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  1. Jim/ Canada 8 Srixon 565/765/965 Combo 165 yards
  2. Jim Belleville, Ontario 95 mph Prov1. Have never purchased a Snell ball.
  3. - First name. Jim - State. Ontario, Canada - Your current model of putter. Evenroll ER6 - Is putting a strength or weakness of your game. Weakness
  4. 1. Jim Ontario 2. Hcp 10, SS 95 mph 3 Cobra F8+ 4. Ping G410 Plus Having never owned a Ping driver, I would love the opportunity to give this driver an unbiased opinion. Thanks for the opportunity.
  5. 1. Jim , Ontario 2. Zero Restriction (Gortex) 3. Worst rain you've ever played in. With our short golfing season in Canada, we cannot be topo selective on when we can play. Sometime it calls for rain and it doesn't so we have to be optimistic. Rain gear is therefore a necessity and we play in rain of some sort at least 15-20 times per year at a minimum considering I play +100 rounds per year. Anyway, worst rain I have played in was a combination of heavy rain for the entire 18 holes as well as 30-35 mph winds. Wind was so strong that it broke 2 of my umbrella's support arms when it was facing into the wind. Never had that happen before but we could not stop as this was a regional intersectional championship event against 3 other clubs so we play rain or shine as long as the course is still playable. In summary, my rain gear is well worn and is in need of replacement so would love to be a tester, I'll certainly give it a workout.
  6. Jim Ontario Cleveland RTX-3 Strength- distance control (full shots/partial) Weakness- dispersion in full wedge shots HC 8
  7. 1. Jim, Ontario 2. 8 Handicap/ 95mph Driver swing speed. 3. Taylormade 2017 M1 440 4. G400 LST
  8. 1. Jim - Belleville, ON Canada 2. Handicap - 8 3. Dream Bag: Driver: Launcher HB 10* 3 wood: Launcher HB 3 wood 15* Hybrids: Launcher 3 and 4 hybrid Irons: Launcher CBX Irons 5-PW Wedges: RTX-3 CB TOUR 50*, 54* and 58 Putter: TFI 2135 SATIN - Elevado 33” Balls: Srixon Z Star
  9. Jim 2016 Taylormade M1 Fujikura Speeder Evolution 474 ® SS -95; 245 yards Jimmy3864 iphone
  10. 1. Jim. Ontario 2. Current handicap - 6 3. Current driver and shaft combo. 2016 M1 430 Fujikura Speeder Evolution 474 (Regular) 4. Driver swing speed and carry distance. 92-95. 250 5. Favorite Callaway Staffer. Thomas Peters
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