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    Baden, Switzerland
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    I am an Ice Technician for Curling clubs so I make ice in the winter and golf all summer.
    That and my dog Apollo who is a Alaskan Klee Kai
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    101-110 mph
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    A few times per month
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    Driver/Off the Tee
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  1. I'm actually doing a little review on the Hanience range finder. It's by no means perfect but I have been impressed so far!
  2. I'll be quick. I prefer to hit a few balls, doesnt have to be many and do a bit of chipping and putting. The main thing for me is I need to be organized, bag, coffee or water and snack. I've done a poor job of this so far this year which i need to remedy.
  3. This really has me so excited for the Masters!
  4. Really simple. Head over to the https://forum.mygolfspy.com/forum/104-mgs-virtual-golf-tournaments/ Go to the most recent week and there will be a button to post a score. Fill it in and you're good to go!
  5. What I imagine you all are like when you saw we had back to back iron sets to start the testing season.
  6. Good write up and glad you found something that works! You should definitely also check out the Otto Phlex thread we have!
  7. All I know is I want Fowler to win... nothing else matters!
  8. May just need to refresh or maybe clear your cache? It is all up and live and running on my end and I do not have any special access.
  9. Thank you for pointing that out and I will mention that to them now!
  10. 1st Tie Breaker: Even (0) 2nd Tie Breaker: +3
  11. Sorry @GolfSpy_SAM I am going to say our topic has to be the main site launching! If anyone hasn't checked it out yet it is a must. Really cool. Hoping to get someone from HQ on to chat about it, but we will at the very least start with that and see where the conversation takes us from there!
  12. Didn't quite crack 9 K... but maybe this next test will!
  13. Here is more promo material you'll see coming over the coming days! Be sure to go to the site: mygolfspy.com and share your favorite new features! NEW WEBSITE INSTAGRAM VIDEO.mp4 INSTAGRAM STORY.mp4 VID_104530802_113531_229.mp4
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