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  1. Awesome Alan that is great to hear! Can't wait!
  2. To be fair there is not much time when I'm not posting!
  3. Also if it makes sense do a prefit like webfit from Ping. Helps give a better understanding!
  4. And to think we have a few OEM testing calls today too
  5. Lol probably - but I'm sure there are a ton of others that also picked him in the pool so no harm haha
  6. Sounds like you really caught the golfing bug!
  7. Old (2023) message has been removed to avoid confusion. Score to par is the standings for the 2024 season. At the end of the year we can't ale a vote on what ppl liked more and look at further changes for 2025! Thanks all for participating.
  8. Looks like the message from last season carried over. All the rules are up top in this thread. It's based off score - not winnings this year which was a change we made at the very start. That's an auto message that was created last season. Thanks for spotting it and I'll edit it to make sure it reflects the score to par not winnings. Apologies! All the rules for this season are up top of the thread.
  9. Good recap - do you have a few photos you can share? Would love to see what it's like after a round or a before and after type deal. Do you think they just need a firmer outside or would that effect the performance too much?
  10. Who? Haha That's great for him and reslly cool stat! I'll have to watch the highlights!
  11. Going to the store ahead of time and asking questions as well as being open in terms of communication helps a lot. Tell them what you are looking for and what you want to achieve. Their answer should be very telling and give you a good idea. Outside of that going to a fitter who you have had other friends go to helps, as others have said there are reviews online which are good. While some are good maybe avoid big box stores. They can be a more quick in quick out situation.
  12. While unlikely I am going to try and get a bit of speed training done today on the rapsodo. Need to get back into it!
  13. I don't think so! There were a few ppl that had some issues but considering the tens of thousands that are sold you should be okay. Also even if something did break TM has a good warranty which would likely cover it. Welcome to the forum and hope the driver works great for you!
  14. It's the big move today! Movers come on an hour and a bit. Late night getting things ready, first night at the new place and as expected the kids hardly slept and up early to get work done before it all starts. Yikes! However will be so happy when the day is over. Have most the house already moved just all the big stuff now!
  15. Very much depends on the golfer, but for me and the way by bag is set it does. Maybe more in my head, but having that equal gapping is crucial.
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