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  1. Saccers, I'm tan, rested and ready ;-) Count me in for '17 rob
  2. Same question. 2011 was my amazing year, I'm looking forward to 2017 MSG fantasy. Is there a signup page somewhere that I missed ? mainuh/rob
  3. Yahoo's first winter tournament - Hyundai Tournament of Champions - Deadline 8 days from now - Jan. 7th. I've participated in the MGS tourney these past 4 years (?) and would hate to see it go by the wayside. rob
  4. First...Happy New Year Speaking of which, any more info about the 2016 season ? One more thumbs up for Yahoo if posssible. rob
  5. MGS - I was pretty taken aback when I opened my e-mail and read the initial sentences from you and heartened when the thoughts continued. Part of me is incredibly ashamed, part of me hates that I have disappointed you guys and part of me wants to apologize. But, I don't believe much in apologies or sorries. If you say you are going to do something in my world you do it. If not, shut up and stop talking. I don't want to build a reputation on what I talk about doing, I want it built on what I do. While not a frequent contributing poster / member, the info from your site has lead me, mu
  6. S/doc, as a three time winner in season one I can tell you that the prizes are incredible. Among everything that I won two stand out - the SeeMore putter that has displaced my beloved Bettinardi and the MYSPY tee shirts that my wife wears to bed !!!!! rob
  7. My congratulations to the winners- DogPro, Rick's Rovers and Plexico ( Spring and Overall ) Plex, an impressive overall Season win with just the Spring win. Those close but no cigar finishes served you well. This is my 3rd season with ya'll ( I'm a Southerner now ) and this once again was something that I always looked forward to each year. Once again, congrats - rob
  8. Syard - if you read my post, it was JBones who won overall with spring / overall combining for a total of 5,801 points! Unless there is another group ??? which I am not aware of - according to my Yahoo MSG / Fantasy account - Winter - Bogies 2,038 pts Spring - Jbones 1,699 pts Summer- Wdgolf 2,282 pts Full Season - Jbones 5,801 pts rob
  9. I need to congratulate - Bogies . Winter DGolf - Summer JBones - Spring and Overall winner As a huge winner last year - ( 2 segments and overall iirc / Thanks MGS ) I know how difficult it is week in week out to gather your group of players. Miss a week...you might as well kiss the contest goodbye. Had an especially enjoyable Weds. evening ? You had better be up @ 5am if the tourney is in your time zone to get those Yahoo picks in. This was a tough season for me, diligent as I was - placed 20th I trust that you all enjoy this years prizes - you have truly earned them.
  10. I just want to make a quick post about SeeMore Putters. I've bagged a Bettinardi for the past 2 years but won the SeeMore from MGS as a result of the fantasy league. I gave the putter a quick run at the end of the season last year but have committed to it this season even 'tho its been only two rounds. All I can say is "WOW" this thing is accurate. My guess right now is that this putter is good for about 3 strokes a game. Obviously your eye is the predominant factor is determining the line, but... commit to that line and this damn thing follows it. The only thing that could be
  11. Earlier in the week I decided that I wanted to get out for 18 yesterday. I visited the websites of a few of the local courses that are in my rotation to check out the 2012 greens/cart fees. There was one particular course that I've played in the past that I've always liked - beautifully maintained, very nice design, but somehow was not always on my radar. The town that I live in has no golf course so where ever I play its always as a non resident and the fees always reflect that. I've always considered joining one course in particular as its a pretty good track as far as muni's go. They of
  12. AGREY88 - The SpyGlass Awards Great name - rob
  13. Think todays rules are tough... http://www.ruleshistory.com/ Richmond Golf Club Temporary Rules, 1941 1. Players are asked to collect bomb and shrapnel splinters to save these causing damage to the mowing machines. 2. In competitions, during gunfire or while bombs are falling, players may take shelter without penalty for ceasing play. 3. The position of known delayed action bombs are marked by red flags at a reasonable, but not guaranteed, safe distance therefrom. 4. Shrapnel and/or bomb splinters on the fairways or in bunkers, within a club's length of a
  14. Tyk, Mud, JB, Nic... 2nd week found me with a grand total of 74 or so That said - keep your eye on the prize(s) http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/4907-seemore-machine-golf-fantasy-diligence-pays-off/ rob
  15. First - major Thank You to MGS, Deon and Chris H. Week in week out, "tornado's, cyclones and hurricanes..." never got in my way to make my picks. My diligence paid off and so can yours - The SeeMore crossed my threshhold first and initial results are making me reconsider my Bettinardi - 40', right to left break...birdie !!! Winter has set in here in CT so I haven't had a chance yet to try out the Machine however Chris was great and set up the putter with my exact spec's. rob ps - props to Andre Shmoldas / VP, R&D at SeeMore for all his assistance.
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