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  1. Hello MYGOLFSPY crew! Have not been here in a long time. Feels good to be back. I have a question concerning iron shaft flex and weight and I'm hoping to get some advice from people who know much more about it than I do. Before I start, I want to mention: *** I have no way of getting on a launch monitor or to see a club fitter. I am 4 and a half hours away from the nearest club fitting pros and because of Covid I cannot go down there. I know this is the best way but please understand that I can't and time is of the essence here*** Background I am currently playing Cobra King Forged Tours. The shafts are KBS FLT 120g stiff flex. 2 years ago (before pandemic) I was fitted for a Mizuno ST190 driver with a 65g stiff Fujikura Atmos Tour spec shaft. Ball speed is sitting around that 155mph to 160mph range. I have a pretty slow backswing with an aggressive down swing. I have the opportunity to get Mizuno 919 tours. The issue is the have the Project X LZ shafts in them at 125g s+ or xflex (I keep seeing them described as both). I recently bought some New Level M-Type wedges. I fit myself for them and went with TT Elevates in 122g xflex. I was only able to play 3-4 rounds with them. I wanted more height in my wedges and a similar weight to what I was playing in my irons. My question is this: Would this shaft be a good fit for me? I am debating because it seems like the 155-160mph ball speed is right on the cusp of stiff or xstiff. At my best, I was a 5 handicap. I slowed down my playing over the last 2 years mainly due to financial reasons. I still played but going from 40-50 rounds to about 20 brought my handicap up to 6.5 Now that I seem to have that settled, my goal for next season is to get my handicap to a 3. I feel my dispersion is not very good. I want to tighten that up and believe this might work. Thank you for all replies.
  2. I like the ping app. I had an old iPhone and bought the cradle on ebay. I used it to putt in the house last winter. My putting has really improved Sent from my VTR-L09 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  3. I enjoyed the experience. It was my first ever fitting. The guy was a certified professional. That day I was hitting horrible slices because I always thought that I had a 160 mph ball speed. My friend has an HD golf simulator and it measures ball speed. When I got there on gc quad it was 155 mph. I tried hard to get it to 160 and was trying to kill the ball. I did tell him this. Titleist or cobra or any other club were not brought out. I trusted the fitter and was open to try anything. I think it's my swing plane. I am going to work hard this winter on building a repeatable driver swing. I think the mizuno club is fine. I'm just frustrated that I can't hit the damn thing. I hit my 3 hybrid better and more solid. Lately further than the driver. Played by myself today and shot 78. I used my 3 hybrid off most holes. A down hill par 5 playing 477 yards I used my 3 hybrid off the deck 4 iron just short of the green chipped to about 15 ft and sank the birdie. I just don't trust my swing with the driver right now and it's playing with my head. I don't want it going right so it goes low and left. Sent from my VTR-L09 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  4. That day I had a bad slice because I was trying to get more ball speed. I told the fitter this was not my usual shot. He had me first try a Taylormade M5 or 6 can't remember and I couldn't get it off the ground. Had me try the epic flash sub zero which was nice but sounded like crap. Then he pulled out a Ping G410 and I was hooking it like I am now. The mizuno was really good and I had consistent ball speed which is why he suggested it and even though my swing wasn't it's usual self that day I was told that walking into a fitting with a bad swing is better because the fitter can try to curb the problem more. This is a swing issue by me - not the club. I think it's my swing plane to be honest. I'm going to try to get a video uploaded. Last night it rained so I couldn't go. Wil try tonight if it stops.
  5. I don't want to be the guy that tries to kill it. I know that doesn't work. I'd like to be able to get to at least 80% of my power but right now I can only control it at about 50%. I'm leaving a lot on the table so I want to get the most out of my 80% swing. If that's 260 yards I'm happy but right now I'm having trouble getting to 240 and I know I can do better than that
  6. I agree about chasing number. I assume my 5 iron should be higher than it is (at 12 yards like you said it would bring me around 200 yards) I try not to swing hard but fast like you say but I think my body doesn't understand what I'm trying to do lol I certainly do NOT want to blame the fitter for this. It's my swing, I own up to it. I know I'm doing something wrong and will get a video going hopefully tonight (it's raining here)
  7. I did. I told him my usual ball flight was a light fade which I like and miss because I could swing normally and it went where I intended most of the time. In terms of consistency, I am pretty much around the middle of the club, maybe off the center by millimeters. I don't generate enough ball speed to hit 300 yards so I'm not trying to do that. I want to be able to get control of my shot again. 1 thing I forgot to mention. He had placed the order with Mizuno for a 10.5 degree head but I got a 9.5 He told me to adjust it to a 10.5 but if I'm not mistaken that closes the face more, right?
  8. I was fitted on a monitor from Golf Town (I'm in Canada) by a certified pro. That day I was swinging horribly and had big slices. I was butt hurt because I always thought I had 160 mph ball speed when in fact with dry ball data it was 155 so I was trying to swing harder to get the 160 mph ball speed. If I take easy swings I am a decent ball striker. The second I try to give it some more juice I'm all over the place. My irons aren't so bad. I do sometimes flub shots here and there but I'm fairly comfortable. At the club, I was hitting my 3 hybrid instead of my driver because I could control it. I was even occasionally out driving my opponents with it. My tendency with the hybrid is a straight pull to the left. I think that has to do with my shoulder turn coming in quicker than my hips. I'm not sure but I'm going to take some video tonight if possible and upload it.
  9. Guys, A little history: I was fitted this summer (for the first time ever) for a driver. I ended up with a Mizuno ST190 with a Fujikura Atmos TS 65g Stiff shaft. Although I really enjoyed my experience a the fitting. I have NOT been able to hit it all summer long! Now, before I sit here and blame the club - I am the issue. I can't swing this driver any harder than maybe 50%. I get a low hook almost every time I swing it. If I try to swing harder - I can spray the ball all over the course! left, right and rarely center. I have completely lost my driver swing. I've fought with it all summer. I am going to try to upload a vid of it asap to get that issue analyzed. I'm also trying to figure out how my gaping should go. My 150 yard club is my 9 iron. During the summer I can hit my 60 degree lob wedge 100 yards with a full swing. Right now my driver is at an average of 256. Here's what I don't understand. my 5 iron distance is 183? That doesn't seem right. My 6 iron says 169 yards. my 7 is 165. my 8 is 157. I'm using a Garmin S20 watch and it measures my shots for me. I know it's probably not accurate but my 9 is my 150 club. Everything else seems off. Please help me figure this out. I was trending the right way this year. Got myself down to a 5.6 handicap and finished 2nd in my local club championship this year. I need to take that next step and my length off the tee used to be a strong point for me. I couldn't use it in the club because I couldn't trust my swing.
  10. I'm right on the fence for this as my ss is 105 but the ST190 won for me. I was fitted on a lm inside smacking my own tp5x balls and I was swinging like real poop that day. I played Thursday after work and hot 10 of 14 fairways for the 1st time ever so I don't know about everyone's experiences here but for me it seems to work
  11. Your first name Lou - State - New Brunswick, Canada - Your current model of putter Odyssey O-WORKS Marksman 33.5" - Is putting a strength or weakness of your game Has been a strength since getting the Marksman
  12. I've got a counterbalanced flatso on my marksman putter and being it's my first experience with a counterbalanced grip I'm really enjoying it. I'm not ready to say that I have distance control issues like a few guys here have mentioned but I don't have enough rounds in yet to completely disagree. Time will tell but so far I'm not making any changes Sent from my VTR-L09 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  13. I'm a Marksman fan but I'm not crazy about the line on this one. The line on my O-WORKS putter is wider and looks easier to align with. I can tell when my face isn't square with that line Sent from my VTR-L09 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  14. I wasn't to surprised as it did very well last year but I think I've finally found the putter I've been searching for since I started. I love the marksman and it's just about my favorite club in my bag right now (well, that and the new Mizuno driver[emoji6]) Sent from my VTR-L09 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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