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Testers Wanted! Callaway Ai Smoke Drivers & AutoFlex Dream 7 Driver Shafts ×


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  1. Thanks boys. Not exactly thrilled about the idea of switching but gotta stay positive about these things and look for game improvements wherever possible.
  2. Even the pros might win a major then not even make the cut the next week week. Golf is just golf. Enjoy the ride and realize we’re not as good as our best game but not nearly as bad as our worst. It’s about the journey, not a destination.
  3. Thanks, I guess that's good news. The idea of giving up my nippons is equally painful though.
  4. Semi retired this summer and usually got a solid 3-4 games plus practice in most weeks. As a result I’m experiencing a little joint and tendon issues. Would switching to properly fitted graphite shafts all around help?
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