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  1. I have Titleist T100s Pitching and Gap wedge then Vokey SM9s 54 and 58 degrees. All custom fitted. I see no need to invest in SM10's at this stage as I love my current wedges.
  2. Hi everyone. I'm a keen golfer from Melbourne in Australia. I took up the game about 18 months ago after playing a few bad rounds about 20 years ago. I was exceptionally bad, so set about getting some lessons. My initial clubs were a Taylormade RBZ set which set me back about $1800 Australian and despite being 'fitted' by one of the large golf stores, I soon learned they were completely wrong for me. Through a lot of work with the coach, my swing has gone from horrible slice drives to a baby draw. In the process, I learned about the importance of proper fittings. I now have an all Titleist set up with a TSR2 driver, 4W and 3H all with extra stiff flex. My irons are T100s with low spin stiff flex shafts and the wedges are Vokey 54 and 58 degrees. I was shocked that the T100s was the right iron for me and am very thankful I got a proper fitting. the only club left is finding the right putter now. I've found an excellent club to join with a pretty challenging course and the next step in my game is getting the short game going. I spend way too much time on youtube looking at content and reviews and am keen to see some of the reviews here.
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