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  1. Totally agree with you. I was originally fit into an atmos black shaft and a 10.5 head. The atmos has a 3.8 torque on it. With my Stealth 2 it has a 9 degree head and the Kai'li red shaft. That shaft has a stated 4.1 torque. Similar weight but different profiles. I'm hitting the Stealth higher and more consistently than the fitted Mizuno. I fitted myself using the knowledge I picked up from my Mizuno fitting. So far I'd say I did a great job but without question 1 company's numbers can be totally different than anothers. As for the op I'm so happy for you. Just the experience itself for me it's worth it. In the long run it'll make you a better golfer. You can check different companies for similar shaft numbers but like Ricky Bobby said the numbers for 1 company aren't necessarily the same as others. You could ask the fitter what they recommend that are similar. Sometimes TXG/ Club Champion do ask anything on YouTube. A guy like Ian could probably give you examples
  2. To get ready for the upcoming season I tested 4 different golf balls: 1 - Ol' faithful Titleist Pro V1 2 - Wilson Triad 3 - Callaway Chromesoft X LS 4 - Vice Pro After analyzing all the data I decided to go with the Vice Pro. I got a little more height out of it and got a little more spin off my driver. The Pro V1 was longer but can't justify the price for the little bump in performance.
  3. She knows I could do it because I'm a very determined person and when I set my heart on something I usually do everything I can to reach my goal it's just financially I can't afford it
  4. Remember to ask questions. I walked in and they asked me if I had a preferred club brand. I said no because I was open to hit anything. I thought I was going to pair up well with a Callaway and ended up with a Mizuno ST 190 that I probably would have never considered lol. Pay attention to your numbers too. Those things are important. I took pics of mine as a guide point. Lastly, have fun!
  5. For myself I got fitted for a driver about 4 years ago. I was driving it really well... until I wasn't. Was it the club? Yes and no. There might have been a physical issue with the driver after 4 years of using it but I can tell you my swing changed. I lost the swing I had when I got fitted and started struggling. After 4 years, and with the knowledge I picked up from that fitting, I was able to fit myself for a new driver and I am hitting the driver better than I ever have! So I definitely believe you can "out-fit" your fitted clubs with swing changes and other factors.
  6. I'm not a fitter but from what you are saying it sounds like you might need a lower loft and a lower torque shaft. Again it depends on your numbers and what kind of flight you are looking for. I would definitely go for a fitting. You will learn so much about your swing and just the experience of it is well worth it, whether you buy the club or not.
  7. I'm 47 now but I've got to tell you: I desperately want to work in the golfing industry. I'd love to be a fitter. I'm obsessed with the process ever since I first got fitted for a driver a few years ago. I just feel like I might have missed the boat at my age. Also, there isn't any real opportunities where I live. My friend is selling his business with 3 HD golf simulators and my wife keeps swelling my head telling me if anyone could make money with that place it's me lol. But seriously, I would love it. Love everything about the fitting process and I love helping people
  8. Thank you. Spent the day yesterday shooting 74 on Bethpage black (golf simulator of course) but had possibly the best driving I've ever had. Was playing against a scratch golfer who shot 72. Today I'm recovering lol
  9. I am really liking Trottiegolf. I'm obsessed with learning about club fittings and love his content. I also like James Robinson and Chris Dennis as James has a similar swing speed to mine and he and Chris are really funny. I don't care for when Chris has "mid-handicapper" Dave on the channel as I can't relate to him. I liked when he had Frankie on but he hasn't been on in a longtime. Other than that I try to watch Rick Shiels, Mr Shortgame, Danny Maude and of course meandmygolf guys are great.
  10. This is very true. I just bought a Stealth 2 and I really wanted a Ping 430. I've never gotten along well with Ping but figured everyone and their mother was saying it is good so I tried it and for whatever reason I just can't hit it. My Mizuno ST 190 was going about 252. The stealth went 270 and 280. My friend also has 1 and swears by it.
  11. Exact same reason for me. For whatever reason I can't hit my fairway Woods out of the rough. Switched the 5 for a 3 hybrid and much better. At 1 point I had a 2 hybrid instead of a 3 wood. That worked well too
  12. After a couple of more 81s I had decided that I must have "unfit myself" of my driver. I tried everything under the sun to try to get it going and NOTHING was working....until Saturday. Saturday I went to play in a 3 person scramble in the Northern part of New Brunswick. I nice little place called St-Quentin. They have a 9 hole course so we had to play it twice. They are so small in fact that they don't even have a driving range so we we to a par 5 and each hit 1 drive. I of course hooked mine low. The grass on the tee box was a bit high so I figured I would switch to a longer tee next time. I had warned my playing partners that I haven't been hitting my driver well over the last 6-7 weeks or so. They were fine with it. We started on a par 4 that goes 90 degrees about 260 out. I hit my drive and it went straight out of bounds. Next driving hole was the par 5 we had hit a driver from. I hit a great draw over some trees into the fairway! We had 160 in. Next driving hole was a short par 4. I hit another great little draw right down the middle only to head down there and we're 15 feet away for an eagle! When we made the turn back to this hole I drove it back on the green although further away we made the eagle. We were 3 under through 14 holes and went eagle, eagle, birdie, birdie to finish 9 under and win the second division! It felt like I couldn't miss with my driver. Every shot I wanted to hit I could. I don't think I've ever been so happy or proud on a golf course. At least with my swing I should say. Needless to say playing with 2 people I barely knew and playing so well we decided that we would play this weekends 3 person scramble in Edmundston NB. Why not right? All 3 of us got along extremely well and our games seemed to match perfectly together. So back home I was hoping that my new found fortune was going to stay. I went 9 for 14 on fairways, 11 for 18 on greens and finished with a 74 with 29 putts! I feel like I'm back. It feels like the swing is back. I'm praying that it is. Funny how just a change of scenery, playing a different course kind of cleared my mind. I just played without over-thinking anything and let my body do the rest. Sometimes you try to not overthink so much that you end up doing it to much so it definitely looks like I'm back on track. Playing again today...let's see how it goes.
  13. Thank you so much for replying. Yes it is a terrible disease. I am battling as much as I can. I've been better these days but it really has affected my golf game. So much so that I am losing all the ground I made up this summer. It's depressing and it's tough but I'm fighting my way through it. I am seeing a psychologist and I am working through my issues. Obviously I am trying to find help with my game as it's slipped so much. In my neck of the woods golfers can be very jealous and full of themselves. I've reached out to some people to see if they would be willing o play some 2 or 3 person scrambles but they either say no or yes and cancel last minute. I reached out to a pro for a driver lesson (I've never had one in my life) only to be told that he can't because of the time of year he's by himself and can't dedicate the time (Which is understandable). So I'm going to do what I've always done - Work on it myself. I've never really been able to count on anyone to help me when I struggle so why bother starting now right? That's my mental state at the moment. Just trying to fix my driver swing while working through the usual small town bullsh*t
  14. We're in the same boat. I went from a 3.6 to a 5.3 because I suddenly can't hit my driver. This driver is also fitted. I know the old adage that it's the Indian and not the arrow but I wonder if sometimes we can make a swing change that "unfits" us from our fitted equipment? I want to hit push fades. My miss is both sides. I had a friend lend me an old TaylorMade Sim driver with a HZRDUS black shaft and although I still hit some bad shots the shots weren't as bad. Right now I can go ob left or right. Thinking of making a switch but I have more testing to do

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    Selling my Mizuno ST190 9.5* driver. Comes equipped with a Fujikura Atmos Tour Spec 65g stiff flex playing at 45", Golf Pride midsize grip (For me the grip is still fine but you might want to change it or put a different size on it). I'm selling with the headcover and tool. Driver was bought new by me at Golf Town and was fitted and sent to me from Mizuno. Club is 150% legit *Willing to trade for a TaylorMade driver. Prefer a Sim or Sim Max or Sim 2/ Max or 1st gen Stealth. Willing to send money with trade to offset the value. *I'm in Canada so you will be responsible for any shipping/ duty charges if this is sent to you in the USA


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