhere (peak height, spin, descent, etc.). With the XP, the peak height was actually higher than the HM and the spin was in an appropriate window. Was hitting the XP pretty well, but still having some of those rightward misses. Next was to dial in shafts. When through a few different graphite shafts but then ultimately landed on Steelfibers, which I have played in the past. Everything about my swingspeed, not being an aggressive loader of the shaft, etc., meant that on paper, I should probably fit into R flex in Steelfibers. That was my thought, as well as the fitters thought. After some tests, a few blinded to which shaft was in the head, the S flex was significantly better in dispersion with no distance lost, same level of spin, same peak height, etc. So Steelfiber i95 in S was the shaft choice. I really do not know why the S flex led me to deliver the club better, i couldn't consciously feel a difference between the two shafts during the swing except with the R flex having more kick at impact. Next, I asked to try the P heads. The 0311 P series is the Player's distance head, XP is the Game Improvement head. The setup was 2 strong in the P to be similiar in loft to the XP. First few shots were solid strikes but slightly left of target. After I hit a few more shots, the L to R dispersion was much better than the XP, and the F to B dispersion was amazing (168, 168, 168 carry in a row). I found the P series to be more forgiving than I thought. Even off the extreme toe still flew 158. I am talking extremely off the toe. After some back and forth between heads, it was pretty close in performance between the two, but I the dispersion of the P was better and I actually felt more confident with the P. One other item i didn't mention is that during the fitting, the fitter helps dial in swingweight by changing the weights in the head. Even a couple of gram difference made a difference in my delivery of the club. Ultimate order was 0311 P 5 to GW, 2 degrees strong, 1 degree flat, black heads, black i95 steelfiber reserve shafts in Stiff (parallel tip). One note, during the fitting, i was using the i95 CW taper tip version of the Steelfiber, but I like the look of the black steelfiber i95 shafts and they only come in parallel tip. I am confident that the i95 parallel tip will match in performance to the CW for me, because I have played the i95 parallel tip in Stiff in the past with good results. For those wanting to know the difference between taper tip and parallel tip shafts, taper tip shafts are constant weight through the set while parallel tip shafts descend in weight (there are a few exceptions out there where this is not the case). The key point here being that the shafts themselves descend in weight by a few grams, but that doesn't mean that the total weight of the club descends. The total weight of the 9 iron will be heavier than the 8 iron still, for example. Can't wait to get the iron set.
  12. Thanks, nothing major, just multiple colds and sinus infections
  13. I need to finish up a few remaining pieces and then will post some pics. It is usable at the moment, but havent had a chance to use it as much as i have wanted to in the last couple weeks because i have been sick. The screen/enclosure is retractable, it is the Par2Pro Stealth Elite enclosure. Launch monitor is Bushnell Launch Pro, full unlock. Mat is EZ-Tee hybrid. Currently working on finishing up the high speed swing cameras that use the Swing Catalyst software.
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