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  1. I would not try to put a 0.370 adapter on a 0.335. Get the right size adapter.
  2. I have a bunch of Snell MTB-X, TP5X Pix practice, Z-Stars, and then probably a dozen Top Flite Gamers. Using any other balls, a dozen doesn't last very long, but the Top Flite Gamers, for some reason I can't lose those if I tried lol.
  3. Very sorry to hear. My dad passed away from liver cancer 28 years ago.
  4. Callaway has been absurdly awesome with delivery times lately. They quoted me 3 to 4 weeks out for my order and then it arrived within like 5 days total after order.
  5. I think we are talking about the same giveaway on the other golf forum, yes.
  6. Won the KBS shaft in a giveaway on another golf site. Might put it into play this weekend.
  7. Yeah, saw you poking around about in a KBS TD thread lol
  8. Yep, agree there are lots that setup similarly. Just trying to find a similar height & proportion player. The AMG guys were talking about some of the angles looking different if you try to compare yourself to someone thats not in the height range. I have to go to the LPGA for a better comp. I am more or less the same height as Bianca.
  9. Was watching this today. AMG is very big on posture and how it affects the swing. They have some similar thoughts as GG, but slightly different posture. They make an interesting point about finding a Tour pro that is in the same height range as you that has posture similar to what is highlighted in the video and then you can compare how your posture looks to theirs as a reference.
  10. Yeah, don't buy two, even i wouldn't do that, i leave that kind of stuff to @Golfspy_CG2 . The key is buy one, and don't second guess yourself on what ifs on the one you don't buy.
  11. Im already a member at a club that costs more than 3k a year, so i would take the gc quad home simulator option. Wait, that wasn’t even an option lol.
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