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  1. I have been to a few different popular fitters in my area, and have left disappointed by their level of knowledge on shafts. I was told by one fitter that two iron shafts were essentially the same (both were in the same weight range, and both were stiff shafts). However, the bend profiles were significantly different and one felt way different than the other.
  2. I am beginning to become a shaft nerd and can’t wait to talk to the fitter from Fujikura about which shaft will fit me best. I am assuming the F3 in stiff flex but not which weight.
  3. Will definitely be great to see how this Motore X works out in the SIM Max. I bought my SIM Max off the rack, couldn't resist the trade-in value I got on my old driver and bought it in a local store. Only tried the made for TM Ventus Blue vs. made for TM Ventus Red, and the Red fit better. I am always on the search for optimizing.
  4. Wow, thank you for picking me. I will be representing all of the high handicappers who miss the sweetspot more often than not. Can't wait to see if this helps add ballspeed with good dispersion.
  5. Since my last post, i stumbled upon the following video online. What I realized from that video is that I suffered from the "deep interlock" problem. I had thought that I was interlocking correctly, but since my hands are small, my proper interlock doesn't look the same as when I see pictures/videos of interlock grips. Tying the grip back to swing plane totally makes sense. The way I was gripping would cause an almost immediate breakdown in my right wrist, which causes me many problems.
  6. I put in new batteries so that’s not the issue. I never thought about the swinging too high part, will have to try it again. i did make sure it is in golf mode and mph (not baseball)
  7. Has anyone had trouble with the swingspeed radar showing numbers much lower than actual swingspeed. With the speed sticks, i can’t swing above 82 mph lol. My average 7 iron swingspeed on trackman and GC quad is 85mph on average so there is no way that the swingspeed radar is accurate when im using the superspeed sticks.
  8. I made it to the range yesterday and was out there for almost two hours. I typically warm up with short pitch shots before getting into full swings. When I was hitting short pitch shots, I was pulling the ball left. I had been having this problem lately, and just couldn't figure out why. I'm not making that bad of a swing that the ball should be pulled on a short pitch. Anyway, continued on to full swings, still struggled with left pulls, but able to manipulate my swing a bit to somewhat straighten out my shots. At this point, I felt like there was just too much swing manipulation going on. I remembered that during my lesson with Monte, one of the things we talked about at the end was that my grip was too strong. So i decided to try to weaken my grip a bit. It felt strange, especially with how the wrist position felt at the top of the swing, but that straightened out my shots. After that, I focused on getting my arms into the right position that Monte and I had talked about, and also focused on trying to keep my arms closer together during the backswing and not allowing the flying right elbow. After making the grip change and the feel of the arms closer together, I then started to flush the ball like I never have before. Balls started flying straighter and higher, with a small push draw ball flight. I was even able to flush 5 irons which I could never do before. Once in a while, I would start to pull the ball again. When this happened, I noticed that my grip was creeping back too strong again. To prevent this, I need to line up to the ball, and then put my left hand on the grip in the proper position first before gripping the club with my right hand. Overall, yesterday was a successful day. Now I need to continue this, and not fall into my old ways. I also need to try to apply the same concepts to my driver swing. The weaker grip (it is still a neutral to strong grip, just not strong to the extent that it used to be) feels really strange with the driver.
  9. Had a big mental breakthrough today on what the right feel is for swinging the golf club semi-properly. My main problem is that everything moves laterally towards the target: head, upper body, lower body, etc. Everything is moving so far forward that often don't hold a finish position well, sometimes off-balance even to the point of having to take a step. I don't know the right way to describe it, but i need to feel like I am almost moving backward on a portion of the downswing. The key is "feel", because when I do it, I'm actually moreso in the same spot with rotation instead of slide and going off balance. Can't make it to the range today to test it out, but have been swinging on a mat at home. I can tell the club path looks better, i am not slamming into the mat fat with the club, and I am not almost falling over.
  10. I was at the range again today. Struggled to get the right feel on my backswing. Felt like I was making non-consistent backswings, wrists getting bowed too much, taking it too far inside, etc. I came across this from Jake Hutt who I follow on Instagram. He explains that the backswing arm movement is just lifting the arms straight up while pivoting. It feels like it could make things more consistent, but need to try it out. https://www.instagram.com/p/B5ToLKqF6Fi/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  11. Made it to the range today and was trying to work on keeping the head from moving around too much laterally. There were small glimpses of hope. When I was able to put a good swing on the ball, I flushed it. But there was also a mix of thin shots, and then some pull hooks when getting too quick with the 7 iron. Today was the first day hitting the SIM Max driver at the range. It was awesome. The poor shots that I thought would be snap hooks didn't go as far left as I expected. The flushed shots were small push draws. I almost could never get the ball to start to the right with my PXG driver.
  12. Thanks. I need to really work on getting rid of the excess head movement laterally. Going to work on it today if I can make it out to the range.
  13. Had a local lesson recently and it reinforced what I need to work on. My death move is sliding toward the target on the downswing and head move forward laterally toward the target. In trying to get weight to my front foot on the downswing, this has caused me to overexaggerate and making this sliding move. Going to focus on trying to feel like I am staying in the same spot, and limiting the slide forward to a few inches instead of the massive slide that is currently happening.
  14. Ended up trading in my PXG 0811 XF Gen 2 driver today for a SIM Max 10.5 Fujikura Ventus Red 5 (made for shaft). Distance was better with the SIM Max, which could be due to a longer shaft, but also the feel was better as well. I also felt like I get penalized less with my miss with the SIM Max which is a low hook. Time will tell if the SIM Max performs better. I don't know what the MOI is on the SIM Max but the 0811 XF Gen 2 has one of the highest MOIs out of recent drivers, but I felt like the SIM Max was more forgiving for me.
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