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  1. Step 1 was to record the weight for each head:
  2. Thanks, not expecting it to make a huge difference, but i've never really figured out what is the right "swingweight" to play in irons. I have specifically asked fitters in the past during paid fittings and have never gotten a useful answer. The worst answer I got was from club champion, who said "we think people should play heavier irons". It was such a generic comment with no context to me and my swing. My approach will be to build a 9 iron only, no added tip weights. Go to the range and see what feels right based on hitting balls and slowly adding lead tape. Once I find what is right, then pull back apart the head and weight the 9 iron head. That will help to determine the right MOI and then build the set accordingly.
  3. Since I am going to be making the switch back to graphite, I thought why not do a MOI matching build. More to come soon
  4. I think the inserts help, probably would be worse without them. but need to do everything i can to not aggravate my body
  5. My body hates me. As much as I want to play the 950GH steel shafts, don't think steel is doing any favors to my body. Will be reshafting my T300 set soon
  6. thinking about going back to graphite iron shafts after a short stint with steel. just a little worried about how my body will hold up long term (i have some pre-existing issues that i don't want to aggravate), and that will always be in the back of my mind with steel.
  7. I will say, there is nothing you can do to dampen steel shafts to the point where they will match graphite, i just dont think that is possible
  8. Thinking about armlock putting. Been messing around the house with an armlock putter
  9. Looks good man. Trying to figure out what costs more, a GC3 or @dlow206's bag of clubs (inclusive of electric trolley)
  10. Played a couple rounds with these and have hit balls on the range. What I have noticed is not much, in a good way. I haven't noticed any significant stinging from vibrations, i don't have any elbow or joint pains, etc. You will still occasionally feel a sting if you hit one really poorly, but i think that is unavoidable. So far so good with this product.
  11. I feel vindicated. A week or two back, i was struggling to pull some graphite shafts, thought it was me, even though i have a lot of experience doing so. Sent my Mitchell shaft puller (which should be indestructible) back to Mitchell to take a look just in case, and there was in fact an issue with the puller and they repaired it and its on its way back.
  12. Yes, almost impossible to get heads only from the major OEMs. I've tried to convince some club building shops that had heads only to sell me heads, but they wouldn't budge at all. Once in a while, there are brand new heads only available on ebay, but thats pretty rare as well.
  13. A couple of observations on the T300 from my unofficial testing: 1. The height of my shots is much higher with the T300 plus Nippon 950GH than with my ZX5 plus Accra shafts. Never hit the ball this high before, which is a good thing for me, because I tend to be a low ball hitter. 2. I am not sure how much spin i am putting on the ball, but whatever the spin numbers are in combo with the descent angle, the balls stop on the green where they land with an 8 iron or shorter 3. The set wedges are surprisingly good. Was hitting some great partial wedge shots with the 48 degree gap wedge from 60 to 70 yard outs. Normally I would hit a higher lofted wedge in this scenario, but didn't have a 53/54 degree wedge in my bag for the last round (nromally i would).
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