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  1. Cast muscleback = Vokey wedges
  2. In that article, they are defining forged irons as: "A solid metal piece is used for creating forged irons... Now, this solid piece of metal is then stamped to form the required, correct shape and loft" However, not all "forged" irons these days meet the definition above. The ZX5's are multi-piece construction. One thing i do know from a club building perspective, its so much easier to bend a forged iron made from carbon steel than a cast stainless steel iron. Though there are also cast carbon steel irons as well, which aren't terrible to bend as well.
  3. They are sending me a new part so I can fix the handle, which is good. But I have heard of other people breaking the handle similar to my incident, one guy broke it twice. i wish the handle was a bit more robust. i wasn't doing anything crazy like trying to lift it by the handle or anything like that.
  4. Yes, i have contacted them. About the most recent issue, I am waiting to hear back from the third party in the US that does the servicing. About prior issues with the control issues, they didn't do anything because it was something that consistently happened every time and it was only intermittent. This was also the response from the third party servicer. Any time you contact Stewart directly (either their US branch or UK branch), you get directed to the third party servicer if you live in the US.
  5. let me know if you ever have any questions about fitting for us shorter folks. i may not have the answers, but at least we can share experiences. there has been some trial and error on my part, a lot of times from fitters i get the "we never fit anyone in a club that is less than X length".
  6. no, didn't drive it into anything hope so too. saw on a different site that someone with the same model had it happen twice
  7. I have had multiple fittings and i fit into a 31 to 31.5" putter. I have short legs but normal length arms proportionately, so my wrist to floor measurement is 31". Every putter i play is cut down. i have never gotten to demo a putter that short except when I was at Ping HQ and they cut down one of their demo putters for me to try (part of the Ping PLD custom experience).
  8. @Stewart Golf @Stewart Golf USA I have had a lot of issues with my Stewart Q-Follow since I have owned it. Bluetooth never worked with the app Trolley intermittently doesn't respond to pressing buttons on the remote (i am in range, im standing within 5 feet) Remote control causes the trolley to respond in an unintended way. I have had the "Stop" button cause it to turn right, also "Stop" cause it to go backwars The backwards direction stop working for a while and then all of a sudden worked today The handle broke off today while i was guiding it downhill at the lowest speed I am pretty frustrated with this trolley, and its definitely priced at a premium in the marketplace.
  9. the one that is like 85 grams or so?
  10. i cheat and use an air compressor (even with tape and solvent) when they get hard to push on. Had a batch of grips that wouldn't go on very easily, but got another batch of the same model/size grips and they go on much easier. also, sometimes some shafts have a big butt. trying to install a 21" arm lock grip on a LAGP armlock shaft that has like a 0.660" butt diameter is one of the worst things i have ever had to do
  11. I made it today with only 1 pro v1. Technically, it did roll into the water by one foot on a hole, but i picked it out of the water.
  12. Close to breaking 90, shot a 91, my best round to date. Those two triple bogeys really hurt. One of them I just made poor choices. By poor choices, they weren't risky choices, they were just dumb. The dumbest was trying to putt from way too far off the green in April PNW conditions when it had just rained. Ball didn't even make it to the green.
  13. i've lost a ball in the middle of the fairway
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