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  1. Each OEM has a RH or LH sleeve. It doesn't mean it is not compatible with the head though. Just means the the sleeve lofts/lie are reversed. Often people who want a more fade bias in their sleeve will use the opposite hand in the draw setting making it a fade setting. Most will have a LH or RH labelled on them somewhere. I would have to check my LH Epic Driver to see where, but I recall there being a LH on it somewhere... Edit- I don't see a LH on it, but they are all underlined which isn't the case on a RH sleeve so that must be it!
  2. This is true. Altho it really isn't stated we encourage members to wait or find these leaked photos elsewhere unless they are posted by the OEM. Keep in mind with our testing these OEM's are giving MGS product to test for our members and we like to abide by their release dates. Truthfully these photos can be found just about anywhere so it won't take much searching, but again we will hide posts if they are leaked early. Don't want a small leaked photo to be the cause of potentially not getting a testing opportunity!
  3. An older thread, but one that certainly hasn't lost any meaning and with so many new members this is a great one to keep up with. A lot of good stories here and common threads can be found as to why or how members joined. For all those who haven't posted in this yet why did you join? Did you happen on the forum by chance or were you lead here by some other factor be that testing or instagram or whatever else?
  4. Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting a WIYB! Looking forward to seeing some updated photos when you get a chance... especially that 1 iron. Any stories behind the clubs you have or why they made it into the bag over others?
  5. Something I have done in the past is check out the older MGS most wanted. This can give you a decent idea of where to start. All that being said Ping G400 Max or SFT are great spots to start. Still used by a ton of golfers out there, few iterations old so it won't be too expensive and Ping is a good forgiving driver that offers good distance as well. Can't recommend enough and think you should be able to find them for a steal. Also along these same lines the original Taylormade M2 was super popular and may not have the newest and greatest tech, but again was and is still used by many and was considered to be far better then the 2nd version of the M2. Also shouldn't go without saying welcome to the lefty club! Happy to see another on the forum!
  6. My wife just showed me this photo from the summer which I never knew she had! It is one of my favorites of our fur family.
  7. This came up in our Rapsodo review that we just finished up linked here: But the question we were asking is what exactly are we looking for in a launch monitor? Of course this varies golfer to golfer and their situation, but with so many options what are your preferences? What is a reasonable budget that you would put towards one (if you haven't already) as well as what are the numbers/data points that would be most important to you? With options ranging from PRGR at $150 or so to GC Quad at how many thousand, to the Garmin R10, SkyCaddie SC series, new bushnell/foresight GC3, Full Swing which was featured on the blog site along with Rapsodo and the list keeps going there are so many options. Many have their short comings, whether it be spin rates or just being too expensive there will always be benefits and pitfalls to certain devices, so again for you what would make the perfect device and at what price? For me personally I think GC3 is that device. At the moment it is a little outside of how much I can fork out, but given its a Camera based system not radar gives a ton of benefits in my eyes. Add in the software that comes with it I think they really did hit a sweet spot. However 6k is a lot to fork out. If I had a little more space (my next place certainly will) it would be a no brainer. I feel the use and benefits would easily pay for itself given the data points are more trusted then several others and personally I don't want to go with a subscription based service where I would then feel obligated to get X amount of use each year. Add in outside of updating software to get better graphics and such there isn't much more I really could ask for? Therefore I think it would be a good long term investment. Now if you only wanted swingspeed or maybe ballspeed saving the extra $5850 for PRGR makes a lot more sense. In any case where is your sweet spot and do you think there will be any big prices dips coming or innovations that will help change the market?
  8. Underrated, but great options and even you could look at older models as they still perform really well are the Cobra series from F7 onwards. They have the rails which help with turf interaction and out of rough, but that also comes from someone who owns both a f7 3 and 7 wood and would find it hard to go away from them. In any case worth a look!
  9. This is a simple one for me. I just want a new driver. My Epic Sub Zero bit the dust in a who knows what happened incident. Now using my Cobra Flyz plus which I don't hate, but it is much much shorter then other drivers I have used so can't wait till we hear more about the new drivers and take the plunge... even if it would count as a late Christmas gift.
  10. I wanted to follow this up with a post about devices in general and it may be worth its own thread, but what is the most useful data you would look for in a device? Is it just distance? Or do you want to get down to the nitty gritty and see all the other numbers. We have so many devices available to at us at such a range or prices it can be difficult to sort out what you want for which. Rapsodo fits in a nice spot at $500 or so which is far less then some of the new systems from Bushnell and so on with are $5000 plus or trackman and GCQuad which are much more then that. However it is over double some smaller devices like the PRGR or Swing Caddie among others. Is there a sweet spot for pricing? Or is it mainly the technology that is "cheaper" I saw the new Full Swing on the blog site and was curious about it, but it is another Radar device and I think... for me... if I was to go down this road again I would anti up the 5 or 6 k for a GC3. I think I would get a bit more out of it in the long term and it would be viewed more then a training aid.
  11. Want to apologise to the membership for having been somewhat mia over the last month or so. Had a work trip to Kazakhstan for a couple weeks and just a lot of catchup leading up to and on coming back home with wife, work and dogs. Now that things are settled back in shouldn't have that lapse in time... although baby is coming soon. However that being said Happy Thanksgiving to everyone back in the US and looking forward to photos of those amazing turkey dinners! 

  12. Reviews are rolling in and just got mine up. Let me know what you think or have questions about the unit? I'll be sure to follow up with more content on the device as it is used over the winter months.
  13. If you do recall I was using a Open ball so the jug had to be the proper way!
  14. I have done very little in the way of practicing over the last while, but I'm going to pull out the puttout the next few evenings and see if I can track some putting stats with it. I really enjoyed this training aid even though it is extremely frustrating at times. With cold temperatures officially here it is unlikely that I'll be doing any outdoor practicing from now until spring even though technically courses are open.
  15. It is trade deadline day! Altho I am pretty much happy and content with my roster. I am going to put Gibson/Jeudy pairing together for a uptick in RB. For any of those interested send your offers! I may also consider a TE swap as part of the deal adding in Kittle. Happy trading everyone and wish all the best this week moving forward!
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