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  1. I bought a grip saver/remover tool that is like a long thin tool that you use with solvent to break the tape seal. Works well, have removed some grips, no issues so far.
  2. Although I have only been on this forum for a little over 6 months, I hang out and post in this thread way too often (aka I buy too much stuff). Currently overhauling grips. New Sense putter grip is on the way. Today's purchase is the Iomic Black Armor 2 1.8 grips. This is probably one of the smallest Men's undersize grips that you can buy given it has a core size of 0.600 and a finished sized of 21.8 mm. After much trial and error and a better understanding of my issues with gripping the club, I need something smaller than standard. With these grips, I can start without any buildup and can add buildup tape as needed, especially with my new grip remover tool so I don't waste grips.
  3. The CBX full face wedge is awesome. One could argue that as a high handicapper, I don't need a high toe wedge, but I have hit some nice shots with that thing and haven't bladed any over the green (well, maybe once).
  4. Thanks for following along with our reviews. It was an interesting process with Covid stopping some of us in the middle of our testing.
  5. Thanks. Was out on the course, and I am hitting the ball farther than ever off the tee. Part of it was for sure improvement in strike, but this fitness routine isn't hurting. I feel much stronger now than back in my 20s when I was focused on bodybuilding style workouts, and by "bodybuilding" i mean i was an upper body only meathead
  6. Would be interested to see some testing of the new Sense putter grip (the square/rectangular ones with the weighting system). I have one on order so I will do an unofficial review.
  7. Great update, interested to see how the distance control tests go.
  8. Made it back to working out after 1.5 weeks off. Could have came back last week, but wanted to give me back extra time to heal. Feels good to be back.
  9. I officially have a handicap for the first time in my life, 23.2
  10. Ordered this, coming tomorrow: Sense Grips S1 Putter Grip
  11. I play the Srixon Z-Star ball. It's a tour level ball, but I can get them for $20 a dozen for the prior generation balls.
  12. I have started to become super anal about grip size. Made of the online calculators and charts have very broad ranges for grip fitting. I have seen charts where if your hand length is 6.6" to 7.5", your a standard size. I know this is meant as a starting point, but 6.6" to 7.5" is a wide range for a single size grip. I recently found this from Hireko: If I were to go off the normal charts online, my A measurement is right at 7", so that would put me in a Standard size. However, based on the Hireko chart above, my sizing would be: A measurement: 7.00" - between the Ladies Standard and Ladies + 1/64" B measurement 3.125" - between the Men's -1/32" and Ladies +1/32" The old Ping color chart would put me in Aqua which is -1/64". This all makes sense to me now why I have never felt comfortable with Mens standard. I have shorter than average hands, and my fingers are skinny. On a side note, before my wife and I got married, she was buying me a ring and she googled for average men's ring size, which is a 10. My ring size is 6.5. The reason I am so anal these days about grip size is because my left palm was coming off the grip at the top which caused all sorts of problems, part of that was an issue with how I was gripping the club, part of it due to grip size. My driver shots are night and day difference just based on properly having a firm hold on the grip.
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