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  1. Saccers, I'm tan, rested and ready ;-) Count me in for '17 rob
  2. Same question. 2011 was my amazing year, I'm looking forward to 2017 MSG fantasy. Is there a signup page somewhere that I missed ? mainuh/rob
  3. Yahoo's first winter tournament - Hyundai Tournament of Champions - Deadline 8 days from now - Jan. 7th. I've participated in the MGS tourney these past 4 years (?) and would hate to see it go by the wayside. rob
  4. First...Happy New Year Speaking of which, any more info about the 2016 season ? One more thumbs up for Yahoo if posssible. rob
  5. MGS - I was pretty taken aback when I opened my e-mail and read the initial sentences from you and heartened when the thoughts continued. Part of me is incredibly ashamed, part of me hates that I have disappointed you guys and part of me wants to apologize. But, I don't believe much in apologies or sorries. If you say you are going to do something in my world you do it. If not, shut up and stop talking. I don't want to build a reputation on what I talk about doing, I want it built on what I do. While not a frequent contributing poster / member, the info from your site has lead me, much to the delight of the major/minor oem's. to purchase equipment based on your exhausting reviews In addition your Fantasy Golf sponsorship, which I cleaned up on 3 years ago, is my crack. I can't begin too tell you what I had to go through while on the road to find an internet connection so that I could make or change my team and to also not miss a week. Wishing you continued success in 2014 and thanks for thinking that you need to set the bar even higher. By the way - Six Sigma sound familiar ? Happy New Year - Rob
  6. S/doc, as a three time winner in season one I can tell you that the prizes are incredible. Among everything that I won two stand out - the SeeMore putter that has displaced my beloved Bettinardi and the MYSPY tee shirts that my wife wears to bed !!!!! rob
  7. My congratulations to the winners- DogPro, Rick's Rovers and Plexico ( Spring and Overall ) Plex, an impressive overall Season win with just the Spring win. Those close but no cigar finishes served you well. This is my 3rd season with ya'll ( I'm a Southerner now ) and this once again was something that I always looked forward to each year. Once again, congrats - rob
  8. Syard - if you read my post, it was JBones who won overall with spring / overall combining for a total of 5,801 points! Unless there is another group ??? which I am not aware of - according to my Yahoo MSG / Fantasy account - Winter - Bogies 2,038 pts Spring - Jbones 1,699 pts Summer- Wdgolf 2,282 pts Full Season - Jbones 5,801 pts rob
  9. I need to congratulate - Bogies . Winter DGolf - Summer JBones - Spring and Overall winner As a huge winner last year - ( 2 segments and overall iirc / Thanks MGS ) I know how difficult it is week in week out to gather your group of players. Miss a week...you might as well kiss the contest goodbye. Had an especially enjoyable Weds. evening ? You had better be up @ 5am if the tourney is in your time zone to get those Yahoo picks in. This was a tough season for me, diligent as I was - placed 20th I trust that you all enjoy this years prizes - you have truly earned them. I would be remiss if I did not close this out and say THANK YOU to the Mysterious Golf Spy and his Merry Band Of Caddies for putting on a terrific contest and bending sponsors arms for the great prizes. rob
  10. I just want to make a quick post about SeeMore Putters. I've bagged a Bettinardi for the past 2 years but won the SeeMore from MGS as a result of the fantasy league. I gave the putter a quick run at the end of the season last year but have committed to it this season even 'tho its been only two rounds. All I can say is "WOW" this thing is accurate. My guess right now is that this putter is good for about 3 strokes a game. Obviously your eye is the predominant factor is determining the line, but... commit to that line and this damn thing follows it. The only thing that could be a downside is that you get too focused on making sure that you don't see the red dot throught the swing - if you can trust your stroke once you align everything - you won't be disappointed. Its a pretty simple technology but it works - rob
  11. Earlier in the week I decided that I wanted to get out for 18 yesterday. I visited the websites of a few of the local courses that are in my rotation to check out the 2012 greens/cart fees. There was one particular course that I've played in the past that I've always liked - beautifully maintained, very nice design, but somehow was not always on my radar. The town that I live in has no golf course so where ever I play its always as a non resident and the fees always reflect that. I've always considered joining one course in particular as its a pretty good track as far as muni's go. They offered a non resident season pass for $350.00. Doing some quick back of the envelope accounting and the difference between what I'd save just never made sense. The course that I joined yesterday -Tashua Knolls (click link to see a great course) offered a senior non resident membership for.....$40.00 Upon walking into their Pro Shop yesterday you've never seen someone pull 2 / $20's out of their wallet more quickly. Monday thru Thursday, I've never played on a weekend, $33.00 w/ cart. Best money I've spent in a long time. Now yesterday was a bit slow there as it was overcast and windy so that might explain the following but I was greeted as a new member by everyone from the Pro, the shop staff, starter and even a grounds keeper - amazing. In fact when I walked into the Pro Shop after my round one of the staff introduced me to several other people there - talk about customer service. On a side note, and its a sad commentary about a course that you've played quite often when you go to their home page and the following is the very first thing that you see with the text highlighted in a black box - Please note that jeans of any style (shorts or long pants), short shorts or mini-skirts, cut offs, tank tops, dew rags , bathing suits or mens and boys shirts without a collar are NOT permitted. Caps should be worn with the bill facing forward Only soft-spike shoes or rubber soled shoes are permitted. rob
  12. AGREY88 - The SpyGlass Awards Great name - rob
  13. Think todays rules are tough... http://www.ruleshistory.com/ Richmond Golf Club Temporary Rules, 1941 1. Players are asked to collect bomb and shrapnel splinters to save these causing damage to the mowing machines. 2. In competitions, during gunfire or while bombs are falling, players may take shelter without penalty for ceasing play. 3. The position of known delayed action bombs are marked by red flags at a reasonable, but not guaranteed, safe distance therefrom. 4. Shrapnel and/or bomb splinters on the fairways or in bunkers, within a club's length of a ball, may be moved without penalty, and no penalty shall be incurred if a ball is thereby caused to move accidentally. 5. A ball moved by enemy action may be replaced or, if lost or destroyed, a ball may be dropped not nearer the hole without penalty. 6. A ball lying in a crater may be lifted and dropped not nearer the hole, preserving the line to the hole, without penalty. 7. A player whose stroke is affected by the simultaneous explosion of a bomb may play another ball. Penalty one stroke. rob
  14. Tyk, Mud, JB, Nic... 2nd week found me with a grand total of 74 or so That said - keep your eye on the prize(s) http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/4907-seemore-machine-golf-fantasy-diligence-pays-off/ rob
  15. First - major Thank You to MGS, Deon and Chris H. Week in week out, "tornado's, cyclones and hurricanes..." never got in my way to make my picks. My diligence paid off and so can yours - The SeeMore crossed my threshhold first and initial results are making me reconsider my Bettinardi - 40', right to left break...birdie !!! Winter has set in here in CT so I haven't had a chance yet to try out the Machine however Chris was great and set up the putter with my exact spec's. rob ps - props to Andre Shmoldas / VP, R&D at SeeMore for all his assistance.
  16. Hi Tim - No problem with that info - you just need to contact a guy named Bubba, suite 69 at Pelican Bay... rob
  17. drbloor - no need to worry about the FedEx guy - that putter is Golf Porn - It comes wrapped in a plain, brown paper package. rob ps - missing one or two tourney's won't kill you if you have some good picks for the rest of the season - There are (were) prizes awarded for Winter/Spring...segment winners as well.You have nothing to lose except some time and much to gain if you take part pps - if your FedEx guy is so stoopid to steal a package, then he deserves to lose his job in this economy and spend his mornings pleasing his roomate in his government supplied studio apt...
  18. I just received this picture of my new putter courtesy of Chris Hoeppner / Machine Putter / My Golf Spy Fantasy Golf. I'll tell you though this did not come easily - I participated in the league every week but as you can see its worth it. This could be yours, 343 grams of custom milled stainless... Thanks guys - rob ps - sign up now
  19. Dave /Mud - I thought about Callaway vis a vis their branding this morning. As perhaps the biggest player in the OEM's. its interesting that they have been on the cutting edge with equipment, pushed the envelope as regards USGA legality, and have done the same with their spokes people - Alice Cooper...the late, great Johm Daly. Who would have thought that Alice, at the end of the day, was the more sane person to expand your brand. About the above photo - you guys don't know how hard that I tried to get myself included in the above. Without wanting to put a strain on a great friendship I tried like hell to be included on the backstage invite. BTW - Alices guitar player that night was Steve Hunter who has played with Lou Reed- If you ever heard the live version of "Sweet Jane" by Lou Reed (rock/roll animal) you were listening to one of the greatest guitar intros ever recorded. rob
  20. Dave - by all accounts I've heard that Alice (Vince) is a decent guy. I've pressed Doug to find out why the band broke up but Neal has never really said anything. BTW - I also know Dennis Dunaway, the original bass player. I will say this - Alice has covered their songs on albums and used the various guys as opening acts on tour, so the blood can't be that bad. Suffice to say they do not have Alice's life style ($$$$) but they all seem to have found a nice place in life. rob
  21. Dave - don;t know who the first person is (rock and roll photographer), my friend Doug is the tall white hair guy, Alice next - then Neal Smith. rob
  22. Hey Guys - I saw that there were over 1,000 views of the contest but upon signing up today there were only 30 of us or so that got in the contest. Whoever is reading this and has not signed up is missing out on a great contest. Last season the prizes were phenomenal(I should know)... Lets make this a real contest - please take the time to sign up. If you are a member here you already have an interest in the PGA and obviously have your fav's each week. Unlike Las Vegas, your picks cost you nothing other than a bit of time and the satisfaction of seeing how well you picked that weeks best players. Lets see 200 players - rob
  23. Dave - I read the topic and thought, " I have a great headcover for this contest". Now while I'll bow out for the GolfSox, which I'm sure is terrific - I got a unique headcover recently. My best friend plays lead guitar for Neal Smith (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame / drums - founding member/ Alice Cooper) Anyhow, Alice recently played here in CT. and Doug accompanied Neal backstage to the concert. I gave Doug my PowerBilt Air Force Driver cover ( a My GolfSpy 4* pick) to see if Alice would sign for me. Next day both Alice and Neal signatures. While Alice looks out of the question I think that Neal and I will be playing 18 this Spring...too cool. rob
  24. As noted in my SeeMore post I received a plethora of riches for the MGS Fantasy Golf Season - among them, a Mibrella (What, no Going back a bit...I came home one afternoon and saw a tall box resting by our front door. Opening it up I took out a something that was made from the silver fabric that reflects heat away. In addition it had a handle wrapped in a foam thats about a foot long. Peeling away the wrapping I found out it was a Mibrella (umbrella). I had a chance to use it yesterday as it was raining here in CT. Let me tell you, aside from its unique shape this thing could keep a herd of elephants dry - its huge. The neat thing with the asymetrical shape is that the other person that you are protecting from the rain, in this case my wife, it fully covers with its slighty rectangular shape. A great umbrella that not only will keep you dry but one that is also a bit different from every other one out there. rob
  25. This past golf season I kept my nose to the grindstone week in, week out for the MGS Fantasy Golf League. As a result I was gifted, among other things, a SeeMore RST 2 putter. I gamed it for the first time this past Monday - what a great putter. (30' putt, left to right...Birdie) For the past ten years or so I have been faithful to my Bettinardis...no more. I brought the putter in last week to have the lie bent to 68*. There was a question that arose with my clubfitter who was noted as a 2011 Golf Digest 100 Best Clubfitter. Good guy that he is, Scott Ward chose not to adjust the lie as he was not !00% confident that it would not screw up the putter. I emailed SeeMore and surprise...I received an answer from Andre Shmoldas the Putter Designer from SeeMore - He got back in touch with me very quickly and answered all my questions (you can adjust it), . how good is that ? You get to "talk" with the designer! Scott and I talked about the SeeMore before I took it out on the course - The one thing that he said that he liked more about the See was that it had a bit more heft to it. I've had weight adjustable putters in the past, but like drivers they are hard to dial in. The first thing that I noticed was that the club just felt a bit more solid in my hands. The fit and finish on the club is first rate - you would be hard pressed to find what might be a dislike. Having gamed B/B's, one of the attractions is the Jeweler / Swiss Watchmaker attention to detail. Now while my Black Carbon's workmanship is outstanding, Andre and SeeMore have crafted a great looking putter. MGS - Thank You I never, ever thought of anything but B/B. SeeMore has represented every thing about the quality that you strive to present to the members here. rob ps - when talking with Scott he said that he has a difficult time selling the S/M's as customers want the "putter du jour". Too bad as they don't know what they are missing.
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